Touted as the next leader of the Tory Party with the task of keeping their glorious union together…
I’m pretty sure he would rather not have this one broadcast about the place, especially as he may soon have to present himself at Buck House to kiss hands. It’s not often I feel sorry for the queen, but there’s a limit to what she should have to endure.
So, this old fella has reminded us Jocks today that “the Union is not voluntary”, which kinda makes us a colony taken over by force. That may not be the image he was aiming for, but then communication with the lower orders isn’t one of his strong points. Neither, though, it would seem, is being accurate.
Thanks to David Wilson for that little reminder. Please, please, please… are there any Tories in Scotland who know their elbows from their backsides?


Back to good old Kent, and Mike Galsworthy tweeted this little gem..

Not a million miles away from one of today’s Tory poster boy> After all, Gove was one of the Liars in Chief in the Brexit campaign. (No one had ever heard of Alister at the time. Possibly not even his family.
I thought you might need a titter after all that… and whilst I see no reason to compare him with Hitler, I’m, nonetheless, never averse to laughing at the idiotic pomposity of this bloke and his family.


    1. See people who know what they are talking about, eh?

      Pain in the butt or what…?

      Look at that namby pamby blokey Johnson… The minute he gets symptoms of Conorna, off to the doctor.

      I’m sure the No 10 plumber would have been just as good…


  1. Tris

    I think the biggest thing buried amongst all the other anti-democratic unionist crap today was the announcement that there will not be a budget this year. That should make every yes voter pay attention because the implication could be that the Scottish Government will have no budget for next year, the other devolved nations also, with Westminster directly funding local authorities themselves which will effectively end Holyrood and they can blame Holyrood. This would please the unionists obviously but it is starting to make me suspect that the Unionists have far better strategists than we do. They have had hundreds of years at this under handed crap and the SNP had better catch up now. If the Tories don’t clarify this situation asap then we should re-call all of the SNP MPs as soon as possible, remove Westminster’s right to Govern Scotland and set up a constitutional conference asap with all elected representatives across Scotland invited to attend, maybe even include reps from places like the EU and UN if they would attend. Given Ed Davey saying also today that an SNP majority next year is not a mandate, it is only a mandate if Westminster agree the unionists are definitely up to something, I am not a conspiracy theorist usually but this all looks like Holyrood is under serious threat and we had better be ready, the important things in the shitty UK are often the very things their propogandists in their media choose not to really report.

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    1. It worried me about the bodget, even more that the unimportant countries weren’t told in advance. In short our finance ministers found out at the same time as we did.

      Equal partners. my butt.


    1. If my mummy had been able to hand out medals, I can assure you I’d have got more than Big Ears, matey.

      But I’m intrigued, Niko… why was Charlie tying boy scouts in knots?

      Royal Prerogative I suppose, but it sounds fearsomely cruel.


  2. My random thought is looking at the USA 🇺🇸 sadly and likewise with some throughout
    The UK .

    Who believe the answer to the pandemic is just let it rip and eventually herd immunity will
    Secure the rest .

    Is any society prepared to stand idly by while untold numbers die just to protect an economic
    System which favours a very few worth keeping in its present form.

    They say Sunak is being generous with the next handout ?

    So if I saw a family drowning in the water and threw them a lifeline that would be an act of Generosity.

    When the banks went down no amount of cash was too much and saving the banks (and the most wealthy) was considered
    A international emergency and
    Not just us being Generous .

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    1. Aye, well said, Niko.

      There is as yet no guarantee that immunity comes from having had the virus… which bodes badly, I suppose for the future.

      It’s weird to say that there are laws constraining what we can do, with fines of up to £10,000… eh? But Sunak is being generous giving SOME people 66% of their wage.

      I note that the royals are not to lose a penny…rather like the banks… one lost knighthood, eh?

      If you saw a family drowning, they’d want to you check that it wasn’t any of these immigrants coming over here and taking our jobs.

      Fortunately most of them land in Kent and that’s abroad now.


