1. Oh dear. It seems like The Majority don’t spell too well.
2. But I see Mr Jhonstoon is taking the pet for a pee pee.
3. Still at least there’s something good happening as far as Brexit is concerned… isn’t it?
4. Oh… bother… hmmmm.
5. There’s always someone worse off…
6. Also she didn’t go to Eton.
7. Nileg’s new office?
8. I wonder if Brexiteers follow a particular dietary regime, or maybe it’s the exercise they get changing the channel on the tv?
9. No, sir, please don’t show us your boxers.
10. Great British English values. Statues before people.

93 thoughts on “RANDOM THOUGHTS”

  1. Brilliant, the car mechanic, lol!!! ha ha!!
    The Storegon, that’s got to a deliberate typo, surely? Lol.
    I saw over at Reporting Scotland on Youtube, (I subscribe and give em a wee contribution now, and try to watch every day, good eh?) that the ScotGov have done the opposite to Patel and included rights and protections for travellers into law.
    Pelta terrifies, the devil personified imo…oh it’s chilly..brrr…
    Oh btw, did anyone see the very fine dust covering the cars out there today? I went for a wee walk here in Edinburgh, wow, grey dust, can only think it’s volcanic from the Iceland volcana…anyone else have a theory?

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      1. It also makes a very poor anagram. “g not sure”. Not particularily convinced that anagarams are useful. Personally, she is a heroine to me. How anyone puts up with the pressure she is placed under and remains human is a bit of a miracle.

        SNP 1 & 2 seems to be becoming a bit of a meme, one I am happy to adopt.

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    1. LOL, I bet he got a bit of a shock…specially when his head hit the car!

      DRoss will be incandescent about the travellers. Remember when he was asked a few years ago what he would do it he was prime minister for a day. He said he’d bring in much stricter law regarding travellers.

      That was his number one priority. Not hungry kids or the worst pension in the world… Nope, gypsies.

      It’s hard to work out who is the most revolting member of the English/British cabinet, but Patel is way out in front of most of the competition. Fortunately her role has little impact in Scotland as long as we have a Scottish parliament and a FM who won’t slavishly follow the great leader.

      The wind in Dundee today seemed to be coming from the West. but not really NorthWest.

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    2. Could be the be this mysterious Mossmorran dust I’ve heard about. Westerly prevailing winds usually land it in Kirkcaldy but a Northerly might take it to Edinburgh. It’s quite alright and nothing to worry about though cos INEOS tells us it’s mostly steam.

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  2. Ah well… dropping all tariffs unilaterally… those hard brexiteers must be soft-headed – because that’s another thing that’s far less easy to do than to say.

    No more than we should expect from a bunch of eejits who don’t like reality very much and prefer not to engage with it, in case it challenges their prejudices, idées fixes, peculiar psychological compulsions, general unpleasantness, lack of fellow-feeling, &c.

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      1. It’s all another con job, Tris, the whole tariff-free thing – like free ports. Places where there are lax labour laws, lax controls on international money flows, open invitations to money laundering, corruption and exploitation, in other words. Unrestricted flows of goods – and money. Great places for the rich to avoid tax and enrich themselves further, in other words … we all knew that the Tories wanted to turn BritEngland into the kind of place Dickens would have been shocked by, but as I understand it now, the economic inequalities in our society are even worse now than they were in his day. Ach, they gar me grue, what can I say. There’s hardly a social ill they don’t love: poverty, economic exploitation, abuse of children by reducing them to destitution, destroying people’s life chances, scapegoating the poor, the vulnerable, the foreign, the different, breaking the restraints on government that make the difference between democracy and fascism / authoritarianism, emptying the public purse to pour it into their own pockets and those of their cronies.

        Don’t worry, people, I shall spare all you Munguinites out there any more ranting in which I vent my spleen, and go to bed shortly with a sock stuffed in my mouth.

        In other news, I have just received notice of a munificent increase in my PIP, a social security benefit paid to several million people apart from myself, of course. The weekly amount is to increase from 12 April from £83.30 to (gasp!) £83.70!!

