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Crazy tae think the UK has the highest death rate in the world, and Bawris wants to come to Scotland tae tell us up here how lucky we are tae be part of that. Not even the most sarcastic scriptwriter could come up wi that…

Looks like Boris is coming to our country to ensure that the vaccine that his British Tories got for us Jocks, and his British Army is helping to distribute, will be properly administered by mere Jock doctors because, unfortunately, proper BRITISH doctors are somewhat overwhelmed for just now. (Something to do with horrific mismanagement of the pandemic.) That’s why the visit’s essential. PS: Anyone know what on earth Gove’s on?


  1. With all this talk of the United Kingdom and its 4 Nations, it’s worth remembering that it’s an arrangement which is less than a 100 years old.

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    1. I’m sure Boris thinks that it dates back to Ancient Greece.

      Doubtless Socrates, Plato and Aristotle wrote of the magnificent union of England with some other minor entities.

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  2. It’s quite laughable really how these Tories only step foot in Scotland when they are desperate. Why is Johnson coming to Scotland now, because even his followers in Scotland must view it as foolhardy during lockdown and while his own city and country is in chaos. These people never do anything unless it benefits them, sneaky, conniving, scheming thieves. I guess it’s akin to someone having taken the keys to your front door and letting themselves in whenever they feel like it. Scotland needs a good locksmith to change the locks very soon.

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      1. A Proud Scot But writes in response to your comment, Tris (actually, it might possibly be a rant):

        Ah… those russet lawns and dreaming spires as Old Father Thames runs on…summer cricket on the village green… warm beer… Wimbledon, strawberries and cream… the Changing of the Guard… rain stopped play… Butlins… the Beefeaters… the Barbary Apes on Gibraltar Rock… Blackpool rock… the Blackpool tower, original of that overhyped FL tower in Gay Paree… the Tower of London… Longleat… Centre Parcs… the London Eye… HS2 so we can get to Madame Tussauds and back in a single day… how will we survive without all of these things, to which an independent Scotland going it alone (as if, we’d never survive, and who would pay our pensions when we won’t be allowed to use the pound) will no longer have access to, even if we could afford it, which we couldn’t? Oh to be in England when Spring and the farmers’ markets are here!

        All we’d have would be those nasty incomprehensible shindigs in furrin parts where people don’t speak English, the food is foul and the water undrinkable without chlorine tablets. As for Greece? Overhyped! That Parthenon thing? I’m sure it’ll be nice if they ever finish it, but they’re not showing any signs of it. No, Tris, I can understand your choice: may the sun never set on the Precious Union! Huzzah! And God bless Her Maj, and Wills & Kate, and pearly queens, salt of the earth and horny-handed sons of the soil!

        And the Houses of Parliament, sunk in Tradition, heart of the world’s oldest and finest democrac[Oi! False fact! Irony and sarcasm are one thing, flat-out lies are another!-Ed.]y, in all its gravitas and serenity, its glorious pomp and circumstance! The Last Night of the Proms! Rule Britannia! Hearts of Oak!Britons never, never, never will be slaves, except for those nationalist and other verminous, non-British low-life types, and Johnny Foreigner had better watch out or we’ll cut off his supplies of our innovative jams and biscuits!


        1. ‘Twould bring a tear to a glass eye, Ed.

          How could anyone give that up for Haggis and tatties and tramp across the heather, gurgling burns and Burns and nevermore a bit of Shakespeare, Milton, Keats, Browning, talking of which where is Broon. Has he reappeared saying Federal this week.

          More like Feral if you ask me.


  3. That man, Alexander Boris de Piffle Johnson, makes me want to grind my teeth in rage. Not good for my dentition.

    Right now our situation feels like being locked in a room with a psychopath. Or maybe a bit like The Shining… redrum! Redrum!

    Is Bawris the worst UK Prime Minister ever?

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      1. I just found another photie of Boris that sums up the man in all his end-of-Empire glory:

        Taken on his trip last year to Orkney to give the Orkney fishermen a nice warm and cuddly feeling about their British identities. Not sure if he looks more legless or more deranged.

        Suggested caption:
        Q. Oh look! What a big (hic) bird! What sort is it?
        A. It’s a coastguard helicopter, ye eejit.

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      1. Of course he won’t call it the Southern General, Tris, he’ll call it the Queen Elizabeth hospital. That would be Labour on Glasgow Council who named it, without asking anyone else’s input, probly because they knew without asking what the citizens thought about the matter, and Labour were never too keen on actually listening to their electorate or giving them what they wanted, for some reason best known to their mothership (which had crashed and burned sometime after 1948, never to fly again), as was blindingly obvious when Bliar and the Broontosaurus were at the helm, gave us devolution and then took most of it back again.

        So hip-hip-hurrah for Queen and Country! (though which country that might be remains shrouded in deepest, darkest mystery).

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  4. I’m not one for shouting at the TV but I was the other night when he announced the death total but basically said it was nothing to do with what he didn’t do.
    It’s a wonder he didn’t boast about how world beating it was.

