So, looking at the points they make, they are telling us that if they win, the SNP will want to hold a referendum. OK, we know that.

They are telling us that the SNP will hold an illegal referendum. I’m not sure that they will.

They seem to have forgotten that the Green Party also want a referendum. So it’s not a matter of stopping the SNP. It’s also a matter of stopping the Green Party surely. Or did they let their visceral hatred for the SNP overcome their critical faculties there?

They are, of course, probably right to say that Labour and the Liberal Democrats don’t have much of a chance of winning, but in honesty, the Tories are just as unlikely to win. They cite the fact that they have 31 seats while Labour only has 24.

But that was before. And this is now.

Now we have…

  1. Brexit! Remember the Scottish Tories were dead against it and indeed told us that it would be a catastrophe for Scotland…

Which was fine, until the English voted for it. Then, suddenly it was the best thing since Eton Mess and we were holding all the cards, which turned out to be jokers.

2. Johnson! Yes. Him. No one imagined at the last election that the prime minister would ever be Boris Mop Head Johnson. It was just as likely to be Jacob Rees Mogg. Enough said!

Does Boris Johnson deliberately mess his hair up in public to get attention  or look cool? - Quora

3. Covid-19! This sort of ties in with Johnson, because it’s not Johnson alone that is the nightmare. It’s also the people with whom he surrounds himself. Some folk might have had a measure of respect for Cameron or even May… and their cabinets certainly included some respected and respectable ministers.

And then there was Johnson’s Cabinet.

The leadership from this 5th rate bunch has been chaotic during the pandemic as you might have expected, given how inexperienced and unsuited to high office they are.

President Biden made a moving speech last night talking about the disastrous Covid death rate in the USA. But England’s death rate, per capita, is far higher.

There have been 1918 deaths per million in England, which I think is the highest in the world, whilst in the USA 1508 deaths per million.

Incidentally there have been 1272 deaths per million in Scotland.

4. D Ross. OK, we know he’s only a branch manager with absolutely no power to change anything unless it is specifically granted by Downing Street (which these days, in the absence of Mr Cummings [who had an opticians appointment] is rumoured to be run by Johnson’s girlfriend).

The Rt Honourable Noble and Gallant Baroness Lady Colonel Davidson may have been a bit petty, not particularly clever and too ready to shout her mouth off… but by comparison with the part-time linesman… she looked reasonably good…even without her Ermine.

And so, I wouldn’t be sure that this time round they will have so many votes.

It’s interesting that they note that neither Labour branch office leadership candidate will back a unionist pact.

They are, perhaps, mindful of what happened when the Liberal Democrats, with 57 seats, did a deal with the Tories back in 2014 and found that at the next election that they had lost 49 of them…

Jim Murphy earned £150k as political consultant in years following 2015  election | The National

They may also remember that Labour hitched its wagon to the Tory horse in the 2014 referendum in Scotland… and at the next election they lost 40 of their 41 seats… something that makes the Liberal Dem’s losses fade into relative obscurity…although not Clegg’s personal loss, given that he lost his own seat (something of a habit for recent Liberal-Dem leaders).

So, as Wee Skribbles points out, nothing much in the way of policy there in the main areas over which the Scottish government has any say.

Is that because a Tory government in Edinburgh wouldn’t need any policies because they would hand back power to England and that Johnson’s government hasn’t yet come up with any policies, their elections being 3 years away?


  1. Very good, Tris!

    One quibble: I contend that it’s impossible for an “illegal” referendum to be held because if we the Scottish people vote in a government which has a manifesto commitment to holding a referendum, then it is ipso facto legal and lawful given the in Scotland the Scottish people are sovereign. The only circumstances where it might be called “illegal” would be analogous to the situation in Catalunya, where the Spanish Unionists contend that such a referendum violates the “indivisible Spain” provision in the Constitution. We independentistas must avoid conceding or implying in any way, shape or form that an independence referendum sans §30 would be illegal, or even unlawful. It is up to the opposition to prove that it would be so, and we do not ever want to do their work for them.

