None of the jokes in this article is intended to to cause offence.

1. I see the Tories have appropriated Easter. The idiot Mogg was tweeting with a lot of Alleujahs again, and this time it wasn’t the queen..
2. There, someone has managed to make it a little more Conservative and, erm, “nationalist” for them. We wouldn’t want anyone to think that Jesus wasn’t British, now would we?

Tom Hunt MP@tomhunt1988

The flying of the Union flag should be compulsory for all schools. If any pupils and teachers have concerns about this then surely they can be “educated” about what the flag actually represents. belongs to every single British person.

3. Yeah, great idea, Tom, mate. You gonna ram it down Northern Irish throats too? Because if you are, Munguin could offer you a few words of advice.

4. Just the people for the Tories!
8. See what I mean, Tom?
9. Ross on a tank. We shall fight them on the
10. … um, lawn and a dead plant.
11. Goodness me, DRoss, they have found your successor.
16. Ummm… did no one tell you that Her Nobleness isn’t the party leader any more.
17. “The saviour raised his cup and said…” “OK Chief: It’s a church.”
20. Well, she had to do something for all the money… besides, ya know…

Thanks to Brenda, Tom, John, Erik, et merci à Claudine.

41 thoughts on “JUST FOR A LAUGH”

  1. Pics 8 and 16 are the same.
    I do not know who that is meant to represent.
    However, I have just (re-)watched David Atkins’ docu-drama “Culloden” of 1964, and I am reminded of the three butchers of Nottingham who served with Kingston’s Horse.
    Surely, the originals.

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        1. He’s doing that weird alpha stance that must have been a 2019 Tory HQ memo but this time doing it on a tank.

          Can someone ask him to do a wing walk?

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          1. That’s quite hard to say.

            I seem to remember that it was more than Tories that were doing that stance… (Don’t look until after your dinner has gone down, b ut long before you go to bed.)


  2. Aren’t you supposed to be on your holidays? I mean come back for SS and I realise that AOY is extremely popular, but that garden won’t tend itself 🙂

    Anyway here’s Jimmy Ferguson from twitter – I don’t know how he keeps them coming!

    “It takes a big man to admit he’s wrong.
    It takes an even bigger man to give a giraffe a haircut.”

    “is a humming bird just a song bird that has forgotten the words?”

    “Just bought a book called “Swimming the channel”
    By Francis Near”

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  3. Great selection of cartoon characters.
    I listened to R4 programme ‘Feedback’ last night.
    The controller of R4 was updating on the plans for R3 which lots of listeners are complaining about it broadcasting POP music early in the morning.
    They don’t get things going on in the UK.
    The statement said that R3 was moving out of London as part of the new management plan, they are moving North to make use of the great talent to be used in that area.
    Only laugh. The major output will still be from London BUTT
    The North is called Salford.
    Followed on with david davis saying that we should just accept the 50 deaths a DAY as we wil never get rid of the virus, we need to get the PUBS open.
    This is the person that was the brexit secretary who said ‘There will be NO downside to brexit’

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    1. Oh well, moving the whole of Radio Three to Manchester is going to make a massive difference… The Northern Powerhouse, eh?

      Davis must have been lobbied by his SPIV mate Nigel.


    1. I took “none” to be singular. To mean, “not one”.

      It’s a tricky one. “Are” sounds better, but I think “is” is also correct.


  4. The people who think there is no institutional racism in the UK must be members of the same club as the people here in the States who think the racism problem has been completely solved by now. Don’t know which reality they are living in….

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    1. Yes but this also says that although 2207 people died in Scotland during February 2021 and had received a covid 19 vaccination at some time during the twenty eight days before they died , they were not killed by the vaccine they died of other varied diseases.
      So nobody in Scotland died in February 2021from the covid vaccination.

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  5. I’m in 2 minds about the union jack doormat. It would give me a deal of satisfaction rubbing my muddy boots on it.

    When the 2nd Tory leaflet was flying into the recycling bin, I noticed Ruth Davidson’s photo on it so I fished it out. She may no longer be the leader but is still an eminence grise. Apparently she had an article inside.

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    1. I think they are worried that DRoss isn’t much of a leader. They seem to think that Ruth was.

      I never thought she was up to much. She wasn’t not half the tactician that Goldie was. She actually got a few Tory policies included in the government’s programme. Where was practical, she worked with the government; where it was not she opposed.

      That Davidson took the Tories to second place was as much down to the collapse of Labour in Scotland as anything else.

      Credit to Murphy and U KOK, not Davidson.

      Also Davidson lost some of her admirers when she said she didn’t have time to do her job and look after her kid. A friend of mine, a Tory admirer and someone who thought Davidson would make a a good FM… but also a mother of four, and senior partner in a successful law business, was disgusted with her and the damage she did to working mothers. .

      Then, she accepted a seat in the house of the living dead. And that was her finished with my friend. After all, it’s easy to give up your job if you have the guarantee of benefits of £315 and day!

      DRoss seems to lack charm, charisma or personality and his inability to answer serious questions about what a Tory government would mean in Scotland mean, you seriously wonder what he is there for except as a conduit for the policies of his hard right masters in London.

      He must be wetting himself over Patel’s Gypsy Travellers Passport.


        1. Dear heavens.

          I see UKIP is standing…


          Did no one tell them that the UK isn’t in the EU and all the deals have been done.

          It’s over.


  6. The first two pictures reminded me of a funny story told to me by a friend who worked for a year in Japan. We seem to think that the Japanese simply copy western culture slavishly, but my friend said that’s not at all the case. They do adapt things to Japanese tradition but sometimes they just get things mixed up with hilarious results.
    His favourite was when he was in Osaka just before Christmas. He was out shopping, turned a corner, looked up and saw an enormous inflatable Santa nailed to a cross!
    It sounds like the basis for a new religion (or “faith group”).

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  7. Been trying to think who Starmer reminds me of – a reference to the late Rikki Fulton brought it back – Rev I M Jolly. Starmer would have given Rikki a new character for his New Year msg.

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