As Mr Johnson seems this week to be intent on crossing the border into Scotland against the advice of the Scottish government, which is that people should only travel to Scotland on urgent business, I thought that we should show the British, or rather English (by his own choosing) First Minister the same level of respect that he is showing us (given that he will be arriving from a very badly effected part of England)… that is to say, none.

Mr Johnson doesn’t seem to care for Scotland or Scottish people and prefers to spend money in Hackney or Croydon.

And remember too that he said, back in 2006, that a Scottish person should never be able to be prime minister of Britain.

Actually, that’s something I’m fairly sanguine about.

This from a few years ago… He seems to have had enough sense to leave us alone at that time.

Of course, it’s not unreasonable to argue that Johnson coming to our country and talking in his plummy, Eton-Oxford accent, showing complete and utter ignorance of what we’re all about, can only do us a power of good and his party and power of harm. I bet you he says or does something embarrassing.

You do know, Dross, don’t you, that wearing a tartan tie doesn’t necessarily make you seem more Scottish?


Munguin was sad to read earlier that Bruce (Grumpy Scottish Man) and his wife have both contracted COVID. He sends his best wishes for a speedy recovery to them both.

23 thoughts on “RANDOM THOUGHTS”

  1. Lovely sentiment to Bruce and his wife. Hope they both make a full recovery.
    The other person, L.B.J. Corrupt, venal, self-serving, lying, cruel, hypocrite. He well knows the regulations regarding travel, but, just like the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha’s, they are for the little people, not the privileged class he belongs too.

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    1. I just can’t see how he thinks that coming here will help his cause.

      Even Mr Cameron, not the most sensitive of people, understood that he was like poison in Scotland and largely stayed away.

      Mrs May on her rare visits hid in a forest and only saw dedicated Tory activists.

      Still, never stop your opponent when he’s making a mess of stuff.

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  2. British no longer has meaning. Until it has meaning again there is nothing holding the UK together. We’ll have English nationalist PMs until everything breaks apart.

    The best they have now is farmers’ markets and pop festivals.


    “It would tap into that other Britishness that I felt so viscerally myself but couldn’t ever quite spell out; an inchoate mood-board of Glastonbury, equal marriage, Pride marches, farmers’ markets, and the quiet social progress of mixed-race girl bands.”

    Who has visceral feelings about farmers’ markets? Any takers?

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    1. The article has ceased to be available for a free read, but I take it it was Mr Rifkind’s article for which he has received some fairly harsh criticism on Twitter.

      I can honestly say that, while I’ve enjoyed the odd farmers’ market… they remind me of France… I don’t get moist-eyed about them… nor indeed do I have visceral feelings about any of the other things he mentioned there although I can reasonably say I approve of them all.

      He must have a strange mind given his choice for an inchoate mood board, doncha think?.


    2. I may have to revise my feelings about Farmers’ Markets as I had not realised they are quintessentially British (especially if that really means English)!
      I go to the market in Edinburgh, now a stall-holders co-operative, because they have proper meat, fresh fish and tasty vegetables. Also the money spent there stays mostly in Scotland, though a few sellers are from just across the border, which is not a problem as I see it. I’d much rather shop there than in a soulless supermarket where a lot of produce comes from far away and who knows where the money I spend goes.
      Should I give up going because of Boris Johnson’s inchoate approval of them? Perhaps it would be ok, as he does not strike me as the type to be a regular visitor to Farmers’ Markets unless he wishes to be seen indulging the interests of his current squeeze, or for a publicity picture.

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      1. I used to love a farmer’s market but then I left the UK and couldn’t find any in any other country except for all the ones that happen all over Europe week in, week out. There’s even one near my house. It’s not called a farmer’s market, of course. It’s got some stupid foreign name instead. But it’s a good one because I can buy British-style pies there. I stand beside the pie stall, breathe in all that doughy British goodness, salute the Queen, break into a chorus of “Roll out the barrel” and walk home with the sense of inchoate Britishness that always follows a visceral experience.

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        1. Munguin wants you to film that, Terry.

          When the weather gets better he may join you in Roll out the Barrel, as long as he can suck a chorus of God Save the Whatsit, right afterwards.

          Obviously with Munguin there there can be no possibility of the markets have funny foreign names.

          Oh dear no.

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        2. Terry Entoure: ” . . . break into a chorus of “Roll out the barrel” . . . ”

          You mean the trio bit of that well-known Czech polka, “Skoda Lasky”.

          Or in German, “Rosamunde”.

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          1. I used to drive a Skoda Lasky. Ghastly vehicle. I’ll never be parted from my Austin Allegro.

            I did not know that the tune had such a history. I’ve listened to a Czech version and a German version now. It sure is a catchy tune.

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      2. I imagine he’s never been to a farmers market, but if he has, it will have been to get a publicity picture whilst telling farmers how much erm, better off, erm, they will be now that Britain is an independent trading nation.

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    1. Brilliant! Started MNR with a sea-shanty this morning and now a new variation on an old one as I prepare to turn in for the night. That will be an ear-worm too, just like the original John Kanaka naka toor-aye-a. Well done. Fisherman’s Friends (I think). How appropriate, and what a great choral rendering.

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