1. Morning, Munguinites. How are you this fine morning?
2. It’s party time in Bulgaria… as usual!
3. Helsinki.
4. Bulgarian Tom the Catortionist.
5. Dad, why do we have to share the pool with these leaves? Where is Tris the pool boy?
6. We’ve “goat” to wear these silly hats or we don’t get to “goat” to the party. OK, I’ll get my goat…erm, I mean coat.
7. Just as well you don’t live with Munguin, Minnie. If you turned up at the table looking that kind of mess, he’d banish you to the nether regions of the Towers. He’s most particular about etiquette, is our Munguin.
8. I do requests… but it’s extra.
9. It seems to me that there’s been an abundance of very small cats on the Republic recently. So I suggested to Munguin that an appearance from a proper cat would be in order…and here I am. When you’re this big, even Munguin listens.
10. Anyone want a mushroom omelette?
11. I spy with my little eye a decided lack of big DOGS on Munguin’s Republic recently!
12. No, headmaster, it was all my own work. I was just keeping an eye on this dog for my neighbour.
13. This is my best buddie.
14. I’ll say this for Pyongyang, at least there’s a bit of colour in it.
15. Stop narking. Munguin won’t mind a little bit of dirt. It’s not like he’s a fusspot…
16. I guess Zebras don’t get COVID?
17. Monteverde Forest, Costa Rica.
18. Do Zebras climb trees?
19. No, Tris, I’m an “giant ant” eater: your overweight “great aunt” Matilda is quite safe with me.
20. I know it looks like we’re in the gaol… (although I probably shouldn’t have stolen them bananas), but actually we’ve just been rescued and I’ve got my mummy with me and we’re safe. Now, you’ve had quite enough excitement for one day. Munguin says thank you to John and Dave, and to Kay and Claire and hopefully to Marica … and to everyone else for tuning in.

37 thoughts on “SOPPY SUNDAY”

  1. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Soppy Sunday is eminently life-affirming.

    A particularly splendid crop of photies today, Tris; congratulations! Also thanks to those who contributed.

    I for one am grateful, and much enjoy having my life reaffirmed or something, particularly the orangutans.

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    1. Well, as you say, Ed, a lot of the pics came from the Bulgarian branch office thanks to John and his mates Kay and Claire, and from Dave, so I had little to do.

      But it is gratifying to hear that at such a mad time, Soppy Sunday reaffirms life to a fair extent.

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  2. Much preening this morning among certain members of the Srem menagerie after featuring so prominently in SS. Minnie is slightly huffy with Munguin, though, and accuses him of double standards. She gets castigated for turning up for dinner looking so scruffy, but in the Pic 15 caption he says he doesn’t mind a bit of dirt. And she’s not dirty, just covered in dried grass and sticky willies.

    All John’s fault. If he got his scythe out and chopped down the overgrown bottom paddock at Zamak Alba, she wouldn’t get in such a mess. Either that or invite Jacko and Johnnie and June to come and graze. They could have another party, complete with unicorn ice-cream cone for Jacko and hats for her capricorn mates.

    I see Marica makes another appearance today, but still minus Jacques Brel accompaniment. Here’s Judy Collins to put that right.

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    1. Erm, there are standards at the Towers, John.

      Munguin doesn’t mind some dirt in the lower and lesser occupations. He knows it is an unfortunate consequence of the nature of some animals’ work. For example, he had no problem with Tris coming in from lawn cutting and weed clearing yesterday, looking a tad bedraggled…

      However, Minnie was sitting down to dine and whilst Munguin doesn’t insist on formal wear for such occasions, a quick brush down would have been appropriate.

      He says, having heard the explanation (excuse?), that it’s high time some humans got on with those things for which they are retained!

      Many thanks, though, to the Bulgarian office for the much appreciated photographs.


      1. Minnie sends her compliments to Munguin and further explains that her apparent lack of table manners was due to bribery attempts rather than lack of etiquette. Instead of dining by the kitchen door as usual, she was induced to jump on the counter so John could attack her with brush and comb. A painful process that is not very effective. No idea.

        If left alone, the sticky willies dry out and fall off by themselves, with a little help from licking. This is easily done overnight at the bottom of the bed, leaving a handy compost heap for the RS to use as a gardening aid. Gratitude? Of course not, as Munguin will understand from wasted effort in trying to improve Tris’s horticultural endeavours.

