26 thoughts on “BONUS LAUGHS”

  1. No 9 spot on

    Someone said to me last night
    Coronavirus is all a hoax .
    A person I might add you would
    Normally consider as sensible.
    I just walked away

    What can you do

    He was furloughed due to his wife having major heart disease .🤷‍♂️

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    1. I think it’s probably understandable that even sensible people are saying… well, I don;t know anyone who’s had it so it must all be a hoax.

      But it’s not.

      If even the nut jobs in England who care little for human life unless it is royal, aristocratic, seriously rich, or Eton educated have had to start a partial shutdown again in England (only 8 people at any gathering), jeopardising people making profits… then surely that tells us that sentient HUMAN beings should be wary of the virus.

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      1. It’s a worrying situation if people only believe their direct experience. I’ve never pesonally had cholera so I’m off to the sewage works for a drink of their finest brew.

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        1. Munguin says, why don’t you take Tris along. It’ll do him good to get out for a while.

          I’ve never been to a motorcycle rally, but I’ve just been hearing about the rally in Sturgis, South Dakota, where a week-long rally of bikers may have resulted in a spike of some 250,000 cases of Covid.


          On that basis, I shall not be attending a motorcycle rally at any time in the near future.


          1. I can’t recommend the juice at the sewage plant. Very strange taste, indeed, and I feel a bit unwell now.

            500,000 people in a small town in the middle of a pandemic. What could go wrong?

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            1. Oh… I’m sorry to hear that, Terry.

              Maybe try some hydroxychloroquine. I have it on… erm… authority… erm sorta, that it’s pretty good at curing stuff. You could try some sort of infrared lamp up your backside too.

              In answer to your question, apparently, quite a lot.

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    1. Oh well, I’ll not miss Christmas.

      So if he has (after promising us that it would all be over by Christmas), I won’t complain, and a lot of people will save themselves spending money they don’t have on trash they can’t afford for people who will bin it the next day.

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  2. Can I have a Grown up government please.
    Today the doris says lockdown for a ‘Block of Time’, social distancing.
    The Health secretary says too many people getting tested and negative result.
    Sky news shows a London testing centre with nothing happening.
    New law that says we can all break the law as uk law supercedes all other law,that must include the bible commandments.
    From Monday no more than 6 people can meet in englandland but it’s okay for parliament to meet.
    Vaccine trials stopped.
    Maybe we could have a Zoom Xmas.

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    1. You’ve got a grown up government…

      There’s a guy been on TV saying he had to drive for two hours to a testing station with two sick kids under 5.

      When he got there they had run out of tests, so two hours home.

      He also mentioned his dad had died earlier in the year of the virus.

      Poor man.

      I expect it will be the same meeting stuff for us sooner rather than later.

      Not looking forward to the cold weather.


  3. I’ll pick it up.
    They’ve lost the plot.
    The doris says ‘Operation Moonshot’, millions of tests a day.
    Marshalls patrolling the streets to keep people 2 metres apart, who’s paying or recruiting?
    Pubs open though.
    Football and sports to recommence.
    Get back to work as the furlough scheme is to end and tax rises are need to pay for the handouts.
    Billions paid out in the scheme to companies still at work.
    Billions paid out to friends of the mafia.
    The doris says we have to act quickly to keep the virus in check, didn’t do that first time around, did he?

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    1. Dave, to me the astonishing thing about this “Operation Moonshot” is that its going to cost £100 Billion.
      After a while big numbers like that stop having any meaning for me, but to put it some context that’s almost as much as the Government puts into running the entire NHS England ( which about £130 billion). Now of course that enormous commitment of public spending is to be handed out to Deloitte, Serco and G4S and who knows who else under “emergency” procurement rules. This massive amount of money isn’t about finding a vaccine or cure, nor is it about treat those who are ill.
      Here’s a statement from the BMJ ( British Medical Journal)

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      1. An extra laugh.
        The Moonshot by Moonshiners.
        Handcock is saying this super new test, a million a day, completed in between 20 and 90 minutes.
        Work it out in person days, he’ll need a staff of 50,000 each day, distributed around rUK.
        Throw in the social distancing Marshalls and he’s solved the unemployment problem IF he can get them to their place of employment without breaking the rules.
        We are now in Cloud Co……..Land, Truely the asylum is run by the most unlikely people to solve the problems. Remember the maybot said there are NO Magic Money Trees, seems like the doris has found them in the Columbian Marching Powder.

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      2. Dear heavens, Jake.

        It sounds very much to me like they are going to throw this money at their mates’ companies. The ones who have proved themselves so utterly inept at everything for arranging security at Olympics games to delivering young offenders, from collective tv licence money to building infrastructure.

        And, no scientists involved.

        I call scam!


  4. The reason why the daily briefing has been axed. Poll out today should Yes in the lead if there was a vote today. I think that is all the major pollsters all showing Yes ahead. Yes 53 to 47 No.


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