6. I know you could argue that this is NOT a laughing matter, but…well, what else can you do? Cry?

COVID Command Council: “Nose and mouth now classified as ‘private parts’. To be kept covered in public.”



THE Loch Ness Monster squeezes into a crowded Soho bar and orders a shot of whisky at £5 for a 25ml tot.

Barman: “We don’t get many monsters in here.”

“Aye, and at your prices I’m no surprised.”


Brexit Deadline News and Political Cartoons

Thanks to John, Andi, Graham, Erik, Brendan, Brenda.

23 thoughts on “JUST FOR A LAUGH”

  1. Tee hee enjoyed those especially naval observatory, PM isn’t 4 and the firing squad. No 15 I’m afraid shows just how I’ve packed on the pounds during lockdown. I’m not sure swinging a bat will lose many of them!


      1. There are indeed a few bears in the mountains. They’re free to wander around the Schengen zone rather than staying in one territory.

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          1. The bear pit is long gone, thankfully. There is a huge enclosure along the banks of the river. It actually looks pretty good and I think the bears are well looked after now.

            I still can’t believe the country that has laws about keeping guinea pigs in pairs to stop them being lonely ever allowed the bear pit.

            At least one of the bears is a gift from Putin. I believe it’s the one that spreads misinformation about the other bears 🙂

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            1. Glad to hear that the bears are well looked after now.
              They certainly weren’t when I saw them ca. 1970.

              Also, it is nice to see that the old tradition is kept up — the ciy is not called Bern for nothing.

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  2. Number two really hits it for me.
    Not only the pm but his cohort of nutters.
    The care minister says everyone in care homes have been OFFERED the vaccine butt it’s been a problem catching the staff.
    Then she went on to say her piece about the military taking over Myanmar by saying that she’s disappointed at the lack of democracy, no problem in the UK though.
    Latest laugh is trump’s son inlaw getting nominated for the Nobel peace prize.
    King billy in waiting issues a decree to stop racial abuse on twitter of footballers but Scots are not included in the abuse as they live in a democracy.
    I am in the correct century or is it just a bad dream.
    Charlie the turd got £21 million pay from the Duchy of Cornwall.

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    1. Hmmm… They should try catching the staff when they are at work… all in one place.

      Don’t thank me, English Heath Minister.

      Jared… bless him. Who nominated him?

      Charles needs that kind of income to keep him and his wife. He’s been waiting to become king for such a long time. Most people by 72 have achieved as far as they are going.


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