73 thoughts on “ALL OUR YESTERDAYS”

  1. Pic 1 looks to me like the West Highland Line near Tyndrum back in the days of the Stanier Black 5s – I’m sure that’s Ben Lui in the background. Pic 4 – Bonnie Prince Charlie? Pic 6 – Nazi sympathiser and waster, Edward VIII. Pic 8 – Glesca back court (Gorbals?) one of the photos that Nick Hedges took for Shelter back in the early 1970s (could have been the 1870s).
    Pic 10 – Coronation Street, the early days (early 60s) with the Rover’s Return resident gossips channering away over their milk stouts – Minnie Caldwell, Ena Sharples and Martha Longhurst. Publican Jack Walker at the bar. Pic 13 Emily Davison Suffragette, who threw herself in front of the King’s horse on Derby Day 1913 and was killed. Pic 15 – Hunter’s Bakery in Clydebank, nest door to the Admiralty Bar on Glasgow Road – I passed them often (didn’t always pass the Admiralty, mind you – or Admirality as it was often referred to by the Bankies).

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    1. andimac, Pic 1 certainly looks like Ben Lui viewed from the east, near Dalrigh.
      But I think the Ben is misaligned with the railway, which itself runs west-to-east from Tyndrum to Crianlarich.
      May be a case of artistic licence?

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    2. I was about to say full-house on mine yet again, Andi, till I remembered that No 4 is mine – and definitely not his Bonnie Princeness. If anything, more related to the other side. The train in No 1 is taken from The Oban Line, An Illustrated History and Guide, a booklet by Tom Weir (no date given, an irritating habit that is all too common).

      The caption to the centre-spread only tells us “Ben Lui in the age of steam” – again undated – so nothing to add on engine type. DonDon suggests the ben is misaligned, but it corresponds with the route map that shows Ben Lui to the south (right) approaching Tyndrum from Dalmally.

      The 1913 Derby caption tells us: “Supporters of Mrs Pankurst’s ‘Women’s Social and Political Union’ campaigned for women’s suffrage before the First World War. Peaceful methods failing, they tried violence. One of them, Miss Davison, threw herself in front of the King’s horse as it rounded Tattenham Corner in the Derby. Horse, jockey, and woman (who was killed) are seen in the picture below on the ground.”

      No first name for the woman, and her bracketed death appears incidental, a second thought. What? No names for horse and jockey? And no mention of the winner and starting price?

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      1. Number 1 reminded me of a short scene in the opening sequence of a 1979 film titled “Heartland,” about a woman who went to Wyoming to work for a rancher, filed a homestead claim, and wrote a memoir of life in 1910 Wyoming. Off topic, but an evocative image, and jazz clarinetist George Lewis playing “What a Friend We Have in Jesus.”

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      2. Hi, John. I have checked in the Munro book and I still think Pic 1 is a composite.
        The railway is photographed from the north, and Ben Lui is photographed from the east.
        It is no doubt in the right place, but by the magic of the photographer’s art it has been turned through ninety degrees.

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        1. Must have travelled that line dozens of times DonDon, but no definitive
          memory remains. Blase youthfulness took the scenery for granted, so that the abiding memory is of the buffet car, great food (or so it seemed at the time), and the sheer heft of the silver cutlery and cruet sets. Wonder what became of them after privatisation? Would be worth a few bob in their own right, never mind a premium as collectors’ items.

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          1. John, I must have looked down from Central Gully before traversing ower tae the ridge at the folks on the trains wi their fine cutlery & cruets πŸ™‚ – an wished Ah wis oan the train!

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        1. Got it, Jake. All of six years old – and still had to wear a wig for a piano
          recital. Must admit, if he was on a shortbread tin he could well pass for a very Young Pretender. And a piano might have been more effective later in soothing Cumberland’s savage breast.

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  2. Pic 17: I am traumatized by Pic 17.

    When aged about 10, I was frequently mistaken for the Milky Bar Kid.

    My own fault, for dressing up as a cowboy.

    I still like white chocolate, though.

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  3. DRAT!!!! I would have been number one this week, but by the time I got this written, I’m number four……with the second comment about #17. πŸ˜‰

    #17 is one of the Milkybar kids. From the photographs in this Daily Mail article from 2009, he appears to be Gareth Watchman, who was the Milkybar kid from 1994 to 1996.

    (Note that Anthony Eden was the Milkybar kid from 1988 to 1991.)


    It appears that Milkybar was never sold in the USA, but it can be purchased on Amazon, where it is shipped from the UK with the disclaimer:


    The Amazon confusion between the UK and Europe is just an American thing I’d say.

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    1. PS…….I just discovered something new about WordPress. When you try to post a link to an Amazon listing (as I tried to do above), you don’t get a clickable link. You just get a picture of the product.

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    2. Ah, Danny. Being first isn’t everything.

      Sorry, correction, Munguin says it is!

      Amazon need to be careful that Mr Cummings doesn’t see that they have any confusion about the UK and Europe. Brexit means Brexit.

      Being a child star isn’t easy, I suspect, but I kinda wish I’d made a lot of money when I was 10. It would mean a lot less working now…

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      1. Aucheron……Amazing that he couldn’t put down a cigarette long enough to do a TV show. But that was typical of the time I guess. I’ve seen YouTube clips of 1950’s TV game shows where the host, and even contestants, are smoking during the show.

