Sturgeon and Ross criticise Johnson after he calls devolution a 'disaster'  | This Is Local London

Yesterday, Mr Ross disagreed with Mr Johnson, saying that devolution was a GOOD thing when Mr Johnson said that it had been a DISASTER “north of the (non-existent) border”.

The only thing, according to Dross, that had spoiled it was the horrid old SNP going out and getting themselves elected again and again, and if only the idiot Scots would just elect the Tories, it would all be fine.

AND, he could be first minister and go down in history…

Pesky Scots just had to spoil everything with their independence nonsense, he seemed to be saying.

Of course, Mr Johnson had a point and Dross doesn’t (quite apart from the bogus video, now removed).

Power devolved is power retained. Some powers will be taken back to Westminster, or at least to the massive office block in the centre of Edinburgh which is Jack’s Imperial Office.

Scottish Secretary: New UK Government hub highlights PM's support for union  | Express & Star

And the devolution settlement was faulty as Johnson suggested, although obviously not in the way he meant it. Devolving power to the three Celtic nations actually reinforced the idea that England was Britain was England and clearly, as England and Britain were the same, there was no need for an English parliament, because they already had one.

What passes for democracy in the UK

In a way, it made us even less than we had been before.

Time to get rid of devolution and replace it with independence.


    1. Thing is even IF he doesn’t believe that, there are plenty in his party – that is that party Boris Johnson leads – that do. He’s merely articulating that view. The problem for us is that the folk that DO think that are the ones with the power to do something about it. And none of them will be paying the slightest bit of attention to whatever DRoss says or advises.

      Scotland free or desert may no longer, if it ever was, be hyperbole.

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  1. The only thing, according to Dross, that had spoiled it was the horrid old SNP going out and getting themselves elected again and again, and if only the idiot Scots

    Yeah lost Indy 1 though eh let not forget that.
    Scots Not Idiots after all

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    1. Why…? they were taken in by promises from Nick Clegg, David Cameron, Gordon Brown, and George Galloway… Jeez.

      You could be right, Niko. They are a bunch of imbeciles.

      Get me Icelandic nationality.

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      1. Indeed Tris.

        What should’ve been a choice between independence & the status quo became a choice between independence & the bestest ever, super enhanced devolution on steroids; a.k.a. “The Vow”.

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        1. Particularly irritating, Drew, as initially Cameron had refused to contemplate an enhanced devolution option.

          Pre-campaign I remember an opinion poll suggesting that it (devo-super) was the most popular option. Status quo and independence less so… and return to London rule came in at around 2%.


  2. When the Westminster establishment talk about Scotland,they are not talking about the people of Scotland but rather the resources held within that country.
    Their pathetic attempts to portray the SNP as a minority rebel organisation who wish to separate Westminster from Scottish resources just won’t fly any more.
    The majority of Scots now see that we can make a better job of things than the Tory mafia currently robbing the UK state and that devolution has simply been a step in that direction.
    In any case,one way or another,devolution is coming to an end.

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    1. I think pretty much from the beginning of devolution we’ve generally made a better fist of things than the Brits have.

      From a Johnson point of view, that makes devolution a failure, becasue it illustrated that the areas of responsibility that were devolved have been overall better run that those which have not.

      It was always going to be a matter of time before people say just how obvious it was that devolution was a step on the evolutionary path to independence.


  3. As you said over on the Tusker: “We have completely failed to live down to their expectations.” That’s why it’s seen as a “disaster” in certain quarters.

    Instead of plodding along with a compliant Unionist coalition, infamously in McConnell’s case sending money back, we have an administration that sees things differently. One that’s prepared to prioritise health, education and infrastructure & to spend in ways that are ideologically unsound as far as your average, everyday neoliberal frothers are concerned.

    Not only were the SNP not supposed to be given a chance, they certainly weren’t supposed to have the audacity to show competence.

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    1. No. I don’t think so, Danny. I can’t see what it is but the Scottish crown jewels are kept in Edinburgh Castle and I imagine that they wouldn’t transport them to England for an hour long event.

      The Queen doesn’t wear crowns any longer as they are too heavy for her head.

      Maybe she should consider retirement.

      I wonder, though, if she thinks that the state pension in the UK, the lowest in the developed world, is insufficient to keep her and Phil in all their homes, so the poor old soul has to keep working.

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      1. Yes Tris……it’s sad that the poor old lady has to keep working. (Even if she takes a lift these days instead of climbing the royal steps from the Sovereign’s Entrance to Westminster.)

        I knew that she doesn’t wear the Imperial State Crown anymore…..so it sits on a pillow beside the throne. But while it’s hard to make out any details, the one held by the lady in this picture does seem to be a four-arch crown very similar in appearance to the Crown of Scotland.

