“We did everything that we could and continue to do everything that we can to minimise loss of life”, says the British Prime Minister.

And yet, Prime Minister, you oversee a government which has reported the worst per capita death rate from Covid in the world.

So, the best you could do was, in fact, not really that great.

Should that not mean resignation?

The lot of you?

Because it says to me that your very best was the very worst IN ALL THE WORLD.

You wanted herd immunity …something that is impossible with this virus.

You locked down too late; you restarted too early.

You failed to close borders or even check anyone coming through airports, even from places where the virus was at its worst. (My own brother came back from Milan while the pandemic was raging and walked straight through immigration. He at least had the sense to self isolate for three weeks.)

You spent billions of borrowed money on ensuring that friends of and donors to the Conservative Party got contracts to provide various goods and services, including medical PPE, many of which were unusable or simply didn’t happen.

You were determined to “get Brexit done” and so you refused the EU’s offers to postpone the end of the transition period so that you could concentrate your efforts on beating this pandemic.

You didn’t, and you still don’t, protect care homes in your dash to record break again.

You came up with Eat Out to Help Out and encouraged, nay PAID people, to go into crowded restaurants en masse.

John Bull on Twitter: "Looking forward to Boris Johnson ruining Christmas  twice, by: 1) telling us to use 'common sense' 2) Making my dad and in-laws  then blame ME for exercising that

You, in fairness, in common with other countries including Scotland, Saved Christmas”… and killed many more people that would otherwise have died… still, it got you a good headline in the tabloids.

Maybe another time don’t take your degree in Greek Poetry and “battle experts” in virology.

You ignored all the advice on getting your tracing ap and ended up with one that didn’t work (Androids wouldn’t talk to iPhones, remember) presumably so it wouldn’t the same as the EU’s, but instead a world-beating English one. Well, it’s certainly been world beating. You’ve beaten every other country in the world.

Global bloody Britain.

And now you are insisting on a reckless vaccination programme which goes against the advice of the vaccine manufacturers and brag that you have vaccinated more people than other countries in Europe. Another world-beating load of bulls**t.

Because you haven’t. You’ve HALF vaccinated people (with some notable exceptions, like for example, your father). 12 week gaps could render the vaccine far less effective, but you can brag that you’ve done better than Germany, so sod it..

The British Medical Association said that the vaccine should be rolled out “as quickly as possible” and called for an urgent review and for the gap to be reduced.

The doctors’ union said the UK’s strategy “has become increasingly isolated internationally” and “is proving evermore difficult to justify”.

“The absence of any international support for the UK’s approach is a cause of deep concern and risks undermining public and the profession’s trust in the vaccination programme.”

I’d add that the public’s trust is low too.

Rachel Clarke@doctor_oxford

“We will honour the selfless heroism of all those on the frontline who gave their lives to help others.”

My colleagues didn’t “give” their lives, @BorisJohnson. Their lives were taken – by you.

Your failure to lockdown, to provide proper PPE, to close borders, to be competent.


And one of the main problems is that some people will assume that, having had the first jag, they will be safe to get back to life as normal. They won’t.

And to add insult to injury, you yourself, intend crossing the border, with your entourage, from an area of England rife with the English variation virus, which is more contagious and more deadly than the original… and for no other reason than some fruitless mission to save your bloody union that apparently can’t wait a few months.

Get Brexit Done; Save the Precious Union. Continue to be a global British embarrassment.

Please pardon my language, Munguinites:

Mr Johnson is an Arsehole.

45 thoughts on “REALLY?”

  1. And yet defying all logic the Tories are still doing well in the polls:

    “Boris Johnson’s net approval rating is positive for the first time in eleven polls. This week’s poll finds 40% approving and 38% disapproving of his job performance. The last time his net approval rating was registered as positive was in a poll conducted on 1-2 September. “

    “Between Boris Johnson and Keir Starmer, 43% say they think Boris Johnson would be the better Prime Minister for the United Kingdom at this moment. 31% think Keir Starmer would be the better PM, while 26% said they don’t know. “

    “When asked about specific qualities between the leaders of the two largest political parties in the United Kingdom, respondents particularly tended to think Boris Johnson is better suited to build a strong economy (44% to 29%), work with foreign leaders (44% to 34%), get things done (40% to 31%), stand up for the interests of the United Kingdom (46% to 30%), and, perhaps most importantly at this moment, tackle the coronavirus pandemic (38% to 26%).”

