Adorable Baby Orangutans Find A Forever Home On World Orangutan Day  (PHOTOS) | HuffPost
1. Did you bring the buckets and spades, Uncle Munguin?
2. Sheesh, I’m bushed.
3. I’m sure you knew, but just in case you don’t, I’m a Gould’s Sunbird and I’m from Bhutan, you know, where Moira Anderson is considered to be a god.
4. Come in if you want. If you’re a friend of Munguin, I can organise a shower for you.
5. Colorado.
6. Come on, carry me. I only have little legs.
Fox Social Life: Do Foxes Live in Packs? | Pet Keen
7. Quintuplets…
Photos: Superb Owl Sunday IV - The Atlantic
8. You are kidding me… Boris is still ahead in the polls in England? They must have gone mad.
Scotland's 'Coo Cam' for Highland cows
9. I can get Radio Radio nan Gàidheal on these…
Colombia: Goats kidding around on rooftop rescued | World News | Sky News
10. I’m not sure how we got up here, but we couldn’t get down without these two-legged animals’ help.
The Principality of Liechtenstein - english - YouTube
11. Vaduz, Liechtenstein.
12. Some say I’m a cheetah, but I win races fair and square…
What Are the Best Farm Dogs?
13. When you work on a farm like I do, you have to be kind to the littler animals.
Six Best Dog Breeds for a Small Backyard Farm - PetHelpful - By fellow  animal lovers and experts
14. Of course, that works both ways.
15. I’m on the lookout for a bird. You know what I mean?
15 Fascinating Frog Species
16. I hope the French don’t like orange cuisses de grenouilles.
At a wild animal park in France, a baby hippo shows off his chops | Sweet  Baby Zoo Animals to Ring in the New Year | POPSUGAR Pets Photo 5
17. Is that scary enough, mum?
18. We’re the black swans of the family.
Polar Bears and People: Cataloging Conflict | Hakai Magazine
19. Could you stop climate change please people.
Pucker up! Adorable moment baby orangutan responds to mum's request for a  kiss
20. And stop cutting down our forests!

Thanks to John and Quokka.

For those of you who have emailed me and I haven’t yet got back, I’m really sorry. I’m incredibly busy right now. I’ll get back this week sometime.


39 thoughts on “SOPPY SUNDAY”

  1. 20: Baby has that trendy Boris hairstyle?
    15: … fair enough, but how do you know if a robin is a boy or a girl?
    14: I know I’m gonna have tae brood on this one …
    10: The lengths some people will go to, just to get someone’s goat!
    9: Bha mi a’ smaoineachadh gur e an t-earball a rinn sin?
    7: Look carefully, I count twelve ears so that must mean sex-
    6: Almost a dead ringer for the beast that was sitting on my knee a moment ago …
    2: Bushed? Certainly needs to be brushed. (Another Boris imitator mebbie?)
    A very happy Sunday tae ain an aa! 🙂

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    1. Doesn’t everyone want to look like Boris?

      If you want to know if a Robin is a boy or a girl, you ask it.

      Seriously, you probably can’t tell the difference:

      And I missed a pair of ears, you are right!

      No 2 is one of the Bulgarian strays that turn up to be fed at John local pub. Word seems to have got around that they serve good food and many animals become adopted…

      And a happy Sunday to you too 🙂

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    2. Bheil Radio nan Gaidheal cho droch a nis? Coltach ri tighinn a mach fo’n t’earball? Tha leine agam fhathast a fhuair mo mahathiar ann an co-fharpais airson rudeiginn le RnG air a phocaid. Barrachd ‘s da fhiched bliadhna air ais!

      No 2 is Ghost, at one time the latest recruit to our KKK kotka klan and now the only survivor. Ginge and Felix disappeared during the last lockdown despite the RS and Kay going to the pub to feed them every evening at the usual time. Bridie was adopted earlier. Like the rest, Ghost just turned up and at first we took her for a passing visitor with a home of her own as she was in goood condition and very friendly. Instead, she took up permanent residence with the Kalinka Klan Kollektiva. Tonight will be the last KKK assembly for at least 10 days as another lockdonw begins tomorrow and Kalinka’s has to close with all other pubs, cafes, and restaurants. Meals on wheel for Ghost will continue, though.

