Maybe getting rid of Dom wasn’t an awfully good idea.

OK, I know you’re now asking if Tris’s gone mad and if next he’ll be saying “Bring back Trump” or “Please can we have more snooker on the telly”.

But no. It’s just that I can’t help feeling that De Pfeffel has gone even more potty than he was before.

To explain, the esteemed prime minister of the “united” <LOL> Kingdom gave a talk to his Blue Wall “northern” Tory MPs, carried by “The S*n” (in what they predictably described as a “victory for the S*n) and, if you can be bothered to plough your way through it, you’ll see that it’s an even bigger pile of nonsense than the piles of nonsense to which we have become accustomed over the years.

Red card! Boris Johnson trips child during football match - video |  Politics | The Guardian
Out of the way, child. This is how we played the Wall Game when I was at Eton.

The first part of the article is obviously designed to reach his new-found working class vote in the North of England. He says that he has “ordered his minister, Oliver Dowden, to get the Premier League to ‘cough up’ cash to help struggling clubs”.

How, exactly, he is going do this isn’t made clear. After all, these very successful and very rich clubs are private businesses whose main objective is to make money for their shareholders.

Why they would want to bale out small, poor, lower league clubs to help De Pfeffle out is a bit of a mystery. (Although a seat in the Lords is always a bit of a draw, that can’t work with foreign-born nationals and PPE contracts won’t last forever.)

What, you would be forgiven for asking, ever happened to not being able to “buck the market”?

Margaret Thatcher quote: You can't buck the market.

DePf also says that when the English lockdown is over (in December), he wants to get crowds back into the “footie” grounds.

Yay… It’s probably what the Sun readers want to hear, of course, but exactly how he will be able to do this also remains a mystery. It would be irresponsibility on stilts if he opened football grounds and re-spread the virus after a second two months of lockdown hardships in England.

Ah, yes, Irresponsibility on stilts… Boris Johnson… I begin to see where this is going.

Still, what he does in England is his business.

Coronavirus Scotland: Nicola Sturgeon blasts Boris Johnson for 'shameful  politicising' of border quarantine talk – The Scottish Sun
Welcome to the Scottish Borders which, of course, do not exist.

He also used his pep talk to his “Praetorian Guard” (ah, the joys of a classical education) to talk about what a disaster devolution north of the Border* had been… and how it was Tony Blair’s greatest mistake (because riding shotgun in the killing and maiming hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and destabilizing the Near East is peanuts by comparison).

Jacob Rees-Mogg admits lying down in parliament was an error | News | The  Times
Ever wondered how Rees Mogg can be so relaxed within touching distance of the Mace… the representation of the Queen in parliament.

*Rees Mogg: “But as my rt hon friend the Prime Minister said, there is no border between England and Scotland”

This has upset wee Whatsisname, the Noble and Gallant Baroness’s Commoner representative. He bravely refuted what his big chief’ boss had said and spluttered that it wasn’t devolution that was a failure, it was the SNP’s fault for obsessing about independence. (SNP Baaaaad bleat is obligatory for a S*n article at the moment.)

Mr Johnson swore that no further devolution would happen under HIS government, which is a bit embarrassing for DRoss and his friend Andy Bowie, who have recently tweeted such epics as these:

Douglas Ross is not well-liked, whatever the Tories say | The National

Douglas Ross: ‘It cannot be a power grab when over 100 extra powers are going to Holyrood”.


Andrew Bowie: “We’re increasing powers to Scotland whilst maintaining the integrity of the UK”.

Any ideas what is going though his wee head?


45 thoughts on “BRING BACK DOM”

  1. Can’t imagine Bojo ordering his uber wealthy hedge fund chums to help out a small local business. Mind you he doesn’t order them to pay their fair share of taxes either. If he tried that he would be out on his posterior sharpish.
    And one other thing whilst i am on my high horse. Where is the outcry about Bojo having a meeting with 5 or 6 colleagues in the same room, totally against covid guidance.

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    1. Aye, good question, Robert.

      And breaking the rules means he’s out of commission for another two weeks… Still, think of all that lovely booze he can consume.


