The Tories were out and about today, I see.


Sweet. the most unpopular Tory is going to come and talk down our government.


Bruce has done a survey on his blog. You might want to take part… they are always fun.



Prince Andrew plots return to royal duties to 'serve his country' almost a  year after car-crash Epstein BBC interview

Airmiles, they told us at the end of May (only 5 months ago), would never resume his royal duties… information we all received with utter indifference, mainly because we hadn’t a clue that he’d ever done any royal duties.. unless you include, shooting things, playing golf, partying, having dubious contacts, using OUR royal transport to run his private life, entertaining other persons as unpleasant as himself, eg Donald Trump, and taking his daughters out to eat in the brief periods between their luxury holidays…

Well, shock of shocks, now we are informed that the fat lad intends to return to “serve his country”. Well, there you go. Sacked one minute then… back to work coz mater is the boss.. and probably he and Boris Johnson get on well together being birds of a repulsive feather.

As pretty much all the organisations he was involved with walked away from him, or rather demanded that he walk away from them, and I can’t imagine anyone wanting him to come and open their shop or whatever it is these people open, I wonder just how he intends to get back to “earning” the vast amount of money we used to pay him.

I have, though, a small suggestion for employment. Maybe he could contact Pizza Express in Woking, where I hear he is known to the management, and inquire if he could open their restaurant …every morning at 8… and close it again after the last customer has gone away.

No sweat, they might reply.


What Is WordPress? Explained for Beginners

I apologize to everyone for the posts which are appearing on here without my having anything to do with them.

WordPress appears to think that, as Munguin makes use of the free version of their blog, and they therefore don’t make any money out him, they will cram the blog with ads and posts that are nothing at all to do with us.

We are considering what to do about this at the moment.

In the meantime I am sorry.

I want you to know that neither Munguin nor I make a penny out of this.

69 thoughts on “RANDOM THOUGHTS”

  1. Tris
    Been thinking about the adds also as they are becoming intrusive now and not what I want in my own wee blog. Need to have a think about it, thanks for posting link.

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        1. Tris, I know much more about desktop browsers than I do about android devices and apps, so if people are using apps on their smartphones to read wordpress, nothing I say is going to help very much!

          For Chrome-type browsers, users who don’t have an adblocker already should go to the Chrome Webstore to find one: chrome.google.com/webstore/category/extensions will take you right there. Enter “block” in the search box and sort your options by star ranking, and check out the number of users reported. I see that one of the options, uBlock Origin, is highly rated.

          For Firefox-type browser, users should navigate (using the hamburger at the top right for Firefox itself) and go down to add-ons, then type “block” into the search box. As for Chrome, the uBlock Origin is recommended, and that’s the one I use on Firefox.

          The choice of which one to use is entirely up to you, of course, but to inform your choice I can say that I had to stop using adBlock Plus and AdBlock because of problems with videos on some sites.

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          1. I’m using a version of Chrome ( not Google Chrome!). I have Adblock plus and uBlock origin installed. Both of these work fine keeping most if not all of the intrusive ads down and out.
            This latest “inconvenience” to the Republic though is a “sponsored link” which is mimicking the style of Trispw’s posts and so makes it difficult for conventional adblockers to pick up those tell-tell little fingerprints that ads have which allows the adblocker to filter them out.
            I’m sure its possible to tweak the adblockers to spot them but so far ( and I haven’t put much time to it) I haven’t had any luck.
            However…( drum roll!)…
            What I used to do was link to Munguins Republic by putting the link “munguin.wordpress.com” in my Favourites and click on that to go to the site.
            Now all I want to do is see Trisp’s posts ( and of course the comments !) So to get rid of the intrusive “sponsored link” posts that mimic Trispw’s posts what i’m doing is editing the link on my Favourites to make sure I only see posts from Trispw.
            My link now reads “munguin.wordpress.com/author/trispw”
            It works for me…your mileage may vary.

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            1. Thanks for that, Jake! I hadn’t noticed any false flag posts; not sure why. I use only one ad blocker in my quest for speed and because of my low boredom threshold.