    I’m very interested to see what comes out of the Keatings case. I still think it was a strategic error to try to predetermine the matter because of the consideration I just mentioned: we should operate on the principle that we can do what we want, and it’s up to the opposition to try to stop us – so I am crossing all fingers and toes that the judgment from the Inner Court goes the way we want it to, and that their Lordships’ conservative, pro-Establishment leanings will not sway their judgment.

    On the other side of that argument is the Westminster regime’s noises about curtailing the powers of the courts to prevent them committing illegal acts and behaving like Hitler’s Cabinet post-1933.

    Which brings me to my final point: when the Usual Suspects start quacking on about “illegal referendums”, it really is rich coming from a bunch of people who in general support the nefarious activities of an out-of-control regime which is constantly embroiled in legal actions over its various forms of malfeasance and corruption, a regime which at one point recently even announced that it was preparing to violate international law – deliberately.

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    1. That’s interesting, Jake.

      I do remember him voicing some dissatisfaction about Dom Cummings. Initially I thought that strange, and the idea that such an ambitious bloke as Dross would resign a ministerial post shocked me.

      But it really only was a very short time after that that they sacked Jackson Carlaw and pretty much immediately replaced him with Dross without contest. And I smelled a plot.

      Apart from that, he votes along traditional old fashioned Tory lines, frankly miles out of date for a man of his age and the bulk of Scotland.

      Alister Jack says he’s his own man? Bwaa ha ha ha ha ha. Of course he is!!!


  2. In full view.
    Auld Corbyn asks a question in the mother of parliaments asking the flounder what he intends to do about people who are not getting support. The speaker just lets the flounder answer with nonsense.
    The new leader who must have had a conversion on the road to jerusalem says that the People Don’t want handcock to resign.
    Elsewhere there are Scots saying they either won’t vote for the SNP or vote.
    My old Dad would be horrified at the thought of NOT voting, he always said that we had a hard time getting the vote for the people to be thinking of not voting.
    I will be voting for the only big party that will move us to normality, how I vote thereafter will be to move Scotland to be a nation that looks after their own.
    A wee point, did you realise that 40% of the money in circulation has been created in the last year?

    Independence first.

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    1. I think the Speaker in the English parliament is a bit of a Tory.

      He laughs along with Rees Mogg when he’s making these idiotic pronouncements about Nanny’s marmalade and never demands that ministers answer questions when they are clearly avoiding a response…Johnson in particular.

      I wonder if Sir Starmer is the right man for the job.

      I’ve no idea if the English want Handcock to resign or not. But I’d think quite a lot of them do. He doesn’t affect us as we have Ms Freeman, but if he were my health cabinet secretary, I’d want the smarmy cheat gone.

      Likewise. I can understand that a lot of people are angry with Nicola Sturgeon and I can see their point, but if people who want independence don’t vote SNP or don’t vote at all… then independence disappears and some of us have worked long and hard for it… some people all their lives.

      No other party can get us independence.

      Grit your teeth and get on with it, I say. After we’ve done it then we can have choice about who run the country.

      Like you I always vote. I’ve been too many places where they had no REAL vote.

      Our system is flawed but at least we CAN change the government.


  3. I’m more than a bit scunnered right now but had a vague recollection of “bodies upon the gears”.
    So I looked it up.
    Twas Mario Savio…

    “There’s a time when the operation of the machine becomes so odious, makes you so sick at heart, that you can’t take part! You can’t even passively take part! And you’ve got to put your bodies upon the gears and upon the wheels … upon the levers, upon all the apparatus, and you’ve got to make it stop! And you’ve got to indicate to the people who run it, to the people who own it, that unless you’re free, the machine will be prevented from working at all. “

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  4. Very good Tris.
    Maybe there is a picture of D Ross on the other side and it did mention the Scottish Conservatives. Last election, 2019, it was made to look like the Ruth Davidson Party, even though she wasn’t the leader, having resigned in August.
    Going into an election without the leaders name or image on your campaign leaflets, is that any worse than not having a manifesto?
    The tories took the UK out of Europe without a plan, so a not having a manifesto for a northern province, pfff.