        Alas, I have discovered that a tube of Starburst Original Fruit Chews costs 55p at Asda – which I used to suck on when I was a schoolboy and they were known as Opal Fruits, because Rowntree’s Fruit Gums used to pull my fillings out, so I won’t be able to afford one every week with my pay raise. Still, we must all sacrifice for the additional security of having an extra 80 nuclear warheads stationed 76 miles upwind of Schloss Freeman to protect us from chemical, biological and nuclear terrorism, cyberattack, pandemic disease, economic collapse and the prospect of a fascist-style suspension of democracy and imposition of martial law! I for one am sleeping so much easier in my bed since that announcement by the Chairman of the Bullingdon Club to the effect that it’s worth every penny of everyone else’s blood, sweat and tears, and I can hardly express my relief that our safety and well-being are such an urgent concern of our feudal superiors, the British Ruling Class. One cheer for Bawris and Her Majesty! Huzzah! Alleluia!

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        1. Ok… so party chez-toi on your perfectly well gotten gains?

          It’s embarrassing what they pay people who are too sick to work… or indeed too old to work.

          The thing about all these extra warheads is that we need permission from President Biden to use them… and just in case De Pfeffel was thinking of being a daring wee rebel and not asking permission from the boss… that might work for the French, but unfortunately for them the brits use the American launching system and have to ask for the codes, which of course the president can withhold if he so wishes.

          Still, I’m sure that you will be relieved to know that the country’s head racist is out of hospital and being kept in luxury that you and I can only imagine.


          1. Try Tris, the only time the Toerags like to talk about things being independent is when they ain’t; independent nuclear deterrent, ma bahookie!

            Sure, it’s nominally independent system, which the willy wavers are keen to stress, but it relies on US satellites & software. In effect, a de facto veto on their use.

            Bottom line is that since everything is sourced from the US, from warhead design, missiles & the aforementioned it is no more than subsidising the US nuclear programme.

            As far as I’m aware, the only thing remotely independent about it is the US doesn’t supply the radioactive material for the warheads.

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            1. Yep. Both Tony Blair and Michael Portillo have admitted that it is a status symbol rather than anything actually usedful.

              I remember Cameron coming to our country and telling us that if we left the UK we could be leaving a country with the 4th largest military spend in the world.

              He and they must think that that impresses the peasants.

              Maybe Johnson thinks the same about increasing the number of warheads?

              Not working on this peasant.


              1. So you’re not impressed by Bawris’s nuclear warheads, Tris, whether there be 180 or 260 of them? What a giveaway! It instantly betrays your peasant origins and attitudes! Cover yourself in shame, Tris, and sackcloth and ashes if you’ve got’em!

                Had you but gone to Eton for your schooling, like everybody who is anybody, of course; if only you had completed your education by acquiring the polish of poshness and the cut-glass Ah Pee English English accent that is de rigeur among this sceptred isle’s movers and shakers, at the Oxford Finishing School for Refined Gentlemen and Ladies; if while there you had further honed your networking skills among the old school ties and refined your rhetoric at the renowned Bullingdon Academy of Charm, Etiquette, Social Responsibility and Noblesse Oblige – you too would have understood the religious significance of nuclear weaponry: they are the lingams of Western civilizations, objects of veneration and penis envy among all today’s dictatorially-minded and antisocially psychopathic regimes and autocrats worldwide, for which and whom they are a Must Have!

                To cheer everyone up, here’s a pic of a nice big Shiva lingam that seems to have got a bit wet somehow.

                As Robert Oppenheimer said on 16 July 1945, “I am become death, the destroyer of worlds”.

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                1. I am, as I type, covering myself in shame, Ed. My sackcloth is just back from the cleaners and the ashes are ready…

                  Ah… if only Mama and Papa had sent me to Eton… sigh


                  1. Terribly remiss of them, Tris! Ah well – as one of the déclassés, though not sans culottes, I have learned to accept my fate, pinned like a butterfly to a piece of card and fixed in the inflexible social order between the Monarch and Her lowliest subject – sorry, I forgot, I’m a Scot, a dyed-in-the-wool egalitarian and am sick to death of idiot cowfs and birkies lording it over me and my country with no authority but their own sense of entitlement. I expect almost all Munguinites share that view, with a vanishingly small number of exceptions.

                    I name no names, but watch where the eyes rest…

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                    1. Talking of that, I see the the Rt Hon, Noble and Gallant Baroness Don’t-Call-Me-Baroness of Bomb Disposal finished in our Parliament today and is heading off to make her fortune in England… and £300+ a day is quite a fortune when you add in the expenses and the quality of Vintage Champagne they are served at our expense..

                      The FM, I understand TWICE wished her good luck (although I’m sure sure that Aristocrats actually rely much on luck… they simply pull rank to get what they want).