              Another thing I urge all Munguinites to do is use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to stop your ISP from recording your browsing data and passing it on to the surveillance State. As I understand it, the combination of the encrypted https:// protocol on websites plus end-to-end encryption through your VPN provider won’t stop a determined effort by the spooks to decode your traffic, and it won’t stop them getting into the records of the sites you’re using, but at least Tey will have to make an effort to do so.

              If you’re going for a paid service, make sure it lets you put all your devices on the same account.

              It has always struck me that if you are engaged in a dastardly plot to blow up the White House and force everyone to listen to the Barney song 24 hours a day, you can’t be a tremendously efficient terrorist if you do all your messaging in clear.

              The analogy I like to draw is that it’s the difference between sending your communications in a bank envelope designed so that people can’t hold it up to a strong enough light and see what’s inside, and just putting it on a postcard.

              The Opera browser comes with a built-in VPN which you can turn on; I have no idea how robust and reliable it is, though, because I find Opera annoying for other reasons and don’t use it although I have it loaded.

              Another advantage of a VPN is that you can get round various blocks which websites put on their traffic. MSNBC recently put on a block that says “This service is not available in your country” from the UK terminals of my VPN provider, so I am currently listening to them using their node in Washington (city, not state).

              I can’t find it in me to go along with the repugnant piece of legislation from Westminster that goes by the nickname “Snoopers’ Charter”. Let Them get court orders to surveil us, failing which I am not going to make it easy for Them.

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        1. They are placing the sponsored post in second place so you only see it by scrolling down. Have you tried scrolling down, Ed? If it’s not there maybe you are using the link suggested by Jake?

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          1. Oh, you mean that simple WordPress image thing? I think my eye automatically skipped over it. It is a bit large though.

            I right-clicked on it and hit “Block this ad”. It resisted, but eventually I succeeded.

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            1. It was in here in Tris’s original post:
              “…No sweat, they might reply.


              I apologize to everyone for the posts which are appearing on here without my having anything to do with them. …”

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    1. I am presuming I must have sort of ad blocker as I don’t seem to get ads. My son set my tablet up for me so I have no idea what I have or don’t have or how any of this was managed

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      1. Sounds like a useful sort of son to have, Tatu! My foster-sons could probably show me a thing or two. It was difficult enough before for them to get UK visas from Kenya, but with COVID-19… as our American cousins might say, fuggedaboutit.

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  2. As far as Air Miles is concerned,Her Maj is becoming less able and her husband even more so which along with losing Prince Harry means they need a bod to fill the gaps.
    The ads are annoying but you get used to it and I just ignore them,as is the case with TV where I just switch the volume off.

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    1. Another one of the stupidities of the royal system is that the head of state is, while remarkably sprightly for her age, a bit of the elderly side for a full time job.

      As indeed are her older ‘children’. Cornwall must be heading for his mid 70s and his wife looks even older.

      Anne is 70 and presumably her husband is too.

      Edward is and always was, useless. Alexandra, Kent and Gloucester and Mick are also very elderly.

      Harry finally found the courage to tell them to stuff it. (Well done, Harry.)

      The two ugly sisters are far too lazy to actually do anything, and probably too stupid to manage anything much apart from holidaying and well, more holidaying and clothes buying and more holidaying.

      That leaves that bald blokey and his Mrs and Airmiles and…well, whoever he’s hanging around with that particular day.

      If that’s the best they can come up with it’s time we elected someone for 4 years and replaced them after that.

      No previous politician need apply.

      Munguin would volunteer but I reckon the English wouldn’t elect him as his manifesto wold include the obvious… plus they wouldn’t pay enough.

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  3. I am led to believe that Her Maj and other accomplices have been successfully prosecuted in South Africa for the theft of upwards of USD1.5 trillion. This and more will be coming to a blog near you very shortly.

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    1. Interesting, Kangaroo! Give us sources when you do, please, so we can all delve into it ourselves if we want to.

      On a different note, how’s the weather / climate down there? You must be coming into spring now. What’s the position on your water reserves?

