3. Oh look, Matt’s face has gone all Jack.
10. I know she’s not actually a Tory, but she’s as near as damnit.


  1. Aye, sez it all really, what is there to add?
    Hopefully this whole Nicola business will backfire royally on the BritNats …

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  2. I listened enthralled to me wireless as the melodious voice of dear wonderful Jackie Baillie
    Floated in the air.

    As she step by step tore asunder
    The lies and deceits of Nicola.
    Blessed Jackie held the mirror of truth to the snp leader .
    Revealing the vile evil 🦹‍♂️ Nicola
    For what she truly is.

    And thus ending ending any seditious attempt to destroy
    Our great and Glorious UNION
    🇬🇧 .

    There will be no overall majority at Holyrood
    No vexatious and unwanted
    Referendum .
    Thank you 🙏

    Jackie we love you 😘 🥰 💕 💜


        1. I am 89 and have never heard so much biased political rubbish spouted on an enquiry in my lifetime. It was a one sided Russian democracy.

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    1. From James O’Brien:

      I think I’ve worked it out. If Priti Patel is found guilty of doing something then it’s no big deal & we should all move on. If Nicola Sturgeon or Meghan Markle are accused of doing *exactly the same thing* then it’s an event of cataclysmic proportions & we should all stone them.

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  3. Huh. It’s kinda disturbing that things that used to be national scandals and all over the papers, described as crises for the government of the day, have become so – normalized.

    Meantime, hypocrisy within the regime and among its supporters rises (sinks?) to unprecedented heights (unfathomable, unplumbable depths?).

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  4. Imagine for one moment any of the BritNats being questioned for just one hour nevermind eight. They can hardly string a whole sentence together between them at the best of times. So, they have had their bullying fest for a whole day, let’s hope each one of them is unemployed on the 7th of May.

    Is it usual for a politician (who can’t count!) to have a crowd funder for an election campaign? I thought the BritNat parties had a bottomless open wallet available for such things. Hmm.
    Great images, and all very accurate, scarily.

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    1. I’m all for questioning of politicians.

      It doesn’t seem to happen much at Westminster and when there are real scandals like complaints of sexual impropriety, they are invariably dealt with by internal inquiries.

      There have been many like that recently.

      I can’t imagine Johnson or indeed any of th4e current cabinet in England coping with 8 hours of questioning.

      Boris barely manages 30 minutes and then he never actually answers anything.

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  5. As a independence supporter I am dismayed that anyone thinks Sturgeon gave a credible response to the accusations against her and her government, she literally waffled and obfuscated throughout , unfortunately it appears I have been under the misapprehension that we have been fighting for a more transparent more honest independent government that has at it’s heart integrity , honesty and compassion but it appears all we are interested in is mirroring the lies and corruption of WM and the unionist parties, at 70 years of age I am sorry that I won’t see independence for my country and countrymen but I assuage that by knowing that these vile ,repugnant people especially Sturgeon will NOT fight for that independence

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      1. Is that helpful Andimac? Can people not have an alternative viewpoint in MNR? I read a lot of sorrow in the OP’s post. You don’t have to agree with what they said but you didn’t engage with their comment.

        As it happens, I agree with much of what they said. The bits I heard of her evidence sounded like the Tories’ non denials.

        I don’t recognise that
        That’s not my recollection
        I’m not aware of that
        That’s not my understanding etc etc.

        I’ve a lot for respect for your talents Andimac and usually like your comments, but I though that was a low blow comment.

        I’ll probably be attacked now but please people understand that it is possible to have a different view on this whole debacle but still be rock solid indy. Let’s respect each other please.

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            1. PP, of course people are entitled to their own opinion, it was the choice of name I was pointing up. However, I take your point. Mea culpa. Maybe I should drop the andimac and go for twatliker. What’s in a name? But, to address some of twathater’s points – where is the hard evidence of “mirroring the lies and corruption of WM and the unionist parties” and that Sturgeon and (unnamed others) are ” vile ,repugnant people”? I am no great fan of Salmond or Sturgeon and I certainly think that Scottish independence is massively more important than either and indeed both of them. Maybe, indeed, Sturgeon should resign and let the people of Scotland decide what kind of Government they want. Who knows, maybe a Con-Lab-Lib coalition to ensure we never gain independence, with a prospect of rotating Ross (or whoever), Sarwar and Rennie FMs. Or maybe, Mr Salmond will return to lead us to another defeat – fat chance, or fat chancer. Ach well, the dogfight continues and we can all chew on the bones later.
              Roll on Soppy Sunday!

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              1. That’s how I feel.

                Both Alex and Nicola have been good first ministers in the past. Both had and have their faults.

                Alex is unlikely to make a comeback. It’s hard to think of anyone as capable as Nicola to lead us forward. Let’s not forget how hard she has worked through the pandemic, where Johnsons has…well, not worked hard.

                The SNP is the only way we can get independence from an increasingly frightening… and increasingly isolated from the world state.

                If we allow Ross or Sarwar to take over, we’ll all have Union Jacks tattooed on our foreheads and butts and be made to sing God Save the Queen till we’re hoarse.

                And the sickening thing is that the bastards have made it more difficult for us to up and leave and settle someplace civilised.

                Soppy Sunday… yes, what a relief that will be.

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                1. Sorry, Tris. Nicola Sturgeon is a brilliant communicator. No doubt about it. She is the Tony Blair of the SNP. And the SNP under her leadership has the same relationship to independence as Labour have to socialism. Don’t mention the GRA or Hate Crime Bill.

                  She has to go.