      No 6 is very like own own Numbi when he turned up at a KKK assembly about two years ago as a palm-sized kitten and we took him home. I’ll try to insert a pic from then but he’s appeared in SS often enough over the months so maybe you’ll remember him anyway. He’s now a big lump of about 5kg but still thinks he’s wee enough not to be an imposition on knee or stoamach.

      Great selection this week, as always. Thouht the Colorado mountain with sunset reflections in the foreground was award-winning stuff. And thanks, Danny, for the added info and pix.

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      1. Is e am BBC a tha sin is dòcha, tha…

        Sorry to hear another lock down is coming.

        But I know that the animals won’t suffer, because your community s far too kind to let them go without.


  2. #11…Interesting view of Vaduz Castle. The more familiar picture postcard view doesn’t reveal its precarious position. Hans-Adam has autocratic tendencies and has threatened to move to Austria if the people of Liechtenstein don’t vote the way he wants, but he might be more concerned with rock slides, and how many core samples were taken when the first foundations were laid in the 12th century.

    #5….Google confirms that this is Crested Butte, a 12,168 ft peak in the Elk Mountains on the west slope of the Colorado Rockies. The peak is prominent due to the fact that it’s a laccolith, formed when magma intruded into Mancos Shale approximately 30 million years ago. The softer, overlying sedimentary rock has eroded away, exposing the more resistant igneous rock. The bulk of Crested Butte is composed of quartz monzonite porphyry and granodiorite porphyry…….of course. 😉

    The town of Crested Butte at 8900 ft was a nineteenth century mining town, and is now a ski resort with picturesque old buildings.

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    1. Very pretty it is too, Danny.

      I’ve never been to Vaduz, although it is on my bucket list. I wouldn’t like to have to wash the windows in HSH’s palace. It’s a long way down if you drop your cloth!

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      1. LOL…..No doubt the rate is higher for washing the windows on that side.
        Anyway, fantastic views from the place, both up and down! 😉

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        1. I might mention that to Munguin.

          I think the whole country is beautiful. And I understand that the population is the richest in Europe and probably, the world. I suppose that may be a good reason for putting up with HSH!

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      2. On a trip around Austria and Bavaria we visited Vaduz, anticipating a quaint Alpine village. Instead it was hyper-modern and the only place we saw businessmen in suits and ties. A day ticket for all public transport in Liechtenstein, Vorarlberg in Austria and the Lindau area of Germany was €10.60!!
        Sadly, we didn’t bump into Moira Anderson, but I’m sure she has triumphantly visited the castle.

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        1. Yep big banking centre, I think.

          €10,60 is an awesome price.

          I’ve heard that there is a walking tour of Liechtenstein … you can walk the whole country. I doubt it takes too long, but it would be great to do.

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          1. tris, I doubt if that walking tour goes anywhere near the summit of the Drei Schwestern, which is 2053 m high and out of shot to the left in that photie.
            That ridgeline marks the border with Austria.
            The border with Switzerland is the River Rhine, which at that point is about 300-plus metres above sea level.


  3. No6 was adorable but I’m not sure about those Wolverine claws. That cheetah looks as knackered as I feel most days. Lockdown is a tiring thing. In theory we aren’t doing much but now that Spring has sprung, we keep seeing all those wee jobs that need done in and around the house!

    Lovely Heiland coo, though I wouldn’t be surprised if it could get Radio California on those things! Very cheering selection. Looks for Ed – you might say life affirming…

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      1. I remember a TV show where Billy Connolly spent a night alone in the Canadian Arctic, presumably with a film crew. He was advised to keep a rifle handy at all times, just in case.

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        1. Well, humans are easy pickings if they don’t have weapons. I don’t know how much meat there is on an average human. mind.

          Might be better with a fox.


          1. There’s more meat on some of us than on certain others who shall remain nameless, Tris, as I’m sure you recall. Indeed, a person who is fully aware of his own imperfections might even admit that most of it is actually blubber.

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  4. Head down, stay on the positive, onwards, postering, stuffing envelopes etc.
    Soppy Sunday, and breathe.
    Vaduz looks an amazing structure. I looked it up on Maps, thought I may have been close by but no.

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