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Ms Patel’s previous roles: Sec of State for Work and Pensions (where we had to pay compensation for her bullying a disabled member of staff and then sacking her). Sec of State for International Development where she was sacked for failing to inform her officials and the FCO of her secret meetings with the Israeli government and subsequently lying to the Prime Minister and the Press, not once but repeatedly, about doing so.

Sir Alex Allen’s previous roles: Chair of Joint Intelligence Committee. Permanent Sec of Dept of Constitutional Affairs. High Commissioner to Australia. Principal Private Secretary to PMs Blair and Major.

So we have lost an experience and competent man over this.

Still, Johnson has, at least for the moment, held on to his Home Secretary IN WHOM HE HAS EXPRESSED COMPLETE CONFIDENCE.


  1. The most dangerous government of my lifetime and I lived through Thatcher. Incompetent, venal, amoral, and corrupt. Breakers of international law and crony capitalists. Colonialise and partition countries. Spend £16 billion of the military whilst starving poor children in England.

    Depressing as f%ck.

    It’s enough to make you scream – cuteness warning

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        1. Until this example, breaking the ministerial code was a resignation matter. Not so long ago the minister in question would have resigned when the accusation was made; knowing an inquiry’s findings would make their position untenable, they walked.

          When there’s no actual constitution, but rather a collection of conventions, precedents & traditions it was just a matter of time before someone, or someones, would push the envelope.

          Well here we are, we have a Tory party, recently purged of its more more moderate elements, rewriting the rulebook because they can. There is absolutely nothing to prevent any primary legislation (scrutinised by parliament) being overwritten, in part or in whole, by secondary legislation (made up, literally on the hoof if they feel like it, by ministers).

          Right now we’re still in the transition period, we are still protected by EU rules. In 6 weeks we’ll be at the mercy of the likes of Patel & the rest of the Self-servatives; they can more or less go as far as they want & I doubt they’ll show much restraint.

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          1. I suppose that in other times, a chap would know what to do when he was caught out. It might not be a bottle of whisky and a loaded revolver, but something similar.

            Now we live in a world where the president of the USA can lose an election and yet win it…

            Talking of the EU, wasn’t everything supposed to be settles on Thursday…?

            Anyone know what’s happened?


          2. Patel breaking ministerial code is not new to her, from memory, she had 13 meetings with some top Israeli ministers, trade, intelligence and military, no minutes taken and apparently T May kept in the dark.
            You may be correct Drew, her particular lack of compassion could be needed for later. Concerning.

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            1. She also agreed to use her Overseas Aid budget to build on the Golan Heights, which the UN says belong to Syria.

              In fairness it was to build a field hospital. But that is not what foreign aid is for and it probably would have been illegal to do that, which would explain why she told no one.

              I suspect she was found out when she told her permanent secretary to fork out the cash (and break the law).

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  2. Priti Patel is a nasty, flint-hearted liar – and a bully.

    I detect personality disorder in that woman. She’s like Boris Johnson – a narcissist and a sociopath. Neither of them should ever have been allowed within a country mile of a lever of power, because they have no qualms about hurting people. Ian Duncan Smith is another. If any of them were in charge of a railway signal box, you could just imagine them crashing two trains for, as they say, shits and giggles.

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    1. Seems to be the sot of thing that is welcomed in Boris Johnson’s Tory Party.

      The only way to get rid of her would be for her to have been found calling his girlfriend names.

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      1. Maybe I should send an anonymous letter to Carrie Symonds (from A Friend) telling her that I’d spotted Boris and Priti disappearing into the broom cupboard under the stairs at no. 10 and heard a lot of banging.

        I’d need to do a bit of background research, though, but I betcha the necessary information is on the interweb machine somewhere!

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            1. I’ve just been moderated on the Guardian for wondering if Patel had film of Johnson in her dungeon. I’m just wondering if they know something…?

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          1. A previous Tory PM got himself into a spot of bother over currie fondness. And not particularly hot stuff either. To my mind at least. Although Normandy made it hotter for him than the D-Day landings. I think pickled eggs were also involved, Or was it a pickle over eggs? And if history repeats itself and Carrie gets Boris knee-capped over this, would that make him Patella-ed?

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            1. Umm… it must have been your currie, John, that made me read Patella-ed as paellaed. Oh well, we always knew that things at Westminster were decidedly fishy, and crustaceans are close enough to make no never mind, IMHO.

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  3. Patel, who would want to spend an evening in her company, not many that’s for sure, not even a minute, the devil personified. I had never heard of her before Johnson installed his ‘cabinet’…talking of which he is talking of bringing his ‘cabinet’ to Scotland, Inverness far as I know. I wonder what or who his ‘cabinet’ will consist of! Not Patel, pleeesee nooo!!!!!! Gove? argh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    1. Oh no, AH, they should be encouraged to come! All of them! The more the merrier, because the more people see just how awful they, their ideas and their attitudes are, the sooner we can get rid of the lot of them!

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      1. But Ed, they won’t meet real people.

        They’ll jet in a few landowners and the press will be able to report how well the cabinet went down.

