25 thoughts on “YOU CAN TRY THIS AT HOME”

      1. Hi Tris, Munguin, et. al.,

        According to the authorities, we’re doing well enough as we slide into fall to loosen restrictions on restaurants, bars and other businesses a bit starting on Oct. 1; we’ll see what happens, but I’ll stick to take-out, thank you. The rest of Illinois and the Midwest varies from okay to “what the hell is wrong with you effing covidiots?!”

        And what unrest there was has died down considerably from earlier in the year, as it always does once school restarts and temperatures cool. (Naturally, don’t believe a word out of Hair Twitler’s mouth.) Hopefully cooler heads and conversations prevail from this point forward.

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        1. Good to hear, Jon.

          When we lifted restrictions, schools returned and universities returned we had a spike… and it’s still rising herel.

          It’s hard to persuade people to continue to restrict their activities. They were scared to begin with but don’t care much now.

          I have a good few medical friends, doctors, dentists and nurses. I don’t see any of them loosening up.

          Indeed I saw my pal, Sandy, the dentist, this afternoon. His surgery is unrecognisable (as was he, behind all his gear).

          No one’s allowed in without a pre arranged appointment, sit outside until they can take you in, wash hands, put coat in a box outside surgery door, use sanitiser.

          Yet folk going to bars, getting drunk, hugging each other and stumbling up the road together.

          I know which judgement I’m going with.

          Hopefully the orange idiot will be a thing of the past by January.

          Take care.


          1. DJT will walk it in. Total landslide coming.
            Obama, Biden, Clintons, Bush will all be going to Camp Justice along with the rest of the Deep State criminals. Closely followed by the outing of the non US connections such as the…..if you have been watching you would know.


          2. Tris,
            What people forget is that these precautions being taken by doctors, dentists , nurses and others isn’t just about protecting themselves, it’s about protecting their patients. A doctor, dentist or nurse might well be in close contact with 40, 50 or 60 people per week and they need to make sure that they take every precaution not to be a vector of transmission from any one of these potentially infected people to any and all of the others. Spare a thought please for Community Nurses and others who don’t have the luxury of seeing patients in a clinical setting but have to see patients in their own home and so have to suit up with masks, visors, aprons and gloves in car parks and gardens before entering anyones home and between each and every patient visit.

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            1. I do, Jake.

              As I said, lots of friends in the medical profession and I realise the risks some of them take… as you say, some more than others.


  1. I see that the tell all Tory woman’s book contains the gem that her set sometimes refer to 5he rank and file Tory members as the “toilet seats”.
    For Scots Tory “proud Scots”, read “proud toilet seats.”1😉

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  2. Going by yesterday’s performance on his governments local restrictions detailed knowledge the doris is using this Al Gore Is’m many times a day.
    Don’t think I’ll employ him as either a bricklayer of a carpenter.
    Looking very likely a ‘Night of the Long Knives’ will happen sooner rather than later.
    The tory party doesn’t like their leader looking like a flounder along with a grayling.
    Their MPs all Know they can do a better job than doris.
    Onwards to Scotland being a normal country with the normal politics of nationhood.

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    1. But, it’s a bit like the situation in America.

      We’ve been saying for a long time an overweight bloke in his 70s who lives on unhealthy food might well not make it to the end of his term… but look at what would follow him!

      The trouble is that most of their decent, clever MPs were wiped out by the purge (Cummings’, I imagine).

      I may not have liked their policies, but at least people like Clarke, Soubry, Grieve, etc, were clever.

      What is left is at best cunning, but more likely, just stupid.


  3. It is truly time for the nation of Scotland to speak up.
    We need to forget Political parties and governments. They are not sovereign, and this is very evident when we watch Westminster’s behaviour to Holyrude.
    We are sovereign, the people and nation of Scotland, over monarch and governments,
    We are watching Holyrude help Westminster erode our sovereignty by not speaking up when there is a clash of legalities,
    The treaty of the union has been challenged on more than one occasion by Westminster and they are willing to run roughshod over it and other treaties until they bully us into oblivion.
    Our families fought in two world wars to have and hold freedom, why do we the nation of Scotland wish to give that up so easily,
    If a government or a political party wish to be silent by not calling it out and show no backbone, then we, as a sovereign nation of people should take the lead and make our voices heard.
    We do not need demonstrations on the street, we do not need to write to politicians whom ignore us.
    We simply say on every social media outlet we use.
    That we as a sovereign people choose to be governed by the sovereign nation of Scotland as a whole.
    Not by a political party or government or a place. But by a sovereign nation of people.


    1. Ahh James Cheyne ,, that won’t work , you don’t get Scottish independence just by saying it on social media.
      If it were that easy there would be millions from all over the world doing it.

      It has to be more organised than that
      But it is coming soon

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  4. There’s a thought, James, maybe instead of having List MSP’s chosen by political parties….we should have them chosen by Lot. Hey, it works for juries.

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    1. Just use ERNIE the National Savings computer that picks the winning numbers of the premium bonds.
      Off you go to the parliament for a month, all expenses paid, cast your vote.
      Just a wee problem, it can be manipulated.
      I’ve had 10 premium bonds for 25 years, never won a penny or a pound.
      They saw ERNIE has forgotten the old numbers and only pick nice new ones.
      Mind you juries are made up of people under a certain age, they are deemed to be unsuitable.
      Easier just to let the political parties pick the active representatives for ALL the houses of representation, better class of voters, all think they’re the best and should be Leader.

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      1. That brings back memories, Ed. Somewhere in the jackdaw’s nest that passes for brain cells attracted by shiny objects, I’ve just found a milk bottle top equivalent called Electronic Random Number Indicating Equipment (ERNIE). I sometimes wonder how much useless information like this is filed away that I don’t even know is there till it comes up in a pub quiz or a comment like yours on premium bonds.

        In my Scottish days, I knew some people who were regular winners – never any great amount, maybe 50 quid – and others (like my dad) who never got a sniff. How rand was ERNIE in these primitive days of 1950s/60s computation? Or was it just a good sales gimmick and they drew the numbers from a hat like the village hall raffle?

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