                      However some people have been tweeting that Nicola didn’t have the manners to wish her well.

                      JoePublic Flag of United KingdomFlag of Scotland

                      See Sturgeon hasn’t got the common decency to wish her all the best.

                      Still, what would you expect from a person who earlier tweeted:


                      They have such class!


          2. Err! President Biden! You’re still NOT getting it. How many hints do you lot need? Thats all of you not just Tris.
            Here are a few simple ones
            Fake Inauguration
            a) Kamala Harris wearing a duplicate of Lisa Simpsons Vice President dress from an episode shown in 2000
            b) Inauguration happened prior to 12 noon, ie during the term of the previous president
            c) Black flag flying under the stars and stripes on the capitol building during the ceremony with the letters POW and MIA in white written on it
            d) Hillary Clinton was 20cm shorter than normal during the inauguration
            e) celebratory lunch was held in a cafeteria
            f) troops lining the street for his victory cavalcade had their backs turned
            g) he had to fly to the inauguration on a commercial jet, normally Airforce One picks up the president elect

            h) He conducted the early weeks of his presidency from the Castle-Rock entertainment studios in LA
            i) Lately he has been at the fake White House at Tyler Perry studio in Atlanta
            j) He is not allowed in the Pentagon
            k) he doesn’t have the nuclear codes
            l) they are using CGI on some of his videos and body doubles and masks in other cases

            Motive is simple. Wake people up from the propaganda of the MSM, before the good guys unfold the TRUTH. Hopefully shortly.

            As for the EVERGREEN ship stuck in the Suez.
            Well “evergreen” was Hillary Clinton’s secret service name and the callsign of the Ever Given is H3RC. Coincidence NOT. Wait till they open the containers! Pied Piper alert.

            If you still dont get it then stick your head in a toilet and flush. If you survive that then I have a large Australian rock called Uluru for sale.


            1. Kangaroo… No. Just no. You’ve swallowed a Big Lie, like many millions of others. It is still a lie, though, Kanga. Please believe me. I swear to you I’m telling you the honest truth.

              Whether you believe me or not, Kanga, will you do something for me, please? I’m asking you. Please do this.

              Look up “apophenia”. Or maybe skip direct to https://www.masterclass.com/articles/how-to-avoid-apophenia-bias.

              Here’s what Merriam-Webster has to say on it: https://is.gd/UwyuAr.

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        2. It does indeed give a warm fuzzy feeling knowing that they are working hard into the future to keep us secure, safe and sleeping sound in our beds.
          Pfff, don’t give a second thought to rising radiation levels, dangerous half life decay, bleeding gums pushing, already isotope slackened, teeth out, the geometry of testicles changing to square and festering at the corners. That last bit, balls turning square and festering at the corners, I made up. An old curse?
          The announced 80 warhead increase is either;
          1) the same maths method they used with the increase in bobbies on the beat and nurses, considering that the renovation/upgrade/rejuvenation of the present arsenal has still 17 years to run. Or
          2) (because I try hard to be glass half full type) it is in preparation for Scottish independence. At the breakup of the Soviet Union the new Russia had to reapply for membership to the Security Council, “You have a big arsenal, right yir in.”
          All the same I cannot help see it also as another Downing St. squirrel, a passing kick to the coop to set the chickens squabbling which is always a good distraction.
          I shouldn’t call it a squirrel or dead cat, I should call it after his real blatant distraction, a red bus.

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          1. Hm. Such a pity about those three letters at the end of “big arsenal”, isn’t it, Alan? If it weren’t for them, Bawris would be an instant shoo-in for the Security Council.

            Come to think of it, I’d be a dead cert for it myself.

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          2. I have to say, Alan, that your eye-watering description of testis cubiformis tabificus acutus is a radiation hazard I hadn’t come across: I was always under the impression that they just turned green and dropped off of their own accord.

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            1. Ed…I think both symtoms will end in them submitting to gravity but one will allow you to retrieve them more easily if in hilly terrain.
              Although why you would want to is questionable. Aspic/formaldehyde for shelf ornament or a cautionary display for any future generations?

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          3. What was he on there?

            He can lie about the police or teachers or nurses to his heart’s content, because his adoring fans in England will believe him, even though they wait for 10 hours in A&E, their kids don’t have a maths teacher, physics is being taught by the music teacher and they are still waiting for Plod to visit about that break in that happened a week last Thursday, although strangely, the bloke who threw paint on Churchill’s statue on Saturday is now doing a 10 stretch in Pentonville.

