The ERG says the Brexit deal they supported to “Get Brexit Done” is now “destroying the UK”.

This is real life. You’re not hallucinating.

What a bloody embarrassment the Tories are.



    1. Thing is that THEY voted for the deal…

      Some Labour, all the SNP, Plaid, Greens (and I think) Liberals voted against.

      Even the likes of May talked it down. Everyone knew it was crap… but they voted for it.

      Now they hate it.

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  1. Blaming someone else for our own failings is not an attractive character trait – and it’s characteristic of people with personality disorders.

    With the Westminster Tories, unleavened as they are by the basic sense of fair play that used to be their party’s redeeming feature, we can take the unattractive character traits as given. For the rest – difficult to know whether it’s delusional; a psychological inability to accept responsibility for anything; or a disingenuous attempt to shift blame. Whichever it is, or combination thereof, we should not want their nasty, grubby paws anywhere near a lever of power.

    As I said just recently, 我的苏格兰同胞们,投票赞成独立!

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      1. I note that the Usual Suspects were complaining just recently that Scotland had lost 10% of its GP practices since the SNP took power. I can’t say that I’ve heard complaints about a lack of access to GPs in the community (except in places like Barra, I think it was, where there are other factors in play). Perhaps an alert Munguinite (is there any other kind?) will correct me if they have evidence to the contrary about any problems of access to GP services. Given that there’s an ongoing process of consolidation of small GP services into health centres, I have a feeling that the decrease of 10% in the number of doctors’ offices over three parliamentary terms is most likely insignificant.

        We shouldn’t allow this kind of crap from the Unionists to distract from the fact – fact – that in Scotland we have more GPs per capita than in any other of the four UK nations.

        I don’t suppose most Tory voters in England thought they were voting to have their GPs’ practices sold off to for-profit American companies. If those companies are in the business of building new premises for surgeries / practices / health centres, I suspect the financial arrangements will be close to a PFI-style rip-off for the companies, and peonage for the partners in the practice who accepted the poisoned chalice.

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        1. One practice in Dundee shut down a few years ago because it couldn’t attract any doctors and the last standing retired.

          As there seem to be other practices around with no problems in recruiting, I suspect that it was a practice that was at fault.

          Apart from that, I’ve heard nothing but praise for how the heath service has coped not just with the pandemic but also with the other normal problems.

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        2. 18 months ago, I moved to a village where the local surgery even has a walk-in service on 2 days each week. They contacted me the other week to say they had some spare vaccine and could I come immediately. So I got the jab a week before my official date.

          In contrast, I previously lived in Dunfermline where there has been a huge expansion in housing with no corresponding facilities. As a result the surgery was under pressure and was turning away new patients. It was standard to wait 2-3 weeks for an appointment. To be fair, you could ask to talk to the duty doctor who would ring back within 10 minutes.

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            1. I heard a story (possibly apocryphal) way back when that when the (enormous) Drumchapel housing scheme was put up in Glasgow, it wasn’t until they started moving people in that they realized they’d forgotten to build any schools.

              The thing is, with Glasgow being governed by the brightest stars in the British Labour in Scotland Party at the time, everyone could well believe it, true or not.

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  2. Must be damaging the whole of the UK’s reputation on the world stage surely, which would be hilarious if it wasn’t so utterly tragic especially for the countries in the UK which voted remain but were dragged out of the EU anyway. If Scotland needs anymore proof of how their place in the UK is reliant on their utter subjugation, god knows what is going on in their bonces. (In Geordie that means heads).
    London is no longer financially as healthy as it was, so every corner of the UK is now an asset to sell off, cheap as chips, roll up, roll up, going going gone, bang! Oh, how much did Scotland sell for, just as well they voted no again looks! Win win for BritNats
    a hammerr blow for Scotland.

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    1. Nothing we Munguinites didn’t know already – indeed some have been banging on about it for yonks – but it’s nice to see that the Irish Times has caught up with us, agrees, and is putting it on their front page.

