Thanks for all your support and friendship over the last rather difficult year.

Let’s hope that next year will be better, and that finally we’ll make the choice to be an independent country once again.

Gach dùrachd dhuibh uile ann an 2021.

Keep safe. Wash your hands, paws and flippers. Wear a mask. And only get this close to someone else if you, and they, are penguins.

105 thoughts on “HAPPY NEW YEAR”

  1. Thanks for an informative and entertaining blog. It’s been a must-read all year. One tiny thing is in your Gaelic greeting you should put “dhuibh” (plural) rather than “dhut” (singular). Sorry to be so pedantic.
    Happy New Year. Bliadhna Mhath Ùr.

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  2. It’s going to be a strange Hogmanay for me this year.
    Nae pub.
    Nae first footing.
    Nae singing till yer hairse.

    On the plus side:
    I’ll save aroond fifty tae a hunner quid no goan tae the pub.
    I’ll no faw oan ma erse oan the way hame wi aw the ice aboot.
    I’ll be able tae talk tae the faimly on Zoom the morn.

    Glass hauf fu, that’s me. Hae a guid yin everyone. Except the wee bastards that jumped ma grandson, but that’s another story.

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    1. It will be a strange one for all of us… or at least all of us who are half way sensible.

      I’ve got a stinking cold so I’ll be in bed with a good book. I dare say Munguin will have a few friends around, but he’s immune to Covid, even though he wears a mask to show a good example.

      Distressed to hear about your grandson. Hope he’s OK. Tell him Munguin sends love.

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  3. To all who read MNR, whether you comment or not, have a Guid New Year, stay well and do all you able to ensure that Scotland is an independent nation again asap. To any readers in the EU – missing you already.

    May I say well done to Munguin and Woolie for their exemplary mask wearing. Folks it’s over the nose AND mouth and definitely not round your chin!!! A special thank you to our host who has kept us going and entertained during the awful year we’ve had.

    Here’s hoping 2021 will bring health, wealth, happiness and a vote for indy.

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    1. They are very mask conscious, PP.

      As I said to my French friends, This is au revoir and not adieu.

      Nous serons de retour.

      Take care and have a good one, PP.


    2. Re mask wearing, over at the Guardian – my other haunt – their coronavirus blog states that there are only SIX empty hospital beds left in the WHOLE of Northern Ireland. Stay safe everyone!

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      1. Where do I sign?


        Frankly, I think I was very lucky to find such an astute, politically savvy and friendly bunch of folk. A guid new year to all of you. May all our dreams come true.

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  4. OT, but allow me a little schadenfreude. JPL Media, formerly known as Johnston Press, has been sold for £10 million.
    Johnston Press bought the Scotsman in 2005 for £160 million and ran a once great newspaper into the ground.
    The Scotsman was the first newspaper I ever commented on below the line; I had a proprietary interest in it as my brother-in-law and nephew worked for it and I drank in the wee pubs of Cockburn St and Fleshmarket Close.
    If JP hadn’t taken the decision to turn a middle of the road, liberal paper into a unionist rag they would have been quids in; an independence supporting broadsheet called The Scotsman would have been avidly bought by everyone who wanted independence… 58% and rising…

    Anyway, a Guid New Year to all the cybernats that used to comment btl there, Meths, Spook, Ayrshire Scot, Dr Tris, Col. Bogey, the Cheeseman and anyone who was in the dreaded Mackee (resistance joke.)

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    1. I have memories of them having a big place in the centre, when I was a kid. The last time someone pointed out their premises it looked like they had room for two journos and a cat.

      As you say, a paper called the Scotsman talking for Scotland… That would have been a winner.

      How to lose £150 million in 15 years.

      Tough, eh.

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    2. I’ve been counting down the minutes while reading this and it’s now just gone midnight. Chestita nova godina from Bulgaria to go with Bliadhna Mhath Ur in a couple of hours. May 2021 be serene, uncomplicated, and independent for all Munguinites. Slainte mhor to that! Gu h-uile latha chi’s nach fhaic.

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  5. Ach, I had a whole screed with which to regale you about some of my usual obsessions, but my browser went doolally and crashed, trashing the lot to your great disappointment and mine…

    So – a Guid New Year tae ane an aa, and may it be both COVID-free and independent for all of us. With independence, think of all the money we’ll be able to spend on useful, beneficial, positive things that we need and want rather than on weapons of mass destruction and other people’s sewer systems, railway lines and nuclear power stations! Odd, isn’t it, how the Usual Suspects never talk about the cost to Scotland of dependence beyond quacking about “too poor” and pointing to the purely notional Financial Black Hole in the GERS…

    I shall be observing a minute’s silence at 11 p.m. tonight.

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    1. Yes, a minute’s silence doesn’t seen unreasonable for what we’ve lost.

