Maybe Danny can translate…
Boing, said Zebedee.
Je me demande comment il se débrouille en grec ancien pour qu’il soit capable de parler avec Johnson dans sa langue maternelle.
Richard Leonard

Scottish Labour happy to rule out a sensational deal with Douglas Ross. Or any kind of deal, for that matter.

OH, WELL! That one didn’t last very long!


Astounding': MSP backs Shetland autonomy while defending Tory power grab |  The National
Jamie Halcro Johnston has been appointed to the Tory front bench team to replace Oliver Mundell.
Popular choice, given this is how well he did in a First Past the Post contest in 2017 for the English parliament.


It appears that the London government is setting in motion (if you’ll pardon the phrase) the purchase of a raft of portaloos to deal with the problems of lorry drivers stuck in Kent with, erm, nowhere to go. Presumably Sniffer Gove or Matt Handy will have a suitable mate for the lucrative contract, although heaven knows what they will get.


Sniffy, or ‘the Govester’, as Mr Johnson would likely call him… has decided to blame the Brexit situation on the SNP, which is interesting considering that the SNP has been expressly excluded from any discussions with the EU.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is PlOuTd1X

It doesn’t seem to occur to him that, had the first Brexit Secretary been just a little better prepared for the job, the negative dynamic might have been avoided.

Here's why this photo of David Davis at Brexit negotiations has got people  talking - The Irish News

Oh, and, maybe if these morons have behaved like 7-year-olds at the end of term, the feelings towards England would have been warmer.

Still and all, we have our “iconic” blue passport made by a French Dutch company in Poland, don’t we?
But what is this I see? Do foreigners not know the difference between black and blue? Are they colour blind? And what’s all that foreign writing on the cover?

70 thoughts on “RANDOM THOUGHTS”

  1. I’m having a little trouble understanding the Trump supporter, but he seems to be threatening to knock Biden Democrats’ teeth out. Ironic, since it appears that someone has already done that to him.

    He looks familiar. He might be a lesser known member of the Trump cabinet. Secretary of Commerce perhaps, or maybe Interior. 😉

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      1. LOL Tris…….that sounds right. Upon further study, I was able to make out that he’s telling doggone durn Democrats that if they think Trump has conceded and that Biden is our president….then he’s going to use his brass knuckles and go get some friends and knock all y’all’s smilin’ teeth out. (Or words to that general effect.) 😉

        This guy will just hate watching the rats leave the ship. Biden just passed 80 million votes in the count. Michigan officially certified their votes yesterday (Trump strong-arming the Michigan politicians did no good,) and Pennsylvania certified today. The formal transition process has just begun in Washington, Biden is naming his cabinet, and right wing loony Laura Ingraham on FOX has started breaking the news to the Trumpies.


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        1. When Fox gives up on you, you know you’ve been given up on…lol

          Time to move on.

          Any news on Don Jr. Last I heard he had tested positive, but I suspect that his dad’s Covid might have been fake news and I wondered if Jnr’s was too.

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          1. Tris…..Well said!…..LOL.
            I wonder if FOX knows that the new Secretary of State speaks French. They’re not going to like that one bit!!

            I think I heard yesterday that Don Jr. was experiencing mild symptoms. I’d assumed that it was maybe just an excuse to avoid Ms. Guilfoyle. 😉

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  2. Random Thoughts? In view of recent events in Downing Street, shouldn’t today’s title be adapted slightly to commemorate the departure of the erstwhile supremo? DomRan Thoughts seems most appropriate. Just omdran anagram thinking on my part as the brian absorbs black cofefe and nocinite to get into gare for the dya. (Or as close as it eve gets to it.)

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  3. The incoming administration in the US of A have made it very clear that they are anti Brexit and in particular the threats to the Belfast Agreement made by BoJo and his pals.
    The Brexiteers are faced with the option of No trade deal with the US of A and the EU or having to do yet another U turn.
    Of course,they could follow through on their 17th century swashbuckling proposals to make England great again.
    As they say at this time of year,Ho Ho Ho.

