I’ve never been hugely into Christmas. I’m not religious, so it has no significance to me and I’m fortunate that if I fancy a night out, a gluttonous meal or a skinful, I don’t need to wait to December to have it. Munguin, being Munguin, likes the wine and the presents… and the wine…which he always hopes will be champagne!

However, I know that for some people, Christmas means a lot. Christians, of course, are celebrating their saviour’s birth, but it’s also an important time in European culture, for family and friends to get together, exchange presents and enjoy each others’ company (at least until old Uncle Ernie gets tiddly and the kids have broken all their toys, the turkey is undercooked and the sprouts soggy).

This year, sadly, that won’t be happening in so many households and many people will be alone and missing their families. But, don’t forget, we can have Christmas celebrations in May or June when, hopefully, we will have had our vaccinations and life will be returning to normal.

So, if you are alone on the 25th, enjoy the peace, and you can always look forward to a big blow out in May.

This is a concert of Christmas music held in Reykjavík a few years ago. The musicians, choirs and soloists were amazing and the famous Hallgrímskirkja is such an impressive venue with incredible acoustics.

Thanks to Andimac for this lovely Munguincard.


    1. Thanks for the good wishes and kind words, Alex. Munguin is fair beaming there. 🙂

      I too never cease to be amazed at the amazingly wide knowledge of our wee group. As John says, every day’s a school day.

      Have a good day.


  1. Merry Christmas fellow Munguinites. It’s the best of blogs because it’s the most varied of blogs. Many thanks to Tris for running it and Munguin for giving him nanosecond off his others duties in order to do so.

    Wishing everyone a Happy Independence New Year when it comes.

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    1. Don’t be daft, you!

      We all love you (even Conan?). You’re our pet unionist and where, I ask, would we be without you?

      Munguin and I send our love to Taz. How he puts up with you I don’t know, but he does.

      Happy Christmas, Niko and Taz.

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        1. My daughter and her man are coming to sit in the back garden in a bit, then we’ll all go and stand outside number two sons front door to see three of the grandbairns. A strange Christmas indeed.

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          1. 🙂

            You have to make of it what you can, Conan.

            It seemed weird wiping down gifts (nearly all bottles) that neighbours brought for Munguin, and then washing my hands.

            Has to be done though. At least the weather isn’t too awful.


  2. May I recommend the latest Alex Salmond show. He has many guests on or perhaps just two impressionists ripping the pish. The guy is scarily good at Johnson and Farage eekkk!

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        1. PandaPaws, Tris…..I like how easy it is to embed a YouTube video or a JPG image into WordPress by simply entering the video link or the JPG link into the message box. The downside of that is that when the post comes up, it won’t show the link as a URL, if that’s what you want. You just get the embedded video itself, or a JPG image.

          BUT……on a YouTube video for example, you can right-click on the video screen and a seven item menu will come up, one item of which is “Copy Video URL.” Left click on that and you’ll have the URL that you can paste into a browser address line or whatever else you want to do with it.

          My apologies if this is already exceedingly obvious to everyone else, but I’d never actually tried it in WordPress on an embedded video. I just did, and it does work as a way to see and copy the link. The YouTube menu looks different than a regular right-clicked browser menu, but it works the same for a JPG image.

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  3. Just been up to my mum’s, pausing only to to collect my aunt. I look after them both (in a changing fuses or lightbulbs/fixing cupboard doors/etc. kind of a way), so we’re all in sort of bubbles anyway. I also put a new power cable on mum’s food processor and it now works again.

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  4. I thought your page might be a good home for my Christmas message :

    I wish you all a splendid Yule :
    No travelling to work or school;
    No shops, no mail, no Click-Collect,
    No late attempts to Send Direct.
    No guilt about your wasted year –
    But joy that Christmas Day is here!
    You COULD have painted, jogged or read,
    Or built a patio, or shed,
    You COULD have visited your auntie –
    Unless she lives in Alicante –
    Or learned to bake, or make sourdough,
    (Which sounds disgusting, yes, I know)
    Or fixed the shelf which was too high……
    But did you? DID YOU? Nor did I.
    I simply did what was advised,
    Obeyed the rules ( to my surprise)
    And watched the men who’ve ruined this age
    Behave like monkeys in a cage.
    The hypocrites, the toadies too,
    The narcissists, both Red and Blue,
    The liars, who could make us weep
    With promises they would not keep.
    And now I’m fending off despair,
    To see what’s coming next from there.

    But I shall try to find some cheer
    In thoughts of what will come next year,
    When shackles are thrown far away
    And Scotland shines throughout the grey.
    So let’s be positive, I cry,
    As I look to the azure sky,
    And, while the liars profess their love…..

    I’ll count the piggies flying above.

    Merry Christmas to you all!

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