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    1. Good lord.

      Maybe Johnson will make more money for companies, particularly if he gets rid of the working time directive and makes people worked longer.

      Working with foreign leaders? Eh?

      They surely all think that he’s a buffoon. At least Starmer is probably more or less as bright as most of them.

      Get things done? What like?

      Stand up for the interests of Boiris Johnson… and annoy the hell out of foreign leaders by being a petty schoolboy?

      Tackle coronavirus? Not get PPE? Not close airports? His world beating pandemic response in terms of dead people?

      Well, if that’s what they want…

      I can only imagine it was largely done in England.

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  2. I am deeply sceptical about the claims of the vaccine being as effective with 12 weeks between shots.
    If they had unlimited supplies of vaccine,they would be following the manufactures recommendations of 3 weeks.
    The infection rate,especially in England is out of control so they are going for herd immunity 2.0 getting as many people vaccinated as quickly as possible but possible future supply problems for second doses.
    What the longer term effects of this policy will be remains to be seen but I completely mistrust anything these days Made in England where political objectives always seem to come before public health.
    Johnson infested his back benches with right wing Brexit nutters and now that they are revolting over lockdowns etc,his chickens are coming home to roost.
    We must not follow his lead just to maintain 4 nation unity.
    That will cost many Scottish lives.

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    1. I agree.

      But the vaccine is being sourced by the UK government and will be distributed to the lesser countries on their scales.

      Clearly, as the election approaches they will be doing their best to ensure that the Scottish government in particular will be made to look like they are failing and it that means not getting vaccines out to us, I’d not put it past him.

      Deaths seem to mean nothing to Johnson. His beloved union and being world beating does.

      We need the UK to get on with the three week gap like other grown up countries.

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      1. It will be us to inform the plebs that Westminster is controlling the distribution.

        I cannot see why Johnson is coming up here. He won’t meet the general public. Just a BBC photo opportunity. He can do any meetings by zoom.

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        1. They’ll be hoping that we won’t gather in large number this time to boo him.

          I hope they are right.

          Unless we can manage a socially distanced demonstration of our disgust.


          1. I would personally rather die if this is what life is going to be like. I’m 31, and are (theoretically) near the end of a PhD sponsored by an aerospace company. To see so many people advocate the end of so many things which are dear to me (I did a year at Singapore, only able to do so due to travel being a thing) is utterly depressing. To me, the world is willingly becoming a sadder, more xenophobic place.

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            1. It’s not though SoP. You have your PhD to get… and surely that is an exhilarating thought.

              And although I can’t guarantee it, I really do believe that the brilliant virologists will find a way through this.

              Life is on hold, but I believe it won’t always be.

              Stick with it. You’re relatively young and clearly intelligent. There’s something on the other side of this for you.

              What’s your research? (I know it must be aerospace, but what aspect of it?)

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              1. I’m just at the point of not really caring about it to be honest. I’ve never been that enthusiastic to be honest, but it was something to do with my time.

                It’s looking into automated defect recognition for composite aerospace parts. Automation was always going to be a big thing in the future, but even more so now. In my more sensible (not recently) moments, I realise that having skills in the data processing, programming and machine learning fields will be pretty useful.

                I just feel that the world is sliding into what can only be described as totalitarianism, and there’s no indications for how long, or if we’ll ever regain our freedoms.

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                1. OK. It seems sensible, and yes, automation will probably take leaps forward. Necessity being, as a rule, the mother of invention. It seem sensible, it you have the kind of mind that can cope with technology (which I don’t) to grasp it.

                  There are still a lot of good people and still some good leaders in the world. Britain is unlucky to have the government it has at this time. In a way though the fact that Johnson and his shower are so popular in England, should be looked upon with a measure of cheer.

                  It only goes to emphasis what a hell of a chasm there is between our countries and how incredibly badly suited we are to being together.

