10 Heartbreaking Videos that Show the Devastating Effect of Palm Oil on  Orangutans - One Green Planet
1. No-one is looking so I’m off to explore this republic Munguin’s got.
2. Lake Mackenzie, NZ.
3. What d’ya think of them for cheeks, eh?
4. Fly me to the moon… way up there.
5. Guess who’s stuck up a gum tree?
6. Well done!
Tiger - Wikipedia
7. Now, where is this forest of the night place I’m supposed to be burning bright in?
8. Hello, Rory the Rhino here… good mate of Munguin’s
9. What a relief.
10. Neighbour’s wild flower meadow in the summer.
11. Norway.
Happy Dogs - Guardian Animal Medical Center - Dr. M.J. Wixsom
12. I AM smiling. This IS my smile… duh, humans! Dim or what?
13. Bulgarian pipers.
14. Purrrrrrrrr.
15. Market in Lomé, Togo.
16. Why don’t I have stripes like my buddy?
17. I just had a new punk hairdo. Whacha think?
Mini donkey walk in an ancient orchard - Airbnb
18. Did you remember to wash your hands?
Turtle gives the rude finger to a photographer in Queensland | Daily Mail  Online
19. No, you can’t take photographs of me… unless you pays me. It’s £1.
Orangutan Babies - 2018 Asia-Pacific Rainforest Summit Photo Competition
20. OK. That’s yer lot. You can come back next week if you want.

Thanks to John, Wilson, and, in anticipation, Marcia.

70 thoughts on “SOPPY SUNDAY”

    1. My phone clock does it automatically, Tris and DonDon, and had me stumped on an earlier nocturnal wandering. Why still only 2am? Close to that last time I looked and must have been asleep for a lot longer. Ah, of course. Five months of winter now officially under way.

      Remember the Broons and/or Oor Wullie having clock-change as a regular joke theme, with someone always getting into trouble by forgetting.

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        1. I turned up 1 hour early for a meeting. When I checked the calendar on my smartphone it said 10a.m. for the meeting but it had said 9a.m. when I looked the precious day. Then it dawned on me – I had been on holiday in Iceland and had checked the time of the meeting while sitting around at the airport. The ‘SMART’ phone had displayed the local Iceland time without warning me!

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  1. Here’s one for the doubters and Danny of course…
    Interview with Rudy Giuliiani starts at 37mins.

    and for those who prefer to read rather than listen

    Biden is so screwed. Treason anyone? 😱
    Chances are they’ll shut the gate before the election and Trump will run unopposed. 🤩

    You can still get good odds on Trump.

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    1. Even before reading this, I felt a wee flutter on Trump might be worth a go. Devious bugger that he is, he could still come up with some stunning game-changer even if Biden is shorter odds than 1-2 as we go into the home straight. But the best offered on Trump is 2-1 so a big stake needed to make it worth while. Unless this story changes the picture completely and makes 2-1 look easy money in retrospect.

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      1. I would put your money in Biden winning. Quite a lot of fake stories going around. Trump is sinking in the polls. He is playing defensive in the states that he will be visiting and where he is spending advertising monies. Some states like Georgia, Texas and Arizona are now swing states compared to the last time. Biden is advertising cleverly targeting niche groups. Trump won the last time because Hillary Clinton was his opponent. She wasn’t very well liked by the swing voter group, Biden polls well with this group. The early voting turnouts in some heavily Democratic area are starting to exceed the 2016 turnout. The youngsters are flocking to the polls this time compared to 2016. Total early voting turnout so far is 59 million. The elephant in Trump’s room is Covid-19.

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        1. I wonder when we will get the results. I wonder if Trump will contest. I wonder what he’ll do. I wouldn’t put it past him to go back to reality tv, with all the gravitas for which he has been so well known as president.

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  2. What lovely pictures. The meadow was beautiful. I wish my lawn looked like that when it hasn’t been mown for while! What a handsome gibbon though why they weren’t just called golden gibbons because the women and kids are just goes to show what a male dominated bunch we primates are!

