Sorry to bang on about this, but it’s something I feel so strongly about.

Supposedly, the UK is in the top ten rich nations and yet, in this rich, supposedly Christian nation (suffer the little children; it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle, etc), which can find billions to spend on unnecessary railways and unusable WMDs, not to mention a give away to any mate of the Tories who comes up with a “scheme” to buy unsuitble PPE or Ferries which are really takeaways, we have millions of kids going hungry? More than other, supposedly poorer, European countries.

It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle- Christian Art

But ain’t it just peachy for us Scots to be lectured about this by Douglas Ross and the Starve a Kiddie Party while they get stuck into subsidised meals and drink in the London parliament?

Like I say, sorry to harp on, but if you ever want to get me angry, the way to do it is being cruel to kids or animals. Munguin will tell you, that this mild mannered lad suddenly becomes a Niko!

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  1. Well let’s not make Tris angry! I’m not a big fan of anyone starving tbh but there is no doubt folk are getting more agitated because it’s children. It’s weirdness of choosing this hill to die on. It would cost peanuts compared to the money pissed away on crony consultants. £7k per day not to track and trace effectively ffs!

    Funnily enough I looked up this @joekennans’ twitter and he had a very funny take – Glaswegian Mandalorian! I was born and brought up there so nae accusations of me stereotyping them please!

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    1. NO. No one should starve, PP. Old or young.
      Being older doesn’t make being seriously hungry any easier.

      Perhaps it’s because, although some adults can make decisions about how to spend their money, (and yes, I know some of them do blow it on drink and drugs and some of them try to feed the kids first), children have no choice.

      Or, maybe I’m just a bit of a softie for kids and animals.

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      1. Standing up for kids and animals is exactly the opposite of being a softie. To take it a step farther, not standing up for children and animals probably means you have no moral code whatsoever.

        You, and everyone hereabouts, do have a moral code.

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    1. Only if they were all fit for purpose. Unfortunately we probably needed to buy that many from the dodgy dealers to have a sufficient amount.

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  2. The doris says we are going to increase UC by £1000.
    1, It’s not the problem, although it is a problem, 5 weeks for it to be paid to new claims.
    2. Schools in englandland are starting their half term holiday.
    3. During the summer they were embarrassed into school meals during the holidays.
    4. The footballer is said to be terrific,not terrific enough to take on board his concern.
    5. UC extra is supposed to be getting stopped.
    6. The doris says he understands hunger as he’s only getting £150,000 a year salary.

    The man is totally disconnected from reality.
    THe government stand in front of cameras with the poppy badge but don’t support the hospitals where the servicemen are looked after.

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    1. They are only being nice about what Marcus is doing (although they must be incandescent that he is showing them up so much) because they don’t want to be thought racist… as if.


  3. My apologies for the SHOUTING, it’s the way my father stored his far reaching (and humbling) intellect worked. I only started reading his writing, some published, some not, after his vascular dementia took hold. He died soon after his 90th birthday. My mother will be 90 next week. She has believed that Scotland would and should be an independent country for at least 75 years. I have implored that she sees her wish fulfilled. Perhaps not just for independence reasons.



    PS I occasionally read the ‘Gradauian’ rag, and came across an article about Welsh autonomy. Written by Rhiannon Lucy Cosslet. In the article she manages to damn Scotland with some faint praise in passing. Regards to PandaPaws, who I assume is of MNR fame. I praise their indefatigability for venturing btl.

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      1. Are you under another name there perchance? Now thinking who are the Edinburger McCiffers and comparing notes…

        Is your wife French? Could I have been speaking with you there all this time completely unaware that it was indeed YOURSELF from here.

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          1. Conan,

            Phlebasconsidering is a great inversion of Consider Phlebas. I would quite like to read what you said on the Guardian. Got a link?

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  4. If I were a Tory in Scotland, I’d be concerned, but not because children in England will go hungry (I’m a Tory so I don’t give a shit.). I’d be alarmed because Douglas Ross seems to be the best we have to lead our party. I’d be asking “Just how bad are the rest of them? We’re finished. Like Labour.

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    1. Well, they are pretty poor. After all, when Ross was “elected” leader, there was clearly noone in the Scottish parliament who was considered good enough for the job. Then, his leaving his post at the Scotland office as Under Secretary to that bloke whose name escapes me, created a vacancy for a junior minister. They could find no one suitable to take the job on from their tiny contingent of 6.

