Virginia Zoo welcomes a baby orangutan, the first of its kind born at the  zoo - The Virginian-Pilot - The Virginian-Pilot
1 Morning all. What’s up?
2. Don’t you wish you were here?
3. This is my cat. ..well, kitten really.
4. I’m a Gilbert’s Potoroo, for your information. I bet none of you lot knew that, cept maybe for Kangaroo, Munguin and Quokka (who definitely knows it). I’m VERY rare…a bit like Munguin.
5. Munguin says he wants his garden to look like this. Munguin would!
6. Far too many cat like creatures about here. That’s what I say.
7. What? It’s not only Giraffes that have long necks you know. Can you imagine what it’s like if I get a sore throat? Eh? You’d never thought about that, had you?
8. Look into my eyes…
9. Oi, do I take pictures of you eating your dinner and send them to Munguin’s worldwide publishing? Give a cat some peace will ya?
10. Montana.
11. I’ll be with you shortly. Don’t you know it’s rude to stare?
Lome Togo stock photos and royalty-free images, vectors and illustrations |  Adobe Stock
12. Lomé, Togo.
Giraffe Fact Sheet | Blog | Nature | PBS
13. What was that bird saying about my neck?
Life cycle of the Koala | Australian Koala Foundation
14. Hold on tight.
How do frogs survive winter? Why don't they freeze to death? - Scientific  American
15. If I hear Munguin talking about cuisses de grenouille, I’ll be very upset.
I'll get by with a little help from my friends! Heart-warming pictures show  the curious bond between some truly unlikely animal friends - Caters News  Agency
16. This is my dog… and this is my bird!
17. Peanut, a golden cheeked gibbon.
16 More Unlikely Animal Friends (9.20.11)
18. You’ll have to do better than that if you want to separate the sheep from the goats.
19. I bet old Liz doesn’t have as nice a throne as this.
Baby orangutans traumatized after smuggling attempt - National - The  Jakarta Post
20. You want a drink? Well come back next week and we’ll see if there’s any left.

Munguin sends his thanks to: John and Quokka.

58 thoughts on “SOPPY SUNDAY”

  1. Loved the owl and the fox and the cat with the squirrel.

    Something different this week.

    The Atacama desert is home to the darkest and cleanest skies in the world. A view to the night sky rewards with uncountable numbers of stars and fantastic nebulas in one of the most quiet a empty places on earth. Not a single noise distracts from the grand show the night sky has to offer.
    The environment is harsh though. Filmed in freezing temperatures, altitudes up to 5000m/16000ft, salt lakes and icy slopes, the Atacama is not friendly to life and equipment. Though it provides without doubt for epic and vast vistas of one of the greatest landscapes on earth.

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              1. Funny how those appalling right-wing authoritarian types seem to enjoy each other’s company. Thatcher & Pinochet; Hitler & Mussolini; Hairstyle 1 in Washington – or Mar a Lago – and Hairstyle 2 in Pyongyang; or Putin, or Duterte, or Erdoğan, or Muhammad bin Salman…

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    1. Wow. Just wow.

      “Hello human. Nice to see you again. Can you help me push this log out of the way seeing as you’re bigger than me. I’m hungry and there’s some good food under there?

      Thank you. That was a wee treasure.


  2. A very successful reaffirmation of life today, Tris, particularly pic. 8. How can anyone who’s not got something seriously awry with their personality not fall in love with such a soulful-eyed young one?

    I am convinced that orangutans are much nicer than humans, on the whole.


    1. I’m relieved to hear it, Ed.

      I’ve never known an orangutan, unfortunately, so I can only guess at how nice they are in the flesh, but it wouldn’t surprise me if you were right.

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  3. What a smashing selection of pictures today, they were all a joy! Golden cheeked gibbons are funny ones. They are born fully golden to blend in with mum, then they turn black to match dad (except guess what bit of his face remains golden!), then the girls on reaching maturity turn golden again apart from a black cap! They are form SE Asia but are threatened.

    I wonder where the beach is? I thought Barra maybe? I’d love to be at the seaside but since I’m in a central belt, I’m going nowhere! Brilliant photos all- really set up my day.

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    1. PP…..I see that your suggestion of Barra is “Outer Hebrides, Scotland.” That would confirm a vague recollection of a picture I saw somewhere of a beach that looked like Hawaii but was in fact Scotland. Beautiful!

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    1. That older dog is so beautifully groomed, PP! It must take hours. Looks wonderful, but I can just imagine those long, silky hairs going all over my precious antique furniture and plush upholstery [As if! You don’t run to anything better than heavily discounted pleather-Ed.] and up my delicate retroussé nose [You wish!-Ed.].