  3. This is from Jo Maugham. Not given to over-egging puddings, I’d have thought and a good friend to Scotland. It’s pretty terrifying:


    Last night, in his address to the nation, Boris Johnson cited ‘Operation Moonshot’ as a cornerstone of the Government’s response to coronavirus. It’s the Government’s latest plan to expand the national coronavirus testing programme and provide rapid turnaround tests. The programme is estimated to cost more than a staggering £100 billion to deliver – and is based on technology that does not even exist.

    Despite this enormous sum of money, approaching £2,000 for every man, woman, and child in the country on initial estimates alone, we are being kept in the dark about ‘Operation Moonshot’. After being questioned by lawyers acting on behalf of Good Law Project and EveryDoctor, the Government has refused to provide information on who made the decision to spend this sum, or who they are spending it with.

    What we do know about ‘Operation Moonshot’ gives serious cause for concern. Dido Harding, responsible for the failing Test and Trace programme, has revealed that even if these tests become available, they will not be provided free. Instead, the same taxpayers who have funded them will then have to buy them. This is already quite a shift from the original idea of universal provision. We don’t know how any revenues, accruing from public investment, will be shared with the private sector. And we don’t know what this two-tier NHS means for other health services – but we’re the very opposite of complacent.

    We also don’t know who stands to profit from this taxpayer-funded gravy train. It has been reported that Serco, Deloitte and G4S are involved and that Boris Johnson’s half brother, Max, is trying to elbow his way to the front of the line.

    But, for us, the most worrying thing of all is the complete absence of any Parliamentary scrutiny of this decision to spend a sum higher than our annual education budget on a programme that includes technology that doesn’t yet exist. We do know that Dominic Cummings makes life impossible for anyone – even the Chancellor – who gets in his way. Could one man have decided to do this, with no meaningful scrutiny or challenge at all? That is exactly what we fear.

    There must be transparency and there must be proper governance around ‘Operation Moonshot’. We do not live in Saudi Arabia where things happen on the whim of an unelected King. Along with EveryDoctor, we are taking legal action to preserve what remains of good governance around these huge sums of money.

    Incompetence and cronyism have become hallmarks of this Government’s response to coronavirus. We cannot let this go unchecked. Please, support the legal challenge here:

    Thank you,

    Jolyon Maugham QC


  4. We may not live in Saudi Arabia where decisions are taken by unelected Lords but we do live in Scotland where………
    When are Scots going to wise up to the fact that not having democratic control over the governance of your country has direct and undesirable consequences.

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    1. I see that if this “single market” bill goes through, we will all be forced to accept English building standards. Need I say Grenfell Tower.

      I wonder what it is about Brits who think that it is unbearable to have regulations forced upon them by the EU, but perfectly OK if the regulations are forced upon them by other Brits.


        1. Well, yes. That is another way of puting it.

          I was just wondering what it was that made the difference.

          Is it that they talk with a funny accent (if that’s the case, can I just mention Rees Mogg?) or is it that they have better food?


          1. Think there’s a graphical error in the twitter’s feed, there needs to be the replacement of the F with a P.
            AUld lizzie’s short of cash, you lot have not been visiting OUR castles and paying her for doing so, so the chancer will do it for you.
            Clever work there by the chancer, if you’re part of the new deal, pay up as you grow, or PUAYG, you will still pay income tax if your income is greater than the tax allowance.

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            1. Funny, isn’t it, how they, who wouldn’t go hungry or cold if they got no money for the next 50 years, always come out alright, while people who are struggling to feed their kids in normal times on their “living” (huh) wage, will be struggling even more?

              Great British Values.

              While we’re on the subject of the Saxe Coburgs…Charlie looks like a Christmas tree there, don’t you think? What on earth is that just by his right hand? A Pomander?

              Oh, and while I’m asking questions, why is his face all red (broken veins?) Is it being out in the wind a lot, or too much expensive drink that we’re paying for?