                  And because we get the government that England votes for (along with the results of referenda that England votes for) more people will see that to have any chance of a decent future, we have to dissolve our partnership, let them have what THEY want and get what WE want for ourselves.

                  If the English can’t be persuaded to vote of a reasonable Labour leader like Starmer, and prefer Johnson, even as he “leads” us to hell, there is no hope for the union.

                  I seriously think it won’t be long before we are free from the UK… and I think at the same time that Ireland will reunite.

                  Britain is pretty much a thing of the past.

                  But I’m a glass half full guy…

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                  1. Well indeed, I’ve thought independence is inevitable, but recent events have made is likely to be sooner rather than later.

                    As it happens, I’ve just resigned from the SNP on account of Nicola’s comment on Priti Patel ‘not going far enough’. Just the very principle of someone as evil as Priti not being strict enough makes me angry.

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                    1. What did Patel not go far enough over?

                      Was it restrictions on people coming in, which were, I thought, to put it mildly, fairly wishy washy.


        1. I think that for a long time, it will change, SoP, but for me, as long as there’s life, there’s hope.

          It can be done. Life is just different.

          Some countries have managed it.

          But we need to look on the bright side. And we need to be there for each other.


  3. There is the possibility of vaccine immune variants emerging. This from the British Medical Journal, with a link to the full article below:

    “…Paul Bieniasz, a retrovirologist from Rockefeller University who is studying how the virus can acquire mutations, has warned that the UK was taking a gamble that risked fostering vaccine resistant forms of the virus. He told the news site STAT, “My concern, as a virologist, is that if you wanted to make a vaccine-resistant strain, what you would do is to build a cohort of partially immunized individuals in the teeth of a highly prevalent viral infection.”14

    When asked about this concern, a Department of Health and Social Care spokesperson did not directly answer the question, saying rather that it was “vital we do everything we can to quickly and safely protect as many vulnerable people as possible from this virus” and that data from manufacturers showed considerable protection for patients after the first dose…”

    Science versus waffle!

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    1. Drew,
      It has ever been thus.
      Here’s a little piece of health promotion and advertising from the year 1665 .
      In it you’ll notice the professional controversy between the “Galenists” and the “Chymical Physitians”.


      AN ADVERTISEMENT FROM THE Society of Chymical Physitians, TOUCHING MEDICINES by them prepared, in pursuance of his Majesties Command, For the Prevention, and for the Cure of the PLAGUE.
      IT Being a matter avowed by the most laborious Physitians practising in this famous City, yea and now openly acknowledged by those also in several Prints, who are principally addicted to Galenick Doctrines and Medicines, that Remedies made by Chymical preparation are of greater Excellence than any other, for preservation from Diseases, as well as for the Cure of them, and that the other failing, the people are to have recourse unto Chymical Medicines, whereby it is clearly given and granted, that they are the most powerful and efficacious Means, and thereupon have been by those worthy Persons particularly recommended for publick use, in this sad time and deplorable Estate of Pestilential Contagion; We cannot but with all our hearts congratulate our Brethren, touching this their so seasonable and ingenuous an acknowledgment, rejoicing to see the day, that the unhappy Controversie betwixt us and them, touching the efficacy of Medicines, is now at an end: so that we look on it as a good Omen towards a more full and free coming over to us in the future, even of the most averse of those that till of late have been otherwise enclined; and it gives hope, that we may one day come to a more Brotherly correspondence, and unanimously endeavour to reform and rectifie the state of Medicine, both as to Principles and Practise, according to the Chymical and more ancient way.
      We therefore, the Society of Chymical Physitians of London, being deeply moved with commiseration of the calamity befallen this great City by the Pestilence, and perceiving it every day to encrease notwithstanding the use of those common Galenical Medicines, which have been recommended to the people by others, have thought fit, in obedience to his Majesties command, to hold several meetings, and have thereupon deliberately consulted about the preparation of such Medicines, both Preservative and Curative, by Art Chymical, as are not borrowed out of former Authors, but agreeably devised and fitted to the nature of the present Pest, which in many things differs from the Pests of former times, or in Forreign Countries where those Authors lived. Which Medicines so prepared we here offer to our Countrymen, not doubting but that the great God, who hath given us a heart and light to search into the mysteries of Nature, and the mysterious nature of diseases, will so second our endeavours by his special blessing, as to make us and our Remedies as his own hands, to secure the sound, and save the sick from this devouring Maladie.
      In pursuance whereof, it is thought meet to signifie the places, to which all persons concerned may repair and be furnished with the Antidotes so by us prepared, at reasonable Rates, with Directions how to use them in order to Preservation, and in case of Cure.
      Viz. at the Houses of
      • Dr.William Goddard, in St. John’s Close neer Clarkenwel.
      • Dr. Marchamont Nedham in St. Thomas Apostles.
      • Dr.Edward Bolnest in Ewen-street neer Cripplegate.
      • Dr. Thomas Williams in Two-Cranes Court in Fleet-street.
      • Dr. Everard Manwarin next door to the Blew Boar at the foot of Ludgate Hill without Ludgate.
      • Dr. George Thompson next to them Blew Boar Inn without Algate.
      • Dr. Thomas O Dowde at his House against St. Clements Church in the Strand.
      • Dr. Richard Barker in Barbican.
      These Places are named, because our Society is not yet provided (as we intend suddenly to be) of a Publick House or Colledge, with publick Officers, to whom the people might be directed to resort for the Medicines; and there is a necessity of doing somewhat immediately, because of the present distress of his Majesties Subjects.
      Licensed 28 June 1665.

