Let’s start with something a bit different. I was literally laughing out loud at this.

1. But look… what a nice hubcap!



I thought I’d join a ramblers’ club to make up for all the lockdown confinement. But the guy I spoke to on the phone just went on and on and… I still have not an idea how to do it. Boom Boom!


And now a very special animal is honoured with a coat of arms from Andi… Needless to say there were tears in his wee eyes when he saw it and he was thinking of having it emblazoned over the front of Munguin Towers until I told him that wasn’t a particularly Republicy thing to do. So he won’t, but he’s well proud anyway.


And finally, here’s a wee surprise for our super-talented coat of arms designer, and Antarctica’s herald in chief.

This was John’s idea.

As you probably know, John’s background is journalism. He has worked in the UK, Europe, Africa and the Middle East and, as you will definitely know, has a fund of tales to tell from all over. He also has mates everywhere and, being in the business he is in, many of them are talented writers and designers.

Well, working with him in Dubai is one such colleague whose name is Frankie (or Francesca on Sundays) a multi-talented copywriting and creative ideas specialist and John, after checking it out with Munguin (who fully approved), approached her to see if she could come up with a coat of arms for… yes, none other than our own dear herald.

John and Munguin gave Frankie a few ideas about what kind of stuff Andi was in to, and she and John came up with this design. We hope Andi will like it.


So a great big thanks to Frankie for that. Also, as ever, to folk who sent in the jokes. Brenda, Brendan, Erik, John, Graham, Tony and of course, Andi. The tale I linked to at the top was written by Peter Bell.

There are some jokes involving Trump, as ever. None is intended to be disrespectful to the man’s ill-health. Indeed, a friend sent me a great toon earlier in the week and I was about to use it, until we realised, mutually, that it was probably inappropriate. He has sent me another one though but it kinda deserves an article all of its own… so sometime in the week to come.

67 thoughts on “JUST FOR A LAUGH”

  1. Thanks for a few much needed laughs at the beginning … although it does get a little more sober at the end … but then with the bars closing early … …

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  2. That Bertrand Russell quote . . .

    Funnily enough, I was just reading about the Dunning Kruger Effect.

    Old BR nailed it in fewer words than D and K.

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  3. I am greatly honoured and profoundly humbled to find I have been granted arms and I shall bear my blazon with pride. I an, in truth, no knight errant but perhaps have on occasion been errant at night. I now feel under obligation to earn these arms and will forthwith insert a notice in the local journal seeking the whereabouts of dragon’ lairs and/or damsels for distress. My deepest thanks to Sir John and Lord Munguin for this favour and of course to the Lady Francesca for fashioning such an outstanding escutcheon for me. I shall endeavour to live up to the honour.

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    1. Andimac, you deserve the honour, perhaps just for your line here:

      “I am, in truth, no knight errant but perhaps have on occasion been errant at night.”

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  4. Wonderful stuff. I really liked Peter’s piece, sometimes he can be a bit pompous but that was him at his best, an excellent article.

    The CoA were brilliant and both well deserved. Errant in the night – hahahahaha!

    Anyway as is now customary, jokes from Jimmy Ferguson

    ” The clocks go back this month.
    Trouble is I can’t remember where I bought mine?”

    “I managed to get back stage after a puppet show.
    I pulled strings.”

    “Got a new job in the salt & pepper factory.
    Its only seasonal.”

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    1. Might as well risk another Groan Award while we’re at it…

      What’s furry, has whiskers and chases outlaws?
      A posse cat.

      Mavbe PP can find us a photie for SS, or Andi can draw one.

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        1. Thanks, PP. I’ve always been a Tom and Jerry fan and seeing that one again has really made my night. New Scottish members turning up earlier to help correct the demographics of the KKK assembly, Yes supporters better still, lots of Black Ram to get us better acquainted, and a good laugh waiting for me here on getting home. Who’s a lucky boy then?

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      1. You may rest assured, John, that the Golden Groan Awards have been temporarily suspended due to a stupendous increase in the number of high-quality entries, which has given the awards panel a collective nervous breakdown.

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        1. Oh dear, sorry to hear that. Or should I claim blind stag syndrome? Had no idea.

          That you were so seriously affected. As one of the main perpetrators, I think I speak for us all in wishing yous new overalls for your delivery man. Speedy recovery, Ed.

