3. OK, this is a challenge from John. It was a birthday card, what message does it convey?
BON JOVI | 80s hair bands, Bon jovi, Rock bands
File:JHM-1965-Vetra VBF - Grenoble.jpg - Wikipedia
Petula Clark enjoys a Mars Bar | Petula clark, Vintage candy, Vintage  advertisements

Thanks to Andi, John and Dave.

62 thoughts on “ALL OUR YESTERDAYS”

    1. Pic. 1: Nearly at Wormit.
      Pic. 5: Marcia’s Harry Webb is better known as Cliff Richard. I didn’t recognize Kathy Kirby.
      Pic. 9: tris, this photo doesn’t show for me.
      Pic. 12: An electric bus. Is it in Switzerland? Lausanne? Geneva?
      Pic. 14: Mrs. Marple in Murder Ahoy.
      Pic. 15: At that trial, the judge famously asked the jury if they would want their servants to read such a book. Of course at that time, scarcely any jury members would have a servant. Let the Swinging Sixties rip!
      Pic. 16: Is that Pet advertizing Mar Bars?

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      1. Try nine now DonDon, I reset it.
        The trolley bus is French.
        Nothing wrong with the English justice system, eh? At least he was enlightened enough to accept that servants could read!
        Yep, Clarky selling Mars Bars.

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        1. The trolleybus is VΓ©tra VBF taken in Grenoble. Sassenage, on the route board, is a commune in the Grenoble district. In the background is a 1950s Peugeot 203.

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    2. When Cliff Richard appeared in Dundee he went shopping at C & A in the Overgate (1st redevelopment). He bought some clothes and went to pay by credit card. The card had his real name on it and the shop assistant refused to put it through. She had to be told that Harry Webb is his real name. She thought he had given her a stolen card.

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  1. Pic 8 – Bon Jovi.
    Pic 14 – As Don Don Says – (Miss) Marple, i.e. Margaret Rutherford and Stringer Davis.
    Pic 19 – L to R – Bert Weedon (guitarist), Craig Douglas, Billy Fury. Don’t know the 4th bloke.

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    1. One of the delicious ironies of 50’s pop was that Tommy Steele once finished a long way above Bert Weedon in the rankings of instrumentalists in a poll in one of the pop music papers, either NME or MM. Bert Weedon played all the guitar solos on TS’s records.

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    2. I don’t know the 4th bloke either, Andi, and the caption on the pic didn’t help.

      I was looking for Craig Douglas after last week’s discussions.

      Anyone know?


    1. Aye, I’m lost as well. The first picture the doctor will be saying ‘Say A(h)’. So is that ‘A’?

      And the lady with twins. Does that stand for two (to)?

      Nothing on the others.

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  2. 4 is Perth High St, looking up towards St Paul’s Church, built 1807, long disused but recently given some future tho don’t recall details.
    11 The good old message boy’s delivery bike – I was totally defeated by a 2 1/2 hundredweighr bag of sugar !
    17 Bridge of Earn, postwar emergency hospital, site now totally cleared. Used to find the Sunday night visitor bus down particularly gloomy.


    1. Well done, Conan. Wasn’t that complicated, was it? Less complicated than actually getting one. I was in Dubai then, and bus pass qualification was also an exit pass to the airport. Not even that long. Over 60, say goodybye, unles you get a ‘specialist skills’ visa exampetion or are a director of the company. Directorship is how I survived so long, and still do – when work commuting is possible again. I suppose I could get a Bulgarian bus pass but the sheer thought of the burequcracy involved makes me more inclined to pay full whack.

      That said, covid vaccination is proving quick and easy. Just turn up at a ‘green channel’ set up in every town and you’re in and out in five minutes. Or so I’m told by those who’ve done it. And they range from eight to 80.

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      1. I get my jag tomorrow at the Highland Show ground.
        As for bus passes I used to issue them when I worked at Stockbridge library. Being Stockbridge I issued them to quite a few z list celebs including Graham Crowden who was just like his role in Waiting for God. Mind you he could have been acting.
        My favourite was a dear wheelchair-bound lady who came in with a gorgeous studio photo of herself when she was an officer in the WRNS aged 24. My heart broke for so many reasons.

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        1. Well don’t much matter now the snp are tearing each other apart.

          All that hate and vitriol not seen anything like since new Labour .

          Still Indy it was a nice dream 😴 for you lot all over now though


        2. Tris, anent Sarwar’s win, I’ve read the 3 following quotes –
          “the first minority ethnic leader of a major political party in the UK”
          “never before has any major political party chosen a leader from a minority ethnic background”
          “this makes him first Muslim & Person of Colour leading a political party in UK”.
          Have I missed something? Isn’t Scottish Labour just a branch office of the Labour Party or has Mr Sarwar just taken Sir Keir Starmer’s job?πŸ€”

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          1. Well, judging on how SIR Keir is doing, maybe that would be a good thing for Labour.

            Someone also pointed out that now Scotland and England have Labour leaders who are millionaires, one millionaire has a knighthood and the other millionaire has a history of paying less than the minimum wage to his company’s staff.


    1. Kimberly dances too! πŸ˜‰
      CPAC’s yearly bash was in Florida this year instead of Washington. Supposedly because of Covid restrictions in DC, but just as likely to be closer to Trump. Now that CPAC has become nothing other than a convention of the Trump cult, it’s just gotten crazier and crazier.

      Mitch McConnell has declared his support for Trump for President, if Trump gets the 2024 GOP nomination. The Republican party remains solidly for Trump by a large margin, and he would certainly be nominated to run if the 2024 primaries and GOP convention were held this year. Maybe if he is indicted and convicted of criminal felonies by the states or the feds between now and then, it might be different.

      Trump’s highly anticipated speech at CPAC is scheduled for Sunday. It will likely be something like a coronation.

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      1. It’s scary, her dancing. But maybe not as scary as this:

        It’s amazing that the GOP would want him back. I just hope some state or the Feds manage to get him clamped in irons before then.

        The threat of Trump hanging over the States will make other countries less likely to get involved in long term arrangements with them.

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      1. Aye, it is a Stratocruiser but I can’t work out in what part of Glasgow the castle behind Molly Weir is to be found. Could this be the legendary Castlemilk, which appears only once every hundred years when Hollywood rolls up to do some filming? Possibly thinking of some other myth…

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