      Alas, as a person who is unable to do such things as walkies, shudders delicately at the thought of picking up canine products of digestion in a plastic-enshrouded paw [You mean is likely to puke-Ed.], and is fundamentally unreliable in all sorts of ways [Honesty at last! How novel. Keep it up-Ed.], it would be cruel and unusual punishment for me to be put in charge of a dog. Cruel and unusual punishment for the dog, that is; it is important to be clear on this point, I feel.

      I do believe my mind is wandering a bit, probably because of all this life-reaffirmation and soppiness going about, for which I shall blame Tris. No justice, no peace, or something with broad shoulders like our preciousss, preciousss Union™. As I was just saying.

      On which subject, I repeat my best wishes for a speedy recovery to Wee Ginger Dug’s human, Paul Kavanagh. I was reassured to read the interview with him in The National yesterday ( which proves he has not lost his snark [Don’t you mean “spark”? Oh well, that too, I suppose, let’s not go to war over it-Ed.]

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          1. Dear heavens, Ed.

            The poor wee fella fainted clean away when I read that out to him. I shall return shortly when I have revived him with a small measure of Henri IV Dudognon Heritage Cognac.

            I think you should take that as a no.

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      1. Well there are the two owners to share the grooming duties. They are lovely dogs. I agree re the poo bags but also I’m not a fan of barking and I’ve a very barky dog nearby!

        I do agree about the orangutans though. Such a shame we don’t have any nearby to visit. Apparently the nearest are in Blackpool. No wonder the FM has to caution us not to travel there!

        And Paul K makes a very good point in his interview. Stop moaning about the pub being shut when his mammy cannae even see him when he’s no weel.
        Hope the toothache is better and if not the photos took your mind of it for a while.

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  4. Nice view of Montana. Not sure where that is. Might be in Glacier National Park.

    The view of mountains from flatlands is always pretty. Views of the Rockies from the eastern prairies of Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana are pretty, as is the Sierra Nevada Range from the high desert of the western Great Basin of Nevada. There’s a route that planes fly from Kansas City to San Francisco. You leave the Colorado Rockies far behind and fly a long way over the Great Basin before you see the Sierra Nevada on the horizon with the Golden State beyond.

    No pictures of that horizon view immediately clickable. People apparently only start taking pictures when they get over the mountains.

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  5. Hmmm Off topic, but G O V E:

    Michael Gove says there is now less of a chance of reaching a Brexit deal, and that the EU isn’t behaving as if ‘it’s serious about reaching a deal’

    Why would it be serious about reaching a deal with a banana queendom that just voted to break the last deal it had with the EU?

    Whilst a deal would be preferable, it knows that it wouldn’t be worth the paper it was written on. And, in any case, it has 27 members, plus the three EEA countries and Switzerland. Free trade among 31 countries and trade deals with many others.

    The UQ, on the other hand, has not a lot. Still, nous pouvons encore nous attendre à des passeports bleus!

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      1. In fairness, Ed, you would have to admit that as we get colder and hungrier and more and more alone, medicines dry up, etc, there will be that warm glow every time we look at a picture of a blue passport.

        C’mon, it would take a hard heart not to be overwhelmed by Brutish, I mean British, prude, I mean pride.

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  6. Picking up on the Milestones that appeared in the previous AOY, I thought about the oldest federal monuments in the United States……the boundary markers of the 1791-1792 survey that established the location in Maryland and (originally) Virginia of the District of Columbia. “Although several stones have been moved or severely damaged, thirty-six stones from the 1790s are in or near their original locations, including all fourteen in the land that was returned to Virginia in the 1846-1847 retrocession.” The Federal District (including the original portion in Virginia) was a square, 10 miles on a side…….therefore a total of 40 milestones.

    Wiki includes pictures:

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    1. I can beat that Danny. About two hundred yards from my house, there was found a milestone put there by the Cohors Ulpia Traiana Cugernorum civium Romanorum, nearly two thousand years ago.

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      1. Conan……that really is seriously awesome! It did occur to me that while 1791-1792 is old by American standards, it’s more or less yesterday by European and British standards…..not to mention Roman standards. I’m fascinated by old monuments still standing…..such as the three Eleanor Crosses that still exist in their late thirteenth century form……and where the original Charing Cross was located before it was rebuilt in its present location by the Victorians.

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        1. 200 yards from my front door are a line of marker stones dating from 1802.

          Currently, they mark the border between the Länder of Hessen (my side of the line) and Baden-Würtemberg.

          There is another march-stane some miles away in the Odenwald, erected in the time of Charlemagne.

          The Germans love their borders.

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