Douglas Ross tells @STVColin that he wants to build more affordable homes in Scotland so that he can sell them off under ‘right to buy’. Another blunder.

He honestly seemed to say that he wanted to build more houses and then to sell them off. Eh? Smart fellow. You can kinda tell that he’s being advised by Kirstene Hair, can’t you?


22 thoughts on “YOU JUST CAN’T, MUNGUIN!”

  1. The new economics.
    £20 notes for sale, only a Fiver gov.
    I suppose he’s going to increase the Universal Credit benefits so that the tenants can afford the mortgage, the magic money tree will be given a big shake.
    The returns are so small maybe he will just give the tenants the legal rights to the property.
    Funny that he voted against feeding children during the lockdown.

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              1. Alex Beveridgesays:
                April 16, 2021 at 11:17
                Who do you think will replace them after May, 6th, Iain? My money’s on Davidson as Scottish Secretary, but I’ve no idea who will replace Ross.

                What about one of the Mundell twins?

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              2. Iain. Surely even the Tories wouldn’t be stupid enough to appoint a Noble and Gallant Baroness as our secretary of state… although clearly they must want someone a bit more …well, alive… than Ally Union Jack. A duller person would be hard to find.

                And Her Nobleness would be able to lead the tanks into the centre of Edinburgh if any of us got a bit out of hand.

                Dross will certainly have a seat in parliament because he’s put himself on the top of the list.0

                He must be dreading being shredded on a weekly basis.

                Does anyone know if he’s a good linesman?

                He surely must be good at something?


            1. So do I, Ian…

              Wait a minute. They are taking us to court (although they want to strip the courts of the right to overturn legislation), so no I don’t almost feel sorry for them at all.


    1. And the rest of them are not much better – Westminster to “Project Love” by undermining the devolution settlement and direct fund councils bypassing Holyrood.

      Plus Union Jack has employed another TWO journos to spin for the Union – joining Magnus Gardham late of the Herald.

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  2. We are all in panic mode at the thought of the baroness’ wrath that she’s about to lose her winning streak, ermine and all.
    Meanwhile, happy families in Winsor.
    The German relatives are coming to the funeral.

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