      Dross was out; they already had the guy with the bags under his eyes as SoS, and Fluffy had recently been sacked.

      That left three. None of them was good enough, so they gave the job to an English MP.

      Finished, I’d say, yes.


      1. Yes, and despite all his attempts to be noticed, unpromotable Andrew Bowie is simply that: unpromotable. His sole raison d’être these days seems to be to look and behave like a dashing matinee idol from 1950s black and white films. Someone like Richard Todd or Anthony Steele.
        Then there’s that poor Duguid character who allowed himself to be interviewed on TV. Bye bye, career in politics.
        So, that brings us to the little lad from the Borders. I can’t remember his name. His contribution to political thought seems less than stellar but he has made one memorable contribution to popular culture: he is the inspiration behind the character of Walter in Dennis the Menace.
        Worth remembering that the Tories at Holyrood represent a similar grade of barrel scrapings.
        Yep. Finished.

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    1. Well, they can take part in any debate regardless of whether or not it is an English matter, although it’s not clear in this case if they did or did not.

      And it appears that they are free to vote if they so wish. Although, as their vote isn’t counted, there is a measure of doubt as to whether it is worth their while. Still, it’s something to do, I guess.

      Of course, it will be on their voting records which I imagine Mr Cummings checks carefully on a regular basis.

      So perhaps they were terrified that Mr Cummings might think that they had momentarily removed their collective tongues from where the sun don’t shine …if you’ll excuse the expression.

      Now, stop for a minute to rejoice at the news that we shall be able to purchase our soyA sauce from Japan without any tariffs, just as we could when we used to buy it from the Netherlands.

      It will travel a good deal further though so that may increase the cost.

      I’m sure it will taste lovely, even with the extra A, on the Whelks we buy from the Faroes.

      Isn’t life grand?

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      1. The bit I missed is that their votes don’t count. I didn’t know that.

        As I understand it, Ross abstained but the remaining Scottish Tory MPs voted for the bill. Scottish Tory MPs have two party leaders but they only listen to one of them, even when they’re given an easy way to avoid a controversial decision.

        To be fair to Ross, he still maintains that Cummings should have resigned. The problem is that the MPs he is supposed to lead just ignore him. This must make him even more desperate to become an MSP, just to end this indignity. This is kind of interesting because Holyrood is now seen as the hot ticket for every party. It feels like a precondition for independence is happening right now.

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  5. Panda Paws, I only read the Gruinaad to see the ignorance of Scotland from below the border. I couldn’t face the horror of the rest of the rags. Afraid I’m not from the Edinburgh way, perhaps a couple of hundred miles north of there. All the best, or remain positive and stay negative, as I read elsewhere.

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    1. Sorry that message was for Conan who said he was posting in the Guardian but I’m never seen a Conan there so I assumed it was under a different name!

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  6. latest of the PPE stories.
    Seems a company called pestfix with just over a dozen employees got a £168million contract to supply face masks.
    Supplied masks were not to the required specification.
    From the name the company is a pest extermination company.
    No manufacturing facilities, seems they sourced the masks from abroad.
    We won’t hear much about this as we only get told that PPE is being ordered and money spent.

    The uk is a third world tinpot dictatorship.
    In the meantime the doris tells France he can give them support with the search for bodies lost in the channel near Dunkirk, operation dynamo no doubt.
    Have a look at the weather forecasts around for the next week, who but the desperate would try to cross the channel in a small boat.

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    1. Pest control? I wonder which Tory minister’s mates own it. I wonder how many times now these people have bought crap, utterly useless for the task, from their pals without any tendering at all.

      I also noted that, incredibly, Patel sent her sympathies over the drowning of the two young children.

      I say “incredibly” because I wouldn’t have thought it possible that she had any “sympathies”.


    2. I expect this is the tip of the iceberg. Referring to your first paragraph only.

      Bojo has taken too many lessons from Trump in cruelty and inhumanity to be an acceptable partner in any recovery of bodies. This is very reminiscent of the US Mexico border, and to return to a point Tris made earlier, suffer the little children to f**k off as a political meme.

      This is either a completely obscene attempt at deflection of responsibility or a deliberate attempt at peacock display, in the sense that he thinks that that’ll show them whose top dog.

      You know the song I ought to play right now.

      Utterly disgusted.

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