“_The Confessions of James Joyce”_
Published in The Freeman, 19 July 1922.

James Joyce (Author of Dubliners)

“_Of three things beware; the teeth of a dog, the horns of a bull, and the word of an Englishman_.”



And today’s Andi and Munguin honour goes to…



A few bonus toons…



Thanks to Andi, Brenda, Tom, Erik, and John…et merci à Claudine ma chère amie parisienne.

Claudine’s cartoon is about the maid/cleaner working from home. She’s phoning in instructions to the employer… Open the cupboard below the sink and you’ll find the detergent and the hard soap. The “cloths” (although that word translates as mops) are the bottom drawer.

25 thoughts on “JUST FOR A LAUGH”

      1. I beg your pardon?
        I’m confused ( seems to happen quite a lot these days)…..?
        For avoidance of doubt, I haver been paying attention, just maintaining discreet radio silence;
        – this weeks AEC Regent V was a 1956 example from Eastbourne Borough with East Lancs bodywork (almost unknown in Scotland), the b&w photo not doing justice to the blue and yellow colour scheme.
        – last weeks AEC regent V was an Alexander bodied Dundee example from 1953, featuring Dundee’s rather drab green livery, not a patch on the Lincoln Green which once featured on buses in a city further North….
        – I look forward to next week’s regent V – somewhere beginning with F perhaps?

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          1. “one bus looks remarkably like another…”
            I guess as Munguin’s PA you don’t really do ‘rubbing shoulders with the plebs’?


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              1. Golligosh! I hadn’t made the connection.
                What can I say? I’m speechless, truly honoured, thank you thank you thank you.
                I see this as recognition not just for me, but for (bus) anoraks everywhere.
                Must have a lie down.

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  1. Today’s funnies from Jimmy Ferguson.

    “I’ve entered a competition on Armitage Shanks website.
    Its basically a win loos situation.”

    “Yesterday was another hot day, so i took off all my clothes & opened every window.
    Felt so much better, although the other people on the bus weren’t very happy”

    “Just seen a guy using a frozen chip as a walking stick.
    When I asked him about it he said ‘its McCain'”

    I don’t think I’m as much of a Munguinite as I thought. Even after been told the answer I still don’t get the CoA. Roddie and buses???

    Took me while with the other toon too. Basically I read it as crisis because that’s what I expected!

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  2. Isn’t the handcock wonderful?
    He should be on the telly.
    He’s now telling use to report our neighbours if they’re breaking a lockdown or face a fine of £10,000.
    I suppose that he’s reported cummings already, Oh you can’t have retroactive laws so he gets off.
    Like No 19, reduce your risk use a shotgun instead of a mask.

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    1. Yes, he’s good, isn’t he.

      Maybe they should start the Carry On films again. He’d be perfect in them.

      I wonder if he knows what happens when you encourage people to report their neighbours?

      Experts (or those in the Civil Service with a bit of experience in these matters), might have reminded him that when they ran that kind of campaign before, there were all manner of vexatious complaints made by people who had stolen each others’ partners at one time or another, or had dogs that barked, or were in the habit of playing loud music or smoking in the stairwells…

      Oh, and the average person on an average income would have to sell everything to provide £10,000 for the courts. How would he deal with a load of homelessness during the winter, a pandemic and the chaos that will descend upon us in January.

      Merry Christmas, Mr Hancock.

      On the subject of masks, I was watching footage of the anti-maskers and noticed that some got themselves right in the face of police, shouting at them, presumably with spittal flying from their angry mouths.

      I’m against arming police and I deplore police violence of the kind we’ve seen in the USA, but I couldn’t help thinking that these police were being put at enormous risk.

      I wonder what the Pea Brain of Britain Home Secretary is going to do about that.


  3. You have to pay well to get the best cast for the englander government.
    Love the bit where he says, ‘this is not a group of 7 year olds’, we have taking decisions.
    We really need our own media.
    I saw the Sky output, the doctors giving the briefing, Vallance and Whitty, doctors, don’t have signers on their programme. Don’t they realise that about 10% of the population have hearing problems?, not even live words on screen.
    Contrast the Devolved briefings.
    Then you have the Sky presenter TALK over the Scottish Health briefing, they are all filled with the exceptionalism gene. Nothing here for the englanders to hear from those pesky celts.
    You would have thought the professionalism of Sky would have Subtitles, but then they’re not really required to have any thoughts they just do the government bidding.

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    1. Quite astounding.

      Still, they tell me that now Richard Jack in the Box and the Dross man will now also be involved in our information broadcasts after the Noble Red Baron’s attempts to shut them down fell on their fat arses.

      I just hope that out they will manage to put their hatred of the SNP, the Scottish Government and Nicola Sturgeon, behind them enough not to contradict her for the sake of cheap political point scoring. I say I hope, but I very much doubt if I have any reason to be hopeful.

      If people start ignoring SG advice on the strength of an inexperienced little third rated like Ross, I hope their participation will be over.

      Oh and are Starmer and whoever the Liberal blokey is going to be doing that with Handy’s conferences?


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