            But I’m not sure the Americans, who make that kind of decision, will believe that just because the Giant Haystack says he’s got 80 more warheads, that he actually has.


      2. This was government policy for no-deal Brexit until the Canadians refused to roll over the EU FTA because the UK had eroded all of their advantage. Only then did the penny drop that you need to limit access in order to trade it.

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          1. Ah well, if you’re among that class and mindset, Tris, it’s considered vulgar to be involved in “trade”. It’s only OK if you work in a merchant bank or in a foreign exchange department parasitizing the transactions which underpin the real economy, gambling with other people’s money and destabilizing the global economy – that’s OK of course, especially since your average workers earn so much less than you that the difference is astronomical… their lives are worlds apart.

            Rather like those French aristocrats who considered counting and calculation beneath them, as any aristocrat had commoners as minions to do all that boring stuff for them. As signs of their elevated rank, they deliberately invented such monstrosities as quatre-vingt quinze to show their contempt for those who had so little money that they had to count it, or involved themselves in low-class pursuits, such as business, which involved counting large numbers of things.

            The human appetite for finding other people to look down on is pretty much a constant in human history, alas.

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  3. An old now no longer with us BritNat aquaintence, once said to me, ‘IF we’d (UKOK) lost the war (WW2) I’d have had to be married to a German and speak German’. Really? I like German people and that might have been not such a bad thing, looking at that idiotic fat imbecilic British Nationalist racist pr*ck in the photo!
    Give me a German who isn’t such a pr*ck anyday.

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    1. I expect that they had the idea that the Germans would have done what Brits did every time they took over a country. Force the locals to learn English, presumably because Brits aren’t too bright at learning languages.

      I’ve been told that too, but as I’ve been on holiday a few times in Germany and In Austria and seen their standard of living compared to ours, I’m not sure that would bother me muchly.

      Not that I want to live under a fascist dictator like Hitler… or…erm, well anyone else.

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  4. Remember the Tom Lehrer Song “Be prepared?”

    Here’s the line the pic brought to mind:

    *** Don’t write naughty words on walls if you can’t spell ***

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    1. LOL yep… sound advice.

      Apparently it’s driving around Glasgow and of course someone pointed it out.

      It was quickly repaired.

      But how embarrassing.


  5. The first time I became aware of FCUK was on one of our trips to the Republic of Ireland when I saw it emblazoned across a car windscreen.
    I said to to my wife that Irish neds were even more illiterate than ours until she pointed out that it was not an expletive but an ad. for perfume.

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    1. “If you want to remove me as First Minister, do it in an election” – brilliant!

      With those trenchant few words, she deftly reminded everyone that there’s an election just weeks away, so the vote of no confidence at this stage in the proceedings was – what? Just a part of a nasty little political game that Yoon Central knew they were going to lose, or did they think that the other Unionist parties would join them in voting the First Minister out, with enough of the pro-Salmond faction scunnered enough by that whole imbroglio, and some chafing at the slow pace of progress toward independence and doubting her leadership as a result, so scunnered that they’d vote to bring her down even if doing so could put back the gladsome day for years, if not forever?

      So – it’s either performative, gesture politics (and a deplorable waste of parliamentary time), or Her Baronessness Ruthless Ruth of Rape Clause and her minions are losing even more of their already tenuous grip on reality – or her handlers in the Tory Mothership are.

      Oh well… I suppose that now they’ve got the vote held, they can spin it henceforward (and probably ad nauseam) that the First Minister survived a vote of confidence but not mentioning that she won it hands down by a landslide, but rather making it sound as if it were a close-run thing, thus ensuring that the blisteringly well-informed metropolitan commentariat and their political chums and symbiotes imagine that Her Baronessness is capo di tutti capi of a robust and credible opposition to THATESSEMPEEBAAAAAAD.

      And of course, mud sticks.

      It must stick in Their collective craw, though, that our First Minister remains the most popular major politician in the UK. But it’s no news to any Munguinite, of course, that They hate, hate, hate her, and then hate her again.

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    1. As someone pointed out she can make Commissioner “to” the C of Scot. but not “for.” She has no authority over the Presbyterian church, she is only head of the English church.
      It will great cheer though to a section of Scottish culture, a dribbling in anticipation for a King Billy to be a Commisioner to the Church of Scotland. The only fruits are orange. Maybe ask Murdo Frazer for comment.