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        1. Edd, I’ll start with the weather, it’s a lot cooler than last year so no call outs as yet. Some places are awash, droughts and flooding rains, is very apt.

          Queenie. I can’t give you any details at this time, but I am working on it. My source is quite impeccable so I am sure the information is correct. As I said several years ago information coming out will be like a Tsunami and will tilt the balance in favour of Indpendence to well over 60%. I would expect substantial civil unrest in engerland. This is the least of the crimes committed. Even the staunch Yoons will shift their position. Buck Palace is already shuttered and I am led to believe forensic teams are sifting through it. Harry and Mehgan gone. Queenie has not been to Balmoral and it is nothing to do with coronavirus.
          Once the US Election is out of the way you will start to see arrests of high profile individuals being made public as well as a lot of other stuff. You will be shocked although I have been trying to gently warn people as everyone seems to be blind to the truth. Amazing how much control the MSM have over the population.

          In the meantime here is a video where some of the tamer stuff is discussed. The title will give you a clue as to the content, and yes the royals do get a mention. Yes I do know what was on the ‘Insurance’ file on Anthony Weiners laptop. This will, come out in due course too. They are talking about letting things settle for a while after the election and not releasing info until March21 as it will traumatise a lot of people.

          How Satanic Is Hillary Clinton? – Wilfred Wong
          How Satanic Is Hillary Clinton? – Wilfred Wong
          Original Link on Shaun Attwood’s True Crime Podcast: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9eAeOwA60FQ

          Difficulty in posting may be because of the content. A lot of users and posters have been censored on a variety of social media platforms for posting information such as this.

          Tris please confirm receipt. Posting this to Ed will be a confirmation obviously.


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  4. I wonder if the cost of Mr Gove’s anti-SNP unit is charged to Scotland’s account. In fact, does anyone know a source for an itemised list of the monies spent by the English Government on Scotland’s behalf?

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    1. I would be very surprised if it isn’t being charged to us, Dave, especially if they’re basing it in MinTruth HQ in Edinburgh. After all, They take Scottish licence-payers’ money for the BBC to make anti-independence propaganda against us, don’t They?

      OT. As most Munguinites know, I think, I use “They” with an initial capital to mean the whole apparatus of the British State, the parts of it that consistently shaft us Scots and all people with normal lives and incomes throughout the UK, not as any kind of othering or scapegoating. My English friends hate Them too, possibly even more than I do, as there are more of Them down there.

      I say this as a public service for new readers of Munguin Megamedia International CorpΒ© products who may be unaware of this convention.

      My apologies to Mr. Munguin and all Munguinites for my continual prolix and orotund bandwidth-hogging.

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    2. Of course it’s being charged to Scotland. IO mean they charge Scotland for things that have heehaw to do with us never mind stuff specifically for us.

      Anyway someone (not me) archived a copy of the Sunday Times article about this Unit!

      “Whitehall sources say Gove believes robust action is needed to educate the Scottish electorate about the economic advantages of staying in the UK.”

      FFS. I mean we are educated about the UK, that’s why we want to leave it!


      Ps ad blocker blocks that ads but I do get the sponsored posts which I scroll past. I’ve taken Jake’s advice now with the bookmarking!

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      1. Thanks PP.

        I can’t wait to find out what is so good about being a part of Englnad that I seem to have missed out on all these years.

        I suppose he will think that if we were independent, we’d never have the benefits of a Tory government, being too stupid to have voted for that sort of thing for 70 years or so.

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    3. That is a very good question, Dave

      He’ll probably get one of his mates (OK, OK, like he has mates…) one of his associates with a company worth Β£4.27, no staff and the Articles of Association borrowed from a chip shop to get it up and running.

      After all, all they need to do is get the Daily Express and the Daily Mail together with BBC Jockland to tell us how unutterably badly the Jocks would run the country… and repeat.

      So it shouldn’t cost any more than a few billion.


            1. The Westminster “government” is planning a mass testing programme, codenamed Operation Moonshot, which aims to conduct up to 10 million Covid-19 tests a day by early 2021. Even it’s own experts are ridiculing it.

