Also, lose weight.
Munguin doesn’t much go in for promoting other people’s products, but James Felton is hilarious. I bought his last book and I’m off to buy his new one. It’s called Sunburn and it rips the hell out of The S*n.
If Dido Harding did road signs.
If Boris Johnson did government…
Yep. This is an actual Tory MP. Not a very bright one, I grant you, but an actual one, nonetheless. The rant was about James Robb and I doubt he really is anti British, whichever way she spells it. It seems that if you fail to adore Mr Johnson, as she does, that makes you anti-British. Count me in.
Erm, is the new advice not to wear a mask, and has it changed now that I’ve typed the rest of this sentence? Jings, Mickey, you’re no Mona Lisa at the best of times, but that gurning does you no favours, trust me.
So weird': Matt Hancock branded 'golden retriever in disguise' in awkward  MP video - Manchester Evening News
Seriously, mate, who stands that close to someone on an actual tv interview? Benny Hill ?

I read this morning that Matt Hancock was surprised to learn that people who are asymptomatic can spread the virus. And this despite a warning from SAGE that it was entirely possible. And while on the subject of the delightful Hancock he is complaining that it is no wonder that there is a shortage of tests because they are available for free. Erm, I think, Handsy, you will find that we paid for them. You know, through our taxes.

42 thoughts on “RANDOM THOUGHTS”

  1. Oh, what a tangled web we weave,
    When first we practise to deceive.

    They’ve got to the point where anything They say about the pandemic directly contradicts some other thing They’ve tried to get us to believe before – and it’s not because of changing circumstances, which would be perfectly right and proper.

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  2. Just seen the odious Richard Leonard, or is it Lennon, spouting lying nonsense about Test and Trace in Scotland. Trying to destroy public trust in one of the lynchpins in our battle to eliminate this deadly virus. What a vile creature.

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  3. Loved the first one- don’t let it come into contact with water! Well in the pub more likely to be alcohol, so they tell me. I think Dido probably did do that sign. Seen elsewhere, criticising the Baroness Harding for her failures –


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  4. Andrea Jenkyns got the words wrong. I think it goes like this:

    oh mr wokeman
    tally me banana

    and not

    oh mr wokeman
    we will continue to take a stand against you and your anti-Britsh, anti-free speech agenda

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    1. LOL… yeah. She sounds like that would be her kind of song.

      She seems (elsewhere) strangely enamoured of the man she calls “our” as opposed to “the” prime minister.

      Very odd woman. Maybe she too wants to be Home Secretary one day.

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  5. PS, Dear Germany and Itlay… forget we said that when you are thinking a vetoing a deal. But let’s be honest, you know the old rhyme…

    The English, the English, the English as best
    I wouldn’t give tuppence for all of the rest.

    Kind regards

    BoJo the Boy…

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    1. PS: As a scholar (I use the term loosely) of Greek, I’m sure you must know where the word democracy originates. If not, I can remind you: Greek: δημοκρατία, dēmokratiā, from dēmos ‘people’ and kratos ‘rule’.
      City-state of Athens ring a bell?

      Incidentally, saying that democracy originated in Britain/England is a bit steep, given how undemocratic a country it is. You know, what with monarchs, peers, bishops , Orders in Council, Henry VIII powers, FPTP, massive majorities on a minority of votes…

      Remind me what the Germans call their house of lords and churchmen… and what’s their unelected king called?

      Embarrassing buffoon.


    2. Ironic maybe, however BlawJaw’s erroneous statement of greatness may come from a Scotsman, the vaguely Scots Gove.

      Peter Mandler (@PeterMandler1) Tweeted:
      I love the way the Prime Minister falls back on the old claim that every development in free speech and democracy has ‘come from’ this country. When Michael Gove put that in his draft history curriculum, I had to point Britain was one of the last (not one of the first) nations in Europe to achieve universal male suffrage. He took it out of the curriculum. (2/) https://twitter.com/PeterMandler1/status/1308409349954560000?s=20

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  6. Listening to Radio 4 this morning you get the feeling that Johnson should have done what Scotland and Northern Ireland have done and asked people not to visit other homes for the time being.

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    1. I’m relatively relaxed about a four nation approach. I just think that the lead should come from one of the Celtic nations, because they seem to do so much better at it… not surprisingly since their cabinets appear to have a t least some people with talent and intelligence.

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  7. I wouldn’t worry about this.
    His ego will not let him take good advice BUTT come Friday he will introduce it as his idea, kind of like a second cumming syndrome.

    Keep safe

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  8. Hear that the doris is going to give the country a big hug for SIX months.
    Now we ask, ‘What was all the Austerity for’?
    Maybe his new name should be Rotating Doris.

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  9. News to the England’s ears,
    First man to make a profit during world wide corona virus pandemic with a hint of a smile during speech.
    Uk prime minister looks to extort large fines from people on the street whom have been made unemployed and financial destitute through his own policies on coronaviras.

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  10. Mind you the opposition to Trump is much out of control too, polosi did a glitch moment interview with good morning, Sunday morning , half way through, and poor Biden doesn’t seem to know where he is half the time, while the rest are busy hating anyone who dares have a opinion.
    Here we have a puppet pm, while the puppet masters need to drive miles to test eyesight.
    It seems that the public all over the world are meant to become confused by contradictions,
    Then when we’re looking at squirrels the military can come in and take us zombies over.😉

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