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    2. WTF? A crushing blow to the independence campaign from which it won’t recover? Oh – I see – it’s the news from Earth 2.

      Their minds are alien, and do not inhabit this reality the rest of us share… they are from a long time ago in a galaxy far far away, but their flesh is nonetheless real, and – they walk among us…

      I wonder how Prince Willy will get along with verminous Jockanese types to minister to his needs. Or maybe he’ll just import his retinue from Englandland along with him and, oh, who knows, take over a chunk of land at Ingliston for them to camp out, like Mary’s people did at Petty France, while we grateful peons put up a nice new palace for them. Or they could take over Stirling Castle, except maybe that would be too close to the Wallace Monument.

      So many conundra! Note to self: practise tugging forelock, as it’s not something that those of us who are afflicted by calvities and glabrity can always pull off at the drop of a hat.

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      1. “calvities and glabrity”

        Had to look that up. Wondered if you’d misspelt cavities 🙂

        Aye like we care about them. Why is an Anglican bothering the Presbyterians?

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          1. He probably doesn’t know that there have been a few quarrels over bishops in Scottish history, Tris. After all, Scotland doesn’t have any important history of its own, does it, unlike England, so he can’t be expected to know any.

            Maybe I’m doing him an injustice, but I doubt it.

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            1. Nah, I doubt it too.

              He has a reputation for being lazy and self centred. I imagine learning English history was enough for him.

              I wonder why he studies Art History at uni. The only other person I know who did that, apart from his clothes horse, was as thick as two short planks.


                  1. A cautionary display on the mantelpiece in the Great Hall of the Schloss, I think, Alan, circumstances permitting. Sometimes it’s a comfort to know that no one else is going to be cursed with my DNA, but everybody loves a good cautionary tale, don’t they?

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                  2. Oops. That last isn’t where it Otterby. On to golden coaches, Tris.

                    When I were a little wee lad, capable of blowing my own nose but not tying my own shoelaces, I was taken, fresh-faced and dewy-eyed, along with my classmates in primary school, to see the Queen, who was in the area opening something.

                    I was very struck by her royal wave from the back of her limousine, and practised it until I was as good at it as any kid was likely to get.

                    Looking back on it, I do think my parents should have realized that I would grow up to be a queen.

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    3. I have replied:

      Well, that’s it. Ba’s in the slates. Interesting though, that the future head of the Church of England (by the grace of god) should be able to take such an important role in a church with such different views. Maybe she’ll make him a pope next? Or Ayatollah?


  6. Listening to the youtube video on the Nicola/ pritti breaking of the ministerial code.
    The first person on to discuss why the media are attacking Nicola, who was cleared, but not attacking Pitti who was found to have broken the code.
    The responder spent 7 minutes dancing in the sharp end of a pin NOT answering but repeating endlessly that Nicola did indeed break the code as found by the committee.

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  7. Have we found the leaker?
    A total hypocrite after her closing speech yesterday.

    Liz Smith was criticised in 2018 by Holyrood’s standards committee for forwarding a confidential dossier on allegations of bullying at George Watson’s College to the school. Smith, who was a governor of the school at the time, forwarded an e-mail about bullying allegations to the chairman of the board of governors at the school and to its principal. The documents detailed specific allegations about the treatment of their child. Parents claimed Smith had disclosed information to others to which she had privileged access as an MSP.

    See that ballantyne, the tory list msp appointee, voted YES in the VONC yesterday, she’s no longer a tory appointee having joined another political party. Along with the other morally bankrupts.
    Baillie and auld Cole hamilton, members of the committee, abstained.

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    1. Aye, could be.

      That Ballantyne woman is the head of the Nigel Farage Money Making Party and of course didn’t stand for election on that platform and is, as such, not a justifiable member of the parliament, never mind of the committee. She is doing a Tory out of a seat and taking a seat for a party which wasn’t in existence when the election took place, and for which, no one single person voted.

      I wonder why7 both Baillie and Cole-Hamilton, who found her guilty, didn’t vote that way in parliament?


      1. Possibly they realise that they cannot afford the risk of losing any votes lining up with the tories on such a see through stunt. Jackie Baillie, I think, has been telt. A new leader but old splits still exsist. Anas Sarwar’s speech certainly made sure there was clear water, a moat between them and the tories.

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        1. Thanks, Alan. I haven’t seen his speech.

          To have any kind of coalition or arrangement with the Tories would surely finish Labour in Scotland.


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