1. Morning… I’m still laughing at Nigel Farage. What about you? He’s still down there singing tunelessly about Britannia waiving the rules. Idiot.
2. Aren’t we beautifully white?
3. Did someone over there say I was getting a bit long in the tooth?
4. Some lucky people get to wake up and look out at this in the morning, don’t they, Andi?
5. Shake your tail feathers!
6. Hitchin’ a ride!
7. Pine Marten.. pretty and cute but utterly ruthless.
8. I’m pretty cute, and I can be ruthless too.
9. Tufted Puffin (Alaska).
10. Paris.


Les Passetemps des Munguinites:

11. Derek is driving the Green Car… (he came in 4th!)


12. My favourite pastime is eating grass and going “Moooooo” at passers by!
13. Lomé, capital of Togo.
14. Nuts’ whole hazelnuts… Can I get the advertising job?
15. You may call me Your Reverence. What do you mean, where’s my dog collar? I’m a goat, you fool, erm, I mean, bless you, my child.
16. It good camouflage.
17. Majestic caribou bull in front of the mount Denali, Alaska.
18. What’s the next lesson, Mum?
19. Ouch. I’d have loved that house before they put the bridge there.
20. Pesky infant…

Thanks to John, Derek, Andi, Dave and David.