        Anyway, I was concerned that perhaps the English had spirited it away, like Edward I did the Stone of Destiny in 1296. (What with the Scottish Crown being much older and dripping with more history than any of the crowns that the English have.) Munguin might have someone go to Edinburgh Castle and check it out just to be sure. πŸ˜‰

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        1. PS: (Not O/T really, since it was in the picture….. πŸ˜‰ )

          With a little bit of Googling……Mystery Solved!

          What I thought was one arch of a four-arch crown (looking something like the Crown of Scotland), is really the gold thingy on top of the “Cap of Maintenence”

          “The cap of maintenance is one of the insignia of the British sovereign, and is carried directly before the monarch at the State Opening of Parliament, nowadays usually by the Leader of the House of Lords.”

          “The Cap of Maintenance was traditionally gifted to the monarch by the Pope. If the Pope awarded a monarch with a Cap, it was seen as an endorsement and special privilege. A Cap of Maintenance was first gifted to both Henry VII and Henry VIII during their respective reigns. At coronations, Kings of the past, including The Queen’s father George VI, have worn the Cap of Maintenance for the journey to Westminster Abbey immediately prior to the service.”

          “Kings of the United Kingdom wear a cap of maintenance at their coronation, prior to the anointing, as seen most recently at the Coronation of King George VI: it is worn for the journey to Westminster Abbey, for the Procession inside the Abbey and then when seated in the Chair of Estate during the first part of the coronation service. Queens regnant do not wear them on such occasions, but wear instead a diadem, as in the case of Queen Elizabeth II who wore the George IV State Diadem before her coronation.”

          “In more general terms, the velvet and ermine lining of a crown (or coronet of a peer) is itself sometimes called a “cap of maintenance”, and is technically a separate item from the crown itself. The original purpose of the cap was to keep a crown or coronet secure (and comfortable) on the head, thus its function was simply to “maintain” the crown in place and protect the head of the wearer from the bare metal of a crown, coronet, or diadem. The granting of the cap as an honour might refer specifically to the red velvet and/or ermine trim, distinct from a simpler design of cap.”

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          1. Well, Danny, there’s a thing.

            I’d never even heard of that cap of maintenance.

            Now that I look at that picture you put up it seems to be in Holyrood. Almost no-one is in fancy dress. And whoever that bloke is, he is holding the Scottish crown, which appears when the queen opens the Edinburgh parliament.


            That’s a translation from Spanish so excuse the errors.

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          1. Yep Tris…..Looks very similar, but upon closer examination, the gold head band is not really visible, and what I thought was an arch is too thick to be one of the arches on the Scottish Crown, which are fairly thin. That led me to the Cap of Maintenance which I had seen carried in the procession of the state opening of parliament. Then I figured it out.

            I do try to keep the royal regalia properly sorted. πŸ˜‰

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              1. LOL……So your friend hadn’t heard of the cap thingy either! πŸ˜‰

                The guy in the picture carrying the crown is the 16th Duke of Hamilton. The Wiki caption reads: “The Crown of Scotland is carried, for the first time by The 16th Duke of Hamilton, as Her Majesty The Queen leaves the Chamber accompanied by Presiding Officer Tricia Marwick MSP following the Opening of the fourth Session of The Scottish Parliament in July 2011.”

                It seems that the Dukes of Hamilton are high muckity mucks in Scotland and are on call to bring the Scottish crown when Liz shows up there. (She leaves her own crown in England when she comes to Scotland presumably, and it’s probably Hamilton’s ass if he loses it or doesn’t show up on time.)

                Here’s what Wiki says about the Dukes of Hamilton:

                “Duke of Hamilton is a title in the Peerage of Scotland, created in April 1643. It is the senior dukedom in that Peerage (except for the Dukedom of Rothesay held by the Sovereign’s eldest son), and as such its holder is the Premier Peer of Scotland, as well as being head of both the House of Hamilton and the House of Douglas.”



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                1. Ha ha… Well, in fairness my friend is Bertie the Blackbird, who has more important things on his mind, like where his next worm is coming from.

                  Never heard of the duke fellow either, but I have heard of the Duke of Rothsay, which is Charlie’s proper title in Scotland.

                  I imagine that they won’t let Lizzie take their crown to Scotland as they think we are rough fellows who might steal it and sell it from scrap.

                  They are right. There’s that diamond they stole from a ten year old child king in India. That would buy a few plates of haggis!

                  The Brits really are a despicable lot.


