For Conan… and every other Munguinite

Professor Ed sent me this becasue he was trying to reply to Conan with it, but couldn’t get it to work on the Blog.

He asked if I could try.

But I couldn’t get it up there either.

So, because it was so interesting, and because it has a certain significance to today’s events in a parliament a long way from Scotland but affecting Scotland and the other nations in this inglorious union, I thought I’d include it as a post, which for some reason, I COULD do.

58 thoughts on “For Conan… and every other Munguinite”

  1. The yoon Brexit mind ? Me brother dropped off a Xmas card .
    We got to discussing Covid he said he thought the numbers of infection and deaths were not true there was far less??

    And he said it only affects those with underlying conditions I looks at him and says but you have underlying conditions??
    He never answered.

    Even I wonder if it’s a kind of delusional madness .

    The problem as I see it Trump and others (Boris)are pathological liars and have convinced pathological believers.

    Facts and science don’t cut it with them wots the answer I dunno 🤷‍♂️


    I come from a family of ten eight boys and two girls
    With differing views on politics
    Some are adamant for Independence others not

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    1. Never understood the Covid deniers.

      I mean I can accept that young people…teens and children…want to go on living their lives and really, they probably are pretty safe.

      But not every kid or teen… and then they give it to their mum and she’s really sick and they give it to their grandad and he dies.

      But if you don’t personally know anyone whose died, it all seems a little unreal.

      You’re right, too, facts and science… nah. All these doctors dealing with this day in day out obviously don’t understand as much as Bert down the pub.

      I’m trying to work out why your brother thinks there are fewer cases than the government owns up to.

      I can’t see any government getting any kind of advantage from exaggerating the figures…. Not Mr Johnson, not Ms Sturgeon, not Dr Merkel… no one.

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      1. The nurse living next door to my daughter died she found Out when she heard the three daughters Screaming the night they were told their mum had died.

        For some people there isn’t enough death about problem is when it gets to the level it enters into the Covid deniers
        Weird minds It would be totally out of control.

        I find those on the left take it as fact and act to keep people safe and alive while the right wingers
        Deny reality and are unconcerned about. OTHERS
        Health and well-being


        1. That must have been a dreadful experience, Niko.

          I know a couple of people who have died. No one close.

          But the figures we see every day are made up of people with kids, grandkids, mates, mums, dads.

          Horribly high numbers and rising every day.


      2. Can anyone explain why when looking at the worldometer website for Asia the deaths per million are in the main very low eg Thailand 0.9 Vietnam 0.4 China 3 Taiwan 0.4 Hong Kong 20 yet they have high populations and live cheek by jowl?

        Is it because
        a) they use malaria drugs, or
        b) the climate is hot and they get lots of sunshine and Vitamin D, or
        c) coronavirus only targets developed countries because it is a very smart infection, or
        d) other (please specify)

        Asking for a friend.

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        1. Hi Kangaroo,
          The correct answer is d)
          There’s no single explanation, however, some of the reasons are:
          1) SARS visited in 2003, so many people had some memories of basic disease control measures such as wearing masks, washing hands etc.
          2) People in Asia are generally more used to a more paternalistic (i.e. authoritarian) style of government, and rule-breaking is frowned upon. There’s a lot of peer pressure placed on keeping up appearances (and therefore being seen to be complying).
          3) Governments in Asia have generally been more forceful in enforcing compliance. Here in Singapore, they have “Safe Distancing Ambassadors” and police can issue a $300 spot fine for not wearing a mask (1st time only. 2nd time is $1,200 and/or jail).
          4) Even before these latest mutations, the most prominent strain of the virus in Europe/America was generally acknowledged to be more severe than the most prominent strain in Asia.
          5) A lot more money was spent (and more effectively spent) on track/trace programs. Here in Singapore, there was a workable track/trace app available in March which has since been continuously improved and a compatible Bluetooth token provided to elders who don’t have smartphones. Temperature checks and digital check-in is required literally everywhere you go: offices, shops, schools.
          In summary, basically, they took it a lot more seriously a lot earlier.

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          1. Thanks you for that. All makes sense.

            In short, they took it more seriously and made compliance with the rules mandatory.

            And they thought about older people who couldn’t use smart phone technology to stay safe.


      1. tris

        Err ! Now England has left the EU and is smaller Will they prosper ??? Giggle 🤭

        As they say

        England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 can now speak very loudly (and No doubt will)
        But carry a very little tiny small stick 😊

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        1. A unionist friend of mine told me way back that they would get great trade deals from the old Empire countries.

          People live in this delusional world where they thing everyone loves the Brits. In my experience, it’s not true…

          And I’ve yet to see the “Empire” coming to their rescue.

          I don’t think they will sink, but they probably won’t prosper.

