I see the rain must have washed away the “for aquatic creatures” under the “designed for living” claim.


Some laptops given out in England to support vulnerable children home-schooling during lockdown contain malware, according to a BBC report.

Teachers have said that the malware appeared to be of Russian origin. They became aware of the Gamarue.I worm while setting up the lap tops for children who have no access to internet at home.

The English Department for Education said it was aware and urgently investigating.

Who? Me? Uh….

According to Lisa O’Carroll, Guardian Brexit correspondant, HRMC boss Jim Harra has confirmed that consumers will be hit by price hikes when they order goods from the EU online.

1. VAT

2. Customs duties if goods are not EU/Brit product under rules of origin rules.

3. Cost of courier/Royal Mail for doing the customs clearance for you. (€12)

But, lest you should get down heartened, please remember, you can now have a Passeport Bleu from the Pritster.

Brexit: Government to issue first blue passports from March 2020 : CityAM


Jacob Rees Mogg: It’s the EU’s fault

The FACTS: No 10 has admitted an EU proposal to allow visa-free tours by musicians was rejected, apparently because of a belief it clashed with ending free movement.

Don’t they tell the MP for the 18th century anything? I suppose in fairness he’s thinking of bands of strolling players as opposed to Little Mix or Ariana Grande…

Strolling players by Francis James Barraud on artnet


The more I hear of the royals and their odd beliefs, the more republican I become.

Apparently in 2002, his royal bloody highness, the duke of Rothsay, prince of Wales and duke of Kernow (yawn) etc., wrote to Tony Blair the then prime minister, asking him not to ban fox hunting.

Prince Charles visits the most northerly whisky distillery in mainland  Scotland | Daily Mail Online

 “There is … complete bewilderment that the Government is apparently responding to calls to ban something which is genuinely environmentally friendly, which uses no modern technology, which does not pollute the countryside, which is completely natural – in that it relies entirely on man’s ancient and, indeed, romantic relationship with dogs and horses.”

He also suggested the fight waged by animal rights activists to ban hunting was motivated by class war.

I can’t get my head around why we not only tolerate these fossils, but pay them multi-millions of taxpayers pounds to ponce around like gigantic relics of autrefois.


How Close Are Barack Obama and Joe Biden? - The New York Times

Boris the Embarrassment criticised (“part Kenyan”) Barack Obama for removing the bust of Winston Churchill from the Oval Office. Johnson considered it a slight to Britain.

“Some said it was a symbol of the part-Kenyan President’s ancestral dislike of the British empire – of which Churchill had been such a fervent defender,” Mr Johnson wrote in the lead-up to the Brexit referendum.

Churchill is, or was, a hero of Mr Johnson. A junior aristocrat of his times, he stood for, among other things, Empire, misogyny, class barriers, racism, British superiority and, I guess all the things that people like President Obama (and now President Biden) have little time for.

Trump put Winnie back in the Oval Office, presumably because he shares Mr Churchill’s values…and was thanked by Mrs May (remember the strong and stable woman) for doing so.

Don't let's delude ourselves over the special relationship | News | The  Times

But now that President Biden has moved Churchill out again, Mr Johnson has been careful not to criticise him.

It seems that even he understands that when you are a prime minister desperately trying to get noticed by a new American president who gives the impression of being much more interested in Canada and the EU than in Little Britain, it’s probably not a great idea to criticise what HE has in HIS office.

I wonder what decoration Johnson has in his office?

Brexit deal: 'Madman' Boris Johnson gets his Hollywood ending | News | The  Sunday Times

59 thoughts on “RANDOM THOUGHTS”

  1. Gosh… of course it was Churchill who ordered the Black & Tans into Ireland in 1920. Maybe Boris does know enough Irish history to avoid mentioning the subject of busts of the man in the Oval Office.

    The next question that comes to mind is – even if he does know enough Irish history, is he capable of making the mental leap needed to understand that doing something similar to Her Majesty’s verminous and revolting Jockanese subjects would be a bad idea for the Unionist cause?

