26 thoughts on “FANCY THAT, THEY LIED…”

  1. Fish exports down 90%, I read somewhere… 65% for food & drink generally. I’m not going to do any peerless googling on that one, so I trust other Munguinites will check the facts.

    Sad, isn’t it, that we’d be surprised only if the Westminster regime told the truth for once.

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  2. Most worrying is that so many were willing to believe the disaster capitalist Tories at the time. The ones who were duped will be the ones to rise up. Scotland get the hell away from the rUK before it’s too late, hope it’s not too late already.

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    1. In fairness many of the Tories were trying to persuade people to vote to stay in…

      The Rt Hon Noble and Gallant Baroness with her lickspittle, Muddle, and Carlost Jack told people they shoulod vote for the EU becasue Scotland would suffer badly otherwise.

      However, on the day that Scotland took their advice, but Wales and England voted for Brexit… they had a Damascene conversion. Ruth changed her name to Her Ladyship and Muddle suddenly saw it as the greatest opportunity that had ever come our way (lest he upset the new Tory leader and lose his seat in the cabinet).

      Ho hum…

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  3. England’s popular leader,when asked about the CBI concerns over Brexit and it’s detrimental effects said “F*** business”.
    He has certainly achieved that.

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      1. That’s my concern Conan. Echoing ArtyHetty’s worries above, the Tories are wholly intent on dismantling powers presently in the gift of the Scottish Parliament, and, as I have been warning about for years, this attack will continue apace.
        Of course I know we are in the grip of a Pandemic, but to hear Nicola say it will be 2023 before we have a Second Scottish Independence Referendum, is . to me at least, scary.
        The question is, by that time will there be anything left worth saving?
        Maybe a tad pessimistic, but I worry about the future for the Scottish people.

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        1. I think you are being realistic. I am voting SNP for the last time in this election unless there is a specific referendum date announced this year. 2023 will be too late for so many reasons and we will face so many more obstacles as devolution is dismantled. I will be looking elsewhere for my Indy representatives, and I say that as a lifelong SNP supporter and current member.

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          1. Yes, you have a point.

            There will need, though, to be a credible alternative party with independence high on its list of priorities for me to do that.

            I’ll NEVER vote for a British party

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        2. It’s a really hard one, Alex.

          I know I don’t have all the facts but I don’t think we should be waiting for that long.

          The Tories never wanted parliaments or assemblies in the lesser countries of the UK, most likely becasue they knew they wouldn’t even control them, and that they would therefor bring in legislation which was better for ordinary people and not for the likes of them.

          Johnson doesn’t seem to care that 75% of the Scottish people voted for an Edinburgh parliament.

          “The will of the British people” only counts if it’s the will of the Tory Party.

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      1. Which begs the question: if the benefits of Brexit may not be seen for 50 years; why wasn’t EU membership given a full 50 years, before questioning its lack of merit?

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    1. If you are testing blood sugar levels,you should seriously consider the Freestyle Libre system.
      It is life changing,liberating even.

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    2. Now that is serious.

      If you desperately need them you can buy them from Amazon.

      I know you shouldn’t have to, but if you need them it’s worth the money.


  4. Rumour from downing street.
    The flounder’s plan for another referendum.
    Do it quick.
    Only snag.
    Requires a 95% turnout and a 70% majority to go forward.
    Great idea, lets have a rerun of the brexit referendum with the same conditions, then a rerun of the last general election, the government to be formed needs the same, not 35% giving an Eighty Seat majority.
    Shades of the first with it’s conditional result.

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    1. Hear hear to all of that.

      What’s good for one referendum must be good for all others.

      The will of 70% of 95% of the British people for leaving the EU would mean that we were still, gloriously, members of it.

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