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    1. It may be worth, on this thread, reminding people that Mr Rees Mogg, who is now a relatively senior, and certainly very influential, member of the English Cabinet has said that all devolution was an error, a grave one, made by the last Labour Government and it should be done away with.

      Rees Mogg used to say ridiculous things and use long, made-up Latin words to say them in and people smiled and said that it was part of the joy of the eccentric English parliament. Rees Mogg is now the leader of the Commons. He has authority.

      Will he put that to the British people… the Welsh and Scotland… and, of course, the Northern Irish in referenda?

      I wonder too if he realises the consequences for the Irish peace agreement of abolishing Stormont.

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        1. Imagine there being a party set up to abolish Westminster and the HOL’s lol, people would laugh their freakin heads off! Wonder who’s money is behind that utter tripe and that guy, did he just land from another planet, I think so.

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          1. Well, there was a party which claimed to have a policy of doing half of that and getting rid of the House of Lords, or it did when it was founded by a miner’s son from Lanarkshire who worked in the pits from the age of 10… but that was over a hundred years ago, as I’m sure that well-known class warrior Baron Darling of Roulanish would gladly tell you.

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              1. I haven’t read those, Hetty, but let me guess: they’re far, far too radical for today’s Labour Party.

                Family lore says that one of my great-uncles was Keir Hardie’s election agent in 1906. I love the idea so much that I haven’t made any effort to find out for sure, in case it’s a myth.

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                1. The book has some of his parliamentary speeches, would be far too radical for Labour red Tories today. Not even sure Starmer is a red Tory, more like just, Tory.
                  Keir Hardie’s Writing and Speeches, 1888-1915, it’s not a big book, wonder if available at, it’s £24 on amazon.

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  1. When Rees-Mogg campaigned in Fife twenty-two years ago, he was in turn, ridiculed and threatened, so much so that Henry McLeish had to protect him.
    I think he may have a grudge against Scotland…

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    1. Off topic a tad. Someone on, I think, The National, had a go at The Reverend Stewart Campbell, who , for reasons unknown to me, was given a ‘right of reply’.

      Neither the criicism nor the original defence of himself appears to me to now be available.

      Do any good Munguinites have a link, preferably to The National, so I could discuss with him where I think he has become someone who’s agenda ain’t about independence any more, but about buying into his bullshit views about lots of other matters?

      A working link would be useful.

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        1. Thanks Conan, I could not find that at all.

          What is even odder is that his post isn’t open to replies. At least not from me. The National either allows discussion or it let’s a lunatic free reign.


      1. I wouldn’t bother if I were you, Douglas: as far as I’m concerned, he’s relegated himself to irrelevance with his outbursts.

        I didn’t spot the article in question and wouldn’t know where to look (I’ve never had any success using the National’s search function) – and I wouldn’t have read it anyway.

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    2. Well, he turned up looking like a refugee from the South of England, in a Bentley, driven, some say, by his Nanny and campaigned in a working class area … No call to threaten him, of course, but ridicule, I’d say so. He was ridiculous.

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  2. I know I am going on about this a bit, but ‘The National’ allows Campbell to speak and stops comment on his nonsense.

    I have much to say about Campbell, and yet I am silenced.

    Quite why they give him a ‘slot’ and deny comments on his ideas is not what I’d expect of the editor of the National.

    Callum Baird?

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