Donald Trump explains his distinctive orange hue: it's the light bulbs |  South China Morning Post
The future, it seems, is no longer orange.

I’m grateful to Brenda for sending me this article from the Guardian. I was going to write something about it rather than simply link to it, but why, when they do it so well?

The future could be Don Jnr, though it seems to me that he might have to stop taking the medications.

In the meantime, Trump’s son, Don Junior, who some have tipped as a possible contender in 2024, has called for war. We had Bush 1 and Bush 2… maybe it will be Trumps 1 and 2.

Of course they have the right to contest the election result, but it would be better for them if they could provide any evidence of fraud.

It certainly looks like they are going to make it as difficult as possible for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to take over… in contrast to the accommodations made by both Barack and Michelle Obama four years ago.

It seems that there will be a seriously divided USA for some time to come.

Does Putin smile? - Quora
Somehow I’ll win…

So at least Putin, Xi and Kim will be happy.

28 thoughts on “TRUMPING BY NUMBERS”

  1. When I was a child we had science fiction.
    This has now been replaced by social media where people can peddle their version of reality and have it consumed
    by millions.
    Dangerous times.

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  2. Well if people need cheering up Scot Goes Pop has hinted that his new indy poll to be released today as favourable to Yes. He’ll probably keep us waiting for hours though! The suspense…

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        1. oops that’s showing the Holyrood stuff but if you go onto that thread you’ll find it!

          I don;t think James has used yougov before which makes me wonder if it is his.

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  3. Tris

    I’m not convinced Biden will be all that much better, he will just take the US back to the centre but anything is better than Trump. Hopefully Trump spends the rest of his life fighting court cases, disgusting excuse for a human being. If we just get rid of Jonson and Cummings that would also be a start.

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    1. Well, I’m not Biden fan either, Bruce. But really a turnip would be better than Trump.

      I hear there is a civil war going on in Downing street as the prime minister girl friend has started getting stroppy.

      Maybe we’ll get rid of one or the other soon.

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  4. In the case of Donald Jr, the apple didn’t fall far from the tree. He’s every bit as much of a loathsome nut case as his daddy. And he was known to have political ambitions long before it was clear that Donald Sr. was going to be a one-term president. Therefore, a call to “total war” from the Trump family…..instead of a concession speech that would signify respect for the will of the people in a democratic election…….serves as a convenient fundraising opportunity for current legal expenses or for a Trump presidential race in 2024……for Donald Sr. OR Donald Jr.

    Part of the reason that the Republican Party is playing along with this charade is pure political opportunism. The GOP needs to keep Republican voters riled up to maintain enthusiasm and fundraising for the January 5 runoff election in Georgia that will decide both US Senate seats from the state. The new Senate currently stands at Democrat 48, Republican 50, with party control hinging on the Georgia outcome.

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    1. Only ten of the 45 men (counting Biden) who have served as president and run for a second term failed to be reelected. Disappointing as this is for a one-term president, the tradition is that the outgoing president attends the inauguration of the new president. Trump apparently doesn’t intend to honor that tradition.

      The election of 1800 springs to mind. The first bitterly disappointed one term president was John Adams, the second president, who was defeated for reelection by Thomas Jefferson in 1800. Adams left the White House at 4:00AM and caught the stagecoach to Baltimore on the day Tom was later inaugurated the third president of the United States.

      Washington Post article about the the nine OTHER one term losers before Trump.

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    2. I’d have thought both Senate votes in Georgia going Democratic would be, err, surprising? Though, not impossible?

      Your thoughts on the chances? I would assume that the Democrtats will pour ginormous amounts of dollars into trying to win what is. essentially a battleground, post election? The fall of the Senate would be interesting, although at least one Democrat appears to be breaking in a Republican direction.

      Still, it is interesting.