    Loved the cat and calf. Are you sure that dog is smiling, s/he just seems to be sticking their tongue out 🙂 The wee orangs were a treat, positively life affirming as Ed would say if he were here.

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    1. The dog says he’s smiling… so he’s smiling.

      That Gibbon is very handsome and blames his name on the human types. He says he is just called Graeme…



    1. It a bit Swiss looking. Like you say, beautiful.

      Lovely name for a capital city too, Bishkek.

      It’s a relatively poor country where 22% live in poverty…although 20% of Brits live in poverty too!!!


      1. 1982 or 83 I was there spring time, a lot more snow on the hills at that time. I walked in from the head of Lake Wakatipu via GlenOrchy and Kinloch. At the time there was a large hostel near the lake I did not stay there just dossed out. The whole of NZ is beautiful its an amazing country.

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  3. OMG……I have to figure out what time it is here. I don’t think we observe the same Daylight Savings Time dates that Scotland does. But I could be wrong about that.

    There’s always time zone issues here of course. Some farmers in far western Kansas for example live where Mountain Time is observed……even though it’s a couple of hundred miles to an actual….you know…..MOUNTAIN. So some western Kansas farmers are on Denver (Mountain) time, while others (maybe living only a few miles down the road) are on Kansas City (Central) time. The same problems affect Hoover Dam that spans the Colorado River near Las Vegas. Since the west (Nevada) bank of the river is in the Pacific time zone and the east (Arizona) bank is in the Mountain time zone, that makes the time at the west end of the dam in Nevada one hour earlier (in standard time) than the east end of the dam in Arizona.

    Then Daylight time adds to the confusion since 48 states observe Daylight time, while two states and a lot of territories don’t. Wiki: “Most areas of the United States (and Canada) observe daylight saving time (DST), the exceptions being Arizona (except for the Navajo, who do observe daylight saving time on tribal lands), Hawaii, and the overseas territories of American Samoa, Guam, the Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, and the United States Virgin Islands.”

    The Navajo Nation observing Daylight time in Arizona, unlike the rest of Arizona which does not, adds to the Arizona confusion……EXCEPT in a sense at Hoover Dam where the east side of the dam in Arizona becomes the SAME clock time as the west side of the dam in Nevada DURING the months that Daylight time is observed……..AND since the Arizona side is NOT on tribal lands of the Navajo Nation.

    Before 2006, Indiana (like Arizona and Hawaii) did not observe Daylight time, EXCEPT for certain COUNTIES within the state. These clips from “The West Wing” shows consternation among the White House staff who find themselves confused about the time in Indiana while on travel during a political campaign, among a group of teenagers who don’t like big shot Washington politicians. Then they find a ride in a truck.

    The White House West Wing staff trying to figure out what time (and date) it is in Tokyo, and when the president might return to Washington from Japan.

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      1. Tris……I really liked these clips. Typical of the fine “West Wing” writing I think.
        I see that we have Daylight time for another week in the States. It goes off here the first Sunday in November……which is next Sunday.

        Interesting that the tribal land of the Navajo Nation observes daylight savings time, even though Arizona doesn’t. More than half of the 27,000 square miles of the Navajo Nation are in Arizona……the rest being in New Mexico and Utah. Navajo nation is about the size of Ireland…….which is larger than each of 10 individual states, and almost as large as the total area of the 5 smallest states.

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      2. PS Tris……In time zone craziness I might have mentioned Alaska and Hawaii. Alaska has a land area that’s almost 1/5 of the total area of the entire United States…….a ginormous area that’s as large as France, Germany, UK, Ireland, and Spain combined. It’s so big that it could easily span three time zones, but is mostly (except for the end of the Alaska Aleutian chain in the far northern Pacific) crammed into one twisted time zone that’s one hour west of California and is called Alaska Standard Time. And since Hawaii is no farther west than continental Alaska, it might reasonably be located in the Alaska time zone. But it’s not. Once again a time zone is twisted in a way that puts Hawaii one hour farther west than Alaska time. It shares a time zone with the far western Alaskan Aleutians in what is called Hawaii-Aleutian time. That works OK for time, but when planning a Pacific Island holiday, don’t get Hawaii mixed up with the Aleutians. 😉