              1. The saxe coburgs lose nothing.

                The people getting the universal credit £20 a week extra will lose that next year, £1000.

                Always trust a tory to go after the poorest in the country.

                I suppose they think there are too many poor people not trying to get themselves out of poverty but the banks are still to pay back their £40 Billion bailout.

                Too big to fail.

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                1. …and too well connected to pay back debt.

                  Interestingly, Munguin had a letter from his bank today saying that interest on his current account will now be discontinued. And interest on a savings account will be reduced to 0.01%.

                  On the basis that we don’t believe that inflation is anywhere near as low as they say, it looks like Munguin’s bank balance will be losing value with every day that passes.

                  I’m betting that the money Liz has in the BVI is earning more than Munguin’s meagre reserves (although I have a sneaking suspicion that there is some dosh in Liechtenstein).


                  1. Oh dear. Effectively negative interest rates… I understand that the latest economic thinking is that economies are best protected from excessive inflation (and as a corollary, deflation) not by manipulating interest rates but through taxation. Tory regimes, however, are notoriously allergic to taxation on themselves, and allergic also to new ideas, so I suppose there’s no surprise to be found in the Chancellor’s economically illiterate and morally horrific abandonment of the furlough scheme: for Tories, it’s only right and proper that it’s always the rich who get richer and the poor who get the blame. Of course, low interest rates do lower debt servicing costs, which is, of course, good for indebted (“heavily leveraged”) rich people.

                    Munguinites, even those who are not of a trendy lefty pro-democratic green persuasion, may care to take at least a sideways glance at this website:

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                    1. P.S. Equally of course, low interest rates encourage rich people to borrow more money which they can then put to lucrative use, such as selling sterling short in the hope and expectation of Brexit and the economic fallout from Covid, exacerbated by the enforced destitution of millions of UK citizens and their children, doing a spot of enjoyable vulture capitalism on businesses which have gone bust because of the Westminster regime’s mishandling of both the pandemic and the economy, and buying stocks and shares whose value will increase even if no dividends are being paid.

                      So it’s no surprise and it’s not a paradox that stock markets are booming, IMHO.

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                1. I suppose mummy hands them out in NZ and Canada too.

                  I get the feeling I wasn’t loved. My mummy didn’t give me medals.

                  Do you think I need counselling?


  5. The meanness of universal credit. The new Unemployment Scheme will include in the next months:

    – Rent defaults;
    – Mortgage defaults;
    – Loan agreement defaults, Including large numbers of car loan agreements;
    – Utility bill defaults;
    – Personal bankruptcies;
    – Homelessness;
    – Increasing child poverty;
    – Substantial increases in demand for public services, many being of an essential nature;
    – Significant falls in economic demand across the economy;
    – Large numbers of business failures;
    – Rapid increase in corporate bad debt;
    – The inability of landlords to meet their own loan obligations;
    – Falling house prices;
    – A banking crisis;
    – Economic depression.

    All preplanned as a result of not maintaining people in their jobs, not a copy of the German scheme with retraining on offer and longer term scheme life.
    £5 billion to fund the new unemployment scheme with £12 billion paid out to fund the failed track and trace to friends of the government.
    All before Brexit transition ending hits us.

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    1. What about the £100 billion moonshot?

      Is Johnson taking his cabinet to the moon?

      Poor moon.

      I see, for all the poverty Johnson pleads, his girlfriend was off abroad in a £600 a night hotel in Italy.

      I wonder how much a nanny costs?


        1. Do I recall a certain chief medical officer for the coronavirus or someone like that getting the sack for driving with her family from Edinburgh to a second home in Fife? Nah. Must be a false memory, because all those lockdown restrictions are only for show, as everyone who is anyone knows.

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          1. That would have happened about the same time as a certain red faced, kilt wearing, upper-class twit with Coronavirus descended on Balmoral with a great fat entourage of security people and flunkies…

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              1. Yes, one indeed might, Ed.