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  3. Also O/T, but the USA is considering scrapping the F35, all versions – as far as I can gather. Quite where that leaves our carriers would be my question.

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    1. Lockheed Martin is confident the F-35 stealth fighter’s operating cost will be cut to $25,000 per hour by 2025 if the Joint Program Office that manages the aircraft agrees to a performance-based logistics contract.

      The company is under pressure to deliver improvements to the aircraft’s reliability and operating costs as the jet’s leading customer, the US Air Force, considers cheaper alternatives, such as the Lockheed F-16 fighter or a clean-sheet 4.5th-generation combat aircraft.
      APart from the navy the air force has bought the convensional version, some 20,000 jobs in the UK are dependent on it’s use.
      Currently the aircraft carrier is threatening the Chinese with 24 vertical take off versions Borrowed from the USA as our order is still some time away from completion, maybe now they will be as the carrier is set up for the most costly ones.
      Strange how money can be found to purchase military equipmentbut not to feed the children, see the number of rough sleepers has risen again.
      The big flounder said it was all over, he says he’s pround of his governments performance on the pandemic and the economy.
      Much like the Japanese and Germans after WW2, start from the bottom.

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      1. Seriously, that’s very interesting, Dave. Like you I abhor the way money can always be found for things which go bang and kill people, but reducing the sum total of human misery – nah.

        In independent Scotland, restricting our military spending to what we actually want and need will go a long way toward eliminating any notional financial black holes we may still have knocking around. As will no longer paying Westminster’s White Elephant surcharge.

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        1. Like you, I can’t understand why we can spend endless amounts on weaponry and have to keep cutting back on welfare. And one of my pet grumbles is the fact that when people return from war damaged, the government wants little or no part in helping them and expects charities to take over.

          This obsession the Brits have with being important would be laughable if it were not so destructive.

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          1. England just doesn’t know what to do with itself. It simultaneously lacks confidence and so inwardly pretends it remains influential on its own terms. Countries that have real influence don’t bang on about it all the time eg Germany. No idea where this ends.

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            1. I think it all makes them look really rather silly. Sort of like someone who was once something important by lost all their money and influence.

              But they ar fixated on it. I remember Cameron coming here at the beginning of the Better Together campaign, telling us that with the UK Scotland was a proud leader in the world… with the third largest military spend, which meant we were feared and respected.

              I remember thinking that he really should come on holiday with me and get talking to ordinary people… then he’d find out what people thought of Britain.

              They have their permanent place on the Security council because (as far as I can understand) when it was set up, they still have quite a bit of Empire left, what with Australia, and half of Africa and bits a pieces elsewhere… so they represented these place in the UN.

              Likewise, France got its seat becasue it could represent Europe and what was left of its empire.

              The rest was easy… Asia represented by the Republic of China, the communist world by the USSR and the Americas by the USA.

              It’s interesting that during Nixon’s time China, got the seat to represent Asia, presumably as part of his sucking up to Mao. It seems America had that kind of power. Russia fell heir to the Soviet Union’s seat when it collapsed.

              The seats were handed out so long ago, they are unrepresentative of the world as it now is.

              Personally, I don’t believe that there should be “special” permanent members with vetos, somehow making them more important than other countries like, say Japan, Saudi, Germany.

              If there has to be, I can understand why America, China and possibly Russia would be on the “special” council.

              Maybe the EU should be represented, and possibly India.

              France and Britain?



              1. I’ve read quite a few times that Scottish independence could lose the UK its permanent seat at UN Security Council but I’ve never understood why that would happen.

                I have to say that it is nice living in a country that doesn’t measure itself by its military victories. There’s no Remembrance Day, barely any statues for military leaders and no poppy madness. Of course, that means nobody tries to place traffic cones on the Duke of Wellington but you can’t have everything.

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                1. I can’t see why it would, either.