    Oh yes, visa-free musicians – imagine the cheek of those jumped-up foreign European chappies demanding equal freedom of movement rights with proper Englishpersons! Of course proper English Brits (and even those second-class, non-English Brits, under certain circumstances, anyway) should be able to go wherever they like at any time, but why would any proper Englishperson want to let in hordes of disreputable foreigners like the Berlin Philharmonic, or subversives like the hated European Union Youth Orchestra! It’s bad enough that proper British symphony orchestras insist on playing foreign music by foreigners like Bach and Beethoven and putting on operas by foreigners sung in foreign languages! That’s not taking back control, is it? I blame that traitor Johnson, he went to a university and studied Ancient Greek of all things, far too European if you ask me, he should have studied Ancient English instea[That’s quite enough from you already. You’re the only one who thinks you’re funny, you know! So quit while you’re ahead, why don’t you-Ed.]

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    1. I blame his father, you know.

      He should have put his foot down and had him study Chaucerian English.

      As for all them operas what are in foreign, ban them, I say… and that Peculiar Clark woman that Tristan seems to like…what sings in foreign.

      Que fais-tu là, Pétula? I mean, what self-respecting Englishman would tolerate that nonsense in his house?

      English rose, my aunt Nellie…

      Why, the woman’s half Welsh!

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        1. And of course Gustav Holst WAS a proper Englishperson, DonDon, even if his dad was one of those peripatetic musical types from around the Baltic somewhere… very strange that They let him stay, really, isn’t it? Adolph von Holst and Georg Friederich Händel wouldn’t be allowed freedom of movement today, much less be permitted to work, I can tell you that! Coming over here, taking the jobs of unemployed Englishpersons who’re perfectly capable of tootling a flute or knocking out the odd patriotic tune you can dance to based on proper English folk melodies!

          All that that “freedom of movement” nonsense means anyway is people coming and going without so much as a by-your-leave. Disgustingly impolite of them, really. Very lower class.

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      1. … and then, Tris, when WWII broke out, when Churchill took charge he wrote to Eamonn de Valera and asked (or rather told) him to rally to the aid of plucky little Britain.

        As I understand it, de Valera filed his letter under B, and ostentatiously neglected to reply.

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        1. Given that Churchill was drunk for most of the war, I expect he forgot that he’d written to him.

          I’ll never forget reading abnout a campaign that was going on in what was to become Iraq when Churchill was a junior minister at the FCO.

          He sent out an order to occupying Brits to do something. The commanders on the ground cabled back saying… if we do that, thousands of locals will be killed.

          Churchill responded that he didn’t care how many “heathens” died as long as the orders of His Majesty’s government were carried out.

          It still makes my flesh creep to think about that.

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    2. P.S. The Home Office is certain to screw around with European musicians coming to the UK. The most likely method is not a blanket refusal but a refusal of some of the key personnel alone. For example, the HO could deny some of an orchestra’s key players the necessary work visas, or the cello player in a string quartet, or fail to respond in due time for tour dates to be agreed. Another method is to provide a visa that does not cover the dates requested. The Home Office enjoy doing this sort of thing to visa applicants because the fees for visas, which are very high by international standards, have to be paid up front and are non-refundable. There is also an element of sheer bloody-mindedness (and there’s Priti Patel now as well).

      I know these manoeuvres by the Home Office both from bitter experience and from first-hand accounts by other victims.

      I do hope the Europeans are prepared to respond in kind by denying work visas to, say, all an orchestra’s violinists (it’s not as if there are no Europeans who can play the violin), or members of the brass section… or rock groups’ lead vocalists.

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      1. I see Roger Daltrey of 60s’ band The Who, a Brexiteer of ferocious enthusiasm, who was disagreeable to and dismissive of anyone who questioned touring arrangements is looking rather eggy faced.

        When asked during an interview at Wembley Stadium in March 2019 whether the UK leaving the EU would be “bad for British rock music”, Daltrey said: “No. What’s it got to do with the rock business? How are you going to tour in Europe? Oh dear. As if we didn’t tour Europe before the f***ing EU. Oh give it up!”

        The 76-year-old rocker added: “If you want to be signed up to be ruled by a f***ing mafia, you do it. Like being governed by FIFA.”

        Still I’m sure he can always do a summer season in Bournemouth.

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        1. Er… I swear I had no one in particular in mind, DonDon, it was a purely hypothectical – um – sort of for example.

