1. Hello, everyone. I’ve got a job for today in charge of Soppy Sunday. Have a good time.
2. I’m setting the standard for handsome today. You’ll have a job on beating me!
3. Tris always wanted to be a train driver…
4. I think you’ll find this is my better side, Andimac.
5. Singapore, I think…
6. I mean, I ask you, why would anyone want to cull a handsome character like me? Oh yeah, the Tories.
7. Apples are good for you.
8. I’m a hornbill. Can’t imagine how I got that name. Mind you, I’m not sure how humans got their name either.
9. Aren’t lenticular clouds just amazing?
10. I dunno about Princess Middleton being tired, but I could do with an end to this home schooling… and I don’t have nannies, maids, cleaners, chefs, butlers, secretaries and bodyguards.
11. Ireland. How about a house on that island?
12. Is this what they calla hen party?
13. Has anyone heard the story of three little pigs?
14. Heavens, they aren’t gonna tell the three little pigs story again, are they… I’ll huff and I’ll puff. Give me Little Red Riding Hood any day!
15. Living the high life in Bulgaria, a certain cat called Whisky!
16. It snows in Japan too.
17. This is a hard nut to crack… but I’ll manage it without any help, Munguin.
18. Old Man of Storr, Skye.
Kids and pets touching wild rabbits can be deadly | WICS
19. Did I hear the word “carrots”?
ᐈ Monkey funny stock pictures, Royalty Free orangutan smile images |  download on Depositphotos®
20. Well, that’s it. I’m off duty now and I’m having my eye test. Isn’t Barnard Castle nice?

Thanks to RS, John, Andi and Sub-Orbital Pigeon.

64 thoughts on “SOPPY SUNDAY”

    1. I really loved Croatia. I’ve stayed in Umag and Rovinj, both of them fantastic.

      The smell of pine forests in the heat of the sun will never leave me.


      1. Never been to North Macedonia, but I’d like to.

        Albania has changed a lot since I was there.

        One of these places where you can be tramping through snow in the morning, move town the country a bit and swimming in the sea by tea time.

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        1. Most people probably know that Albanian communist leader Enver Hoxha approved of Norman Wisdom films and allowed them to be shown in cinemas. Few people are aware of Hoxha’s admiration of the works of Moira Anderson which he had translated into Tosk Albanian and written phonetically so that Moira could perform them without recourse to the vagaries of Albanian orthography.

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          1. That might explain the advertisement I saw when I was there. Enver had, by that time, gone to that equal land in the sky, his his successor must also have been a fan:

            Sonte, vetëm për një natë, udhëheqësi ynë i lavdishëm, Ramiz Alia, është krenar që paraqet, nga Skocia, (atë tokë të keqe kapitaliste) vetmen MOIRA ANDERSON

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  1. I woke up just now from a power nap and thought to myself, “What you need right now, Freeman, is a spot of life-reaffirmation!” – and there was Tris with Soppy Sunday!

    Marvellous. Orangutans – somehow I can tell that the cousin of ours has a nice personality. As for the house on the Irish island – I think I’d want a surveyor’s report on the footings first, and check if the zip line was up to snuff.

    Happy Sunday, everyone! Remember – amid all the gloom, doom, and Brexit brouhaha, Trump is gone! Only the Augean stables of bullshit he’s left in his wake remains to be cleared out and up now!

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    1. Munguin is your fiathful servant in these matters, Ed.

      Just don’t ever mention to him that I associated his name with the words “servant”.


      1. Hmph. They look like Rhode Island Reds to me, Dave, but what do I know. Cultural appropriation by Rees-Smugg! And just after appropriating Mass from the Latins – or was he driving to Tridentine (I used to think that was a toothpaste), which used to be Usus Antiquior in Latin times, to test his eyesight? I Think We Should Be Told!

        P.S. How I long for the useless article to visit our beloved Alba! Anything to hasten the day of independence! No gain without pain, and boy, is he a pain and a half in the[Kevin! Heel!]!


        1. Munguin was thinking of inviting him to Dundee. He’s asked me to write the invitation in Latin, as Jacob apparently struggles with English… such a common guttural language, you know.


