Munguin was interested to read this morning, that Bojo is trying to set up a charity to fund “improvements” to the Downing Street flat that he shares with his fiancée and one of his innumerable children.

The said fiancée is overseeing the renovations and… just guessing here…appears to have spent rather more than was available in the budget.

Hence the need to have a charity to pay for the work.

So Munguin craftily thought that should he make a substantial contribution to this charity, Carrie Nut Nuts would probably give him a Lordhood, and £350 a day plus expenses, and then he could set up his own charity to recoup the money… and possibly pay for some much needed decorations inside the Towers. (Gold gets shabby after a while.)

Anyone who wishes to contribute should send donations (in excess of £5,000…in cash only) direct to Munguin at Munguin Towers, Dundee.

He thanks you all in advance and points out that there may be a lack of posts in the next few days as Tris will spend the bulk of his time counting the notes and then transporting them to Munguin’s private banks, situated in Vaduz, Zurich (prepare the guest wing, Terry) and the British Virgin Islands.


On another matter, we have noted here on occasion, the proliferation of inappropriate, ugly and frankly offensive Butchers’ Aprons around the place. No English government minister appears without a flurry of them. (Maybe they should set up a charity to fund the purchase of ever greater quantities?)

When you walk into Tesco or Morrisons these days, it like you entered a flag factory. Union Jacks are everywhere, even on products which do not originate in the UK!! Zanahorias BRITÁNICAS, cultivadas en España, anyone?

I know the Brits were at one point threatening war with Spain over Gibraltar (Michael Howard wanted to send a gun boat… eh?), but I was under the impression that that had been sorted… without the Brits taking over and claiming Spanish carrots as their own. (And, as a side note, the Gibraltarians will effectively not be leaving the EU).

Today, however, Munguin was shocked to discover that one of his favourite treats, and one he occasionally allows Tris to indulge in if there is a left over in the box, has been claimed by the Brits.

Yes! Down with the ghastly French Fancies of yesteryear. Stand forward the infinitely superior GREAT British Fancy, the development of which has seen no expense spared. Well, has seen no expense, actually.

Mr Kipling French Fancies Small Cakes 8 per pack case of 7:  Grocery

The Brits have taken back control of, well everything, including mass-produced bakery items at which, to be honest, most French people would “montent le nez”.

It’s a bit of a pity that the paper cake holders’ décor is more reminiscent of the “bleu, blanc, rouge” du drapeau français, que le red white and blue of her majesty’s fleg!

Quel dommage.


  1. Apparently this photo is of the renovations. Dear God, it appears her taste in interior décor is as bad as her taste in men.

    FFS that’s migraine inducing.

    Re Munguin’s renovations, tell him the Czech is in the post.

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    1. OMG… overpowering, much?

      For the charity appeal to refurish the Towers, I regret that I cannot spare £5,000 right at the moment. I do, however, have a collection of loose change which I picked up during my jet-setting years, which Mr. Munguin is welcome to do with as he pleases.

      One always likes to show willing!

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      1. Munguin isn’t proud. He’ll accept anything but blows.

        It appear that NutNut’s taste in decoration is somewhere along the same lines as her taste in men.

        Poor…. nay…VERY poor.

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    2. Oh dear… really?

      Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.

      I’m pretty sure that Cameron and his Mrs did it up, the I think Mrs May spent more money on it.

      It seems to me that if you are going to change your prime minister every couple of years, you really can’t go spending money on private apartments.

      Apropos the Czech… Munguin says don’t try it on. He knows exactly what a Czech in the post is worth… and it’s not two in the bush! If you read the instructions properly, you will find that Munguin specified cash only. He’s an animal with his head screwed on!

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    3. Could it be they have used the before shot and not the after shot? No? Well there’s no trace of gilt so they didn’t get advice from ex-president Trump or what’s her name, the lady with the gold piano.

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      1. I do believe that’s Jennifer Arcuri, one of Bawris’s exes, Tris. I spotted a photo of her just recently in another context (fascism involves putting out more flags). She’s American, like Bawris, not that you can tell from the way he fnaugh fnaugh speaks.

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              1. The 05:30 is my usual insomnia, Alan; nothing unusual!

                Arcure does indeed not come cheap; she has a great gift, it seems, for losing money, rather like the awful Lady Moan.