      London Printed for John Starkey, and are to be sold at his Shop at the Mitre near Temple-Bar.


    2. Yes, Drew, that makes a load of sense.

      I wonder how long they will go on bragging about how many people they have vaccinated compared with Germany, when it becomes clear that all we have done is make them more vulnerable.

      Buffoon, obsessed at looking as if he’s the best.


    1. I am well aware that there are articles out there which try and shred this doctors reputation. There have also been massive censoring operations going on too. Loads of sites I have used for studying this and other topics have been shut down, because they dont want you to know the truth. (Sounds ridiculous but it’s true).
      I have been researching covid since the beginning and have completed hundreds of hours of reading and watched countless videos from both sides of the argument. Looked at the death rates from various sites and kept an eye on WHO and CDC. My conclusion is that this Doctor is correct, I can’t find anything where I disagree with her. So please dont ignore her warnings. Why would you want to take an experimental vaccine when the survival rate for 0 to 50year olds is 99.9% without doing anything. The vaccine is putting you at greater risk as there is a high liklihood that it will cause you damage or death.


      1. There is a school of thought that the misinformation peddled by the likes of the mad marsupial is, long term, more dangerous than anything biology can throw at us.
        I try to ignore this drivel, viewing it as proof only that Skippy-shagging** causes serious brain damage. (an observation more scientific than anything to be found in the video 😉)

        So who is the ‘ex-doctor’?
        “Dr Simone Gold, who founded America’s Frontline Doctors last spring with help from the Tea Party Patriots organization, was charged early this week for taking part in the 6 January attack on the Capitol. Gold’s mission has included touting the anti-malarial drug hydroxychloroquine, a phoney Covid- 19 cure that Donald Trump endorsed which carries serious health risks”

        Or Reuters view?
        “A 56-minute video in which a doctor claims to tell “the truth about CV19 vaccine” contains various misleading claims, including that vaccines will make people test positive for COVID-19, thereby artificially increasing the number of new cases; that the disease was renamed as part of a cover-up; and that there are proven effective treatments for COVID-19 that the media is ignoring
        The World Health Organization named the disease COVID-19, did not refer to the “Wuhan virus” and has recommended against naming diseases after places since 2015.
        There is no proof that Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine are effective treatments against COVID-19.”

        And 3 persons actually ‘like’ this shit? Worrying.
        ** Skippy the Bush Kangaroo, a distant childhood memory.

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        1. Well, Roddy, everyone is entitled to their views. I don’t subscribe to Kangaroo’s theories and indeed I agree that some of them could be dangerous.

          I certainly wouldn’t touch this doctor with a tarry pole.


  4. Just imagine if Margaret Thatcher was in office
    The streets would be strewn
    With dead 💀.

    Mostly in Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 cos she would of gone for herd immunity but trialed in Scotland first mean while
    Using the vaccine in the south of England .