          1. Nasty language indeed, Tris. It’s the tortured vowels in some of its varieties that set my teeth on edge.

            I’m sure there are Munguinites out there who could draft you a nice invitation for Mr. Rees-Smugg. Maybe one of the Catholic churches in the City could be politely requested to put on a Latin Mass for the big nob? Tall nob. Whatever.

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              1. Hm. Regrettably, Archbishop Tartaglia of Glasgow succumbed to COVID at the age of 70 a couple of weeks ago; it seems he was widely loved and respected.

                That leaves the Most Reverend Leo Cushley, Archbishop of St Andrews and Edinburgh. What we really need, though, for one of our favourite Tory politicians is a cardinal, and our nearest one is Cardinal Nichols, Archbishop of Westminster. Cardinal Nichols would be our best bet: no one is going to challenge the right of the Archbishop of Westminster to travel to Scotland in the face of the COVID restrictions if Rees-Smugg is on the same travel-ban-busting plane!

                So if Rees-Smugg brings his own Cardinal with him (the invitation will have to say BYOC on it, whatever that is in Latin), I’m sure the Diocese of Dunkeld would be delighted to lay on a vaccinated altar-boy or two, and someone to fling the censer about. If the Cardinal is a bit rusty on the words of the Latin Mass, I’m sure Mr. Rees-Smugg will be delighted to coach him.

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                    1. Probably wouldn’t be over keen on all those foreign cardinals and archbishops… but how he would love to talk Latin all day.


                    2. Isn’t it that already, Marcia?

                      Here’s an interesting article from CNN published on the 21st of this month, entitled “Vatican bank’s former chief found guilty of money laundering, sentenced to nearly 9 years in prison”: One of the many things buried by the US presidential inauguration – I suspect it would have been much bigger news in normal times.

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                  1. Rees-Smugg would certainly appeal to the conservatives in the Curia, Tris; after all, he’s more Catholic than the Pope they’ve got now, who is far too close all those liberation theologists who want to help the helpless, feed the hungry, and ensure justice for all, all that sort of revolutionary, anti-Christian claptrap that brings the Church into disrepute! They’d be glad to have a Pope again who would gladly burn heretics at the stake and breathe new life into Opus Dei (sorry, Pope Jacob I would slap me on the wrist for not giving Opus Dei its proper Latin name, the Praelatura Sanctae Crucis et Operis Dei!

                    Do you think they’d be willing to suspend the celibacy requirement for him, though? I seem to recall that he’s kinda polyphiloprogenitive, which may make him a good Catholic by the good old-fashioned yardstick, but hardly priestly material. Mind you, Rodrigo Borgia – Pope Alexander VI – never let that sort of thing stop him. Now there’s a man who would fit right into today’s British Conservative Party! A man after Boris’s own heart in matters of the – ahem – heart! Except for recognizing the illegitimate ones, of course.

                    Oh – of course it may all be too unEnglish for the good Jacob – he doesn’t much like modern Latins, does he? And as for those Poles!

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                    1. I can see there might be problems, Ed, but on the whole, I’m sure, given how rich the Vatican is, Mogg would find a way round these little bothersome things.

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  2. Lovely. I’m not sure the island in Ireland really counts as one though, more of a sea stack. A home fit only for the birdies, or maybe I’m just fussy. I wonder if John called the cat Whisky because he thought if he shouted whisky often enough, RS might bring him a dram???

    How does andimac do it? I tried to photo some deer near me and they bolted. TBF I’m a bit of a sight in the morning.

    Lovely stuff and an adult orang for a change. The wee yins are very cute but how majestic are the older ones!

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    1. Well, PP, John (who is having laptop problems at the moment) told me that he was called Whisky because he was Black and White. But actually your explanation holds a bit more water… or water of life.

      Yes, adult ones are very fine looking creatures too.

      I keep wondering about Andi’s ability to get up close with photos.


    2. PP, if you want to get a good photo of deer, you can reconnoitre where they feed & drink, build a hide over several days, set up your camera, check on exposures & shutter speeds, then be prepared to spend many hours just waiting for the right moment. Or you can be like me – just lucky to be in the right place at the right time 🙂

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    1. I used to think the name “Old Man of Storr” was just that, a name, like the Old Man of Hoy – I remember when that was first climbed, in 1966, because it was on telly – we’d borrowed on for the occasion, I think.