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    1. Thanks Conan. I spotted this about an hour ago in the morning papers, and we posted simultaneously. The worse thing is the renewed publicity this will give that damn movie. 😉

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  4. Maybe not too O/T…….but perhaps of significance to all humankind….. (and does not appear to be an internet hoax.)

    For reasons related to Stanley Kubrick, I find this discovery on public lands in a remote, unpopulated region of southern Utah quite disturbing.

    Posted by the Department of Public Safety of Utah: “It is illegal to install structures or art without authorization on federally managed public lands, no matter what planet you’re from.”


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      1. Conan…..I estimated the size and figured the weight. If it were solid stainless steel, it would weigh about 53,000 lbs. A box made of 12 gauge stainless steel sheet on the other hand would weigh 760 lb. So shipping and handling in earth’s gravity probably dictates a hollow box, even for extraterrestrials.

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  5. I just picked up the following from The Independent’s daily digest:

    “It has been claimed the government is paying £1m a day to store thousands of containers filled with PPE at a Suffolk port. As many as 10,000 shipping containers — sometimes more, sometimes less — full of masks, aprons and gloves have been sat quayside at Felixstowe since August. According to a pricing document seen by The Telegraph, the port charges £47.38 a day for any container that has been there longer than two weeks. After a backlog saw around 11,000 government shipping containers at the port last week, it can be estimated the government spent £520,000 for a day’s storage there. Experts estimate shipping companies usually charge around £75 per container for every day a unit is not returned within an agreed time frame; this brings the government’s daily cost up to roughly £1.3m. ”

    That would be the Westminster Government, naturally.

    Can you imagine the uproar from the Usual Suspects if that particular piece of incompetence and waste had been perpetrated by Nicola Sturgeon’s government rather than the Johnson regime?

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    1. Ah. I may have part of the explanation for that piece of Westminster regime – what would you call it? Incompetence? Malfeasance? Corruption?

      Here’s an article dated 17 September this year from the Ipswich Star entitled “Felixstowe port company paying former government minister [Chris Grayling] £100,000 for 7 hours work a week”: https://is.gd/8SDCPJ.

      So who knows how many of Boris’s nasty little pals are guzzling away at that particular trough…

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      1. Imagine anyone paying Grayling any amount of money to do anything, except maybe “go away”?

        For heaven’s sake, he was considered too incompetent for a government containing Raab, Handcock and Patel… not to mention Gove, the sniffy, evil house elf.

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  6. A follow on from yesterday,but still apposite for today.
    I can do no better than quote Hillair Belloc:

    A Python I would not advise, —
    It needs a doctor for its eyes,
    And has the measles yearly,
    However, if you feel inclined
    To get one (to improve your mind,
    And not from fashion merely),
    Allow no music near its cage;
    And when if flies into a rage
    Chastise it, most severely.
    I had an Aunt in Yucatan
    Who bought a Python from a man
    And kept it for a pet.
    She died, because she never knew
    These simple little rules and few; —
    The Snake is living yet.

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  7. ‘SNP actions have negatively affected the negotiating dynamic’. Hard to believe I just read those words! Aside from the fact this is really through the looking glass, jaw on the floor brass neck, it is also very sinister. Notice they say the ‘SNP actions’, not the ScotGov, but the SNP. This is to further demonise the SNP, but also it is giving Brexiters someone to blame andvent their anger towards. It is Trumpian through and through, an attempt to shift blame so that
    any grievance is deflected from the sheer incompetence and manipulation of the actual actions of those behind the whole damn dangerous Brexit catastrophe that surely awaits the UK. To lay the blame on the SNP and use such dangerous wording, is really very worrying. Does anyone think for one moment that the
    jobless Brexiters, with no food on the table and no way to pay their mortgages won’t vent their anger, somehow, at someone?
    The English government are deliberately laying the blame on the ‘SNP’ and it could hardly be more sickening given the EngGovs’ blatant contempt for Scotland during this whole process and vanity project.
    The EngGov locked the ScotGov OUT of talks, literally, then told the ‘SNP’ to F off, in fact, literally as well.
    Scotland is in great peril be in no doubt, or rather, Scotland’s economy and Scotland’s democracy are in great peril. Scotland’s very existence as well, be prepared to change your address to ‘North Britain’, (or they might call it, North UK this time) along with those blue/black passports. NUK. Lovely.
    Food, meds, including Covid vaccine, all will soon be used to blackmail the ‘SNP’ ie the ScotGov, (note the BritNat EngGov did not use the word Scotland or ScotGov because that would acknowledge that Scotland has a legitimate government and they do not consider the SNP to be legitimate) into complying with whatever the EngGov demands, first and foremost, no indy ref, at all, not for a very long time.
    Sorry for the doom and gloom, but after the year we have had in 2020, Brexit on top of that is even more terrifying than imagined. If Scotland does not escape Eng regime clutches, it does not bear thinking about it really doesn’t.