          I can’t help thinking they have made utter fools of themselves over what big cheeses they thought they were…

          I dare say there will be a trade deal with the USA and I dare say it will be a good one… for the USA,

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          1. Remember Mr Tata who had a little steelworks, was refused access to new technologies and access to the « colonial” market. He is now called Mr Tata Land Rover etc etc etc. India could’t survive outside the “protective” umbrella of the Empire, ha ha.

            Also suggest, in the light of Ruth’s brainstorm yesterday, that she be referred to now and forever more as Smokies Davidson.

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            1. Erm, The Right Honourable, Noble and Gallant Baroness Smokies of Arbroath, if you don’t mind.

              Know your place.

              PS… talking about making a fool of yourself. What was she like?

              Screeching like a demented banshee… why don’t you like smokies?


        1. Apologies for a bit of a tangent here. Singapore achieved independence against its wishes, being thrown out of Malaysia (the S being for Singapore when compared to the previous name Malaya) in 1965. The country hasn’t done too badly ever since.

          Perhaps we should campaign for Scotland to be thrown out of the union for being to European?

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          1. Correct. Singapore was thrown out for being too cosmo and insisting on one law for all citizens, regardless of race.
            The big difference with Scotland is that Singapore is singularly lacking in natural resources. However much the may moan about and belittle Scotland, those in WM will not want to throw out their cash cow.

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            1. It’s rather strange hearing Tory ultras saying they want to emulate Singapore. I cannot think of a single thing in common between the two countries to enable it, aside from speaking English.

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          2. Now there is a thought.

            Every so often I see someone tweeting about what a drag the Scots are on the English economy and how they are going to stat a petition to get a referendum in England to throw us out of their union.

            I’m always very encouraging !

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  2. Steve Schmidt is right on the money. Exactly how I feel as a Biden voter in the States.

    Joe is now going to have a virtual inauguration to try and keep things safe, and I’m sure you will hear Donald and his followers blaring about how much larger the numbers at Trump’s inauguration were, completely missing the point. Donald has always been obsessed with his inauguration “crowds,” anyway…..

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      1. He was completely obsessed. He kept talking in his speeches about how big his crowds were. He just couldn’t handle the fact that Obama got a lot more people…it was hilarious.

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  3. Thanks Tris.
    This year has been a bugger eh?
    But one thing struck me; those elderly people (even more elderly than most folk who comment on here…heh) that voted NO, were either very much dead or were actually reconsidering their ideas.
    That nice lady on telly who was trying to keep us all safe, was actually the demonic harridan that they had read about in the Daily Mail?
    Surely not?
    That blonde buffoon was pretending to be Churchill?!
    Surely was.
    58% and counting.

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  4. Unfortunately,Trump like Thatcher and her disciples have tapped into something deep in the psyche of their constituent voters.
    People who see rules and regulations as a political obstacle which must be overcome in order to preserve their “freedom”.
    The “no such thing as society” cult who will bring poverty and suffering to everyone,including those believers unfortunate enough to be outside the circle of the chosen few.
    Countries led by these charlatans are heading down the road of anarchy and civil unrest and far from the utopia promised to the faithful by these liars.

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  5. Steve Schmidt another brainless idiot with a very warped view of reality, no doubt working for the Deep State.

    We have Foreign Interference in the US Election as evidenced by
    a) internet links to servers located in Toronto, Barcelona and Frankfurt,
    b) data being sent to China and the Pakistani security services
    c) voting machines having wifi connections to links hidden in airconditioning units for data transfer
    This is enough to nullify the election.

    In house electoral fraud
    d) evidence of dummy votes being entered in the wee small hours after the observers were sent home.
    e) video of boxes of votes being pulled out from under the table and then entered
    f) 1000# of affidavits from election officials within the counting rooms
    Despite this evidence politicians in the swing states certified Biden as the winner and the courts in those states throw out cases. Thankfully we now have “duelling electors”

    But perhaps the most damning feature that cannot be covered up or wished away
    g) in Pensylvania out of 9m records there were 521,879 voters who had unique surnames. So no Grandparents, Parents Aunties Uncles Brothers Sisters Cousins Sons Daughters Granchildren lived in the State.

    Facts are chiels that winna ding.


    1. You also have Trump et al soliciting donations from non-Americans. (ie: me)

      My email address was harvested from a web messageboard.

      I created an email dump for them, so I have a fair amount of evidence. Does that not amount to “persuading non-Americans to have an effect on the election”?

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    2. 521,879 voters who had unique surnames!!!
      AND of course 521,879 is a PRIME number.
      Evidence surely of extra-terrestrial activity here not just common or garden illuminati/masonic conspiracy.
      Or not.

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      1. Half a minute with Mr Google establishes that in the US…

        The 2000 census found over 6 million surnames total, the vast majority (about 65%) held by just one person.