                I not that your Guardian article informs us that Arcuri is (was?) married to one Matthew Hickey, which I think is kinda quaint – a hickey being American for a love bite. Perhaps his is a case of nominative determinism… and perhaps I should change my name to Edward Snog.

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                1. Ed, as a name badge might work better in the Gàidhealtachd. Think of the interest generated by, Nice Edward, bit cheesy though.

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              2. Ah yes, I remember seeing “business cards” in phone booths in London.

                I’m sure that kind of thing finds its way onto MPs and Lards expenses, as entertaining.

                Remember this Noble fellow?

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                1. Sewal, I had forgotten him and it wasn’t so long ago. Spokesperson for the Standards Committee, or something, wasn’t he.

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                2. Ah yes… that would be Lord Sewel of the Sewel Convention, right?

                  In my young day, I never got up to such shenanigans. I still don’t, as a matter of fact, even now I’m the same sort of age group as Lord Sewel was then.

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            1. Is that really the IT consultant?? Previous pictures of her I’ve seen were much more flattering, even discounting the bleagh! choice of outfit. Not quite in the phwoar! category perhaps, but worth a second glance. On the strength of these, I’m now beginning to rate her IT capabilities more highly. She’s not that much more appealing than our own Srem computer guru, Alan, and he’s only slightly less grizzled and grey-bearded than I am.

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              1. You have to remember that it was Johnson she was “involved” with.

                I mean he’s hardly a catch.

                According to him he’s not even rich.

                So …


    1. “Less used”, Douglas? “It gives me the (dry) boak” comes to my mind at least as often as “it gars me grue”, when unexpectedly exposed to photos of, say, Sniffy Gove or Bawris Johnson. Or Priti Patel. Or Handcock. DOCTOR Fox. You get the idea.

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    1. That would be generous of you, Niko.

      Is that as a thank you for me putting up a pic of Spookie for you?

      What about the Help Munguin become a Lord charity? Can I put you down for 5 grand?


        1. Didn’t it?

          I didn’t watch it.

          But I’m reading bits a pieces on Twitter and some woman called Margaret is getting lambasted.

          As is Baillie.

          And Murdo.

          And the Tory press, is suggesting that the politicians on the panel were so crap that both Surgeon and Salmond stood out a mile.

          But maybe I got the wrong impression.

          Still, if it went badly, we may look forward to a short period of the Rt Hon, Noble and Gallant Baroness as our first minister with Anas and Wee Willie as Deputy First Ministers.


          So… Hold your breath.


        2. You Retweeted
          Dr Mike Galsworthy
          showing its true colours today. They’ve *never* held the Westmister government to account anything like this. It stinks.

          If I were a Scot, this would make me to want vote to leave UK and get well clear of the unhealthy BBC-Conservative Party complex.


  2. The onionists have previous.
    The German Biscuit was changed to the empire biscuit, around the same time as the saxe cobergs became winsor.
    Seems a strange family who keep changing their family name, even wee harry hewitt AKA harry wales.
    Lovely flat in the heart of englandland, in need of modernisation.
    I suppose the bike is in the hallway beside the running shoes, very homely.
    The EBC will send around a bevvvy of experts to sort it out in a couple of hours, location location.
    All done in the best possible taste.
    Wondering if Scotland has been billed with 8% of the bill so far.

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    1. Wait till the next fiddled GERS figures. It will erroneously show that Scotland has been bailed out by trillions, most of which will has gone to mates of Gove, Handcock, Sunak, Cummings and de Bojo.

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    1. Just was chatting with my uncle Bill about this picture.
      He says he is sure he remembers the room but he’s not sure if it was the waiting room for a knocking shop either in Port Said or the old sector in Bombay.

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  3. tris: “. . . Quel frommage.” (paraphrased).

    Living in Germany, I regularly buy Irish cheddar and fake French camembert.

    English cheeses seem to have disappeared post Brexit (quel dommage).


    1. Oh, that’s a shame.

      I usually eat French cheese. Roquefort is my favourite. I hope it doesn’t get harder to get. To be honest I tried a Scottish blue cheese recently and it wasn’t nearly as good as the French.


          1. Selon mon opinion, Tris, une opinion que, et je précise, est la mienne et mon opinion à moi seul, n’appartenant non plus à aucune tiers personne, les monstres sacrés (impies ?) de notre régime britannique, aussi bien que leurs lamentables larbins non élus, sont à la fois moisis, pourris, corrompus et putrides.