                I note for example that yesterday the “Chancer”, as Dave calls him, announced that Her Magisterial Magnificence and her brood would not lose any money from their tax payer funded income, whilst almost everyone (except for other those and such as thoses) would.

                This went down like a dose of Covid and the trots at the same time.

                Whilst there were a few that squirmingly said that they thought the queen and prince Fill yer Boots deserved it, what with them still working at 137, and being such good Brits and having such a lovely family and all…

                But largely, Twitter was awash with anguished ordinary people wondering how they were going to feed their kids, pay the rent, tax the car, blah, blah while a woman with a fortune reckoned in the billions, was not to lose a 2p piece,

                So today, some rather obscure princess related to Airmiles, announced her pregnancy in an effort to push from the front pages, the bad publicity Granny was getting. (I say obscure because the English haven’t seen much of her, what with her spending virtually her entire life on holiday in warmer climes and I don;t think she’s ever been in Scotland.)

                Unfortunately, apart from the predictable few who gave it large on “Awww… isn’t that just lovely… the majority view was… “who gives a ****?)

                I wonder if she will be able to afford a nanny?

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                1. Tris, I’m sure there must be many, many young gels of good breeding who are simply desperate to be appointed to the position of nanny in return for room, board and the princesses’ cast-off hats, fascinators and other assorted millinery. It has to be admitted, though, that they – or more likely, their mothers – may have heard about the grandad’s little PR problem and are crass and plebeian enough to believe that all that smoke is more than just nasty incinerations by a hostile British yellow press. It is so sad, is it not, Tris, that the British media nowadays are so intent on stirring up hatred, envy and class war and feeding the colonials, the working classes and the Lower Orders generally a diet of seditious, anti-imperial and anti-British propaganda and rhetoric… Where oh where is Nicholas Newton Henshall Witchell OStJ FRGS when you need him?

                  Nannies with actual training charge rather a lot more, the butler tells me, but surely the new baby royal’s great-grandmother will lend her aid in these straitened times for us all! It’s a sad reflection on the current state of affairs, though, that Her Majesty could be reduced to rummaging for loose change down the back of the royal sofas just to help pay for child care.

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                  1. Whatever has become of the empire, Ed? I say.

                    Why once upon a time gals from all over would have been queueing to become nanny to an entitled child and its family of titled people, with strange hats… and to hell with the, erm, behaviour of other members of the family who might visit for time to time in the hopes of comfort, between spending unimaginable amounts of taxpayers’ money on luxury travel

                    I really don’t know what things have come to. A pretty pass, I’m sure my own dear grandmother would have said, while tutting loudly and shaking her head so much that her pearls rattled!

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        2. She must be modelling herself on the ugly hat sisters, Beatie and Eugenics.

          Don’t worry, They found the magic money forest… It will be fine. Money for everything. Yipee, we’ll never be poor again…


          1. “Eugenics”

            That’s no way to speak about a pregnant woman! Baby Brooksbank being expected early next year. Grandad wants a little girl but he’s not too bothered about the sex of his first grandchild…

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            1. LOL LOL LOL…

              Well, I can’t remember which one’s which… after all, apart from that time they went to Pizza Hut for their tea, while their daddy wasn’t with that young girl…we’ve rarely seen either of them as usually they are on holiday someplace nice.

              Yep Airpiles is gonna be well miffed if it’s a boy!


  6. Charles Windsor always looks to me like a music hall Scotsman of the late 19th/early 20th century. Why does he always have to wear a kilt when he comes to Scotland? Does he think he blends in? Anyway, lest we forget to wash our hands for the required amount of time try singing:

    Oh, what shall we do? We’re all in a stew.
    Charlie Windsor came to Scotland
    And he trailed in the virus
    Did he pass it on to you?

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      1. Pfft. A mere bagatelle, Jake, a mere bagatelle: it’s only about 1½ times the annual income of a disabled person on benefits, so it might as well be nothing, really.

        D’you think Housing Benefit would cover the rent on their palaces, Jake? Oh… rent… right.

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