  2. Umm the problem with Devolution it started alright until the enemy at the gates
    Got themselves in power on a bent promise of £10000 a quart for North Sea oil .

    The problem with the nats is they believe every tim bojo puts his foot in his mouth the indly tribe benefit .

    Well time will show it ain’t just like that when it comes down to
    Choosing a Scottish bawbee over a United Kingdom pound 💷
    A hard rain is gonna fall on the Indy gang

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      1. The only thing that will be falling is the value of the UK pound sans Scotland!

        Gosh a bit of foreign sneaked into that sentence – I’ve come over all EU!

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          1. Ms Patel’s coat is on a shoogly nail . The report into her ( alleged) bullying of civil servants and other general and assorted instances of a similar nature is now complete. Boris is sitting on it, but is under pressure to publish and act on its recommendations.

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    1. I see you’re as deluded as ever, still clinging to the faux Britishness that has robbed you of your European citizenship, and to the forlorn hope that Labour will ever be a socialist party.

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      1. Don’t worry, Jim. They’ll take the keyboard away from him soon and give him his hot milk… they they’ll lock him up for the night, lest he do himself, or anyone else, harm.

        Hows yer mum?

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    2. Not seeing the connection between managing a devolved administration & overinflated oil revenue values that would’ve been trousered by the UK Treasury anyway.

      Bojo absolutely is a gift; a gift that keeps on giving too. All this before the Brexit catastrophuck kicks in too.

      I wouldn’t be too keen to write off the long-term shift either. You don’t change your mind in a hurry on independence. It’s not easy giving up on long held beliefs; that’s especially true the older you are. The same is true in reverse & I just don’t see what the Union is offering to tempt anyone back.

      When the Union does meet it’s inevitable demise, history will place the responsibility fairly & squarely at the feet of Unionists themselves.

      The Indy movement was absolutely dead in the water on the morning of 19/9/14, Cameron had revived the corpse within hours. Since then, every broken promise, every power grab, every exposed lie & every time the Unionist mask slips to reveal their true feelings and intentions, the Indy movement gets ever stronger.

      Westminster could’ve played nice, lived up to the vow, kept their promises; but they didn’t. They just couldn’t help but be the vengeful & spiteful black-hearted arseholes that they truly are.

      If the Union is trashed, the Unionists trashed it.

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      1. Absolutely agreed, Drew.

        They had it in their hands to make the best of devolution plus. They spat in our faces.

        Having told us leaving the UK would mean leaving the EU and THAT would be catastrophic.

        Now regardless of party, they aren’t even interested in trying to rejoin, despite Scotland voting by almost 2/3 to be in the EU.

        It must be difficult trying to come up with an argument for staying in the UK. After all if small countries like Iceland and Luxembourg can do a lot better than we do, in the UK, why would we not do as well as them outside of it. Are they just cleverer than us?

        And if we could, but being in the UK just puts the icing on everything… for heaven’s sake look at the mess…

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  3. Just listened to the Slab’s leonardo the shaker, he’s just said that he expects to be in power in Hollyrood after the elections in May. People are worried about their jobs and the health service, true, They will vote for a continuation of Scotland within the union, not likely.
    Sky are recycling the Chinese Virus stuff, propaganda services.
    I’m hopeful that Scotland will sort out these media muppets and produce a real balance on reporting.
    See the chancer’s going to have to introduce road pricing as he’s going to lose not only the vehicle excise take but the fuel taxation, seems that a £40 billion tax hole is in prospect with the plan to have fully electric cars by 2030 or so.
    Today’s death report in englandland is the highest since May.
    I suppose the next thing will be the AA and RAC will be trained up to give you the vaccine. Don’t worry they already know how to fix punctures.

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    1. I’m beginning to think that Mr Leonard is as detached as Mr Johnson is. I mean, I accept that DRoss is a bit of a disaster, but that alone is not reason for another disaster to over take him.

      He’s the next first minister as was Kezia , as was Spud, as were all of them going back to 2008.

      As much chance as that Liberal Dem woman had of being the next Prime Minister.

      Truly irresponsible to call it a Chinese Virus. I mean if you are repeating Trump then there is something wrong with you.