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              2. Andimac you are far too clever to pretend you weren’t deliberately calling him a twat because you didn’t share his view.

                “mirroring the lies and corruption of WM and the unionist parties”

                Withholding vital info from your legal counsel that would have enabled them to tell you the case was unstatable months beforehand, gerrymandering lists despite being told by one of Scotland’s best QCs that what you propose is illegal and would cost you hundreds of thousands if taken to Court, no sign of the “ringmarked” £600k donated for indy not the party etc etc.

                “Sturgeon and (unnamed others) are ” vile ,repugnant people”?

                If you know who the Alphabetties are that part makes more sense. I only know 4 of them and they are all in Sturgeon’s inner circle. Those in the know say they all 9 are. Funny how such an allegedly handsy man only touched Nicola’s friends.

                “I am no great fan of Salmond or Sturgeon and I certainly think that Scottish independence is massively more important than either and indeed both of them.”

                I’m in total agreement with you there. I supported Sturgeon when I thought she would use her “popularity” to advance indy instead of advancing herself.
                I don’t support anyone who uses the Yes movement to shore up their own position and comfy lifestyle.

                “Who knows, maybe a Con-Lab-Lib coalition to ensure we never gain independence”

                Or maybe another gradualist SNP government, led by Sturgeon or God forbid Angus Robertson dangling that indy carrot in front of us pre election but never delivering and even makingnany preparations for indy (as confirmed by a FOI request to Scottish government)

                “Or maybe, Mr Salmond will return to lead us to another defeat”

                Well if he was Marmite before, he’s toxic now. So job done by those who were worried about his return to politics.

                “Roll on Soppy Sunday!”

                YES!! And Just for a Laugh (JFAL) as well.

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                1. I agree, and find it significant that no complaints were discovered against Alex Salmond during the years he was at Westminster, only the few who were all in Nicola Sturgeon’s inner circle, and only after extensive police searches.
                  Even so, to my mind as an old woman with a fair bit of experience of the world, many of the alleged incidemts were risible – hand on knee (which apparently could not have happened because of the configuration of the rear seat in the ministerial car) or touching hair!
                  How these women would have coped in the 60s, 70, and 80s, when there was no legislation to protect them, I really can’t imagine. Perhaps they would all be ‘frozen’ or having fits of the vapours!
                  And don’t get me started on ‘inappropriate behaviour’, particularly who judges what that is. It all depends on the context and whether a one off or a pattern.
                  When we realised that someone was a bit handsy in the stationary cupboard or prone to do a bit of groping under the table, we passed that on to our colleagues so that he had few opportunities to try it on.
                  Apologies for rant but I really think a lot of what was complained off was ridiculous.

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                  1. I agree with that too.

                    All I’ve hear, I’ve heard second hand, so I’m not getting involved, mainly because I genuinely don’t want to read about it.

                    I repeat that there are faults on both sides. I think that the women who made false claims should be dealt with by the law and then we need to get on with escaping from UnionJackLand and its horrific right wing regime of corruption and grift.

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                2. Thank you panda paws for illustrating and itemising some of the reasons why Sturgeon and her coterie of pseudo independence supporters are reviled by people who are not entrenched in the messiah worshiping clique

                  andimac currently everyone is entitled to their opinion even if that differs from yours which will probably not be the case when the GRA and HCB becomes law, so I may then either have to change my moniker or possibly be subject to criminal charges after a complaint by someone who is “offended” surely that wouldn’t be you andimac

                  Ms Sturgeon and her coterie have neither discussed independence or promoted it in any meaningful way for the past 4 years , latterly the excuse being used is due to covid , that explains the last year obviously as it is paramount but for the previous years there is no excuse, especially when there has been a deliberate concerted effort to force through the GRA and HCB legislation during those years but I suppose it’s about priorities

                  It highlights the hypocrisy that Ms Sturgeon has been working extremely hard during covid when the death rates for a country and population of our size is at the top end of similar countries , I am sure the deceased families will be comforted by that accolade, my honest opinion is that Ms Sturgeon has mirrored albeit later the WM clownshow but has presented it better

                  As for her good governance according to her responses for most of the 8 hours at the inquiry Ms Sturgeon hadn’t a clue or wasn’t aware as to what people were doing in her name , which to me is extremely strange as she has proven to be a micro manager who does not permit/trust anyone else to face the cameras


    1. Well, you are of course entitled to that opinion.

      If not her, then who?

      Obviously not the Noble and Gallant Baroness, or Mr Sarwar, Not even the two minor parties.

      I’m angry with both Salmond and Sturgeon, but there really is no alternative that I can see.


        1. I liked the “make Orwell fiction again” t shirt but can’t afford it unless I take up Ed’s idea of commission on sales 🙂

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              1. Can’t be bothered complaining. to the BBC, Tris. I think they must have blocked my e-mail address some years back, because they stopped sending even automated acknowledgements that my complaints had been received – everything I tried to say to them from – oh – about 2013 just fell into a black hole. I stopped watching TV completely about then, so no longer had anything to complain about, but I think I’d have given up anyway.


                1. That was the time I stopped having a tv, although to be fair I’d rarely watched it before. I dumped the licence, but listened to the radio.

                  Now, I don’t even do that.


                    1. Sorry, Tris, there’s some dispute about the first – it depends on who you ask – but the second, definitely not, so I’m ruling myself out.

                      You, on the other hand…

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  6. Actually, Tris, come to think of it, why hasn’t Mr. Munguin already syndicated you out to the many radio channels in the Munguin MegaMediaCorp empire? I’ll mention it to him in passing next time I see him – if I should be so lucky – and suggest it to him.


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