            Je dirais même « dégueulasse », mais il serait beaucoup trop impoli d’insérer un mot si inacceptable dans une publication telle que celle-ci.

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            1. Exactement, Ed.

              Il faut toujours se souvenir de la statue de la publication à laquelle nous contribuons tous les deux et, bien sûr, de l’importance de son propriétaire.

              Parfois il faut donc que l’on se taise!

              J’ai trouvé que c’était un bon conseil au fil des ans.


  4. Certain floral print clothing and you could disappear in that room. “Stand up and move away from the walls, so I can see you.” “And the curtain.”
    French Fancies today then comes Danish pastries, greek feta and when will we see the Wolverhampton Wurst.
    Their necks just keep getting shinier, shinier and brassier. Probably not words but I’m sure the OED can cope.

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    1. Brassier is a lovely word, and if the OED doesn’t recognise it, “Munguin’s International Dictionary of Words What He Likes” does.


      1. Tris, we could say, at a stretch, that “brassier” is a guy who flogs fathoms, but it would be a very long stretch indeed. About six feet, by my reckoning.

        He could also be selling breast strokes, but we’d probably better not go there.

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            1. ed, I don’t remember mentioning it, but I once tried out a sousaphone at the Frankfurt Music Fair.
              It took a lot of air, and the timbre was poor.
              Hardly surprising, as the bell was made of fibre-glass.

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                1. Not really, ed. It wasn’t cheap. I think most sousaphones are made that way, at least the ones intended for marching bands, where weight it an issue.
                  You do get cheap, plastic trumpets etc. but no real musician takes them seriously . They are only good for carnival parades and things like that.

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                  1. I have one of the P-bone plastic trombones. It’s quite good as a portable thing, but lacking in tone. My nephew ended up with my old trombone; I then acquired a broken one from Forrester school when friends of mine were involved in clearing it out and spent a happy couple of hours with a blowtorch and solder. Currently trying to learn tenor saxophone.

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        1. He could also be an angler or a fish-monger. The OED gives ‘brassie’ as a Scots name for wrasse, which itself literally means ‘old woman’. Brassie is also an antique golf-club if I remember right, one of the niblick and mashie family. So a wielderof that would also qualify, but I see no reasons why it can’t be used as a comparative adjective… ‘One of the brassier types of blonde’, say, or kinds of neck, or door-knob or whatever article is being described.

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          1. Curious and curiouser John.
            Brassie, that was oddly familiar. I remember hearing something like that when I was working over on the east side of Scotland but that was bressie, no it wasn’t Morningside. I seem to remember they were referring to a wee lythe or a codling. I have no credibility to argue with the OED, maybe it was the person I was speaking that came from Morningside, or Kelvinside at a push.

            When I first saw your word brassie for wrasse it gave rise to that sort of excitement of curiosity, the hunt is on. I was off down a rabbit hole, the rabbit hole of careless, imprecise translation. A bit like Waternish on Skye, a mixture of Norse, Gàelhig and imprecise translation. Untill the sludge somewhere in my brain was stirred and up floated the Morningside pronounced version.

            Pity, I quite liked the idea of wrasse having a Germanic root, then Gàelhig giving it the bh to capture the germanic W, finally anglised spelling dropping the h from the bh. Oh well, it saved me some time. Well it did till I related the thinking!


    2. Alan, I eagerly await Hartlepool haggis, Daneshill pastries, Fetcham cheese, Brattonwurst, Camperdown cheese, Briestfield, Culham skink, Arborfield smokies, Cranage mess, Clophill dumpling …

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  5. For those who are interested in the case.

    I take no sides.

    Peat Worrier is, of course, a lawyer.


    1. Read through most of the legal advice, gave me a better insight/grasp of the time line, how much time and effort the judicial review soaked up.
      It does raise many questions, why the Lord Advocate continued to press ahead when counsel were advising to pull the plug months beforehand. Roddy Dunlop QC was quite scathing.
      These civil servants are supposed to be at the top of their game yet they allowed, promoted even, a basic fatal error in the procedure they were following and sat on it, going against Lord Pentland pleas for extreme candour. So basic it looks deliberate, it certainly discredits the Scottish Government as an organisation, mmmm.

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      1. I think we need to distinguish between the Government and its subsidiary agencies / organs, call them what you will, staffed by civil servants parachuted in from wherever by Civil Service Central Casting down south.

