Hardtalk is a World Service interview programme. As its name suggests it is hard hitting and, as a rule, gives no quarter to those being interviewed.

Stephen Sackur is polite but he takes no prisoners.

Whatever did Dross think he was doing agreeing to appear on a programme of that quality? He needs to stick to BBC Shortbread where he will get a sympathetic hearing and interviewers won’t question his dribbles.

Thanks to Marcia for alerting me to the programme.

Westminster Voting Intention (Scotland): SNP: 51% (+6) LAB: 21% (+2) CON: 20% (-5) LDM: 6% (-4)

But carry on, Dougie. Yer dain grand!


    1. LOL. I see when they introduced this… and I see that nothing has happened despite both Liar Carmichael and Wee Muddle head talking about it.

      They remind me of Gordon Federal Brown.


  1. OT: I just saw this on Twitter:

    Un parlementaire espagnol a proposé l’annexion de Gibraltar comme une déviation limitée au traité d’Utrecht de 1713.
    Le parallèle me plait beaucoup !

    A Spanish parliamentarian proposed the annexation of Gibraltar as a limited deviation from the Treaty of Utrecht of 1713.
    I like the parallel a lot!

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  2. Also:
    Les dirigeants des principaux partis du Parlement Européen annoncent qu’ils vont bloquer tout deal commercial avec la GB si celle-ci met en cause l’accord de retrait …

    The leaders of the main parties in the European Parliament announce that they will block any commercial deal with the GB if the latter calls into question the withdrawal agreement …

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    1. Goooood.

      I would imagine that the BBC have lost another swathe of their Scottish population.

      Their answer seems to be that people can see the press conference on line.

      They seem to forget that not everyone can get online. Some older people have no internet and some poor people have no internet…

      I see Sir Roger Gale, long term Tory MP sais he will vote against the PM’s law breaking bill. I understand that Michael Howard, who i think is a Brexiteer (and a QC) says it’s illegal. And John Major has also criticised Johnson.

      As the Brexit referendum was supposed to unite the Tory Party and the countries, it’s managing to make a complete Bollox of its purpose.

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  3. 4%. Between the nats and yoons Given a lot of normal and not extremist Scots will consider carefully and ignore the Nat fake lies untruth exagération (you remember £5000 a gallon for oil what happened ???)

    Not much in a changing Political landscape all to play
    For even if the Torys deign to
    Allow (not likely) a vote to destroy our glorious Union

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    1. Hey guys, Niko is happy to live under Dominic Cummings’ benign rules.

      I hope you’re getting your food and medicine in for the end of December, Niko.

      Remember almost everything comes in by Calais to Dover. I imagine there won’t be much left by the time it gets to the border, (which obviously isn’t a border since Mr Rees Mogg says there is no border and he went to Eton and Oxford and is therefor never wrong).


    1. I think many of us took part in it, Bruce after Panda Paws advertised it here.

      Link is here though… (your link was for your new post).


      Quite happy with the results…

      Interestingly, according to the latest Survation poll (remember this is a poll of just over 1000 people though), the constituency vote for the SNP is so high that they will get zero list seats.

      I’m wondering what James at Scot goes Pop would advise. I tend to bow to his superior knowledge in these matters.


  4. OT, and probably deid. From today’s National (Sunday 13 September, https://archive.vn/cBp2o), Gerry Hassan writing:

    “Behind this disastrous assertion of dogma lies a long, dishonourable tradition of believing in absolute, pure, undiluted parliamentary sovereignty. The writer and George Orwell biographer Bernard Crick looked at the consequences of this strand of English political thought.

    He saw it as responsible for the loss of the American colonies in 1775 and Ireland in 1921 – due to British intransigence and a refusal to compromise. Tellingly he described it as “the English ideology” and wrote that: “Our rulers have ended up believing their own rhetoric, and therein often lies ruin and disaster.””

    Mr. Hassan evidently agrees with me, as does Bernard Crick, and both are therefore right.

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  5. Very interesting piece.

    Actually, I’d like to put it up as a discussion piece on the blog because there is so much that is good in it.

    Obviously, I would put it up as that link, and not pretend that I was responsible for it.

    I’d love to hear people’s views on it… what d’ya think?

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