          I was serious, though, about the EU responding to English Home Office shenanigans with shenanigans of their own. I persist in believing that the EU have been altogether too accommodating toward Westminster’s incompetent, bloody-minded, incompetent and non-fact-based / non-evidential regimes. Adult, logical discourse does not work with some people, and force of some kind has to be applied. Tit-for-tat is about at Their level of understanding.

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  2. The VAT thing is a killer.

    Even if I order an item from the EU and there are no tariffs on it, I still have to pay the VAT and a fixed handling cost and another 3% for reasons I still don’t fully understand and wait for ages until it exits the process. Welcome to life outside the EU!

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      1. Each week we will have headlines relating to the expiration date of different products that were all fresh on 1 January.

        In about 9 months time it will be Rolls Royce engineers unable to carry out their service contracts.

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    1. It was nice to have three of the five living ex-presidents and their wives standing behind President Biden at Arlington National Cemetery as he laid a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknowns.

      I mentioned to Tris that George W. Bush is next to Hillary Clinton as they were at the presidential inauguration of Donald Trump in 2017. When Trump completed his dark and bizarre “American Carnage” speech, bystanders heard Bush say to Hillary “that was some weird shit.”

      “American carnage” described what was to come better than what had been.


      At the Trump inauguration in 2017. (Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter are seated to the right of Bill Clinton.) :

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  3. Biden should have a bust of Stalin in the Whitehouse.
    His contribution to winning WW11 was far greater than Churchill’s.
    Imagine the explosion of fury from HM press if that was to come about.
    Ha ha.

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      1. But Tris, shurely he needs the wine and the wild, wild women to take his mind off the weighty responsibilities of his job, and provide much-needed relief from the profound moral and spiritual reflections, and the intellectual apprehensions and ratiocinations, that occupy his exhausted brain at all hours of the day and night as he masters his briefs?

        Hah! Come on, Tris – admit it – I had you going for a bit there! Though I expect you twigged at either “mind” or “weighty responsibilities”.

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  4. Well we now have the unusual spectacle of two Presidents, this wasn’t meant to happen
    a) Biden as president of the now bankrupt and defunct UNITED STATES corporation and its foreign District of Columbia,
    https://missoulian.com/news/opinion/mailbag/federal-government-us-is-a-corporation-not-a-country/article_59915a88-4ca4-5516-853d-caf1f81672f2.html#:~:text=The%20corporation%20was%20created%20for,with%20their%20own%20corporate%20constitution. ,and

    b) Trump as ongoing president of the United States of America.

    as Biden knowingly took the oath based on a fraudulent election he is guilty of Treason amongst other crimes.
    Trump initiated the Insurrection Act on Jan 10 and therefore the Military are now in charge with the express purpose of restoring the Republic. Biden is not going anywhere near the nuclear codes.


  5. The more I hear of the royals and their odd beliefs, the more republican I become.???

    Not sure how YOU ! become more Republican seeing’s as your at the most extreme end of the anti republican spectrum the most far end where you fall of into the abyss of nothingness.

    tris the wonderful Magic of the monarchy is lost on you .
    No matter how poor and downtrodden you are you can alway raise you eyes 👀 the night and majesty of our beloved 💜 Royal 👑 family

    Shame on you 😷

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    1. Happy New Year, Niko!

      Alas, too much reflection on the Divine Right of Kings, coupled with a basic knowledge of human genetics, led me to question the very basis of the monarchy, so now, Niko – I am an unbeliever!! Sunk in the slough of unbelief, forever tainted by the dread virus of republicanism! Mea maxima culpa, mea culpa maxima!

      I’ll just away and rend my garments, put on a bin bag (none of the supermarkets carry sackcloth any more, so you just have to go with the elderly punk look), and tip some ashes over my bonce if I can find any (we have central heating in this refuge for the aged and decrepit, which makes it a bit difficult without setting off the alarm).

      Do you think some of the reserve of confetti I bought in case I ever got married again would do?

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      1. Reflecting on this divine right of kings are we?

        Not something that applies to the Scottish crown, but I am led to believe that Frau Glücksburg holds the English crown on God’s behalf.