        Yes, I’m impugning the impartiality of the Civil Service – the sooner we have one of our own, one which won’t engage in quiet sabotage, the better. (E.g., remember the introduction of Scottish income tax variations which required the Inland Revenue – sorry, HMRC – to separate out Scottish taxpayers? Initially, they picked out only those whose addresses contained the word “Scotland”. Any sane person would have done it by postcode, obviously, but as I understand it, that little SNAFU really messed up the introduction of that scheme – and the Usual Suspects blamed the SNP Government. Quelle surprise.)

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        1. There are clear verbal divisions for the Westminster government, with Whitehall and plain Civil Service juxtaposed with The Government, it results in no confusion.
          The confusion in Scotland, deliberate or not, definately aids the Unionists and needs to change.
          I would be naive to think that there will be motivation to delve deeper. I would be looking at the pattern of contact between David Harvie and the Lord Advocate, and with Lesley Evans, Andrew Prentice, prior to Oct 2017 and after Nov 2017. End of October 2017 was when the story came to light that Alex Salmond was to be chair of Johnston Press when the bid to oust the current board achieves success. Johnston Press, 300 titles, “The Scotsman will be more pro Scotland. The Yorkshire Post will be more pro Yorkshire.” said Alex Salmond. I reckon that was the call for real immediate action.

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          1. Thanks for that, Alan.

            I hadn’t put together the Scotsman business and anything else – but the Unionists really, really hate not having complete dominance over the media. They would prefer it if there were no alternative at all to the Great British Meeja Machine.

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          2. I have long thought the Johnston Press move was far more important than has been acknowledged. A pro-Scottish “Scotsman” with real journalism on Scottish affairs – that was a real threat as opposed to the song and dance “they” made over the RT nonsense.

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            1. Yes the Perm Sec is chosen by the FM but from a Whitehall preferred group, Here, make your choice, McNaughton, Rotten or Gaughton.

              My suspicions lie with, particularly with, Harvie. Not that the others are exonerated, Prentice, Richards, MacKinnon, Lloyd, Evens.

              PP Evens is suposed to be Crown Agent Harvie’s boss but I suspect the main reason she was placed as PP, she makes too good a candidate if/when a sacrifice is needed, prominent, in the public eye and with status.

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              1. Yes, they always like to have some sucker that will take the rap for their masters/mistresses.

                I wonder who thought the whole thing up
                And when are the women who brought false claims against Salmond going to be made to pay for what they did.


        2. Yes, the “government” includes the civil servants, who may of may not have any love for Scotland.

          And that carry on with addresses…



  6. I have trouble explaining this subject to people.
    We have an SNP elected administration, by the people of Scotland.
    We have a UK administration in Scotland, appointed by the Westminster Civil Service controlled by the elected UK government..
    We have devolved matters and reserved matters.
    I have been asking people of various religious and political organisations IF the Orange Order would be happy with the Pope’s representative on their board, would the Catholic Church in Scotland be happy with the Moderator of the Church of Scotland being on their management structures.
    Would the Arnold Clark organisation be happy with a Vardy employee getting access to their policy discussions.
    Yes the SNP administration will be asked to approve the westmonster appointee but I think it will be a paper exercise.

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    1. I understand that the SoS (in this case, I suppose Mundell?) picks three possibles for the important and powerful post of head of the CS.

      The First Minister then has to choose which one he/she will work with.

      So Mr Mundell being the open and democratic man that he is, will have given her a choice of pro Scotland, anti Scotland and ambivalent … or maybe not.

      It might have worked in the early days when Dewar had to choose from three chosen by a Labour SoS… but certainly not now.

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    2. In other words the Scottish government is still in effect, headed by the English government. I prefer the word, powers rather than ‘matters’ because people especially for eg my pals outwith Scotland, have no idea whatsoever about which powers are devolved, or which ones the English government have control over.
      When you have people saying ‘ but your Scottish government have a very bad reputation on immigration’, or, ‘ the SNP keeping them nuke subs is costing us loads’ then the waters are truly muddied.
      The British Nationalist government keep the waters muddied deliberately, it suits them down to the ground.

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      1. It’s not helped Hetty, by the fact that they and their papers blame the Scottish government for things that are without our remit.