        And if they do it in the middle of the winter there won’t be too many people outside telling them where to go.

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        1. Oh I think we can manage an online ‘where to go’, politely of course. I see it as an invasion of Scotland’s privacy meself, who would even put them up anyway? It’s all part of the gas lighting of Scotland. Johnson hates the Scots, very racist indeed. Imagine if he said the French should be ‘exterminated’. There ‘cabinet’ belongs in London, south of England where people vote for them.
          Cabinet of horrors, and they would have to quarantine, and meet the FM. They won’t though.
          Their arrogance and disrespect for Scotland knows no bounds.
          As a total aside, Tris you might like this. Never fails to make me laugh and i have watched it loads over the years!

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        2. Encourage, or take them to go on a wee tour of the watering holes of the Merkinch area a “sooper bumper” area, real banter.
          Culloden revisited, different result.

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    2. I’m not sure that that is a good idea.

      I can see that if you have moderately popular people, you might want the people to have the opportunity to meet them, but most of these people are largely unlikeable. I’m not sure I can see the advantage.

      Added to which, many of them have no real function in Scotland… the health, education, law, transport, etc ministers for example.

      He might as well take them to Estonia.

      Actually, I wish he would.

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    3. Aye, I heard that Hetty, then heard a bit more detail. I thought it was delicious, a tory group from around Invershneckie (Moray?) has suggested that the aniversity of the meeting in Inverness by the Westminster government should be commemorated by another westminster meeting.
      The last one was in 1921, because the Irish had rejected the UK state and crown.
      Seems to have been thought through with the same clarity as the plan to keep Patel in post and everything will blow over.

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      1. If I remember right, you had an Inversneckie namesake, Alan. Wasn’t the comedian Harry Gordon styled ‘The Laird of Inversneckie’? No relation presumably.

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  4. Funny ol’ world isn’t it.
    Dom and his mate Lee had to go because they called Carrie names and made Allegra cry ( and didn’t she milk that one for sympathy)
    Now though under Allegra’s direction all the Tory MPs are circling the wagons with tweets of support for Priti and Boris.

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    1. Pippa Crerar
      Boris Johnson’s press secretary Allegra Stratton says the PM “loathes bullying”, takes the allegations “very seriously”, and knows how hard it is for civil servants to come forward.

      But then he decided not to take any action.

      Pippa Crerar
      PM sends order to Tory MPs via Whatsapp: “Time to form a square around the Prittster”.

      Asked why, his press secretary says: “This has been a testing day for her”.

      He really calls her”the Prittster?

      What’s he playing at? The Junior Remove at Eton?

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  5. Tris

    Is there a more odious individual the her. What is with stories that they attract these horrible men and women to their party. For Johnson to defend her just sums up this government, utter contempt for the electorate. They will do what they want and know that they will get away with it, the media won’t hold them to account, Labour will moan and do nothing because they are just as bad. I don’t even think Thatcher would have put up with this crap but saying that this lot wouldn’t have been competent to make her tea. How far our standards have fallen but Patel I wouldn’t piss in if she was on fire.

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        1. He’s been a total disappointment, Bruce.

          I mean he should be able to make mincemeat of a spluttering idiot of a PM. He’s a QU and former DPP.

          Johnson is a fat old Eton Boy drunk.



  6. I noticed that Priti Patel’s “apology” was another of her “I’m sorry that you feel that way about something that I said/did…” ones.

    “I dislike that you don’t agree with me” rather than “I apologise for my actions”.

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      1. I wouldn’t take your bet, Tris. People with personality disorders / psychopathies like hers don’t take responsibility for anything unless it makes them look good, they don’t change their behaviours because they don’t see any need to and have no insight into them, and react to criticism by either cutting off relations with whoever criticizes them, categorizing them as enemies, with rage, or some combination thereof… that’s my experience, anyway, and I don’t think the psychotherapists have much success in treating them either.

        Recommendations: when you come across someone like that, walk away smartly. If unable to do that, show no signs of upset as those will be interpreted as signs of weakness, which encourages them. Do not feel any need to be anything other than blunt and direct, and when threatened or the behaviour gets out of hand, respond immediately with a credible counter-threat – or revert to plan A and walk out on them.

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          1. Indeed. Overgrown playground bullies. I forgot to mention: be prepared and leave no hostages to fortune, because such people have no qualms about lying through their teeth, because they’re shameless.

            I’m trying to track down a quote from someone about Tories having some vital part of their soul missing, or something like that, but unfortunately I can’t find it. I hope there’s a Munguinite or two out there who can fill in the gap in my recollection.

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            1. Munguin’s Peerless skills at telling me what to Google suggest that it may have been Charlie Brooker.

              The Conservative party is an eternally irritating force for wrong that appeals exclusively to bigots, toffs, money-minded machine men, faded entertainers and selfish, grasping simpletons who were born with some essential part of their soul missing. None of history’s truly historical figures has been a Tory, apart from the ones that were, and they only did it by mistake. To reach a more advanced stage of intellectual evolution, humankind must first eradicate the “Tory instinct” from the brain – which is why mother nature is gradually making them less sexy with each passing generation.


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