Just for a Laugh

6. Here am I, sitting in a tin can; far above the moon, Scotland’s red white and blue and there’s nothing you can do. Aye, is there no; is that what your brain of Britain sidekick told ya?

aitchbee 1.1 (Versatran Series F) @aitchbee2000I think the EU already do know this. The problem for the government is that the EU hold all the aces, while Britain has the two of clubs, the Death card and Mrs Bun the Baker.Quote Tweet

Iain Duncan Smith MP@MPIainDS · 7hBrexit talks ‘will be over in days unless the EU realises Britain is serious about no-deal’


What do you call a Frenchman wearing sandals?

Philippe Philoppe!



And now for this week’s Honours List:


Munguin thanks, as ever the kind contributors to this page: John, Erik, Brenda, Graham, aitchbee 1.1 (Versatran Series F) on Twitter and of course the Heraldic Officer, Andi!

Gratias centum

31 thoughts on “Just for a Laugh”

  1. Highers in Latin and Greek have their limits.
    I haven’t a clue about andimac’s honours list.
    One family motto means something to me, though: Semper in Excreta.

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  2. Well the last one is Kangeroo, I think the middle one is Niko but I’m not getting the first one yet. Hopefully it will come to me.

    Anyway some funnies from Jimmy.

    “As a kid I used to like dipping ginger nuts into a hot cup of tea.
    These days its classed as bullying.”

    “I have some racing geese for sale.
    Let me know if you want a quick gander.”

    “Some angry guy with road rage shouted out his car window at my wife. ‘I’m going to make your life a living hell’
    She shouted back ‘its ok I’m already married”

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    1. Well done with Kangaroo’s & Niko’s coats of arms, PP. Niko’s motto, ‘Strepitus et Ira’ means ‘Din and Anger’ (or Sound and Fury) ., Kangaroo’s ‘Procedo Saltuatim’ means ‘I advance by leaps.’

      I could describe the first one in heraldic terms (E&OE) as-

      In chief argent, hills purpure and vert below. A warlike woman, hair grey, bearing in main dexter a dagger, in main sinister a targe blazoned saltirewise, statant astride a rocky waterfall in base, all proper. Supporters dexter and sinister longbows. Motto ‘Non ferox fidelis’ – ‘Faithful not fierce’.

      Any guesses?

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        1. Got it, PP! No, she’s not actually warlike (as far as I know) but the name Marcia originates from Mars, Roman god of war.The arms’ supporters are bows because I noted that Marcia uses a wee pic of Clara Bow as her gravatar. The grey hair is a reference to the fact she calls herself ‘auld Marcia’ although I’m sure she’s nothing of the sort 🙂

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  3. I’m thinking the doris will be writing a new book.
    Barnier and my part in his downfall.
    A best seller in englandland.
    Straight from the German Handbook on Diplomacy (1938).
    I have no further demands on the State of the EU. Honest, no borders in the Irish Sea.

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      1. Cummings is obsessed with recreating the heady days of Palo Alto and the Advanced Research Projects Agency. He’s made several statements to this effect, mainly about bypassing budgeting commitments, accountability, project management etc. He actually thinks he can recruit the best people to work on government tech projects without the freedom to open offices in other countries or to recruit from outside the UK. I would gues he also thinks he can do it without paying interns £80k, which he will have to do to compete with Silicon Valley, because I can’t wait for the headlines comparing unemployed car workers to interns with sports cars. This does not work in the real world.

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        1. But I don’t think that Cummings lives in the real world and so far he has been protected from it by his hold over Johnson.

          I don’t know if he has something on Johnson.,. God knows it can’t be worse than the stuff we already know about him.

          Or maybe if it is simply that, without Cummings, Johnson would have to actually do some work. Anathema to him, of course. rather like it is to Trump.

          Whatever it is, it seems that Cummings owns him.

          But I fear the day of reckoning for all of them cannot be far away.

          They can blame it on the unreasonableness of the EU, but that won’t wash with people bright enough to remember that there are “no downsides to Brexit” and that “we hold all the cards” and a trade deal with the EU “could be done in an afternoon over a cup of tea”.

          Goodness, if all that is true, it seems to me that the Brits must be, to put it mildly, bloody useless not to come out of it at least even.


          1. Thatcher had Keith Joseph; Johnson has Cummings. Joseph’s monetarism was all quietly shelved after a couple of rocky years. At some point the same will happen to ArpaUK.

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