        Drugs, Internet, telecommunications…


  7. The budget.
    The magic money tree gets another shake.
    Borrowing £355 billion last year. all by gilt issue.
    Many decades to pay it back says the chancer.
    The wee flat upgrade pales into insignificance.

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    1. That’s probably what they are thinking… I mean if they can spaff billions on a track and trace that doesn’t work, and few hundred thousand here and there to keep Nut Nuts happy is almost nothing.


  8. The chancer and the flounder have not put up taxes.
    BUTT, your tax relief is fixed at this years rate until 2026, effectively you pay more as inflation will reduce its worth.
    Add in the 5% rates rise and the poor are going to see austerity number 3, add in the unemployment rise and the bumps in the road are likely to be severe.
    The party of fiscal responsibility are borrowing £1 billion a DAY on our behalf.
    The new green bond will be another easy way to get rid of some spare money.
    I remember my Father in Law getting details of the War bonds he bought in 1940, by 1970 it wasn’t work asking for it back.
    A pound tomorrow is worth less than a pound today.

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  9. Going back to the No 10 refurb (can’t find the pic now to post below) I was struck by the resemblance of the sofa and wallapaper to the Bawris running shorts that featured a couple of days ago. Off-cuts provided the shorts, or the shorts provded ehe decor inspiration? Didin’t someone say that a floral dress would disappear on it? Perhaps the same Nut Nuts rationale for Bawris on return home from jogging…

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  10. I bought a pair of shoes online in the sale , Paul Smith , nice shoes really liked them until i noticed that there is a butchers apron covering the sole , half a butchers apron on each shoe, i will have to be extra careful that i dont walk on sand now.
    Theyve all gone nuts nuts butchers apron everywhere.

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      1. Infinitely preferable to the hideous jack.

        But I’m not sure why things have to have flags of any kind all over them. It all seems a bit dodgy to me.


  11. OT… News from Ireland. I’ll give you the link to the Irish Times editorial, entitled “Brexit: EU threatens legal action in Northern Ireland protocol row” (Here’s a link: I was particularly struck by the note that Bawris had not alerted the Taoiseach to the move in a telephone conversation the day before the (unilateral) move was announced in the Commons.

    I was alerted to this particular bit of underhanded incompetence by a newsletter from the IT with the subject line “Dublin not happy, EU furious as UK move brings Brexit back into focus”. I think it’s very obvious that the reason for the delay is that the Westminster regime has simply not done the necessary work – if it ever intends to.

    “A political digest with Pat Leahy
    Thursday, 04 March, 2021

    Brexit’s back. Well, actually, it never went away. But Brexit returns to the front page today following the announcement by the British government yesterday that it would unilaterally change Northern Ireland’s special arrangements.

    London said it would extend the “grace period”, previously agreed with the EU to last from January to the end of this month, during which the requirement for checks on certain goods entering the North from Britain do not apply.

    After the move was flagged by Northern Secretary Brandon Lewis in the House of Commons yesterday, the British government confirmed last night it would extend the grace period until October.

    The EU is furious and has indicated it will take legal action.

    It’s our lead story [] today.

    Dublin is not happy either. Minister for Foreign Affairs Simon Coveney and Taoiseach Micheál Martin both issued statements expressing their condemnation of the move. Government Buildings confirmed British prime minister Boris Johnson did not mention this was coming during the phone conversation between the two men on Tuesday.

    But nor does Dublin want tension over the arrangements to escalate in the North, either. It would not object to an extension of the grace period as the two sides thrash out how the protocol arrangements are going to work.

    Since early in the Brexit negotiations, Dublin has been walking a tightrope between its overriding loyalty and attachment to the EU’s single market, and its desire for minimum disruption to the North. It will continue to do so, but that may get harder.

    There were also exchanges on the issue at Stormont.

    Our lead editorial reflects on the tensions rising in the North.”

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      1. It’s good hat you had it, Ed.

        It does affect around 10% of the population adversely, whilst doing the job!

        Just take it easy. I’m told it passes.

        Munguin sends his most comforting thoughts.


    1. I hadn’t heard that, Conan. I wonder what’s going through their tiny minds. In the light of the Westminster announcement extending the transition period for the NI Protocol to October, perhaps? Hm. Loyal to the myth of English / British / Protestant superiority, maybe, rejecting anything they see as inflicted on them by a bunch of Foreign Johnnies and those bloody Taigs? No surrender!


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