12 thoughts on “WELCOME TO THEIR WORLD”

  1. Just wow, wonderful, thanks. I am toying with the idea of doing some engravings of animals, they are so persecuted, and so many are extinct or going extinct because of humans.
    Can humans please just leave the world that these amazing creatures inhabit, alone?
    No deep sea mining, no more dumping toxic sh*t, end most fishing now, especially the big scale fishing. I read that many whales were washed up on a beach I think it’s Indonesia, past few days, all dead except for one which the people saved, how incredibly sad.
    Sonar, drilling, shipping, the sound must be horrendous for the sea life.
    Will humans leave anything alive at the end of it all?

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    1. They won’t when there is profit to be made.

      I heard today that a third of fish species are in danger because of pollution, over fishing a climate change.

      Makes me mad.


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