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              1. Conan…..Oh yes! A metaphorical moonshot from Westminster! American politicians use the “moonshot” metaphor a lot too. And also the word “Operation” to name various initiatives. It took a Cold War 50 years ago to actually make a moon landing happen; when it wasn’t about scientific exploration, it was about the first men on the moon being Americans rather than Russians. That was when Congress voted the big dollars to fund a decade-long project that finally made it happen.

                It may happen again, but I have doubts that American politicians and any amount of money likely to be voted by Congress will make it happen anytime soon. (Maybe a true international partnership with a strong corporate component might be more successful.) Lunar landing programs have been underfunded and over-studied by three successive American presidential administrations of both parties. Obama so effectively killed NASA space programs, that America lost manned space flight CAPABILITY, even for flight to low earth orbit. When Obama left office, Americans were paying about 80 million dollars each for a seat on Russian flights to the International Space Station.

                Manned space programs require lots of money and plenty of long-term political commitment. That’s generally not compatible with four year (or two-term, eight year) presidential administrations. So assuming that Biden is elected, one of the first things he will do is what ALL presidents do when they take office. They order a halt to the previous administration’s major long-term programs to STUDY the way forward. NASA space and science programs always fare poorly when that happens. (When you really want to kill a program in Washington, you study it to death. That’s exactly the way Obama effectively killed the manned space program.)

                So while Trump and the Republicans if they win might be crazy enough to make it happen, Biden will be busy satisfying the demands of the socialist far left wing of his party to turn back the political clock 40 years (before Reagan….and ironically, also before Obama) while simultaneously spending big money in the service of a radical environmental agenda. Space flight, and NASA science projects generally, will come out badly in service of the socialist Democratic agenda. Biden after all served as VP in Obama’s administration which was a disaster for space programs.

                The Democrats will not take mankind back to the moon. The crazy Republicans might actually do it someday. But mostly, my bets would be on a private-sector-centered corporate/government partnership, with some sort of a profit motive justification.

                Rant over! πŸ˜‰

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                  1. Conan….A military use for the moon! Now you’re talking something the US government can appreciate. πŸ˜‰ And maybe it wouldn’t cost much more than one of the new aircraft carriers they build every few years…..at about $12 Billion a pop (2021 dollars.)

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                    1. Some Munguinites may be sort of peripherally aware, Danny, Conan, that Yours Truly keeps banging on about international law at great length blah blah blah yada yada yada, with the general tone and tenor being that he wishes that governments would live up to the supposedly binding international agreements which they have signed up to of their own free will.

                      One of those is the Outer Space Treaty (full name: Treaty on Principles Governing the Activities of States in the Exploration and Use of Outer Space, including the Moon and Other Celestial Bodies) of 1967.

                      Here’s the article which applies to the question we’ve sort of been discussing:

                      “Article IV
                      States Parties to the Treaty undertake not to place in orbit around the Earth any objects carrying nuclear weapons or any other kinds of weapons of mass destruction, install such weapons on celestial bodies, or station such weapons in outer space in any other manner.

                      The Moon and other celestial bodies shall be used by all States Parties to the Treaty exclusively for peaceful purposes. The establishment of military bases, installations and fortifications, the testing of any type of weapons and the conduct of military maneuvers on celestial bodies shall be forbidden. The use of military personnel for scientific research or for any other peaceful purposes shall not be prohibited. The use of any equipment or facility necessary for peaceful exploration of the moon and other celestial bodies shall also not be prohibited.”

                      Here’s the full text from outerspacetreaty.org: https://is.gd/Vn8zDQ.

                      I see the bastards had used the American spelling of manoeuvres. Shocking! Contrary to UN editorial guidelines! I am appalled.

                      Oh, in treaty language, the use of “shall”, as in “shall not be prohibited”, means that the provision has mandatory force. It also means that you can understand a “henceforward” from the time of entry into force of the treaty.

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                    2. Ed….Notwithstanding certain linguistics and spelling, it seems that the “Treaty on Principles Governing the Activities of States in the Exploration and Use of Outer Space, including the Moon and Other Celestial Bodies” has been a resounding success. After more than 50 years, and with lots of countries having space flight capability, serious conflict has never arisen.

