1. Andi’s tribute to the Bard on Burns Nicht.
2. Another brilliant idea from Westminster…we pay you to get COVID! Puts me in mind of 3.

Boris Johnson was visiting one of the Scottish Isles:

Finally he met the Island Council, just as the sun began to shine through the clouds. His spirits began to lift, “And what can the government do to help you here”, he asked.

“Well,” said the leader, “We have two problems. The first is that since the GP retired to the mainland we have no one to run the health centre and …”

“Stop right there”, said Boris whipping out his mobile phone. He chatted away for a couple of minutes then announced, “That’s sorted. A new doctor will be here tomorrow. And can I say how clearly that shows up the difference between the way we do things in Westminster compared with the government in Edinburgh. Now what was the other problem?” he said beaming and preening for the cameras.

The council leader gave a heavy sigh and said, “We have no mobile phone reception here on the island.”





Thank you to John, T, Erik, Brenda, Andi and Panda Paws.

55 thoughts on “JUST FOR A LAUGH”

    1. Sorry I’m late to the party, but pic #3 is intriguing: who’s the fat bloke next to Douglas Ross and what’s the alleged leader of the so-called Scottish Tories doing in a 1930s movie?

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  1. I must say I did enjoy the humorous and occasionally heart rending selection of cartoon drawings. However, I cannot call the collection “awesome”. I am sorry, but there it is, because I share Moira Anderson’s opinion of that word. It is grotesquely overused in the disposable, throw-away world of today where vulgarity is prized above the ability to hold a note and carry along an auditorium in a spontaneous performance of Westering Home.

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  2. “To a Mouse”,brilliant,loved it.
    Broon “The saviour of the Union”
    The English press is full of it.
    Just shows how out of touch BoJo and his pals are as far as Scotland goes if they have to invite Broon
    to advise them.
    What about Gove?
    He either clearly isn’t regarded as being Scottish or having sufficent knowledge of how the natives think.
    Probably both.
    Thanks for all the cartoons etc,really cheers you up having a good laugh.

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    1. It’s amazing that they still think that Brown has a sizeable following here. They seem not to realise that we dim Jocks can remember all the lies he told us last time.

      And, what about all the Scottish Tories? Why , they have a Scotland Secretary, or I think they do anyway, although he’s never seen or heard. They must have him in a box somewhere. They also have wee DRoss the ref… why not use one of them?

      And then there is her Rt Hon, Noble and Gallantness, The Baroness. Surely Scots are impressed by the titles and blue blood that runs through her aristocratic veins?

      Maybe they’ll get Charlie Windsor to put on a kilt and tell us how wonderful and romantic the shooting and fox hunting used to be in Scotland before the ghastly natives decided that it was cruel.

      I think they probably are bright enough to understand that Gove repulses even Tories.

      Glad you enjoyed the toons. 🙂

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  3. You don’t need much schooling to be a fruit picker and since it’s a short season they can fill in as the motive force for the all new transporter.
    The broonter says ‘We are in danger of being a FAILED country’, sorry but we already are, even he calls us a Region.
    The dross and baroness picture is a keeper, looking forward to them releasing the phonograph.

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    1. North Britain, he called us once.

      After 11 years of Tory government, he doesn’t think Britain is a failed state.

      The very worst rate of infection in the world and all they can do is lie about how many vaccinations they have done… Because very few people have had the full dose, the numbers are valueless.

      Needless to say the prime minister’s father HAS has the two doses.

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  4. OT. Here’s an article by Umair Haque with the exceptionally cheery title “Congrats America, You’re Not the Dumbest Country in The World Anymore. Britain Is. How Incompetence, Malice, Greed, and Stupidity Left Britain A Smoking Shattered Wreck”: https://is.gd/vvJuUm.

    Umair Haque doesn’t mention that Their stupid Brexit spells the end of the Union; it’s a rare American who has a really good grasp of Scottish affairs, and I sometimes think that most of them are Munguinites. Even old colleagues of mine from New York had evidently turned off their ears anytime I disquisited on the subject on the hallowed 15th floor of the UN building. The fools! (Sigh.)

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    1. So, two articles in one.

      Britain is the dumbest country on the planet.

      And that, for two reasons.

      1 Brexit. Fair enough, I understood that. It kinda went without saying from minute 1.

      2. The incredibly incompetent way that the UK government has handled the virus. OK, I knew some of it, and I was annoyed about the vaccination programme, but now I’m a mixture of incredulous and incandescent.

      Although clearly, the writer is an economist and not a virologist, so I reserve a certain amount of scepticism at the second half of his article.

      I’m very much hoping that the Scottish government will take note of the what the BMA and WHO are saying and revise this strategy.