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                  1. Tris……..That’s quite an interesting story about the Koh-i-Noor diamond. All great gemstones should have a blood drenched historyx and come with a curse or two. πŸ˜‰
                    Actually, I’d forgotten that there was a big diamond in the Queen Consort’s (Queen Mother’s) crown that’s not used these days. I had it mixed up with the even larger Cullinan II diamond that’s set in the Imperial State Crown under the Black Prince’s Ruby, which was in Henry V’s helmet at the Battle of Agincourt in 1415, and likely at Bosworth Field with Richard III in 1485. The Black Prince’s Ruby has a long and violent history too, going back to King Peter the Cruel of Castile who gave it to the Black Prince in 1367.


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                    1. That’s a lovely name… King Peter the Cruel.

                      I wonder what names they would give today’s lot. Prince William the Lazy; Prince Charles the Crashing (literally) Bore?

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                    2. LOL…….They could have fun with Andy’s princely nickname. Among the Anglo-Saxon kings, I always liked Aethelred the Unready. πŸ˜‰

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  4. O/T but it annoys me. The worst Prime Minister the U.K ever had, that is until Cameron, May and Johnson, now on this morning spouting lie after lie. Never challenged. Why do they bring on these failed politicians like Brown. Oh, I forgot. It’s to “defend” the union.
    And what does anyone make of the new “socialist! leader, SIR Keir Starmer. Yesterday in the H.O.C pleading with Johnson not to give any more of our money to his pals. ” Oh please Boris, if I don’t mention the Β£18.5bn the N.A.O (National Audit Office) say you have already siphoned off, will you please no dae it again. Oh please, oh please”.
    What a wuss. It’s no wonder his failed party, especially in Scotland I’m glad to say, is going down the tubes. Why don’t they do in Westminster, as they have done in some Scottish councils, and just join up with the Tories. In most cases they just ape their policies anyway.
    That feels better. Thanks.

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    1. He he he. It’s good to vent.

      You’d have thought a lawyer would have been good at picking holes in anything that Johnson said.

      I suppose that given Johnson rarely manages a whole sentence of actual words, properly meaning something, Starmer must find it hard to argue with him.

      But he’s been a great big disappointment, has Starmer, and I read that Labours membership has fallen bigly!


  5. Over the next 4 years the doris is going to spend another Β£16billion on defence, hell that majic money tree is really being given the 007 treatment, shaken and stirred.
    It’s to show the uk’s worldwide ability to send out the gunboats.
    We’re going to launch a new satellite for navigation and communications, wonder who’s going to launch it, the choice seems to be China, Russia or India along with the USA providers.
    Scotland will be billed for it’s share of the spend.
    Keep up the good work doris, you’re converting the soft no voters.

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    1. Johnson is an asset to us, isn’t he?

      I bet SERCO will run the satellite thing for navigation and we’ll end up in Thurso when we wanted to go to Turriff.


    2. I’m just off to setup and register a Plc or two. After that its just a case of hiring someone who is pals with a Tory MP and getting some nice big government contracts for camo spacesuits.

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  6. Apologies for iterating, almost verbatim, what I suggested in a previous post. Johnson spouts lies aimed at his own local frothing vermin (press included), gets a headline, and Dross gets to pretend he disagrees with his owner, hoping that we don’t have access to a brain. Job done. Watch the exponential rise in Tory votes (in their febrile minds anyway).

    Reads like Suess –
    “I think you’re a fool” laughed the sour kangaroo
    and the young kangaroo in her pouch said, ‘Me too!”

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    1. Yes. I’m sure that they plot these things…

      “The jocks will never see through this cunning ploy” says Boris, before finally passing out in a stupor among the discarded empties.


  7. Power devolved is indeed power retained.

    Scotland Act 28(7): https://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/1998/46/section/28

    ” This section does not affect the power of the Parliament of the United Kingdom to make laws for Scotland.”

    The UK government’s submission to the Miller case described the principle of not interfering with devolved competences as a “self-denying ordinance” (https://www.theguardian.com/politics/live/2016/dec/06/brexit-article-50-supreme-court-hearing-day-two-live-updates?page=with:block-5846c45ae4b015a427f78244). They seem to be denying it less today than 20 years ago.

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    1. Indeed they do.

      Ostensibly in the name of Brexit, but of course, the Conservatives were always against devolution so this may present a wonderful opportunity for them.

      On the other hand, they may manage to overplay their hand and end up with us gone.

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      1. I think the only thing that Johnson wants to achieve is to be able to say that the breakup of the UK didn’t happen on his watch. It’s hard to imagine that he has any political convictions for the preservation of the union, especially not since the Tory party became the party of English nationalists.

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        1. If I were a Tory strategist (do they even have people like that?) I’d probably be happy to get rid of Scotland and run a Tory England for ever.

          I suspect the union will outlive Johnson’s leadership (I use the word loosely), only because I can’t imagine his leadership lasting long.

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