The story of the Wellerman song and the viral video of Scottish postie, Nathan Evans, the other day was more popular than I had imagined it would be. (Munguin was right, as usual, when he told me to publish).

Pentlander saw it and sent me this article with far more detail on the background to the story.

He also sent mentioned that there is still a whaling industry in New Zealand, but a much more humain one where people are taken out to do some whale watching, rather than whale killing. He sent a couple of videos.


It’s a nice break from Johnson.


  1. Few years back in Domican Republic few people went swimming with Dolphins
    Did consider having a swim ah !

    Anyway went on a helicopter
    Trip and saw the dolphins kept In Wired of areas of the sea
    No different from a cage really .

    No I didn’t swim with Dolphins
    Thought it was absolutely 😢 awful keeping those beautiful sea going mammals in restricted prisons .

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    1. Yes, I agree. Seeing beautiful animals should be something that happens if it happens.

      I accept that places like zoos do good work with endangered species but I hate the idea of animals in cages.

      I see no reason not to have trips to see whales or seals or penguins, but the animals have to be free.

      Dolphins or seemingly, quite like some human company. I’m not sure how true that is. But they should never be forced to have it.

      Id love to swim with a dolphin, but he or she would have to want to swim with me… which is decided more unlikely!

      What was the Dominican Republic like? I have a mate who went there on his honeymoon but was disappointed.

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