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    1. Hetty, I’m seeing that narrative also as damage control after Johnson’s “devolution disaster Blair’s biggest mistake”, where the spin They’re putting on it is that it’s not devolution itself that’s been a disaster, it’s the SNP Government that’s been the disaster. Deflection, in other words.

      For the rest… I agree. The current Westminster regime poses an existential threat to our nation. I suspect that the May elections to Holyrood may have to be turned into a plebiscite election on independence whether it’s the SNP’s / First Minister’s preferred route or not, because the regime sees nothing wrong with imposing its will on Scotland: its philosophy of the UK as a unitary State and over which Westminster has infinite sovereignty is in direct contradiction to the very idea of devolution, and in BoJo and his nasty, entitled little pals we have a regime that is downright sociopathic.

      England’s no-deal Brexit – that’s not what the English voted for, and of course it’s not what we Scots voted for in either 2014 or 2016. I’d wish a plague on the Johnson regime, except we’ve got one already.

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    1. Well, there is nothing significant about the birth of Jesus Christ to a virus. If we drop our guard then the virus will do what it does. It will take the opportunity to spread. I wish it were otherwise, but it ain’t.

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    2. I agree. I was speaking to a nurse this afternoon. She thinks it’s mad.

      Like somehow the Virus is going to take a Christmas break.

      But, I reckon, in fairness, how would you ever police it?

      I’ll not be participating.

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      1. Well, it is weird that are those almost “anti protective measures” which are probably putting themselves at the greatest risk.

        Go figure.

        ‘Cause, I can’t.

        Perhaps they believe that, after enormous deaths, that they will be immune and rule? That assumes that it is you, dear optimist, that will get through what we ought to describe as a plague.

        For this wee virus ain’t choosy about who it hits.

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        1. Oh well… I’m not buying Christmas presents. I’m not going anywhere and on the day Munguin has promised me that I may participate in a small glass of one of his fine vintages.

          Actually his exact words were … ‘a very small glass…’


    3. I think it’s a ridiculous decision that shows a breathtaking lack of regard for the lives that will very probably be lost as a direct result. It’s not just the 5 day break in restriction, there’s the shopping in preparation that will increase transmission. It’ll be mayhem if common sense doesn’t prevail and for many it just won’t.

      Covid19 aside, it would do the planet no harm whatsoever to have a couple of years off from the annual pig fest that is Christmas.

      On the other hand with no deal Brexit looming there might be little to celebrate in 2021 and beyond.

      Bah humbug!

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    4. Easing up on the COVID restrictions at Christmas or at any other time that is not dependent on the epidemiological situation with the virus is a damn fool idea, unless we can get ourselves vaccinated in time for it.

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  8. Agree, IF it’s ok at a pagan festival date then our fellow countrymen of other religions will just say it’s fine for their festive days.
    It’s a sop for the english.
    Just lisened to Corbyn on the radio ask the chancer for a decent pay RISE for public sector workers. He said that 10 years of austerity has seen their take home pay reduced by a third.
    The chancer’s answer, the private sector has seen a negative position vis a vis public sector over the last SIX Months.
    Crossrail 2 has been stopped but not Crossrail or HS2.
    And remember folks the Clyde is to get a share of the Frigates spending in the Once in a Generation military spend of an extra £16 billion, funny that a generation in military spending in FOUR YEARS.
    Will now go and have a look at the rest of the chancer’s statement.
    Foreign aid to be reduced but the tory party are not going to forget the World’s Poor.
    Funny that it came After PMQT, not before.

