You probably though that pretty much you’d seen the worst when you watched Gove sweat and stutter, red-facedly whilst drinking enough water to relaunch the Titanic in, yesterday on the Marr show. Tad too much something on Saturday night, Mick?

But today he put in a performance in the Commons that even Theresa couldn’t believe… and remember she was the girl who once ran through a cornfield.

According to Mr Peston: The face of former PM is an absolute picture when @michaelgove tells her British people would be safer from crime and terrorism if the government fails to agree crime and security agreements with EU. She could seen saying โ€œwhat?!!!!!โ€


So Gove is too much for the old Magic Money Tree denier and lord knows, she could make stuff up!

Michael Gove drinking water is the new Ed Miliband eating a sandwich |  Metro News

Who would have thought it?

And while we are on the subject of “Eh? What?… Remember Ann Widdecombe, she who was a politician, then was a star of Strictly Come Dancing … remember this?

Well Ms Widdecombe has announced that she didn’t think that people wanted to see same sex couples dancing together on television.

This has occasioned many people to comment about how little they had wanted to see her dancing on SCD, but had had to put up with it.

And then there was one person who pointed out that this was something that had been happening for many a year and wondering how she had managed to miss it!

46 thoughts on “EH? WHAT?”

  1. Tris, this should have come with a warning!

    Not having had a TV (or license) for the last 3 decades I had not seen any Widdecombe SCD pictures.

    I shall have nightmares tonight!

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    1. Oh damn, Brenda. I’m sorry.

      I ever saw it either. I’m not sure whether I had a tv at that point but it’s not the kind of thing I’d watch anyway, but I thought everyone had seen the horrible pictures and had become inured.

      Munguin sends his sincere apologies.


        1. Thank you, Munguin. Like Brenda, this was also my first exposure to that horror show. I was on pleasant nocturnal prowl for coffee, fags, and MNR catch-up but that threatened to jeopardise any more sleep for the rest of the night. Norway proved a great antidote, and I can now safely retreat upstairs again.

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        1. Actually, Jake, I find the mention of Scotland – though not explicitly by name – in verse 23 is apposite, though it hasn’t all come to pass. At least not yet: “But this people hath a revolting and a rebellious heart; they are revolted and gone.”


          1. Till she saw the error of her ways and repented…

            Then it was ‘lock up the magic money tree’ when the nurses wanted their first pay rise in 9 years. Only MPs, Lords and Royals get to pick the fruit.


          2. Come to think of it, maybe she did absorb the bit about not lying: instead of constantly lying and making up stuff like her successor, she used to respond to questions by actually not answering them at all.

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            1. Merkel: So, Theresa, was wollen Sie aus der EU?

              May: What are you offering?

              Merkel: Nein, so funktioniert das nicht. Sie verlassen, Was wollen Sie? Sie sagen uns.

              May: What are you offering?

              Merkel: Oh verdammt noch mal, dumme Frau. Ich werde mich hinlegen.

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  2. God yes that pic of Widdecombe, utterly gross but I think the guy is more grossed out than we are lol! Look at his expression!
    Gove I hear was sweating and seemed very fidgety, remember last year when he looked off his tree and could hardly stand up in the commons. These people should be tested for sobriety, hell they are making life death decisions about people, no way should they be inebriated while doing so!

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    1. Yes, I’ve seen this, PP.

      Of course, with a majority of 70-odd in their Commons, they can do whatever they want, especially when Mr Cummings has such a grip.

      But the idea that they could “pressure” the EU to refuse to allow Scotland to join, is a bit far fetched.

      It’s a bit like them holding all the cards and the EU needing the UK more than the other way around.

      “OK.. you can have all our fishing, but all 27 of you must promise not to let these awful Jocks back in. If we are going to suffer, then they must too,”

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      1. I agree with you on that, Tris; after 31 December the Westminster regime will have very little clout indeed with the EU, and it does not seem to have occurred to Them that with Their appalling behaviour, capped by this latest announcement that They intend to break international law, They have already used up the limited reserves which the Europeans might have had left of goodwill, trust and patience. Their word’s no good, They have no political capital left at all, They have been told what the reality is and yet They still refuse to recognize it. They are evil, They are incompetent, They are not fit to govern, and I want the Scottish Government to resist Them much more forcefully than they already are.

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  3. Do as we say, not as we do,
    Matt Hancock not wearing facemask, because apparently the same rule do not apply to chauffeur driven cars.


  4. Brought another song to mind…

    “As we were going to Widdecombe non-fair, all along, down along, out along lea… with Old Uncle Tom Cobley and all

    “We all got frit at at what we would see, and decided to stay where we were
    get pissed in the pub with Tom Pearce’s grey mare
    For she looked so much better than that ghastly old tub…

    “With Bill Brewer, Jan Stewer, Peter Gurney,Peter Davy, Danโ€™l Whiddon, Harry Hawk, Old Uncle Tom Cobley and all…

    “And Old Uncle Tom Cobley and all.”

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