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        1. Munguin is pleased to accept Minnie’s explanation and says that she will be welcome to dine at the Towers.

          Also he adds not to bring the uncouth human who uses food as bribery… and what’s wrong with some sticky willie anyway!


      1. I think she made have been coached by a Canadian! 🙂

        Brel’s songs are amazing. They are so observant.

        Early on in her French career, Petula (or Pétula) was on tour with him and they stopped off for a few days at her home in the South of France. He had learned on the tour that she was pregnant and so, sitting in her garden, he wrote a song about childhood (Un Enfant). He gave it to her as a gift.

        As she says “Il y a des gens qui ont un Picasso dans leur living, mais moi, j’ai un Brel.”

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  3. Ah lovely stuff. Ed got here before me so Vita Renovata. I wondered if no2 was a Brexit unicorn but being in Bulgaria, there is no such thing. Or for that matter anywhere else. Cute ring tailed lemur from Madagascar. All lemurs are from that island, which I believe is the world’s oldest island. Even though it’s just off the African coast, it actually split from the Indian subcontinent.

    Oh and lovely orang utans today, though that dog doesn’t look too sure of its orange owner!

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    1. Well, there ya go, another fact learned… I’d love to go to Madagascar, even if their apes look like Zebra!

      That dog is concentrating on the trigonometry homework that he’s helping his pal with…


      1. Sorry but Lemurs aren’t apes, though they are primates. Gibbons are apes and the Great Apes are the two species of gorilla, the chimpanzees, the bonobos, the 3 orang utan species and though we are usually excluded (because we seem to think we are special!), the homo sapiens. Honestly animals taxonomy is REALLY detailed.

        “There are eight distinct taxonomic categories. These are: Domain, Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, and Species.”

        If that’s too much, there’s always the classifications “cute and furry” or “cute and not furry” or “cute in an ugly way” 🙂

        There are tons of lemur species though many are endangered unfortunately. So get to Madagascar soon!

        Did you watch the Secret Life of the Zoo with the escaping Sumatran orangs? What are they like!


        1. Ah sorry about the terminology glitch there.

          We certainly are special. We’re the ones wrecking the planet!

          I’m gonna stick with the “cute and … whatever” classifications.

          Yep. They are wonderful.

          There’s quite a lot of them to watch on my bookmarks.


          1. I totally pinched this off twitter but both on our topic and off topic at the same time!

            “1. Pull the wings off a fly.

            2. Blame the fly.

            3. Insist the fly fly.

            4. Put the boot in the fly.

            5. The fly had it coming.


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            1. LOL yep. That’s about it.

              I see they complained bitterly about the treatment of students by the Scottish government (oblivious to the fact that the English government is doing the same thing) … and most funny of all the illustration they used showed a window in student accommodation with a thumbs up next to Nicola’s namd and a thumbs down next to Boris’s!

              You really couldn’t make up how thick they are. Bravo Dross…


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          2. Serendipity strikes again. Came across this quote yesterday…

            “It is even harder for the average ape to believe that he has descended from man.” – HL Mencken

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      1. Where to begin, Marcia…

        The weird trees, that ridge they stood on (ARGH), and that rope bridge, and the animals… the sunset, the beach the paddy fields …

        Thanks, it was beautiful.


      2. My cousin god rest his soul , died a few months ago, he travelled to Madagascar regularly with a pal a Frenchman who’s wealthy politician parents had a pad there.
        They invited me along, I said I would but sadly never did.
        Miss my cousin very much.
        Perhaps I will take a trip over to Madagascar anyway

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        1. So sorry to hear that, Terence.

          Maybe a trip would be cathartic after the virus has abated. Maybe with his friend?

          I think Munguin would like to go. It looks fabulous.


  4. Great stuff, Tris – Ta much! I particularly love the Gian ant-eater. Mother Nature is so amazing. I mean just think about the ant-eater, the wee tortoise and the frogs – to name but three – if you’d never seen them, or pictures of them, you just couldn’t imagine such creatures existed. Oops, ‘scuse me! My unicorn’s at the window and wants us to go and meet her pal, the griffin. Must fly🦄

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