        Here’s a really interesting story, about the difference in attitude between the two kingdoms towards the monarchy:

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        1. Quite so, Drew. The Divine Right of Kings is a nonsense and violates all the tenets of liberal democracy, which is the best this benighted race of ours has managed to come up with so far in enabling us to live, flourish and develop as people and as peoples. Nevertheless, it remains the bonkers principle which underlies Westminster’s persistent delusion of its own infinite and ultimate sovereignty: Westminster exercises the Divine Right of Kings on behalf of or in conjunction with the sovereign.

          They don’t call it the Divine Right of Kings, of course, but that’s what their sovereignty of parliament is, or is at least founded on. Like so much else in what passes for the British “constitution”, it can withstand neither close examination nor logical analysis.

          Here in Scotland, our idea of sovereignty is the other way around, so to speak: the sovereignty of the nation flows from the people up and is lent to those whom we elect to govern us; we are not the subjects of the monarch-in-parliament whose members we elect to wield the nation’s sovereignty over us, we the people of Scotland are sovereign in our own land.

          So – do we want to be subjects, or citizens? The Union was always a kludge and a fudge of incompatibilities, to put it kindly.

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    1. I was feeling rather smug when I read that, Alex. Thank you.

      But then Munguin dropped into the office and reminded me that there were potatoes to peel and window to wash and did I know what time it was…

      You don’t get to be proud for long in the Towers 😦

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  6. On the week when the flounder talks more like his puppet on the satirical programme, he does a reverse king canute, he predicts more rain will fall.
    As we near the Bard’s birthday, a little bit of his insight.

    While Europe’s eye is fixed on mighty things,
    The fate of empires and the fall of kings,
    While quacks of state must each produce his plan,
    And even children lisp the rights of man,
    Amid this fuss just let me mention,
    The Rights of Scotland merit a mention.

    Taken from an occasional address.

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  7. Am astonished to find that you Munguin minions have not got rid of the palace parasites even though you’ve got Niko to advise you. Why do the royals wear skirts every time they come to North Britain? Saw Boris and his noble father and it reminded me of being at the Butterworth to Penang ferry terminal and an English gentleman shouting at a tri-shaw driver “Why can’t you speak English, you ignorant peasant?

    With our British sense of fair-play no wonder we’re respected and loved all over the world even by countries we plundered and left poorer and more dangerous after our involvement. As it was then, so it is now.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. How well I remember dear Mr Cameron telling us that we Brits are loved and feared in equal measure around the world, and wondering why would Scotland want to let that slip through its fingers.

      How little they understand us, Eton boys!

      Amazed me too that the “natives” were always ignorant, but managed to learn English, while the VASTLY superior Brits could never manage more a badly-pronounced word or two.

      Niko is always too busy bowing and scraping at the royal coat tails to advise mauch.

      I think he wants to join Ruth and that nice Baron ffoulkes on the red benches.

      Baron Nikostratos …. Maybe even an earldom?


  8. This week’s fool.
    The Northern Ireland Secretary, brandon lewis.
    He says we should invest in Northern Ireland as they has a huge advantage over the rest of the UK.
    The Advantage is of course they are still in the Single MArket.
    Remember the levelling up that the flounder promised for us, no!
    The union is supposed to be a level playing field butt the EU can’t be in it.
    Lovely story of a load of crisps that were held and the border, no certificate of the sourse of the potatoes you see, they might have been smuggled over the border.
    Reports that Dover is just letting all the booze and fags through without checks, the loss to HMRC estimated at £800 million until the high tech checks are ready in the summer.

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  9. I used to fear that London would manage to undermine our attempts at independence, but they’ve turned their state into a farce. I’m sorry for the many many people who are suffering but the London govt is like a comedy series about politics in that way that Fawlty Towers was about the hospitality trade.
    In his book Reflections on the Irish State, Garret Fitzgerald said the Irish politicians and official dealing with London thought (as former colonial subjects) that the confusing behaviour and tactics of the London govt negotiators was Machiavellian and indicative of imperial experience gained over the centuries. After a short while they realised the British were clueless dopes with expensive accents.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. LOL… I think that too, as Brexit has shown.

      Clearly none of them had a clue what they were doing and far from holding all the cards they dropped them, business side up.

      Laziness comes into it too. I bet almost no one has read any of the stuff that they signed up to.

      Brute force and ignorance used to get them by, now they can’t really muster the brute force, but the ignorance is there in spades.

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