      If I were you, I’d look no farther than Kevin for your browser problems. I suspect you were going to spill the beans about some more of his exploits…

      What about the Smokies?

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      1. Tris, I understand that it’s only a rumour that Arbroath Smokies are to be renamed “Scotch smoked haddock” and sold in Tesco in vacuum packs with Union flags on. No, the truth is that they are to be sold as Alnwick Smoked Haddock – England’s Finest! with a picture of the Eddystone Lighthouse on the packaging and a dirty British trawler with a salt-caked smoke stack in the foreground butting through the Channel on a mad March day, proudly flying the Red Duster, captained by the obligatory old salt in yellow sou’wester and Macintosh oilskin, sporting industrial wellies, a pipe and a beard, and strategically placed Union flags. The Union flag will be on the packaging, of course, not on the obligatory old salt, though it would be an easy mistake to make.

        Scotch whisky is now to be called British Whisky, with a view to reinforcing our British identities, like the Union flags on our driving licences (except in Northern Ireland). This regulation will apply to all British whiskies (except in Northern Ireland, so Bushmills is exempted).

        The authorities are still puzzling, like so many, over Cullen Skink, but I can exclusively reveal that finnan haddies are to be referred to henceforward as Felixstowe smoked haddock.This will no doubt come as a great relief to most of the inhabitants of this royal throne of kings, this sceptred isle… this blessed plot, this earth, this realm, this England.

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        1. The expression ‘Scot free’ will be banned as it is too easily mistaken for an independence slogan. From mid night this becomes ‘Brit free’ to commemorate the historic occasion. All dictionary publishers have been instructed to make the amendment immediately and withdraw all editions in circulation containing the offensive ‘Scot free’ term.

          The same applies to ‘Scotch a rumour’. Again, the term is suggestive of capabilities beyond the grasp of North Britishers. From now on, to ‘Scotch’ a rumour is redefined as ‘to perpetuate fake news’ as in ‘Scotch a rumour that independence support is running at 58%.’ (Dictionary publishers to act in accordance with ‘Scot free’ directive.)

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    2. I’ll try and get to bed before 11, so I can avoid having to restrain myself from hurling obscenities at anyone setting off fireworks at 11 (this is a rather Tory area).

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      1. The bas*tards! I peeess on their lousy rotten fireworks, SoP! They make me want to stick Roman candles up their[Kevin! This is a family newspaper!-Ed.] sideways. Well, I suppose I’d have to leave the blue touch paper sticking out, really.

        Tchah. I was going to say drainpipes, not bungholes! The Ed-itor is too bloody mealy-mouthed for words. There’s no bloody freedom of speech around here any more. Bloody political correctness gone mad, if you ask me, and even if you don’t. Tchah! Mr. Munguin’s sensitive sensibilities are not that easily inflamed, I’m sure!

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          1. I heard some fireworks at about 10.40.

            Odd, I thought, but, who knows, maybe they don’t have watches in the forests around Munguin Towers.

            No further noise was made though, neither at 11 nor at midnight.

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              1. They used to have a great fireworks display set off from a flotilla of windjammers on the Forth & Clyde canal, Beauregard, which the East Dunbartonshire Fire Service used to accompany with impressive fountains of water from their fireboats, which were not only an integral part of the display but all ready and waiting for any of the old, wooden four-masters to catch light, or set light to any of the munitions factories bordering the canal.

                The douce burghers of Lenzie, a leafy redoubt of Protestantism and occasional bigotry in the Greater Kirkintilloch conurbation, used to come in specially chartered charabancs down the B757 to see the show and look down on their neighbours. Why, people would come from as far afield as Auchinloch and even Auchinairn to join in the communal oohing and aahing!

                I myself saw the young Moira tie a squib to the tail of a feral cat and set it loose among the crowd, causing many a mothballed and fur-coated Lenzie dame to clutch her pearls and utter mild ejaculations of dismay. Such a scallywag, our Moira! Of course, her setting the explosive cat among the douce Lenzie pigeons expressed a succinct but pungent social critique of the Kirkintillochian class and sectarian divid[Now you’re really pushing it. You lost them somewhere around “ejaculations”. Give it up and re-examine your career choices! Anyway, Beauregard speaks en pleine connaissance de cause et de quoi il s’agît. You don’t, so shut it and apologize.-Ed.]

                Sorry, people. Some of what I wrote was in the Trumpian genre of Alternative Facts. I weep salt tears and apologize du plus profond de mon coeu[You just can’t resist showing off, can you? You have some New Year resolutions to make, boyo!-Ed.]

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      2. Yes. I wondered if they would get together and have a celebration, although I thought they did that when we actually left which was last year sometime… but you know what they are like.

        Empire II.

        Well minus Gibraltar!