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  5. ” PS: Anyone know what on earth Gove’s on?”
    Bolivian marching powder by his own admission,along with his boss.
    They must think it provides immunity to the virus but that didn’t work out too well for Johnson.
    I always thought that the Westminster cover story for objecting to the SG publishing figues on vaccine doses
    was fishy and now we know what the real reason was.
    Glad to see Nicola is reinstating the publication of,next week.
    The EU can now see how England’s Tories operate.
    Lies,deceit,secrecy and stealth (as taught on the playing fields of Eton and Harrow).
    Hope this doesn’t interfere with the delivery of the Pfiser vaccine which I believe is going to be used in the mass
    vaccination centres.

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      1. No less sleekit (and sli – sorry, oleaginous), we can be sure of that, Tris. Gove is the very Platonic ideal of a sleekit lying toad. One of the ones with venom in their pores so they’re toxic to the touch. Or at least exude Bolivian Marching Powder in their sweat.

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        1. Aye, the bloke who was prepared to lie about his dad’s business going down the tubes because of the EU to win a few votes.

          He makes my skin crawl.


    1. [Oh gawd he’s off again with yet another rant. How do people stand it?-Ed.]

      How many vaccine doses have been ordered, how many doses have been allocated to Scotland by Westminster, how many doses have actually been received, how many are projected to be received and when, and how many first and second doses have been administered must all be made public and it the Scottish Government, backed if necessary by the Parliament, must state definitively that the information is of great public interest, vital for informing public opinion about the necessary public health measures and must therefore be kept in the public domain, regardless of the Westminster regime’s preferences and its knee-jerk, hard-wired inclination toward secrecy and as little transparency as possible.

      Our elected representatives must remind the Westminster regime, jointly and severally, as often and as forcefully as possible, that Their writ does not necessarily run here in Scotland, where the Scottish people are sovereign and Westminster, therefore, is not. They need to be reminded, frequently and robustly, of the pesky principle that governments govern by consent, and if they don’t then they can’t call their polities liberal democracies.

      I hope the First Minister or some other High Heid Yin informs Bawris that most Scots have decided that his jaicket is on a very shoogly peg. That should fox him!

      When Westminster doesn’t want information released, a reasonably informed person (secure in the knowledge that the regime has got previous and lots of it (that’s Brit for a rap sheet as long as your arm, Danny, Jon)) possessing a reasonable degree of scepticism or even cynicism, is driven to conclude that They are up to something, hiding something, or deflecting attention from something else even more nefarious, more embarrassing, more incompetent or more vastly expensive for no perceptible purpose. And you don’t even need a conspiracy theory to tell you that as Revealed Knowledge, because given Their record it is almost evidentially certain to be the Objective Reality.

      With any luck, only a few Tartan Tories will turn up to lick the Tousled Toff’s spittle. Bawris is a birkie and a coof, and a dangerous one at that, and he is constitutionally unable to say anything to any self-respecting Scot of independent mind which would make them think any better of either Boris himself, of any of his nasty little pals in the regime, or of the regime itself. Doesn’t help that the man’s an inveterate liar, in addition to all his other sterling qualities.

      Many Munguinites will have seen the following clip already, but it’s useful to be reminded every now and again about just what a nasty piece of work Boris Johnson is. Here’s the interview in question from the Andrew Marr show in March 2013, a video clip provided to us by the Guardian: https://is.gd/vcF0sP.

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      1. He’s repulsive, isn’t he?

        But he’s a typical product of his over privileged upbringing.

        I don’t know where their money came from… and I probably don’t want to, but his old man had, I think, three sons and one daughter.

        The sons went to Eton and Oxford and his daughter: She was educated at Winsford First School on Exmoor, Primrose Hill Primary in Camden, north London, the European School of Brussels, the independent Ashdown House School in East Sussex, Bryanston School in Dorset and St Paul’s Girls’ School.[9] In 1984 she went to New College, Oxford, to read Classics (Literae Humaniores);[10] there she edited the student paper Isis[11] and graduated with a 2:1

        She seems to have only spent a few weeks at every school.

        It must have cost a fortune.

        Stanley seems to have houses all over the place and has no compunction whatsoever about visiting them come what may, even when it involves breaking the law.

        They seem to be to be an unpleasant family that has never had to live like ordinary Englishmen do.


        1. Thank God they’re not all like that, or rather, that only a small minority of Englishpersons are so awful – I’ve said this in these august pages many a time and oft, but my many and lovely English friends loathed the type even more than I did, if that’s possible – because they have to live in more intimate and more frequent contact with them, and consequently get f*ucked over and humiliated by them even more often.

          We’re fortunate that there are fewer of them per capita in Scotland (I’m pretty sure of that). I’m pretty sure too that a major contributor of the Cringe is an unconscious internalization of the views of Influence-Wielders from the S and E: English nobs reflexively regard us Taffs, Jocks and Paddies – and even Englishpersons from what They are pleased to call the Provinces- as automatically déclassés, and the attitude trickles down to the Lower Orders far more effectively than wealth ever has.

          Feech. I could never do subservience very well. Gave me a bit of a reputation as an Awkward Customer at work. I realize that now, but at the time I was utterly convinced that I was a veritable angel of sweetness and light.

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          1. I grew up in England, went to school, went to university and went to work. All around the midlands.

            Honestly, not one of the people I knew was in the least like that. I still have some great mates there… Yo, Theo, Mac, Adam…

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