                      I do wonder about the United Nations editorial guidelines that use more letters in the spelling of words than is necessary, which, with “maneuvers/manoeuvres” goes beyond all those unnecessary “u”s in English English. Also, I long ago gave up on the “shall” vs “will” problem, and so I now only use “will.” I’m wondering if it would change the meaning of “shall not be prohibited, if one uses “will not be prohibited.”

                      Is there any difference between “henceforward” and “henceforth” BTW?

                      On the subject of unnecessarily fancy words, I wonder if the UN ever uses “gainsay” or “gainsaid.” Some time back, I found a reference to Byrd v. Blue Ridge Rural Electric Cooperative, a 1958 opinion of the US Supreme Court, in which Mr. Justice Brennan wrote: “It cannot be gainsaid that there is a strong federal policy against allowing state rules to disrupt the judge-jury relationship in the federal courts.” The astute observer will note that there is no earthly need for the first five words of that sentence, EXCEPT for impressing others with the use of “gainsaid.” πŸ˜‰


                    3. If I remember rightly the rule is that you use “shall” for first person (singular and plural) and will for second and third person, when it is a simple intention.

                      I shall learn Japanese; he will learn to like cauliflower.

                      But when you wish to express an absolute determination to do something, then you reverse that.

                      I WILL learn Greenlandic (if it kills me); they SHALL not trespass in the grounds of the Towers (or Munguin will have me shoot them).


                      I love the words “gainsay/gainsaid”, even if deny/ied does just as well.

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                    4. UN editorial rules specify Brit Eng with some in-house rules of its own. As for high-falutin vocabulary, the general idea is that if it’s not in the Concise Oxford Dictionary you probably shouldn’t use it, because you’re writing for an audience which is largely composed of non-native English speakers – technical terms excepted, of course. I was always pretty comfortable with the editorial rules, and I used to break the ones I didn’t like anyway. As I never got hauled up for it, I suspect my revisers agreed with me.

                      The shall / will thing caused particular difficulties for the American colleagues. It’s not something that should bother you in normal speech because the difference has basically disappeared in American usage. Most Brits don’t make or feel a difference either, particularly because in speech both forms are usually contracted to I’ll, he’ll and so on, so you can’t tell which one the person think’s she’s using even if you want to.

                      Besides, those poncy 18th- and 19th-century grammarians have a lot to answer for.

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                    5. Actually, Ed, I’ve rarely come across anyone who really knows the difference between shall and will or the correct usage.

                      I only know it because I taught English in France and it formed part of a lesson.

                      I didn’t know either, until then, the difference between “elder/eldest” and “older/oldest”. One of my students asked me (and I had to look it up).

                      Of course English as it is used in different parts of the world varies a fair bit.

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                    6. Tris……It’s that “absolute determination” reversal on will and shall that bothers me.

                      Here is the article I referred to and freely plagiarized from about gainsay and gainsaid. Perhaps you might have a career in Supreme Court opinion writing. But you’d also have to use other obscure legalese such as “it is beyond peradventure,” “it is beyond cavil,” and “obloquy.” πŸ˜‰


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                    7. LOL. Legalise, eh?

                      I understand of course that legalise has to be VERY precise as to its meaning,

                      But “without doubt” or “beyond doubt” or “there is no doubt” would do for all of them… I’d have thought.

                      Obloquy, I have to admit, I’d never heard.

                      When my solicitor friend wrote my will (leaving everything to Munguin as per his instructions) she used the word “dispone” for “make available”. It was the first time I’d heard it, although the word is in everyday use in French…

                      Je suis a votre disposition… I’m available to (see) you. or, le livre sera disponible la semaine prochaine. The book will be available next week.

                      English is a funny language. So much of it is antiquated and almost never used…except in legal matters.

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                    8. Ed…..Hmmmm……”contumely”…..

                      After consulting Merriam-Webster, I think there’s some of that going on here. To very agreeable effect I think. πŸ˜‰
                      (Just now forwarded to Tris BTW.)

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