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        1. I see Dan Snow (hereditary broadcaster married to hereditary landowner) has a programme on Channel 5 today celebrating the battle of Britain, featuring the Blitz and the Darkest Hour. They just can’t let it go, can they?

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          1. LOL I’m afraid we’re in for a lot of Dam Busters, darkest hour, plucky little Britain, single handed… all that stuff…

            The situation in London hospitals is now supercritical.

            Not having a tv is a huge advantage at times.


            1. I’m with you on that, Tris. Mind you, Dan Snow can’t help being a hereditary broadcaster and being brought up post in England, and even if married hereditarily as well, he can’t help being brought up posh in England. Like all of us, a creature of his time and place.

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    1. Marcia……Beautiful music, and a nice view of the east front of the Teton Range in northwestern Wyoming. The national park road along the east front takes you into the south entrance of Yellowstone, only about 30 miles up the road.

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    1. PS: Perhaps some New Year’s news.

      Our Mr. Trump will miss his planned party tonight at Mar-a-Lago, as he’s returned to Washington to continue his quest for the presidency that he lost in the election a couple of months ago. Congress will formally count the electoral votes next Wednesday and officially proclaim Joe Biden the 46th President of the United States. However, some Republicans are vowing to challenge the proclamation.


      Trump has issued a campaign-style ad which seems to suggest that he either DID or SHOULD win a Nobel Peace Prize (which he is known to crave.) The video was illustrated with a photograph of a Nobel Science Prize, which is awarded in Stockholm, and not the Nobel Peace Prize, which you pick up in Oslo.

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      1. He’s no shame at all.

        I’s sure they are going to have to prise the keys for the White House out of his hands .

        As for the Nobel Peace/Science cock up… LOL, utterly typical of him.

        Mind you, the UK prime minister’s father has applied for French Citizenship to get out of Brexit Britain. When speaking to French radio (in French) he said that we would become “française”! That, as we all know, is French…female.

        So he’s going to have a sex change too.

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        1. Tris……Yes, it looks more and more like Trumpy will have to be carried out of the White House.

          I guess if you’re wealthy, you can immigrate and take up residence anywhere you desire. I wonder if the French will allow Boris to enter the country for family visits with dad. 😉

          I thought about a couple of articles I read about Merriam-Webster choosing “They” as 2019 Word of the Year, and how the French were debating the matter.



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          1. Fascinating problem of gender identity in French, there, Danny. It must apply in other languages too.

            In the past the masculine pronoun (and adjectives) has been favoured where there is a mix…

            So if you had 20 women in a group they would be “elles” (f), if you added one man to that group, they would become “ils” (m) with attendant change in adjectives.

            I can imagine the Académie Française will be working on overtime to try to solve this problem. I wonder if they will be able to come up with a gender neutral version of adjectives…

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              1. Tris, Ed……I suppose it would be too much to hope that the Academie Francaise would get rid of grammatical gender entirely…..pronouns, nouns, adjectives….the whole ball of wax. I might have done better in my high school French or my university German if it were not for the fact of EVERY freekin thing having gender. 😉

                The word “they” often seemed to me to solve the problem of referring to individuals of non-specified gender, but I always assumed that it wasn’t grammatically correct to use a plural pronoun to refer to singular individuals who might be one gender or another. I was surprised to learn that it not only has the approval of Merriam-Webster (the American English equivalent of the Academie Francaise I suppose), but that the plural-singular usage of the word is quite old. Merriam Webster says: “English famously lacks a gender-neutral singular pronoun to correspond neatly with singular pronouns like everyone or someone, and as a consequence “they” has been used for this purpose for over 600 years.”

                I just now see that a Merriam-Webster webpage (linked in the article above) has some additional comments, and a listing of other popular “lookup” words in 2019 which were in the running for word-of-the-year.


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                  1. Tris…..Yes, Trump provided a connection for several of the popular lookup words for the year. I was also surprised that “the” made the list in the context of a trademark application. Interesting for the most commonly used word in the language, which has more of a function than a definition. I think this BBC article is interesting; a long article about a short word.


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    2. It’s a while for you yet, Danny, but when it comes, we wish you the same. I hope that, with a new president, you can start to repair the mess that Covid and Trump have caused in your country.

      We have a deeply sad moment at 11 pm our time (midnight Brussels time) when we leave the customs union… and an hour later we can celebrate that we have left this ghastly year behind us.


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      1. Tris…….Thanks for the New Year wishes. And condolences on the sad EU milestone.

        Because of Covid, no one will be allowed in New York City’s Times Square to celebrate the New Year with the traditional ball drop. The ball will drop, but only a few invited guests will see it in person. Everyone else will have to watch on television.