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  5. I say the snp in power are just like all the others no different.
    I know I would say that.

    But I do have a lot of evidence
    Alex , Nicola and her hubby don’t say for the good of the cause we should end this .

    Or perhaps Mr Nicola should resign his position to the benefit of the Cause but no he won’t .

    They fight it out like wild ferrets in a sack he said she said
    On and on .
    Alex says they wanted no only to destroy him but get him imprisoned .FFS

    New Labor writ large and with
    the same outcome to the Blessed cause

    A big fat NO

    Vanity vanity all his vanity
    As Margaret Thatcher once said
    And she was on that right
    Although she had no sense of self awareness when she said it .

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    1. I’ve tried to keep out of the civil war raging in the SNP, Niko. I don’t know, or want to know most of the sordid detail.

      But a lot of what you say is true… however, it’s fair to say that it’s true of other parties too.

      You have people in Labour who are accusing Sir Keir of being a Tory, and some who caused the downfall of Corbyn by making him out to be anti-semitic. And then they removed their Scottish branch leader and made it look like he had decided he wasn’t up to the job (having said only a couple of weeks before that he was). Jackie Baillie and Anas Sarwar were responsible, along with Sir Keir and rich doners.

      In the Tories you have people like Ken Clarke calling the Tory Party an English Nationalist Party, and there are some within its now very right wing ranks who are anti-mask and anti-lockdown. And we all know that Jackson Carlaw was removed by Boris and replaced with Dross and that the Noble Baroness was involved.

      I’ve no idea what happened between Alex and Nicola… and of course Mr Nicola and that woman (those women) from the Civil Service… I can’t even be bothered to remember their names.

      I’m heartily sick of all of them.

      However, what I know is that, within the constrains laid down by London, Nicola and the current government has done a far better job on the virus than the Tories in England.

      Our death rate is far lower despite not being able to close borders, internal or external. There are a lot of people alive in Scotland who wouldn’t be if Boris were in charge.

      I don’t want to live the rest of my life under a Tory government, but it does look like in England that’s the way they are going to vote.

      Despite the catastrophe of the virus, with the worst death rate in the world, the corruption and waste of money handed to their buddies… and the cock up of Brexit, which despite holding all the cards, they seem to have come out of rather badly, the Tories are still well ahead in the English polls, which, even you will grant me, are the only important ones when it comes to British government.

      So I’ll vote SNP, because they are the only ones who can get us out of this.

      Once we are free, I’ll look at which party’s policies will best serve me.

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  6. The Tories have fought every single election in Scotland over the last few years on a single issue.
    No to Scottish independence.
    You would think that people who vote for them would realise what a wasted cause that is.
    They are nowhere near the numbers required to stop it and their only possibility is to form a government
    along with the other No to Independence parties.
    Should the SNP fail to get sufficient MPs elected,I am pretty sure that will be what happens.
    A No to Independence alliance and subsequently,No referendum.
    The Tories and their pals have created a political situation where every election is about independence and
    this is especially the case now because they have made it clear that Holyrood under their control will be essentially no more.
    I suppose that is why they don’t bother having any policies because they won’t be needing them.
    They will be Made in England.
    The idiots who claim to have supported the SNP in the past but no longer,are naive to say the least and are simply
    doing the Tory’s job for them.
    In an election where the opposition have made it about a single issue,independence supporters giving votes to minority parties whose commitment to independence is conditional and consequently questionable,is a recipe for failure.
    SNP 1 and 2

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    1. Yes, bringiton.