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  5. Straight out of 1984.
    16,000 positive cases NOT reported, Coffey says ‘We can’t change the PAST Only the Future’.
    There you have it, The propaganda service of the uk.
    I still find it strange that we get some information about the medication auld DON is getting BUTT not his Tax returns.
    Quick drive by and back to hospital for the auld DOn, really ill he is!!!!!
    Strange times indeed.
    As the cinema group shuts 147 cinemas the government says ‘We’re helping people back into work’.
    Great selection of cartoons.
    keep safe

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      1. Oh yes. He needs his audience, Marcia.

        I can’t help thinking, though, that he’s playing to his extreme audience. Hey I got the virus but, it’s no big deal. I’m so strong that even at my age I can treat it like it’s a slight cold.

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    1. I’m beginning to wonder seriously about Trump. No, I’ll rephrase that, because I’ve always wondered about him. Nom, I’m wondering about this Covid he has.

      His doctors are making up stories as they go along. Was he on oxygen, or was he not?

      The photographs of him working at his desk in the hospital while supposedly so sick he (and not Melania) had to be taken to hospital, and finally the trip out in the a completely sealed car, putting the entire security detail at risk and all with what looked like ordinary masks we all wear to socially distance in a supermarket.

      He’s being treated with steroids, which may reduce inflation of his lungs but will also probably reduce his immune system…?

      There’s something rotten in Washington.

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      1. Can only agree, Douglas, and thank you Marcia for bringing it to us. Superb stuff that I’ll be passing on enthusiastically. I’d somewhat cynically said to Tris that I suspected the Trumpean covid was an election stunt.

        If genuine, try and postpone election; if not, make miraculous recovery and demonstrate the ultimate in resilience and power of immune system response with “I conquered Covid!” Either way, garner sympathy vote. As the conflicting evidence mounts, the suspicions don’t look quite so cynical or sceptical any more. But – as Tris rightly pointed out – it could still backfire badly. Next in the circle to be fired will reveal all in another book sensation.

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        1. #10: I like the GOP elephants running from the debate calamity. 😉

          Trumpy’s national lead in polling was 7-10 percentage points before the debate. The first major poll just after the debate shows Biden ahead 14 points…..Biden 53%, Trump 39%.

          “Saturday Night Live” was back on NBC with an audience this weekend. The debate was featured in the cold open. Not uproariously funny, since no parody could top what really happened. But a few clever moments. Joe was cautioned to hold his temper, but he did call Trumpy a clown. Joe said “Here’e the Deal” at least half a dozen times. The aviator sunglasses are signature Biden. Mostly he smiled and shook his head a lot.

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                1. LOL…..Yes the real Sarah Palin did appear one time. Tina Fey played her in SNL sketches. The real John McCain showed up on the show just before the 2008 election. Tina Fey was Palin, and one of the things they were selling was a Joe Biden action doll. 😉

                  In 2008, Joe Biden was running for VP on the first term Obama ticket. SNL did a parody of the Biden-Palin VP debate.

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                    1. Yes, Tina Fey’s Sarah Palin was hilarious, and the spot with McCain was excellent. That was John McCain’s wife, Cindy McCain, showing the “fine gold” jewelry, a takeoff on the McCain-Feingold Campaign Reform Act of 2002.

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                    2. Great humour. No wonder they were universally like by all except President Moron.

                      And if I remember right, Mrs McCain would have President Turnip at her husband’s funeral.

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                    3. What a repugnant man Trump is.

                      A man who cried off military service because of bone spurs… It kinda makes you wonder.

                      I notice he hasn’t tweeted today.

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                    4. I forget who on MSNBC pointed it out, but there were a few tweets purportedly from him over the past 24 hours or so. However, because the grammar and punctuation were correct it was thought that they could not be The Donald’s own work.

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                    5. Tris….Ed……He was probably preparing for his helicopter ride back to the White House from Walter Reed in Bethesda, and then planning for his Benito Trumpolini moment on the balcony of the South Portico. He grandly discarded his mask and declared victory over Covid in what has become a new campaign ad. On FOX today, Sean Hannity (the right wing political operative that FOX News employs) favorably compared him with FDR and Churchill.