        That suggests that even if the figures quoted for unique names in Pennsylvania are accurate, they are still a small proportion of the potential. Millions of unique names left unused. Sloppy, sloppy fraudsters.

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  6. Schmidt resigns from the republicans and joins the democrats, it’s a sign of how far politics has swung to the far right, here in the UK, National Front policies of the 70s are now at the heart of government, middle of the road Tories thrown out of the party, another Tory Blair leading the Labour party, dangerous times ahead for all.

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  7. Trump is indeed unpleasant, however the Bidens go beyond unpleasant.

    I care not a jot about what goes on internally in the USA – not my business.

    My only concern is what the USA does externally. The last four years have been fairly quiet, certainly in comparison to the creatures Obama and Bush. We have to be thankful that the foul Hillary was defeated in 2016 and certainly there are thousands, perhaps millions around the world who owe their lives to that fact.

    But no!

    Joe (reluctantly), Hillary and Barak say the right things on all the right issues – what’s a few thousand dead brown weans compared to that?

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    1. Mr Gault you are on a site which has a readership which is dead set against Trump and so find excuse after excuse to deny Truth, God knows I have tried for a very long time to get them to see the reality by dripping information all to no avail.
      Like many other truth tellers I find my internet getting censored and I am unable to make comments because of the content. Welcome to the Deep States totalitariansim ’cause that’s where were headed with Biden. I just hope Trump declassifies everything very soon otherwise we are all headed to the New World Order.


  8. Well in a few hours, Brexit will be Brexit as the transition period ends. Scotland faces becoming an English shire as our BNP lite government trash devolution. James Kelly of Scot Goes Pop is crowdfunding for a series of polls on indy and related questions. Even if you don’t have any pennies to contribute, we can wish him well and publicise it hoping to catch those who do have some pennies.

    On that cheery note /s

    Have a Guid New Year folks when it comes.

    (/s means sarcastic)

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    1. Off to look at James’s Go Fund Me.

      Happy to help him.

      Munguin and I will be sitting quietly reading…. me, my comic and he… his Herodotus.

      John Major famously never went anywhere without his Trollop… and Munguin never goes anywhere without his Greek History.


      1. To be fair to Trollope read “The Way We Live Now” – possibly an even better description of the corruption of money and capitalism than “The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists”.

        What Major thought when he read it and looked around at the scum in his cabinet is anybody’s guess!

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        1. LOL Yes, I was playing with the word Trollope. I wasn’t really knocking him for reading it. It was just an unfortunate thing to say, particularly when one later learned about Mrs Currie.

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  9. Saw this poem elsewhere written by Irene Evans

    “A POEM for Hogmanay 20-21:

    Yon sleekit virus

    Is aye on the loose

    Nae stravaigin!

    Bide in the hoose.”

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  10. A joint session of Congress will meet on Wednesday to approve the electoral vote results from the states, and will proclaim Joe Biden the 46th President of the United States. Biden will be inaugurated by taking the constitutional Oath of Office at the Capitol two weeks later. Whether Trump will have to be physically removed from the White House by federal marshals at that time remains to be seen. As does the question of whether he belongs in prison or a mental hospital. (Either one works for me.)

    About a dozen Republican Senators and more than a hundred Republican House members will drag the Congressional electoral vote count out by procedural delays as long as they can, but Biden WILL be proclaimed president. Even Republican votes are not there with the Democratic votes in both Houses to overturn a democratic election and effectively install a Trump dictatorship. Nevertheless, there is clear indication today that Trump is effectively functioning as a crime boss, and the mindless conspiracy-theory-obsessed right wing crazies who support him are as disconnected from reality as usual.

    The Washington Post today released a recording of a Trump telephone conversation yesterday (Saturday) with the Secretary of State of Georgia, Brad Raffensperger, demanding that he find enough Trump votes to overturn Joe Biden’s victory in the traditionally Republican southern state. This is almost surely criminal activity on Trump’s part. It’s also obvious that Trump believes his own conspiracy theories. He’s a raving madman……as much a mindless moron as his supporters both in and out of Congress. The Congressional Republicans are also playing a self-serving political game that strikes at the heart of democratic government.

    Trump’s telephone call with Georgia’s Republican Secretary of State (who administers elections in the state) is about an hour long, and the Washington Post released the recording in its entirety.

    The Washing Post and New York Times stories, and the complete recording:

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    1. You have to ask what he thinks he is doing to America.

      Governors all over the country, both Democrat and Republican, have certified the results. Every single court case that has been brought has been dismissed, including in the Supreme Court with its Republican majority.

      He’s looking like one of these African dictators that simply will not give up office.

      And all over the world ordinary democratic leaders like Macron and Merkel are looking on in amazement.

      Trump made America look a bit daft over the last 4 years, but now, I think the word is batshit.

      He needs putting away in a hospital somewhere.

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