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    1. The thing is, we remember the 13 frigates we were going to get in 2014, the number of which, just weeks after the referendum result, was reduced to 8, then further reduced to 3, then given to Liverpool… or somewhere else in England, I remember not where.

      Yeah, we really really trust you, Tories. People of your word, as long as your word is Bullsh*t

      Doctors, nurses, health care workers?

      As long as all the politicians have to do is stand on the doorstep in August and clap while swearing these are the finest people in the world, that’s fine… when they ask for a pay rise… suddenly it’s our military that are the finest people in all the world.

      Yes, we REALLY REALLY trust the Tories.


  9. Just been announced the Universal Credit is to rise.
    Austerity is over.
    Claimants are to get a POUND a MONTH extra.
    I’m thinking the programme is now called Auschwitz, not austerity.
    Isn’t it strange that there are going to be Scottish Elections in May, invisible frigate orders.
    The great empire is giving South Korea a hand with building design for their new aircraft carrier.
    Strange that it’s actually based on a French design, Oh and the shaft glands leak.

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    1. My goodness. What will people do with all that extra money?

      They tried the frigate lie before. Just becasue they are dim, it doesn’t mean we are.

      Whya re they helping South Korea. It’s far richer than Britain.


  10. Now it’s India to build the Supercarrier, to share!!!!!
    The doris says we’re going to launch a satellite from Sutherland rocket base.
    What they don’t say it will be a small one less than a kilogramme in mass, built in Glasgow.
    Pensions to go up by 2.5% but benefits by 0.5%, this is called levelling DOWN.
    Just listened to the Agriculture Secretary of westmonster say that there will be tariffs applied to Danish butter, Lurpak brand, Pity he doesn’t realise ours is made in Leeds. The factory is my landmark on the motorway for the sliproad that goes to my sister’s place.
    Maybe we are just about to hear that fish is to be exchanged for money services.

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  11. Just catching up with yesterday’s news.
    A tory list msp has resigned the party that invited the person to be an msp for a region.
    This person is not resigning as an msp.
    Seems that it suits the tories not to select a new list member to take the seat.
    Will the baroness loss the extra pay for having the correct number of msps to be called the leader of the opposition?

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    1. I’ve always thought that was wrong.

      It’s more the party that is elected on the list, not really the person.

      Two MSPs from the SNP did it some years ago over the NATO proposition. They stayed in post not representing the SNP.

      That needs looking at.

      Indeed, I think any MP, MSP or AM who resigns from the platform he or she stood on, should refight his/her seat.


      1. Absolutely tris. We are lumbered with a councillor whom we canvassed and leafleted for, and now he has left the party in a huff, over a supposed slight. If he had remained, the S.N.P would be the largest group on our Council, albeit still being outvoted, on most occasions, by the Labour/Conservative alliance. If he is so sure of his position, he should have stood down, and fought the seat as an independent.

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  12. The person I speak off is the one with 6 children who voted to stop support for the third child for all the rest of us.
    The handcock can’t understand why people with cold symptoms still go out to work.
    Even his boss put off stopping being seen as the leader of the tories, he still has trouble living off a salary of Ten Times the national average.

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    1. Slightly O/T, but with Brexit and France very much in the news, maybe not. And a lesson from history (with probably a Groan from Ed thrown in).

      Caesar had just returned from France and was addressing the adoring masses in the Colosseum, updating them on his triumphant campaigns. “I killed 100,000 Gauls,” he said.

      Brutus interrupted: “He’s exaggerating again. He only killed 50,000.”

      “True,” replied Caesar, “but you seem to have forgotten that in Europe, away Gauls count double.”

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