So, for Westminster, the seat is held by Alyn Smith for the SNP

In Holyrood the Constituency seat is held by Bruce Crawford for the SNP

In the Mid Scotland and Fife region, the list seat as attributed to parties as shown here.

It seems to me, then, that the SNP holds Stirling and thus, according to the Tories, Scotland.

22 thoughts on “AWWW BLESS THEM”

  1. “He who holds Stirling, holds Scotland” As a service to the most vulnerable in society, the only thing I would like the Tories to hold is their breath.

    About 10 minutes should do the trick, but let’s make it 20 just in case there’s any static apnea experts in the bunch.😧

    Any that’s left after that might maybe possibly get my vote.

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    1. He screwed the wooden chair to the floorboards took a plastic bag taped it around his neck.
      He then put his hands under the chair and handcuffed them .

      That how they found him lifeless He was 14 years old we never found why he took his life .
      The police remarked out how ingenious his suicide was and how he must of really thought it through .

      It was a long time ago very sad

      Words have consequences.


            1. Yes. Social media is good… and it is evil.

              If you don’t control it; it can control you.

              I wonder if anyone has an answer.

              A huge amount of the misery is cruelty to each other which, with social media, can go on 24/7.

              Kids are trapped.

              I wonder what the answer is.

              Maybe parents that get more involved with their kids would help; maybe more regulation… I don’t know.

              But it’s hard to stop kids being ghastly to each other, no matter what you do.

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      1. Oh dear, I could be wrong but it would seem that Nikos melodramatic, self righteous heart wrencher may have been in response to the comment I made a few days ago about Tory’s holding their breathe etc.. I really must keep up with my blog reading having just digested his wee tale.

        I know it’s far too late now because every one has moved on, but my comment was made in relation to the 120,000 deaths of vulnerable people (some suicides, in ghastly circumstances, like the poor wee laddie in the story ) that Tory benefits cuts, systems and sanctions have caused.

        Yeh, words have consequences but so do actions. Make up your own mind what’s the worse.

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  2. Just proves that they are still in the 13th century along with their mogg of the 16th century.
    The country has moved on from from the Roman Empire.

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  3. Tories are horrible but so is this news. It doesn’t look like Grousebeater has long to live.

    “Inform family of imminent death and how to cope”


    1. At least he is mentally alert to the end. His comment on the SNP draft manifesto was that he almost didn’t publish it in case it was a hoax!

      Wouldn’t he go out with a bang if he published the names, I’m sure they would come as a shock to Nicola.


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