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        1. What with having to fill out a form as big as a short novel in order to vote …and work your way through a mass of time zones … life in the US must be pretty complex! 🙂

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          1. Everything IS bigger in America after all….LOL. So you get used to figuring out what time it is at the location before you make a phone call. Too bad a place as big as Alaska has such a miserable climate that nobody wants to live there. 😉

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              1. LOL…..Yes, Sarah did give Alaska a bad name. She hasn’t shown up in the lower 48 much since she lost her contract with FOX News. Trump didn’t give her a White House job after she came down and campaigned for him in 2016. I guess even Trumpy is not crazy enough to call her anymore. 😉

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                1. LOL. You have to wonder, Danny.

                  Did he think, nah, she’s too crazy for me…


                  Did she think…oh no, he’s batshit mad. I got my rep to think of…


                  Were the two thoughts simultaneous?

                  One of life’s great mysteries, eh?

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          1. When the Japanese occupied Attu and Kiska in the Aleutians in WWII, some of the military advised FDR to just ignore them….since they could do no real harm, freezing their asses off in miserable rain and ice……and then go get them when the war is over. But FDR insisted that they’d occupied American territory and would have to go. The Aleutian Islands campaign was a long and miserable operation.


            For volcano watching, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park on the Big Island is nice, then just a short hop to Oahu for Waikiki Beach and the night life of Honolulu.

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            1. “On August 15, 1943, an invasion force landed on Kiska in the wake of a sustained three-week barrage, only to discover that the Japanese had withdrawn from the island on July 29.”


              The whole thing seems like a successful feint by the Japanese to divert US forces away from more significant targets.

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              1. Ed…..After the fierce fighting on Attu, I guess the Kiska defenders had had enough of the miserable place. 😉

                Apparently, the Aleutian operation was an unsuccessful attempt to draw American naval forces away from Japan’s planned attack on Midway. As it was, three American fleet carriers met four Japanese fleet carriers at Midway. All four Japanese carriers were destroyed, while the Americans lost only the Yorktown, which had been damaged in the Battle of the Coral Sea and had been hastily patched up for Midway. The US Navy had not taken the bait, and discovered that the Japanese target was Midway thanks to a code-breaking ruse.

                Wiki: Admiral Nimitz had one critical advantage: US cryptanalysts had partially broken the Japanese Navy’s JN-25b code. Since early 1942, the US had been decoding messages stating that there would soon be an operation at objective “AF”. It was initially not known where “AF” was, but Commander Joseph Rochefort and his team at Station HYPO were able to confirm that it was Midway: Captain Wilfred Holmes devised a ruse of telling the base at Midway (by secure undersea cable) to broadcast an uncoded radio message stating that Midway’s water purification system had broken down. Within 24 hours, the code breakers picked up a Japanese message that “AF was short on water”. No Japanese radio operators who intercepted the message seemed concerned that the Americans were broadcasting uncoded that a major naval installation close to the Japanese threat ring was having a water shortage, which could have tipped off Japanese intelligence officers that it was a deliberate attempt at deception.
                HYPO was also able to determine the date of the attack as either 4 or 5 June, and to provide Nimitz with a complete IJN order of battle.

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    1. I absolutely LOVED the West Wing when it was on. A young Elisabeth Moss played the first offspring or whatever they call the kids! She later went on to do the Handmaid’s Tale. Bradley Whitford who played Josh Lyman joined the cast of HT and won an Emmy -his third. But none of them were for West Wing though he was nominated 3 years in a row for it. So there!

      Anyway I’ve discovered Channel 4 has all the episodes on Catch up so when I’ve finished with Angel, I know what to watch next! I hope it stands the test of time.

