Palm oil producers are wiping out orangutans โ€“ despite multinationals'  promises | Chris Packham | Opinion | The Guardian
1. It can’t be time to get up yet…
2. This should cheer you.
3. Scottish autumn skies.
4. What do you mean it’s your garden?
5. Gone fishin…
6. And this is me close up… As you can see, I’m concentrating, and if you scare away the fish with all that human noise, you’ll get the rough edge of this beak!
7. On Skye, water goes up the way!
8. Breakfast time for this Chickadee.
9. Canada.
10. What’s the news on the streets, guys?
11. The Bulgarian idea of fox-hunting!
12. Cotonou, Benin. Their version of les grandes avenues.
13. Buddies for life.
14. When you’re alone and life is making you lonely, you can always go…
15. Oslo.
16. Is it Hallowe’en or something?
17. Apple harvest in Massachusetts.
18. Autumnal colours in Massachusetts.
19. Come into my parlour, said the spider to the fly.
20. Munguin said to go out and be seen, as the original photograph didn’t display. And when Munguin says… Well, we’re here!

Thanks to John, David, Dani, Wilson and Andi.

52 thoughts on “SOPPY SUNDAY”

  1. No16 is creepy and if you think I’m a cucurbitophobic, I’d just say there I see nothing irrational about being suspicious of vegetables with the ability to grow that big, that fast!

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  2. The video of animals hugging humans is just wonderful. Made me smile and also made me shed a tear. One of our cats was a hugger. He died last Christmas. We still have his brothers who are very loving, but they don’t hug. Miss his hugs.

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  3. Oh no, I can’t see picture 20 – only a little thumbnail saying it’s a Sumatran orang!! I liked the video of hugging sorta, but I’m not going to be hugging any lions, sorry! I think Tatu had the right idea, you hug the wee cats not the big ones!

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      1. Not since Glasgow zoo shut. I now need to go to Blair Drummond or Edinburgh if I want to NOT hug a lion. Seriously though, those guys will have known the lions since they were cubs and they’re accepted as part of the Pride. Otherwise they would have been dinner!

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      1. I don’t have a pet rattlesnake Danny. However I do have a Westminster government full of them! I don’t even want to be in the same country as them far less hug them…

        Good luck for Tuesday. Decided who you are voting for yet ๐Ÿ™‚

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        1. Thanks P.Paws! I know what you mean. There are more rattlesnakes in Washington than there are in Arizona. ๐Ÿ˜‰

          I’ve already voted…….a couple of weeks ago by postal ballot. First time I ever did that. In the past, I always liked to do it on election day….watching the occasional fistfights break out at the polling station for example. ๐Ÿ˜‰ But it seemed safer in a Covid year to vote early. After careful deliberation, I voted for the Democratic Biden-Harris ticket. There were five choices for president here in Missouri, including the Trump-Pence Repugnants, and the Green, Libertarian, and Conservative candidates that nobody ever heard of.

          Whatever is happening….it’s big! By this morning, 90 million early ballots (in-person and postal) had already been cast. This number is 2/3 (66%) of ALL the ballots that were cast in 2016, including those that were voted on election day that year. The total voter turnout this year is on track to be the largest in more than 100 years (since 1908.) More than half of all ballots will already have been voted before election day this year.

          So as I write this it’s 43 hours to election day here in the Central time zone (not that I’m counting or anything.) Most polls in the East will open at 7:00 AM local time. Swing states Florida and North Carolina will have some very early results soon after their polls close at 7:00 PM and 7:30 PM Eastern Time respectively……at Midnight and 12:30 AM GMT. In 2016, Pennsylvania was called for Trump at 1:35 AM Eastern/ 6:35 AM GMT, and then when Wisconsin was called for Trump at 2:30 AM Eastern/7:30 AM GMT, Hillary Clinton conceded and Trump was president-elect.

          We hope for the same rapid vote counting in the East and Midwest this time, but with different results. If the election hasn’t been called for Biden (who is now polling well ahead in “must-win” Pennsylvania and Wisconsin) soon after sunrise in Scotland, then Trumpy may still be president. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Fingers crossed………

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          1. ” I voted for the Democratic Biden-Harris ticket”

            Quelle surprise! Apparently Scottish people have been “interfering” in the election by donating to Biden-Harris. I can’t see the whole article as it’s paywalled but “Brian Cox and Alan Cumming, as well as Irvine Welsh and Kevin McKidd, have given dozens of donations to Democrats”

            Makes a change from America interfering in other countries’ elections and at least they actually live in the USA!

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            1. P. Paws…..LOL…..I didn’t suppose that my vote for Biden-Harris would actually come as much of a surprise. As for America interfering in other country’s elections, I think they mostly use the CIA for that. Thanks for sending the article. I got to see it all. It tells me that it’s the first of five that I get for free.


              Nice to see that the Scots are doing their part. ๐Ÿ˜‰ This will be the most costly federal election in American history…….with an expenditure of $6.6 Billion for the two presidential campaigns and $14 Billion for the combined federal election total for president and members of both houses of Congress.