                      I’m NOT making this up!

                      The sunset helicopter landing on the South Lawn. In the campaign ad Trump made, it was accompanied by triumphant music:

                      Steve Schmidt was John McCain’s campaign manager in 2008; and after the ascendancy of Trump, left the Republican party :

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                    6. I’ve heard some clips of Trumpolini today already, Danny, which reflect the man’s utter self-involvement and narcissism… so unempathetic, as if coming on a quarter million dead are as nothing to the fact that he feels, he says, better than he did 20 years ago. It could be the steroids aiding and abetting, but it’s how the man operates anyway. I do wonder if anyone has told him that with this disease, it may be many weeks before the risk of immunologically crashing and burning goes away, that he may yet die of this, and he may develop long-term cardiac, pulmonary, vascular and neurological problems as a result of it.

                      I note that the results of the various scans and tests carried out at Walter Reed have generally not been divulged.

                      The general opinion seems to be that by going for a joyride in the sealed presidential limo to wave at his fans, by taking off his mask on the South Portico to deliver his urbi et orbi address, by continuing to not wear a mask EVEN NOW WHEN HE IS KNOWN TO BE INFECTIOUS, and by getting up close and personal to White House staff and photographers, he’s recklessly, idiotically, selfishly, ignorantly making himself into his very own superspreader event.

                      I’m reminded of Stalin’s words to the effect that the (presumably premature) death of an individual is a tragedy, but the death of millions is a statistic. So he’ll be sad for a minute or two if Hope Hicks or Melania pops her clogs, but the death of the whole White House staff and security details would elicit at most a shrug.

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                    7. Ed….Well said! This has been bizarre even by Trumpian standards. I wonder how it will play politically. Election is 28 days away now.

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  6. About Bertrand Russell and Alistair Cooke:

    “When the evening was over Alistair Cooke shook my hand goodbye and held it firmly, saying, ‘This hand you are shaking once shook the hand of Bertrand Russell.’
    ‘Wow!’ I said, duly impressed.
    ‘No, No,’ said Cooke, ‘It goes further than that. Bertrand Russell knew Robert Browning [and] Bertrand Russell’s aunt danced with Napoleon. That’s how close we all are to history. Just a few handshakes away. Never forget that.”

    ― Stephen Fry, The Fry Chronicles

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      1. It’s this thing from the old days. Ricky Gervais made a comedy show about one but I don’t understand any of it because he never set out the motivation for the characters to congregate in one big room.

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  7. Well put together, but at this moment in time the others in video are not shining any brighter or righteous than trump, Clinton’s and Epstein peodo connections,
    Barrack and Clinton dodgy steel dossiers connected to uk, not so much Russia, as first thought.
    And much more coming to light as 2020 ends, and Andrew, maxwelI they all connect underneath the bright wrapping paper.
    I don’t think there is a good politician with a clean record anywhere at the moment. Or a media without an agenda,
    Having said that I believe that the ordinary person on the street has a higher IQ’s than most of these bullies, and less misdemeanours,😁

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      1. Not sure of my limits for disturbing reads, must be well up the scale though. Just started reading a link from Gunther Bett called, bakerstreetherald.com
        It’s rattling my cage, by linking free ports and the various shady characters around the globe.

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          1. Aye, it can be a bit of a worry when/if you start to recognise that many of the events seem to have both a connecting motive and personel.

            To combat the onslaught, we need journalists free of favour with moral compass cleaned and calibrated. In the same vane we need a fully independent judiciary, independent from politics I mean.
            The former needs to be built afresh, the latter is being erroded.

            A couple of years ago some friends put on a showing of Nae Pasaran, at the Aros in Portree. A very moving film and a wonderful evening. But as I was watching I realised that collective involvement for the cause of common good, by Unions, was brought to a close with Thatcher in power. Thatcher, making sure the deserving “wealth creators” were not hurt and the rest of us waiting for the “trickle down,” just hoping it was not piss.
            I’m annoyed, not morose,

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        1. Free ports are a snare and a delusion: they’re just another kind of tax haven to be exploited by people who already have more money than they can possibly need, and for companies to duck their responsibilities to the rest of society – private profit at public expense.