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    1. I have many, many personal reasons for disliking Maggie; she snatched my milk for starters & things went downhill from there. But she was a trained scientist, notably ahead of the curve on climate change for instance.

      She was flint hearted and dogmatic & didn’t care about the impact her policies had on ordinary people, but she wisnae daft..There’s no doubt in my mind that she’d have actually followed “the science”.

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  5. For those of you who still don’t get it.

    Google “the Oval Office” then check the business hours.

    Closed every day, all day, NEVER to reopen.


    1. The best one I heard was his comment about Boris ” No one could have worked harder”.
      Really? Terll that to the Drs, nurses, carehome workers et al
      It’s my recollection that Boris has missing in action throughout. When he’s not on holiday, he’s been taking the weekends off, or just missing out on going to meetings, avoiding the press, avoiding PM’s questions, avoiding parliamentary scrutiny ( such as it is).

      Serious question though. Does anyone think Boris will survive this ( politically, I mean).
      Is there a resignation imminent?
      There was some speculation a few months ago that he was only staying on until he “got Brexit done” and was going to stand down and be replaced. Are we being prepared for a “taking full responsibility” , “doing the honourable thing” resignation?

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      1. Well, I reckon if I had failed as disastrously as he has, I would resign…

        But I seriously doubt that he will. And even if he did, who is there in today’s Tory party that would do any better?

        Gove, Patel, Raab, Hand thingy?

        There are all 5th raters who would be anywhere near the cabinet table in a normal government.


  6. Yes, you nailed it. I am furious with his “sorrow” at the 100,000 deaths. If this lying buffoon was genuinely sorry he’d resign, and say sorry for all of the mistakes which caused it.

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    1. I think if I had the worst record for deaths in the world because of the decisions I had made, I wold feel obliged to let someone else have a go.

      Johnson doesn’t seem to learn from anything.

      Britain needs new leadership.

      He should go.

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  7. O/t (PP do you ever post on topic these days – only on SS…)

    Craig Murray’s case is being heard as the moment. It’s virtual trial. I think it started at 10.30am.

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    1. Bloody hell that was quick – case now Avizandum

      ” the Scots legal term for judges taking time to consider it’s judgment.”

      James Doleman has been tweeting – it’s quite eye opening. Never thought Peppa Pig would be part of defence 🙂

      “There is a difference between a 500 piece Jigsaw and an 8 piece Jigsaw of Peppa Pig.”

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      1. Not only does Scots Law give us the word Avizandum, but Lady Dorian adds to the legal lexicon by expressing the thought that certain circumstances envisioned might lead a jury to “taking a scunner”.

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  8. Results from the 1940s attacks on the UK by German bombers.
    The flounder has unfortunately surpassed his mentor, churchill.
    The Luftwaffe gradually decreased daylight operations in favour of night attacks to evade attack by the RAF, and the Blitz became a night bombing campaign after October 1940. The Luftwaffe attacked the main Atlantic sea port of Liverpool in the Liverpool Blitz. The North Sea port of Hull, a convenient and easily found target or secondary target for bombers unable to locate their primary targets, suffered the Hull Blitz. The port cities of Bristol, Cardiff, Portsmouth, Plymouth, Southampton, Swansea, Belfast, and Glasgow were also bombed, as were the industrial centres of Birmingham, Coventry, Manchester and Sheffield. More than 40,000 civilians were killed by Luftwaffe bombing during the war, almost half of them in the capital, where more than a million houses were destroyed or damaged.

    Including the later V bomb attacks, 43,000 civilians died.
    Last port town to be attacked was Aberdeen that was consistently nuisance bombed throughout.

    Since mid November the DAILY average has been 690 deaths, the peak was last week with nearly 2000, I didn’t last 2 minutes listening to the Flounder ‘Taking Responsibility’, aye right.
    Worse was the Sky apologist graphs showing how bad it was in 1919 with ‘Spanish Flu’.

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  9. Just watched a utube video.
    Double down news.
    Sorry’s not good enough. Boris Johnston is a disgrace.
    Professor John Ashton.
    Don’t know the man but he doesn’t miss our one day a week pm in an 8 minute discourse on the performance of the government. in westmonster.

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