      Whether we like what’s happened to the SNP or not, there is no alternative unless we want all out policies decided in London by the likes of Jacob and Princess Nut Nuts.

      I can’t see the Labour Party or Wee Willie’s few making signing up to a pact pre election. They know alliance with the Tories is a death knell, but if there were a substantial drop in the SNP/Green vote could they work together in government?

      Maybe. if the aim were to make Holyrood a mere talking shop with powers being taken back to London… and possibly Holyrood shut down after a while to save money.

      Horrific thought.


  7. Tris

    I can’t take the unionists in Scotland seriously at all, they just have nothing to offer Scotland other than poverty, greed, failure and disappointment. The sad reality is the biggest threat to the SNP vote right now is the SNP, never thought we would ever be at that point but it is where we are at. The SNP will win in May, I don’t doubt that, but I don’t think they will get the amount of votes that they expect if they don’t change tact and start to build bridges. The unionist will be hoping that they will benefit from it, they won’t around more people voting for them, but they could from the amount of people who may not vote at all because they no longer have anyone to vote for. What a mess 6 weeks or something from an election. I am starting to hope it is delayed, not because of Covi-19, but because of the SNP and our desperate need to get this shambles sorted out in some way.

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    1. It is dire, Bruce.

      I can’t see people who want independence voting Tory or Labour, but I can imagine that they might vote for some of these fringe folk that won’t get any seats at all.

      People need to be aware that staying at home is giving a vote to one of the unionists.

      Folk have to grit their teeth and vote SNP.

      It’s not necessarily an endorsement of the SNP, but seriously do we want Boris and Gove as de facto first ministers… pulling Dross’s strings?


      1. Tris

        I don’t think some can grit their teeth anymore. I cannot vote for the SNP in May as things stand right now as it would be seen as an endorsement of Nicola Sturgeon, her government, their actions, and their policies and I just no longer support them in any shape or form. That is not even taking into account how disgusted I am with many in the SNP now and the fact that I don’t believe that Nicola Sturgeon will deliver an independence referendum anyway and that leaves us with another 5 years of her leadership when we need to get this mess sorted out now. It is sad that it has come to this because I have always voted SNP on the constituency apart from one election and have always went Green on the list but now I won’t vote in the constituency and will give my list vote to someone else as it is all I have because I have tried to raise my concerns, all that has resulted in is being ignored officially and blocked on social media, that is a government and a party out of control and I can’t support that .

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        1. If we follow your ‘lead’, Grumpy, then the result will liely be the SNP vote share will go down, Boris will be ‘all over it’ with “The Scots no longer want the SNP/Sturgeon/Indy, so that strengthens my veto of a referendum”.
          Job done, (For Boris) and we have the Tories for ever!!
          Think about that…….!

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          1. Barpe

            Everyone has to vote based on their beliefs and opinions, no issue with that at all. I’m not encouraging people not to vote SNP, I wouldn’t do it here and don’t do it on my blog although even I am surprised by the numbers who say they won’t now, members of the SNP for years. I didn’t do that the SNP did, it’s all so sad and I really do hope the election is delayed to try and sort it all out.

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            1. But surely, in any democracy, there will be those who do not agree with everything any one party does – but in the present circumstances we need to consider what the ultimate goal is. For me it’s independence, and I will not allow personal prejudices to prevent this happening – hence SNP1&2. Only then will we have the opportunity to elect our own Scots government and make our own laws. If we don’t then your anti SNP line will be of no importance anyway, we will be truly ‘catched’ – God help us!!
              We have never been this close, and to possibly lose this chance ( and don’t think you will be allowed another go!!) and let the Tories destroy Holyrood and what may well be our last chance of Independence is simply playing the unionist’s game. Sad, really.

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          2. Yes. I’m inclined to agree. I can see him peering out from under the haystack and smirking with delight. We’ve seen off the Jockos, Govester. What what.