        The New York Times has been headquartered at various places around the city since 1851, and from 1904, it was located at or near what came to be called Times Square, for about a century. The Times Square New Year’s Eve ball drop began there on December 31, 1907, to replace a fireworks display in earlier years. The New Years celebration was first organized by Adolph Ochs, owner of The New York Times, and took place on the roof of his new building. The idea of the ball drop came from the nautical ball drop tradition, such as the one at Greenwich. It has been held annually, except during WWII in 1942 and 1943.


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  6. I wanted to pass on my best wishes for 2021 and to look forward to a proud Independent Scotland back in Europe,
    but as usual the erudite Munguinites have stolen my phrases before I could.

    Just a thought when Independence comes The Munguin Republic must continue to spread the knowledge of it’s contributors.

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    1. Aucheorn:

      Their eruditeness (I’m always tempted by erudidity as the noun) is scary on occasions.

      Let’s hope that Munguin continues for a good while yet… otherwise I should need to find alternative employment and I’m not sure I’d like stacking shelves at Asda!

      Anyway, Happy 2021 right back at you. We have to make this year better than last… and top it by leaving the UK.


    1. No sleep of the just here tonight. Up again and now New Year – and a bit – in Scotland as well. Can only echo, endorse, second, repeat, encore etc all the preceding messages of good wishes to Munguinites everywhere. And to Munguin and Tris for bringing us all together in our common cause. It’s comin’ yet for a’ that. May 2021 at last be the year of that long-awaited and supported advent.

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  7. I look forward to a year of the right wing taking responsibility for their own actions once the full ramifications of their collective idiocy manifest. Aye right!

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        1. No… can’t believe that. I’m often accused of having the same characteristic and I know they’re exaggerating No Munguinite could be that way inclined. We’re far too kind. Would we have Soppy Sunday otherwise? I must conclude, SoP, that you too are unjustly accused.

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  8. Nut job, jerk, fundamental orifice… he’s all these and more. Laugh and call him what you will, but he still must go down as the most influential politician of the century so far. And that’s without ever being elected to any public office.

    He’s been the figure-head of a self-created party that has never had an elected MP, and seldom rated more than 5% in pre-election polling. A party that splintered, re-formed, disintegrated again. A party that no longer exists, and in its short lifespan had more leaders than anyone can remember. Not that you’d even heard of any of them in the first place.

    Yet Farage and UKIP manged to bring about seismic change in geopolitics – a multi-dimensional catastrophuk that writes a new chapter for the history books. Not single-handedly, true, but he must get the credit for its initiation. A man who cheerfully portrays himself as a beer-soaked chain-smoker with no discernible redeeming characteristics. (Except to his rag-tag band of adoring followers.) How has all this been possible in a supposedly sane country?

    That will become a set question for school history exams in years to come, after they’ve studied this chapter in their new text books. Assuming there are any schools left.

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    1. I blame the BBC, John: for so unbelievably, unforgivably long, he was an obligatory fixture in just about any programme there was the slightest excuse to include him in. Farage Radio and Farage TV… yet another of my many reasons for no longer listening to or watching the BBC’s daily output of pap, claptrap and England England England sewage and bilge.

      His party is no longer for the simple reason that the Tories borrowed all his clothes and won back all his antidemocratic, authoritarian-minded party members, other than the total zoomer nut jobs who went to the splintered, fascist, openly racist right – you know, the ones who represent the real, direct domestic terrorist threat to ordinary people, not just to our human rights and freedoms, and to our democratic institutions.

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      1. Yes, Ed.

        I’ve not had a tv for years, but I’ve read about how many times a man who wasn’t in our parliament, and indeed had no members of parliament appeared on Question Time and was interviewed on the news programmes over and over.

        I mean why was he on TV so much more than say Plaid Cymru with a presence in the UK parliament and the Senedd Cymru?

        Cameron feared him because he was taking not only Tory voters, but Tory MPs were starting to defect, and the rumour was that there would be more defections.

        Of course, Cameron was a weak and useless leader, whose main claim to leadership was that his mother was a second cousin of the queen.

        If we’d had a proper PM…

        Oh well, we didn’t.


    2. You make a good point, John.

      We need to learn from this.

      As you say, he was not alone. The tabloid newspapers, which were perhaps more influential at the beginning of this career, assisted him enormously with their tales of invasion.

      We were being over run by foreigners who took up our school places and hospital bed (while working and paying taxes); 75% of our laws were made in Brussels, by (wait for it) unelected officials. (Maybe the Queen, royal family, the house of Lords and Dom Cummings all decamped to Brussels?)

      He was/is utterly unappealing. He’s not charismatic, or handsome, or debonair. He’s not witty or clever. He’s just a rich ex-banker who undoubtedly smell of fags and beer and has brown teeth.

      He’s made a nice living out of it all though, and he certainly has been instrumental in changing all our lives, even if we ran him out of Scotland.


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