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      1. Hi Douglas……..I would think it unlikely that both of Georgia’s Senate seats would
        flip from Republican to Democrat this year. On the other hand, Georgia has been trending Democrat, and thanks to really big support in the Atlanta suburbs, it looks like Biden will carry Georgia narrowly in the presidential vote by something like 14,000 votes. Since control of the Senate is at stake, the national parties will both be pouring a ton of money into the Georgia US Senate runoff, which will likely take on a national flavor. So you never know what might happen.

        For federal Congressional offices (House and Senate,) Georgia election law requires an absolute majority (50% +1) in the popular vote for victory….NOT just a plurality. And while it’s unusual for more than one of a state’s two Senators to be on the state ballot in any one election cycle, there were BOTH senate races up for grabs this year in Georgia. One was for a regular six-year term that was up for reelection, and the other was a special election to fill a vacancy from last year, which had been filled by a temporary appointee.

        In the regular senate race, Senator David Perdue, the Republican incumbent, ran against Democrat Jon Ossoff. Perdue ended up well ahead of Ossoff in the vote count by about 86,000 votes, but their percentages were 49.7 to 48.0 in a three-person field. Since the leader Perdue didn’t get 50% of the vote, he and Ossoff advance to a runoff.

        In the special election to fill the Senate vacancy, a large field of candidates, including several Republicans and several Democrats, produced vote counts nowhere near 50%. The top two candidates were Democrat Raphael Warnock at 32.9% and Republican Kelly Loeffler at 25.9%. So Warnock and Loeffler have proceeded to the runoff. Warnock is a minister……pastor of Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta (Martin Luther King’s old church.)

        As for the overall race for control of the Senate going into the November election, the previous split had been Republican 53, Democrat 45, Independent 2. The two independents, Bernie Sanders of Vermont and Angus King of Maine, are both liberals who caucus with the Democrats, making the previous effective split for Senate Control 53-47.

        In the election this year, Democrats picked up two formerly Republican Senate seats in Arizona and Colorado, and lost a seat to the Republicans in Alabama. With two Georgia seats not yet decided, and a net gain of one for the Democrats, that makes the new Senate split Republican 50, Democrat/Independent 48, with two undecided. If Democrats could pick up both Georgia seats, the split would become 50-50…….which would give the Democrats control of the Senate, since tie votes are decided by the Vice President of the United States (sitting as President of the Senate,) who will be Kamala Harris, a Democrat.

        The Georgia runoff will surely be a big political circus, since Senate control is at stake.

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    3. Evil lot.

      When it comes to choosing a candidate properly, instead of trying to make money, I really hope they will look for someone with a little more gravitas.

      Or if not that, a little less orange than daddy and a little less stoned than son.

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  5. On Wednesday the Chair of the Federal Election Comittee stated that
    “In his professional opinion the Election was illegitimate”, “that there is voter fraud taking place”

    John Voight says it like it is.


      1. Tris…….A Friday morning update: Arizona was called for Biden by NBC news overnight, which joins all the other news media in the Arizona call for Biden. That even further solidifies his big electoral college win. Amazing to think that Arizona has gone Democrat in the presidential vote, AND also BOTH its Senators are now Democrats. So Biden’s victory grows larger by 11 electoral votes, with a total of 290. That leaves only Georgia and North Carolina to be called. Georgia will almost surely go to Biden, giving him a final electoral college victory of 306 votes. It’s a big win, and although some (but not all) Republican senators are still yammering the right wing conspiracy theory gibberish about voter fraud, no one outside of the right wing media machine is taking it seriously anymore. China congratulated Biden on his victory overnight.

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        1. I see that Putin still hasn’t congratulated him.

          I guess he was hoping for another four years of an egotistical muppet that he could wind round his finger in the White House.

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  6. Just so you know I’ll let the cat out the bag
    Legitimate Watermarked Ballots
    Biden 17m
    Trump 88m

    Betfair won’t allow Oz residents to punt on an “in-play” event however the odds for a lay bet (Biden Not to Win) are 1.11 at last look. Bet 1 get 10 back. So go for it, I am sure the Poms would be willing to take the bet.

    Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.


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