      As I was saying, that’s the first photo I’ve seen of the Old Man of Storr in which it really looks as if there’s a guy standing on the top of it. In the moonlight, it’s really eerie!

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    2. I’m afraid it’s been photoshopped a bit. The Old Man is to the east of the Storr cliffs. They are to the left in the photo, which means the view is to the north. An old crescent moon like that would never, I’m afraid, be seen to the north. QED.

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  3. A few stories about pictures #2, #5, #8 and #14.

    #2: This is a very friendly dog in Craobh Haven.
    #5: That is indeed the skyline of Singapore, Marina Bay Sands is the building which looks like a cargo ship has crashed on top of it, and the dome shaped thing in the middle is part of the Gardens by the Bay complex. This was taken from Marina Bay Barrage, and I recommend visiting there in the evenings for the view.
    #8: This is an Oriental Pied Hornbill. Singapore may be an island the size of greater Glasgow with the population of Scotland, but you still get exotic birds like this flying around. This particular one landed only a couple of metres away from me in the Sungei Buloh wetland reserves in the Northwest part of the city. Saw my first ever kingfisher there as well.
    #14: I think this is a crab-eating Macaque, but I’m not too sure. In any case, this was taken near Krabi in Thailand.

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    1. Thanks SoP. They are great photos. Thanks for sharing them and for the information.

      I’m really struck on the friendly dog…

      And that building in Singapore really is something else.



  4. That Scotrail video is mesmerising.

    Anyone ever crossed the Forth in a kayak?

    It looks like brilliant fun in the summer and some kind of evil hand torture in the winter.

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    1. I don’t know how many times I have crossed that bridge, but never with the privilege of seeing out the front window.

      The Forth looked really calm that day. But I’d not fancy these steps, and even worse that ladder… eeeek.

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        1. I once paddled a canoe in the Forth off Culross, and to our surprise, the water was actually HOT.

          It turned out that we were in the outflow from Longannet power station.

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      1. Concerning ice and the River Forth: I once witnessed a natural spectacle at Cambus.

        It was the year of the very cold winter (2010?). I stood at the mouth of the Devon and watched huge blocks of ice tumbling down the Forth.

        It’s hard to describe, but if you had seen it on the telly, it could have passed for Alaska or Siberia.

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        1. Ive seen that on the Tay, DonDon, when I was a kid. It’s amazing to see.

          2009/10 was a terrible winter. It started snowing in November and we had snow for well over a month. Really heavy and it wouldn’t go away. When it did eventually go, we had more within a couple of days.


        2. On my trip to Iceland I visited the Jökulsárlón glacial lagoon. After a trip on one of the amphibious vehicles to view the icebergs calfing from the glacier I had a walk along the outflow to the beach. I had noticed a some smaller icebergs bunched up at the neck of the outflow but, as I watched, the tide turned and suddenly a procession came floating down to the sea.

          An amazing sight. The beach was littered with melting blocks of ice.

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  5. Two pieces of news from John in Bulgaria (who has no laptop at the moment so sent me an email by phone)

    First is trivial: Whisky, the black and white cat named after the Black and White Brand, is a female, not male.

    Much more serious is that while out walking with Howard, the wee stray dog that John and Linda recently gave a home to, Linda, better known as RS, slipped on the ice and broke her hip.

    She had to be taken by ambulance to hospital. Fortunately, the Bulgarian Health Service has an excellent reputation. And doubly, fortunately, the community spirit in John’s village is second to none. They’ll all pile in and help out as they do for anyone (or animal) in need, so our pal is in good hands.

    After Cairnallochy yesterday, now the Resident Sassanach …

    Both of you get well soon… Munguin’s orders

    (PS, are there two or three s’s in sasanach /sassanach?)


      1. Yes. It’s not like john to be out of circulation for this long, but the lap top is out of commission. He managed to email me from the phone to tell me about the RS.

        Operation tomorrow. The Bulgarian health service is excellent.


      1. Yes.

        It could happen to anyone on the ice.

        I do a lot of walking so and around here most of the country paths through woods are icy.

        I got myself some hiking poles. They help a bit as do boots with good grip.

        But don’t take chances, Munguinites. And consider Munguin’s bank balance. He can’t be sending baskets of fruit to everyone, you know.

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