      I woneder what he intends to charge for driving on the crap roads.

      The thing is , people who have made an effort (like Munguin) to get cars which don’t pollute much, would have to pay the same as a gas guzzler… How would that work?

      Winter was always going to be hard.

      What will people all have colds and are coughing and sneezing. Can you image what it will be like?


      1. I am already bunged up with a cold. Tomorrow I get a flu vaccination. I have, in the privacy of my own house, had a horrendous sneezing fit, on more than one occasion. My son visited today, as my extended family I suppose. Thanks, Euan.

        I am pretty sure that I do not have the symptoms of COVID-19, but until testing gets down to the granular level, e.g. me, who knows? That is not a working scenario. We should be putting every penny we have into testing, tracing and trapping this bloody thing.

        I know there are folk that deny it’s existence, COVID-19 is just a means of controlling us and all that shit, but it has delivered a death toll, world-wide that is frankly horrendous.

        To every Munguinite, please take all reasonable protective measures, so that I can enjoy the chat around here when a cure is proven.

        douglas clark,

        over and out.

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  4. BREAKING: 11 council areas in Scotland will move into the highest level of COVID-19 restrictions from 6pm on Friday –

    E. Renfrewshire
    E. Dunbartonshire
    W. Dunbartonshire
    N. Lanarkshire
    S. Lanarkshire
    E. Ayrshire
    S. Ayrshire
    W. Lothian


  5. This would be the same Mr Green that was sacked for using his government supplied computer for some strange material and LIED about it.
    These are the kind of people the media turn to for comment.
    Much like the minister that was caught out trying to bully the downing street guards and was sacked.
    Still our submariner pm and his fellow travellers get away with not only NOT answering questions in parliament but the speaker protects them in the main, heard Ms Black from Paisley getting told off for asking the SoS for the conservatives in Scotland the same question that he didn’t answer, moved on.
    It’s all okay the oven ready deal will be signed by next Tuesday says Frost.
    It’s a Thin deal, that seems to mean NO Deal in the same format as the Australian one.
    Can anyone enlighten me?, who is princess nut nut!.

    Tris the AA are saying we should get 3000 miles a year for our small cars and then get charged an excess per mile, remember the AA is owned by Captiva. Nice wee earner for them to come round to your house with the credit card reader, take your TV licence money and your road fund excess charge, along with the car radio tax. We’ve got to pay back the money they’ve spent.

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    1. I really can’t look at that man without thinking…well… no, I can’t even type it.

      Andrew Mitchell. Ye gads what a horror.

      I can’t wait to see what this no deal is going to be like.

      I expect becasue the UK holds all the cards that the EU will have folded its collective tents.

      3000 miles?

      Well that should do for January, February and March for the average person.

      CrapitA seems to own everything these days.

      Thanks for reminding me why a stopped paying the AA.

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  6. I see the snp have placed citizens into level err!!
    Is it 4 , 5,6, 29 , or summat

    Why not just have a Proper lockdown ?
    Oh ! Yeah answer must be different To wots occurring
    Down south (spits )

    So the snp can claim spuriously
    We dun a better response than the English .


    1. That’s probably because they are doing better, possibly because they aren’t sparring all their NHS money on mates to provide stuff that doesn’t work.

      Mayhap you’d prefer Johnson and Hancock were in charge.

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    2. In fact, of course, they haven’t placed “citizens” into these categories, Niko. They have place areas into these categories.

      The situation on Lewis isn’t the same as the situation in Glasgow.

      Just like the situation in different parts of England was different… causing a débacle a few weeks ago between Messrs Johnson and Burnham.

      Just like the situation is different in Northern Italy from Southern Italy.

      You unionists need to stop being in such a state about stuff not being uniform throughout your kingdom.

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    3. So, the implication being Scotland’s five tier system is somehow bad just because it isn’t England’s three tier system? A three tier system that may have to be reviewed, because it isn’t fit for purpose?

      A “proper” lockdown, like the one that should’ve been imposed when things were spiraling out of control in the North of England, but was delayed because the situation wasn’t as bad in the SE?