              Three of the faces were familiar, especially the Dundee lad Brian Cox, who I first saw playing Daphne’s father in an episode of Frasier:

              I wonder if the Duke and Duchess of Sussex out in California are doing their part. Surely the Sussexes can make political contributions through Meghan who can even vote. Maybe she could even manage to slip in a few pounds from the House of Windsor. ๐Ÿ˜‰ (I guess Prince Harry can’t even vote in England, much less California.)

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                1. Oooohhh Tris! In another era your head and shoulders would have parted company for a remark like that. Feel yourself luck that only a knighthood will be withheld. No Sir Tris for you, my boy.

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                2. Hahahaha! Actually though, they are allowed to vote, they just don’t (currently). I thought it was only the Queen who couldn’t but even she could if she wanted to. I suppose the problem would be choosing which palace to use as your home address so they knew which constituency they were voting in!

                  The no voting thing is just a convention not a law.


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                  1. Oh. I didn’t know that. I suppose no one can tell her whether or not she can vote. Given that she’s above the law, literally.

                    Unbiased? Not so much. I seem to remember her warning Scotland to think very carefully in our referendum, which could only have meant one thing. And then she purred with pleasure, according to the prime minister, when she got the result she wanted.

                    I think it was when William married Kate Middleton that all previous Tory prime ministers were invited, but Blair and Brown were not.

                    So, yeah, she’s totally unbiased, eh?


                    1. PS. There’s a rumour (probably only that) that Liz will abdicate next year when she is 95 and Phil is 100.

                      That would take everyone’s mind off Covid and Brexit, eh?


        2. The last “Saturday Night Live” before election day.

          YES….Trump came out against doctors a couple of days ago, and had a rally in freezing Nebraska that sent some people to hospital.

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      1. Been there twice,on camping holidays,perhaps three times, pre and post Euro. Must check the records.
        Drove in and out each time. Interesting access / egress road.
        Intercepted ( or was intercepted by ) The Tour one year.
        Got some video If i can dig it out and transfer to digital format.

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        1. I’d love to go.

          John: I can’t put up videos on this blog, unless they come from the likes of Youtube.

          John in Bulgaria has send me loads of funnies but my cheapass WordPress deal doesn’t allow them.


      2. Yes, on family trips abroad by car (pre-Euro). Dramatic. Long traffic queues through the country; high season, before they built the motorways, driving in and out of Spain wasn’t as easy then as it was now. Famous for duty-free petrol, tobacco, etc. I seem to remember that the major source of national income at that time was smuggling.

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  4. Just came back from the Trossachs and thought that looked splendid, then you see amazing Massachusetts. The Trossachs memory is still bright and splendid but small, compact.

    Found myself googling, with peers, the word and history of Massachusetts, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts no less. Although the commonwealth in the title has no constitutional bearing it does give some indication of it’s history, individualistic, visionary thinkers and shapers.

    Surprised with Ed’s link; the champion pumpkin entry from Washington was a real pumpkin, the Donald was probably too busy. With good judgement from the American people he may have more time post election and America regains dignity, in time for next SS.

    Sunday pleasantries nicely topped up…

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    1. Yes Alan, post-election, we hope to free up lots of Trumpy’s time.

      A good trivia question asks how many states there are in the USA. I think maybe that was a BBC2 QI question once. The answer is 46! Four states of the 50 call themselves “Commonwealths”….Massachusetts, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Kentucky.

      And the legal name of a state may not be the name normally used. Rhode Island is the smallest state, but it has the longest name of all the states. Rhode Island’s official name is “State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations”.

      Other state trivia is to name the states that have only one syllable in their names. Or what states share a boundary with one, and ONLY one, other state.

      For Massachusetts/New England lovers, there’s a fine four-hour documentary that played on PBS in the States titled “American Experience: The Puritans”. Are the roots of America in profit-driven Virginia (1607) or in Puritan New England (1620)? The complete documentary is on Amazon Prime. Whether or not it costs money to stream with an Amazon Prime subscription seems ambiguously worded.

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      1. Thanks Danny, I’ll have a look at the series.
        The early settlers, at least the ones at Massachusetts, conformed to the usual intolerance you find in zealots and idealogues, whether it be religious or political, by falling out with each other, setting up new orders and then the new schisms also splitting. From the devine vantage it must be depressing viewing, unless He, She or It doesn’t take it seriously (best strategy with clumps of humans) and views the goings on like a video on fractals or a lava lamp.

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        1. Alan……I see that it is available for streaming on Amazon Prime without additional charge. I saw it when it played on PBS as two, two-hour programs. I found it interesting history, dark and brooding… life would have been there in 1620. I learned that Massachusetts didn’t in fact grow from the Plymouth Colony of 1620, but from the later migration of 1630, which founded Boston. I also enjoyed an almost lyrical account of how William Bradford’s journal of 1630-1651 disappeared from Boston during the revolution and was lost for about 80 years, until it was accidentally discovered in the Bishop of London’s library at Fulham Palace. In time, it was returned to Massachusetts, and since 1897 has resided in the State House in Boston. It’s been reprinted and is still in print.

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  5. I’ve got lots more of these pics too over the next few weeks, thanks to David.

    Here’s some summer and winter views of Nuuk. Very clever… slide the pic with your mouse and change from snow to sunshine summer.

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    1. The 2 photos are credited to different photographers. There must have been collaboration to achieve that astonishing 100% accuracy in the alignment.

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