                  Another one of these made up things like the £350 million and holding all the cards and getting a better deal outside the EU…

                  The trouble with having liar politicians and hopeless journalists is these things fly.

                  I remember thinking that if Cameron was trying to impress us with their military might, he was in the wrong country. We’d rather have better roads and maybe some trains that run on time. I must tell you my Swiss train story sometime.

                  Tell you what. Every so often I’ll send you a pic of the Ducke of Wellington… so you won’t miss him too much. I think you will like this one…


      1. tris, French aircraft use arrester wires and catapults to land on and take off from their carrier.

        Only the Brits were stupid enough to build a carrier — sorry, two carriers — without arrester wires or catapults.

        Only vertical take-off and landing aircraft can use HMS White Elephant.

        The Harrier would have done the job, but we sold them off to the Yanks, and broke up the jigs.

        It has to be the F-35C, or nothing.

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        1. You are so correct on this.
          The broonie ordered the design and building of the carriers with the F35C as it’s aircraft, the Harriers were sold off to the US Marines.
          The cameron government ased the builders to price the fitting of catapults to the carriers.
          They then cancelled the order for the F35C and changed the order to the F35A/B, a cancellation charge was paid to the manufacturers.
          The cost of modifying the carriers was then sent to the cameron government, they decided it was too expensive to change the design as parts of the vessels were already being manufactured.
          The order for the F35A/B was then cancelled, another cancellation fee was paid.
          The order for the F35C was renegotiated and the UK put at the end of the queue for delivery.
          Where we are now is that some F35A/B aircraft are now stationed in Kent.
          Some F35C aircraft are on the queen elizabeth carrier currently along with 24 USA loanee aircraft and crews in the Pacific.
          Lots of money wasted but the media has no problems with that.
          I think the prince of wales carrier is based at Portsmouth and has problems with getting it fully crewed, it was to go into mothballs, bloody great big ones.
          In the meantime the UK seems to have FOUR fishery patrol ships to cover the coast.
          Reports coming in that the number of lorry loads of assylum seekers is on the rise due to the fact that checks at Dover aren’t being carried out, at least 2 trucks have been found with people in the trailers, one at the Scottish border.
          This is taking back control, hopefully Nicola starts to use the same policy about the movement of covid from areas of high incidence to the other colonies.
          In the meantime the Scottish parliament is spending huge time on a he said she said spat. In englandland an American health care company is buying up GP’s surgeries much like Lloyds and Boots did with pharmacies.

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  4. I think it is politics that is the main problem.
    Huge amounts of electronic money wasted on weapons of mass destruction and not much for the important things of life.
    I think the billions spent on the Rail Gun has been found to be a dead end development. The electrical power requirement meant it couldn’t be powered except on a huge ship.
    Latest thinking on the carriers is that they should have had nuclear reactors instead of gas turbines as the main propulsion.
    The fleet requirements to protect them in service is a nuclear submarine, 6 frigates, an oiler and a fleet supply ship along with an Ewacs for over the horizon radar, seems the pacific tour comes to about a dozen ships which include 2 Japanese frigates, a South Korean and an Australian along with our Americans.
    That Pacific deal must be very important.

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    1. Did I read somewhere that if theyt wanted to fire the gun, they had to stop the ship becasue there wasn’t enough power to do both?

      Duh. World beating? Yep, In stupidity.


  5. That’s it in the main.
    Reverted to normal gunpowder style propellants.
    Remember the waste on the rebuilding of the search and rescue aircraft.

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  6. The exercise is billed as a NATO get together.
    I was of the opinion NATO/ONAN was the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation.
    I suppose IF you want to get into Russia by the back door a Pacific presence might be a tactic.
    Just had a look at an old video about the life and times of Jeremy Thorpe.
    We are missing the old tabloids who really like a good sex story.
    From this week the mirror group paid out compensation for hacking phones, did you see it all over the news?, NO, wonder why.

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