1. Well stap me vitals! I am shocked, I say shocked, that the small-billed indigestion medication isn’t even an also-ran in the Scottish Parliamentary Derby!

    They must have left his name off the questionnaire by mistake, though it’s an easy mistake to make.

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      1. Ohhhh That’s cruel.

        Actually I looked him up as there were rumours he drove the Dunfermline to Kelty bus. It turns out he has a degree in biology. Now, how does he stand in the GRA business?

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  2. Despite the concentrated, and coordinated, union media blitz on the S.N.P, and Nicola Sturgeon in particular, it seems to be having the opposite effect from the one they intended.
    Speaking in a local context, our S.N.P branch has added over two hundred new members in the last fortnight.

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    1. Well, you might know that anything that lot tries to do comes out all wrong.

      I’ve no idea who or what is behind all the hate, but whoever it is, isn’t really very good at it.


      1. They thought that a split between the two major figures of the SNP could only be bad news for the cause of independence. They being the British Establishment and its “organizations”.

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        1. I suppose they see everything through the lens of the superior british empire, which they were about to re-establish… remember Empire II?

          What happened to that?


      2. Just as the Trotskyists hated the Marxist Leninists more than they hated the Tories, independence itself has its own hate squads who hate other independence supporters more than they hate anyone else.

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      1. Tris

        It is what it is I suppose, we all have to take a stand based on how we believe and I have pretty much had enough of bad policy, and of the whole Alex Salmond affair that I am sorry the First Minster is a huge part of. Unless something major happens in the next 7 weeks I will only vote on the list.

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        1. We must do what we think is the right thing for us. No one can or should tell anyone else how to vote.

          For me, imperfect though the SNP may be… and it is (14 years in government is too long for most any party), the only alternative seems to be a coalition of the Tories, Liberal Democrats and Labour. That couldn’t be a coalition FOR anything, just a coalition AGAINST independence. It would be hopelessly unstable and nothing but bad for Scotland.

          So I’ll be voting SNP on the basis that this is our only hope for independence. Douglas Ross would give us independence…. and can you imagine a policy of health or education dreamed up by London which Dross would simply follow. Imagine Ross or Sarwar in charge during the pandemic?


        2. You’ve been had mate.

          If your recent blog posts are anything to go by, it appears (to me) that you are in thrall to the mainstream press. Otherwise why feature the front pages of the likes of the Express, Mail, Times, Telegraph & others as your latest does? Front pages that are spewing state (UK) sponsored bile, aimed at the SNP in general & the FM in particular and you appear to have fallen for it.

          I’m not saying that there aren’t issues with the SNP that I’d like to see addressed & pronto; but how do you think that voting only on the list (presumably for Nohope McNohope) is actually going to help anyone’s prospects of achieving independence?

          There’s no finessing this, we don’t have the luxury of letting the Union off the hook because the SNP aren’t currently offering a purer than pure route. Only a pro independence majority at Holyrood can take us forward (Westminster elections are an irrelevance there). We can’t wait until 2026, the Tories will spend the time bypassing, emasculating & superseding Holyrood; perhaps to the extent of explicitly making, even a consultative, referendum illegal.

          So if you want to dish out some tough love, or a lesson, or whatever it is, just remember that you aren’t intending to vote against the Union this time; so I hope you’re big enough to own it if the Unionists can put together a grand coalition.

          Which of the current government’s spending priorities will be the first on the bonfire?

          Prescription charges?
          Personal care?
          Tuition fees?
          Bedroom tax?

          Be careful what you wish for.

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          1. Yep, we either vote for a chance at Indy… which the SNP and Greens are putting in their manifestos, or we vote for Boris Johnson and SIR Keir, the royals and the removal of at least some powers from Edinburgh.


            1. I’m crossing my fingers that this all gets sorted before polling day. Have not yet made up my mind on voting either on ballot but there’s more covered up information to come, plus James Hamilton’s verdict.

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              1. Well my decision is SNP on the ballot and probably SNP on the list although I might go Green if i think that it will have more impact.

                My immediate concern is not Nicola, Alex, Johanna or anyone else. It is independence achieved legally so that it will be accepted by the world.


    1. Aye we will all die at sometime, but would you trade all the rest of your days living under a westminster govt or stand with Nicola for one day to regain independence.

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  3. I was listening to him the other night on the telly.
    The gist of his party pitch to voters seemed to be “We will work with Labour to…”
    How can anybody take that seriously? Surely if anyone finds the Labour policies attractive they’d just vote Labour?
    It just all came across as him not having any ideas, policies or vision of his own.

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    1. Exactly.

      I think that was what did for the Liberal Dems in England after their disastrous liaison with Cameron’s Tories.

      If we are going to get a Tory Liberal Democrat, we might as well have the proper thing.


    1. Yep. Even if you are a staunch unionist and a lot of people are, who the hell would want Ross or Sarwar in charge of the country, especially during a pandemic, which is far form over!

      It is hard to imagine.


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