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      1. PP…..I loved West Wing too. One of the best TV dramas ever I think. After it ended its run, I bought the box set when I saw a very good price on Amazon. Don’t know if its currently running on any broadcast or cable TV channels here, but its available for streaming on Netflix last I checked…….also on Hulu I think……maybe others. I just loved these clips of Toby and Josh dealing with the Indiana time zones. Just one of many favorites of course.

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        1. I’m on the first season/series,Tatu . Doyle has just died and Wesley has joined the gang. I watched all but the last series when it was first on. The last series got picked up by a pay for view channel!

          Buffy is also on catch up. Now to be controversial, as much as I appreciate (ehem) David Boreanaz, I preferred Buffy as a series!

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      1. Thanks Marcia. I never remember from one year to the next. I do tend to remember that it’s a little different in the States from Scotland and the UK. So for the next week, there’ll only be a five hour difference between me and Munguin’s Republic, instead of the usual six.


    1. I’m not sure anything counts as off topic when it’s your blog…

      There is a Westminster petition too. It already has enough votes to be discussed in parliament. Of course if they do fund the meals, they’ll need to give Barnet consequentials (that means extra money Danny) to Scotland, Wales and NI. Some have postulated that’s why they didn’t vote for it in the first place – they wanted to punish us for choosing to do so when they hadn’t.

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        1. Oops. I mean, signed. PP, this particular chancellor of the exchequer doesn’t seem to care about Barnett Consequentials – May started it with her billion-pound bungs to the DUP, with no consequentials for us. He’s doing it again, as I understand it, with his latest package of support for English small businesses.

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            1. I came across the following description of how the entitled classes in Greater Englandshire behave a while ago, but I can’t remember who it should be attributed to:

              “The law protects those whom it does not bind, and binds those whom it does not protect”. Which is a posh way of saying “It’s one rule for some people…”, I suppose.

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      1. Hum… well everyone else apologises when they go OT so, I reckoned it would probably be best if I did too. Don’t want a lecture on manners from Munguin!


      1. It’s all good. I hope we will be able to convince the English government that starving kids whose parents are living on 60% of a very niggardly minimum wage is an inhuman thing to do…especially in what they are always telling us is the 5th largest economy (as if).

        Maybe we should remind his boss, the queen, that she tells us every christmas how much she tries to live her life according to the teachings of Jesus, and then ask her what he said about feeding people.

        Then we might suggest to her that she get her private secretary to drop Mr Johnson a note saying that she is not amused.

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    1. I see from someone on Twitter, that Gove, I’ll repeat that, GOVE is going to wage war against Nicola Sturgeon and the independence movement.

      At least they didn’t call it a “charm offensive”, because he’d be right out of luck on the first part of that, but at least 200% good on the second part. Maybe he could just do an “offensive offensive”?

      In a government of repulsive characters, he just has to take the cake. There is absolutely NOTHING even slightly appealing about him.

      I have this imagine of him sitting on the Rt Hon Noble and Gallant Baroness’s lap on top of a massive tank, charging our parliament and falling into that wee pond in front of it… and not being able to swim.

      Oh how we would laugh.

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      1. Yeah, well, the gloves are coming off.

        Frankly, I can no longer choose which Tory I hate the most. I hate the lot of them. And that is harsh, perhaps there is a decent Tory left and we should scream at her:

        “What to goodness are you doing with this utter scum? Perhaps you think of the Wizard of Oz as a hero, but he is just a very weak man. He hides behind the magic screen that is Dominic Cummings, who had the ability to bend light and truth to insanity, and then crashed into the shards we now see.

        Look again dear lady, for badness (it is a fairytale, else more brutal words may have been used), the Cummings lies shattered, the wicked witches of the West and East are in tatters.

        And, you could have been Dorothy!”

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    2. As an afterthought… why, in any case, isn’t that blokey with the suitcases under his eyes leading this campaign or his English MP assistant… or why not DRoss and his advisor?

      OK, I hear you, because no one has heard of the first two and they are all useless anyway.. .but then I reply… and GOVE isn’t?


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