      Let the BritPress make of it what they will.

      It seems that the Westminster government is bragging about having vaccinated more people than anyone else in Europe, when what they may have done, in reality, is made them vaccine resistant…

      Any medics or virologists in our midst?


      1. I feel pretty sure that Mr. Haque would have checked that “immune cascade” thing before he put it down – sounds very much like a quote from someone who does know their virology.

        I remember the FM said something about we wouldn’t be doing that in Scotland; perhaps there’s a Munguinite out there who’s been following it all more closely than I have (he said, knowing fine well that there must be – not much gets past the serried ranks of alert Munguinites!).

        P.S. Abu, I’m sure I’m not the only Munguinite who would be interested in hearing how COVID is being dealt with in your neck of the woods – any news for us? I understand that Mr. Munguin himself is distressed at the paucity of news from the farther-flung corners of the Munguin Mega Mediacorp (3M) empire!

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        1. Oh… has Munguin been on his Bell Telephone to Schloss Freeman. No wonder our bills are so horrific.

          I wonder why the Sunday morning “journalists” weren’t on this in spades… the vaccinations, not Munguin’s overabundant use of the telephone.

          It would be good to know how other countries are coping.

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          1. Munguin works you too hard, Tris. No, Mr. M. has not honoured me with a telephonic communication, Tris; just rumours being bruited abroad by impeccable sources, the word on the street, and the grapevine. I beg your pardon if I presumed; no one could do the job you do as Mr. M’s factotum, gopher and amanuensis.

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  5. Good stuff. Anyway here’s Jimmy Ferguson

    “My mother in law came to dinner she said “Why does your dog keep looking at me”?
    I said “Because your using his plate”

    “Seen a guy standing in a field shouting “THE END IS NIGH”
    It must be Farmer Geddin.”

    And one for cat lovers

    “I think its great how my cat gets exited when I put the move Flashdance on.
    What a feline.”

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  6. Very glad to see Lil Wayne pardoned in pic 9. Very unjust sentence, if you ask me. Why can’t a convicted felon own an unlicensed firearm? He needs that gun to protect his drugs supply.

    Another pardon went to a ex-google engineer called Anthonty Levandowski who was about to spend time in jail for stealing trade secrets from google and taking them to his own startup funded by people like Peter Thiel, who was also pardoned.

    The story is much more interesting than you can imagine. Levandowski set up a church whose aim was “the realization, acceptance, and worship of a Godhead based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) developed through computer hardware and software.” I know we’ve all thought of doing that at some point but this guy really did it.

    These people are barking.

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    1. Ahhhh… Trumpy’s benevolence knew no bounds…

      These people were clearly only deviating slightly for m the path of righteousness, and, at that, quite reasonably so.

      I wonder what the evangelicals think about an AI god. Is it possible to be bathed in the blood of the offspring of a computer?

      I’m quite surprised you haven’t managed to come up with that yet, but I realise that I’ve been pestering you to get the robots done and dusted …as it were.


  7. It must have come as a great shock to the Tory Cabinet when they discoverd that their suppliers of Bolivian marching powder couldn’t do Covid19 vaccines.
    That probably explains their panic stricken response to the pandemic.

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    1. If only things were as simple as that. Or as simple as the Tory cabinet.

      I heard that that woman in charge of the DWP, Ms Coffey, has blamed the British public for the terrible death rate compared with other countries.

      It appears that she put it down to the fact that we are all too old and … wait for it… too fat.


      Good coming from her, although, you’d never believe it…apparently she’s only 49.


    2. I’ll hazard a guess that supplies of Bolivian marching powder are as readily available as they ever were. Perhaps that might cause our betters among the wise and capable Westminster regime, who so expertly and even-handedly, so constantly and wholeheartedly strive to safeguard and enhance the health and happine[Could you perhaps be laying the sarcasm on a little bit thick? Just a thought-Ed.]ss to reflect on the significance of it being easier to get things on the black market than through the normal channels thanks to Brexit teething troubles, so called.

      On the other hand, probably not. Reflecting on things is not Their style. They’ll blame someone else – they always do.

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    1. Reminds me of Cameron trying to ingratiate himself with the natives during the 2014 referendum by referring
      to his party as the F****** Tories (his words not mine).
      Standards at Eton/Gordonstoun must be slipping….probably too much Bolivian marching powder and Whisky.

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      1. Didn’t he say something about us being able to get rid of them… and 7 years later, not only do we still have them, but we have a cabinet of 5th rate psychopath Tories.

        People, many of whom never expected to make it past the back benches.

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  8. There’s a Scotland The What? sketch featuring an (English) Scottish Secretary addressing the haggis. Saw them doing it at the King’s Theatre.

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