        2. Well, obviously, Bruce, everyone’s vote is their business, but no matter how sick of the SNP I will vote for them, because there isn’t an alternative and not voting is a bit like one more vote for whoever is the opposition… Labour here.

          Like I say though, not my business to tell anyone how to vote. 🙂


    2. I am not convinced we will even secure a majority. The SNP infighting is damaging Independence. If we do not secure an outright majority in the May election I fear the IMA will only be the start of a process to dismantle the devolved administration. The right wing Tory cabal have already confirmed in Westminster that they will break the law if they so choose. Both votes SNP or we are I fear “done for” not just in this election but longer term.

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      1. Agreed, Steven. I’m sad about it because I really don’t want to vote SNP after all this crap.

        But as you say, Johnson has no compunction about breaking the law and we are about to give it all away, becasue they are so desperate to keep Scotland, they won’t care what they do.


  8. tris

    You same a tad downbeat
    try this make you feel better
    Worked for Nelson Mandela

    Out of the night that covers me,
    Black as the pit from pole to pole,
    I thank whatever gods may be
    For my unconquerable soul.

    In the fell clutch of circumstance
    I have not winced nor cried aloud.
    Under the bludgeonings of chance
    My head is bloody, but unbowed.

    Beyond this place of wrath and tears
    Looms but the Horror of the shade,
    And yet the menace of the years
    Finds and shall find me unafraid.

    It matters not how strait the gate,
    How charged with punishments the scroll,
    I am the master of my fate,
    I am the captain of my soul.

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  9. In the past I’ve been content enough to vote for candidate on the party ticket. I had faith and trusted that the candidate had been selected by a sound and sensible constituency association. This time round I’ll still probably default to that position, but I’ll want to enquire a bit more than hither-to as what the candidate actually stands for. Bluntly, if I suspect that they are at all luke warm about independence, if its not front and centre in their thinking then I’ll look again at my options. What would be complete madness though, IMO, would be to fail to support a good candidate just because of shenanigans and power games elsewhere.

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    1. I know both my MSP and MP and they are sound.

      But I’m afraid to admit that I’d vote for anything that is working towards Independence and not give Johnson the satisfaction of knowing that there are waveres. Above all, he must not win.


  10. It is distressing what has been unfolding. I find myself trying to cling to areas of vain comfort. I appreciate humans have certain attributes that can run counter to the collective goal.
    Was it just a grandstanding ego that inspired Chris McEleny to write to Nicola Sturgeon via Wings? Wings will be ensured a reader for a bit longer, it airs a grievance for all to see and pick over, it is not constructive.
    This was comfort for me, Neil Findlay making his impassioned demand yesterday in Holyrood for the Lord Advocate to come to the chamber to be questioned. He didn’t try and score political points he just went for the Crown Office. I would also be looking within the civil service.
    Is Nicola Sturgeon squeaky clean Or has she been duped? I really don’t know, probably not. I don’t have well (or badly) positioned contacts supplying me with confidential nougats. As I said earlier on MR I am like most, trying to work out what’s happening looking out through a mist dribbled bathroom window. It leaves me with many more questions than answers but like Sir Parsifal I would rather sit with the questions than jump to a conclusion.
    The identity of the duo on the train, one recording from several seats away the conversation with Gordon Jackson QC? Releasing the video ruining his career, why did they do that, callous disregard or retribution?
    The FM gets to choose the Permanent Secretary to the Scottish Government from three civil servants selected by Whitehall. Was Lesley Evans’ selection accomplished by inclusion of two others less suitable?
    Possibly spook leaning questions but “any party that works against the interests of the British state is an enemy of the state.” The SNP was, presumably still is regarded as an enemy of the state and therefore it would be negligent for the security forces not to scrutinise and infiltrate. The Labour party and trade unions were treated this way.
    Some twists and turns to go but as of now for me, vote 1 and 2 SNP.

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