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  1. I’m not giving you photos of me.

    One of those gentlemen was on the train, my last visit from Dundee to London before the lockdown. He got on at York with three others and sat diagonally from me. I thought to myself, ‘I know the face but cannot place him.’ After travelling down the line for a while his voice gave his identity away. It was Jason Donovan. Very soft spoken and seemed a nice fellow.

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  2. As soon as I get over this massive coughing fit, I am going to announce to my legions of friends and admirers that age has not withered me, nor has custom staled my infinite variety.

    Danny, please tell that to the marines on my behalf, to save me the phone call. A penny saved is a penny earned!

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  3. (Thors ) 脼贸r’s Journey to 脷tgar冒

    The giants laughed as a horrible old crone entered the hall. She agreed to wrestle 脼贸r. He threw himself at the woman, but she was stronger than she seemed. She stood firm and unshaken. Then she tried a hold or two on 脼贸r. Catching him off-balance, she forced him to one knee.

    “Enough”, cried 脷tgar冒a-Loki to 脼贸r. “You’ve shown your true strength. There is no point in 脼贸r’s challenging any one else in the hall.

    “And it’s a marvel that you withstood Elli for so long. Elli is old age. No one can withstand old age in the end

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      1. Its my Creed

        Seems to me there are two ways to face Old Age
        one is to allow old age to wash over you absorb
        and go with old age not fighting but accepting
        your own mortality. A beautiful way I admit.

        The other is to fight old age all the way
        to struggle, push to wrestle if you will
        to the bitter end.
        Knowing all the time at the final end you will lose
        and move onto eternity.

        This is my way the way I have chosen
        and I am at peace with.

        About three years ago working out a couple
        of young lads got a bit challenging.
        With seated Dumbbell Press I find
        difficulty getting heavy bells from
        gym floor to shoulder whilst seated.
        They lifted them for me.
        Managed two 45聽kg bells (99 LBS).

        Not bad for a fat old man I says
        to general gym laughter.
        They managed 50, 55 kg a good strong
        weight for the Lads.
        The upshot is I doubt very much I could
        repeat that weight again.
        Old age is winning. Slowly and surely

        But I’ll keep fighting back.

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      1. It’s a beautiful song, Danny. “Hier Encore”. Charles Aznavour wrote some fantastic lyrics in the Chanson tradition.

        I’m not sure who wrote the English translation there but it’s very touching.

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        1. Tris…….I didn’t realize that it was an Aznavour song. I’ve only heard the English lyrics.

          Excuse delayed reply. My WiFi went out and I lost internet connection for a few days. Bummer!

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          1. No probs, Danny.

            Munguin says he’ll dock the time from your salary… I bet you didn’t know you had a salary from Munguin, did you.

            I don’t rate (or rather didn’t rate) Aznavour as a singer and I’m not sure that he was brilliant at music, but his lyrics are really penetrating… in the tradition of “chanson””

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            1. LOL…..Munguin is a tough taskmaster. 馃槈

              I was just a young kid when I saw Aznavour on what was surely a rerun of an old American TV variety show. Most likely it was the Ed Sullivan show which ran for a couple of decades and then has played in reruns off and on ever since on one cable channel or another.

              I was less than impressed with Aznavour’s “singing”, which as I recall sounded more like talking to music. Of course at the time I knew nothing of French chanson, although I probably had an inkling that Aznavour might not be a barrel of laughs in person. 馃槈

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  4. I remember seeing Donovan being interviewed on the BBC to promote his autobiography, “The Hurdy Gurdy Man”. The interviewer asked him, “Who is the Hurdy Gurdy Man?”. Donovan looked really surprised at this unbelievably stupid question but he calmly replied, “It’s me”. I remember wondering how someone could be so badly prepared for an interview. A few years later, I watched Andrew Marr grappled with Brexit.

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    1. LOL. Yes, there are indeed some really ill-prepared journalists out there.

      Certainly not the least of these is Andrew Marr.

      Anyway, here’s Donovan singing about himself, although in good faith I dunno where the Rolly Polly Man comes into it…

      Still, as the man says, he was either in India or Jamaica when he wrote it, with George Harrison maybe and there was a lot of rum and ganga involved…

      “I鈥檓 not sure if I wrote that song in India or on the beach in Jamaica. I鈥檓 pretty sure it was in Jamaica, where we had very good ganja that year and somebody gave me 110-proof rum.”


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      1. I also have no idea what a Rolly Polly man is. Maybe it’s a 60s drugs reference or maybe it’s some nonsense he made up when he was mashed on ganja and rum. Donovan sure knew how to live well.

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          1. Oh, a rolly. Maybe that’s it.

            Donovan is 75! I suspect I will look a bit rough when I’m Donovan’s age but, unless I really get cracking, I won’t have had international success as a singer of memorable pop songs.

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            1. No time like the present, Terry, my lad.

              Get recording…. well, probably better write something first.

              You maybe need a bit of ganga and a few bottles or rum to get you going though…

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  5. Patrick Harvie has come up in my opinion today.
    Calls on the committee members who leaked should resign for breaking Parliaments code of conduct.
    It appears Slab abstained.
    Onwards now to the election of a majority SNP government, to Independence and thus to Scotland becoming a normal country.

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    1. I can’t help thinking that Dross and Her Noble Highness are looking a wee bit pathetic, and a bit isolated tonight.

      Still why would Her Important Aristocraticness care. She’ll never have to be elected again in her life and she could be in politics for another 50 years.

      Let’s hope in an English house of lords and NOTHING to do with us.


      1. She improved with age.

        It’s originally a French song “Chariot”, but it’s been recorded in many languages and versions around the world. I love that version of the sisters singing it.

        Needless to say, Petula has recorded it in four languages and still sings it today in French or Canadian concerts. This really amateur video from the 60s covers the four language versions.


          1. Well, with Munguin himself being such a font of knowledge, I suppose that that is to be expected.

            Actually, most of the learning comes from the contributions of Munguin’s dear readers, who are an interesting, intelligent and learned bunch of people.


    1. I had a great friend, an Australian who had seen service in Vietnam. This was “his” song. It certainly captured the zeitgeist of that time and place.

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