          One particularly gross (mis)use of such places if for operating sweatshops where even the most minimal terms of employ, health and safety standards can be ignored: if it’s not modern-day slavery, it’s pretty damn close.

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          1. Looks like the conditions are being prepared for the rapturous acceptance of Free Ports now Ed.
            Promises of massive spending, bludgeoning unemployment, cutting back on Universal Credit payments and probably more contemptuous ideas, more than my innocent mind can contemplate.

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            1. The thing is you can’t believe anything that they say. Probably none of it will happen.

              Johnson opens his mouth and says whatever appears fleetingly in his tiny mind.

              I loved Dross saying that the Scottish Tories were entirely different from the British Tories… (along with a long list of other lies)

              The Scottish Tories amalgamated with the English and Welsh lot in 1965. I hope he knows the rules of football a bit better.

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              1. **Rant alert! His tablets haven’t kicked in yet. You’ll have seen it all before, so you don’t need to bother actually reading it.**

                Roll on independence, say I. Among other things, the Scottish Electoral Commission would not recognize the Scottish Branch Offices of the Unionist parties as Scottish political parties unless they cut ties with their motherships in London: independent countries do not allow their political parties to take instruction from elsewhere. It’s odd that they’re not independent already, actually; the three main Unionist parties in Britain don’t put up candidates for either Westminster in the North of Ireland or (even more obviously) for the Dáil, and it’s always struck me as strange that they do here in Scotland. The Greens recognize this principle; there was a time when the Liberals might have been amenable to the idea, but since then they have put a dirty great blot on their escutcheon by hopping into bed with the toxic Tories at the first whiff of real political power. And as we know, Labour in Scotland are fatally and irretrievably compromised by their sharing a platform with those same toxic Tories in the Bitter Together campaign.

                Compare our situation too with the Unionsparteien in German: the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) in the North, the Christian Social Union (CSU) in Bavaria. That is based on nothing so crass as religious bigotry, but on a general coincidence of values while still reflecting Bavaria’s distinctiveness among the German Länder.

                With their attachment to the bonkers notion of the Westminster Parliament’s infinite and untrammelled sovereignty over what it likes to call, in defiance of the reality, a unitary State, the ethos of the Great British (i.e., English) Unionist parties is dead set against the principle that democratic decisions should be taken at the lowest possible level, which in EU terms is called subsidiarity.

                Yet again the argument comes down to whether you regard sovereignty as flowing down from the monarch-in-Parliament or some such bonkers notion dating back to the Divine Right of Kings, or as flowing upward from us – the people – to those who are wielding it on our behalf.

                How long is it now since Labour started promising to abolish the unelected House of Lords, which began their century-long commitment to sheer hypocrisy? Which I always like to think of as embodied in the person of that well-known class warrior Baron Darling of Roulanish, and in the idiocy of Baron Foulkes of Cumnock. Keir Hardie must be spinning in his grave, if he’s still got the energy to after all this time. In Scotland we need independence so we can chart a different course; our English friends, though, need a bloody revolution in their thinking.

                To hell with English exceptionalism, which goes hand in hand with all sorts of unpleasantness, including the delusions of Empire which the Tory Establishment seem to think gives them the right to break international law: yet again, Britannia waives the rules, reinforcing the stereotype of perfidious Albion.

                Enough already.

                **End rant**

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                1. …And all before luncheon… indeed before morning coffee!

                  Quite right though.

                  It’s always suited them that we should be a unitary state. Indeed Mr Rees Mogg told us there was no border, which came as a bit of a surprise to me, given that I’ve seen it, but, given that he went to Eton and Oxford and has wodges of cash, I bow to his superiority.

                  Nah, I don’t. He’s a havering old fool living in the 18th century.

                  It must take all kind of blinkers for people like him not to see just how different we are.




              2. Hope you are right Tris but I think the plan is still an extension of Thatchers, or Thatcher’s extension ie easy hire, easy fire, achieved through the creation of free ports. Centralising the planning, which they will need because these areas will be huge, maybe an issue. Certainly took Kent by surprise, and they only received a modest lorry park and a border but with check points. Well that’s all for the moment.

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  8. Cheered by laughs and warmed by thoughtful acts to boot (re the CoA). The SNL clips were very good Danny. I, for a moment, thought it was Sarah Palin. John McCain came across well to take part.


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