      A “proper” lockdown in Scotland, that just isn’t needed because we have an FM that was prepared to take a harder line earlier (despite being hamstrung by not having access to furlough finance) & where the effects are beginning to be seen?

      A”proper” lockdown that, as things stand, absolutely will end on December 2nd come what may? No matter what the situation, no matter what the advice is?

      I don’t think Scotgov have ever claimed, spuriously or not, that they’re doing better than anywhere else. I see no evidence of them trying to turn this into a competition, or to politicise the issue; the same can’t be said of Unionists of course, your post providing ample evidence of that. On the contrary, I see an administration that’s open and honest enough to admit to mistakes & to acknowledge that dealing with unprecedented circumstances means they don’t have all the answers.

      The fact that they are doing better is in spite of, not because of, the Union. With control of the airports & full fiscal powers we can only dream of how much better the current situation could have been.

      So, if you genuinely want your Union to persist, don’t you think you’d be better telling us why the Union is good for a future Scotland? Tell us what the benefits will be, instead of “SNP bad” whenever it can be shoehorned into the narrative.

      Go on niko, tell us how great it’s gonna be. But leave out the cheap digs about the number of tiers & the highly selective interpretations of carefully chosen statistics, because that guff ain’t cuttin’ it no more.

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  7. Of course the Scottish system is much better. How much better, and will it succeed in bringing down the infection rate, and saving lives? Time will tell.
    B.T.W, considering Johnson couldn’t run a bath, and is allegedly in self-isolation, is Carrie Symonds now running “the country”?

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  8. Just listening to the radio news.
    In 9 years sales of petrol and diesel powered new cars will be banned.
    In a further 5 years hybrid vehicles will follow, can someone tell me what fuel will be used in hybrids, at present they’re mostly fuelled by petrol.
    Then the great plan is to heat our homes with Hydrogen gas.
    Wondering how the bold doris is going to deliver the gas to my home, ‘the existing pipework’ perhaps.
    Two things, have you seen how dangerous the gas is? and how are they going to stop the leakage?
    I can remember the science lab demonstration with the rubber balloon with hydrogen.
    Wonder if we can see a video of it.


  9. Wonderful piece JAke.
    Things like 300,000 trees a year to plant, that means in Scotland the whole land area will be planted up in 25 years. Much like the fabled Forth Bridge Painting Scheme, by the time you get to the last lot the first lot are ready to be cut down, by vehicles that are powered by hydrocarbon fuels derived from the trees. That’ll work.
    All powered by the Scottish wind farms and mini nuclear reactors built by Rolls Royce.
    Best of all cycling and walking to be made more fashionable.
    Oh in the meantime the trace master is also gone to submarine mode by self isolating, great idea.
    All spin I’m afraid,I shouldn’t have responded.
    Has anyone tried to keep Hydrogen gas in a containment, very hard.
    By the end of the decade we will have a world beating green economy, aye right.


  10. We missed the launching of the giant mirrors into stationary orbit to direct sunshine onto the uk, thousands of tonnes of them to be launched.
    At present cost of £3000 a Kg to achieve a low orbit it might be easier just to burn the fuel on the ground.
    We really need to do work on the consumption of hydrocarbons, I watched an old utube video produced in the 50’s saying that we would melt the icecaps if we continued.
    Maybe we don’t realise that a conventional thermal power station is less the 40% efficient at creating electricity from coal, that means that 60% IS Thrown into the seas as cooling water having passed through the condenser.
    District heating should be used.
    Smoke and mirrors from doris

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  11. Dave,

    I think that injecting more energy, of whatever form, into a runaway greenhouse situation is madness, and in no way a solution. Space reflectors and other such crazyness.

    My issues are that any added energy continues the greenhouse effect by replacing greenhouse gases with other forms of energy that continue the greenhouse effect. We have to reduce the thermal effects on our planet by reducing all excess energy, not replacing it.

    I think that solar power, either applied individually or locally or nationally or world wide would have zero effect on warming or cooling. But as replacement technologies for the things you talk about, would be a net positive effect, in reducing global temperatures..

    I don’t think there is a singular solution to this, but scrapping our use of the carbon cycle is at least a start.

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