        Dean also made a virtue of being lazy and never rehearsing. Even as much of a jerk as Jerry Lewis was, he seemed totally believable in interviews when he described having to find Dean on a golf course in the afternoon, to force him to go over the comedy bits for their evening nightclub show.

        As popular as Dean’s weekly TV show was, he would been better if he’d actually learned lines, rather than having to read them off cue cards, making no attempt at comedic inflection.

        Foster Brooks is great as a comedy drunk here, but Dean is awful as the straight man. Smoking continuously….looking off-camera at the cue cards, and breaking up with laughter at the comedy lines that he didn’t rehearse and hadn’t heard before. πŸ˜‰

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        1. Danny. The story goes that he was offered a weekly tv show and didn’t want to do it because of all the work it would mean for him. But he was advised by his agent not to turn it down. So he demanded a ridiculous amount of money to do the series, and to his dismay, the tv company said yes.

          He had also demanded some really high paid guests every week.

          I guess it says something about his popularity back then that he got whatever he wanted.

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            1. Thanks, Danny. It won’t let me read it unless I join and support.

              But I know that he put very little into it. In fairness most people have to have talent and work really hard to get to where he got and then stay there for the rest of his life.

              I wonder why they decided to work together.

              I like Deano’s country-pop 60s stuff, although his 50s stuff is not at all my taste, and I tried to watch one of his films with Jerry Lewis and gave up. Dire.

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  4. Piece of useless info for the week – the height of Ben Lui in feet -3708 – is the height of the Wetterhorn in metres. Recalled from looking at wall map of Alps in geography room when I should have been paying attention.
    Dean Martin – originally Dino Crochetti ?
    14 Johnny Halliday ? Only song I remember is Viens Danser le Twist.

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      1. Rather weirdly he chose the American “rockers” name from a relative in the US whose name was Halliday, but somehow, in his name, the I became a Y.

        His own name was Jean-Philippe LΓ©o Smet!

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      1. Indeed, Tris and Cairnallochy. You never know when such information will come in handy. In fact, I’m thinking of trying it out tonight when the Kalinka Krew Kollektiva assembles. “Do you know the amazing coincidence between the heights of Ben Lui and the Wetterhorn?” On the other hand, my health and safety might be better served by keeping
        it to myself. Some folk have no appreciation of really good trivia.

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          1. Have to confess that I used heights of Scottish mountains in feet to generate 4 digit pins for the department photocopier. Revealed this at retirement and was then asked who was Ben Hope, Ben Loyal and sundry others which I hadn’t actually used (having also thought better of Dreish, being too close to another Scots word). Wondered afterwards if I had provoked a rush to old 1″ OS maps or SMC guidebooks – but there’s a lot of Munros – and I may have slipped in a few Corbetts.πŸ˜‰

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              1. I did try it tonight as a parting shot when leaving the KKK assembly. Blank looks all round till I gave the figure as a clue. Surprisingly, the RS came up with “Height?” but could not elaborate. It was left to fellow Scot Cursty to come up with the feet/metres answer. “So?” was the generally underwhelmed response from the rest. As predicted, no appreciation for such a lovely curiosity.

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  5. The Milky Bar commercials started in 1961. They did a re-issue of the first one in 1991 although the name Nestle was pronounced as it should have been and not as we used to call it. We called it Nestle not Ness-lay. I used to like their chocolate bars that you found in machines at railway stations. I developed a serious habit over the years. I preferred Caramac to the Milky Bars.

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        1. Now, who wrote the French original to “I did it My Way”?

          What was it called again? Ah yes, “Comme d’Habitude”.

          Composer’s name: Claude Francois.

          Lui, je n’en connais rien.

          About him, I know nothing. Even less than about Charles Trenet.

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          1. https://theartsdesk.com/sites/default/files/styles/mast_image_landscape/public/mastimages/claude%20francois.jpg?itok=BfYHmrnq

            I thought that as a singer he was, a bit over commercial. He seemed to record rather twee French versions of English hits, which he then mimed to on tv, because he always danced… but he was actually a good writer himself.

            He died on returning to Paris after taping a BBC show in Switzerland. Amazingly he was in the shower and noticed something wrong with the light. He tried to adjust it and electrocuted himself.


  6. No 2- refer to comments made last time you published this photo ( sigh!)
    No 9- AEC Mercury with 7.7 litre AEC engine, parked on Westhulme Street Oldham, September 1960: (driver Jimmy Duxbury)
    No 19 – Swedish holiday bus ☹
    (the “S” oval plate, + trailer + the left-hand drive) photographed on the border between France and Luxembourg, May 1948

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  7. 8 – The noise that must have been heard when the children were playing would be of the noise when you pass a school playground when the children were there. These outside toilets/washouses – yuk, full of spiders and other creepie crawlies.

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  8. Those 3 wheelers remind me of my childhood, my grandparents front door was in the vennel leading to the bakery in Union St, Hamilton, you never ran out, you listened each way because the drivers of the bakery vehicles never seemed to slow down when turning in to the vennal or when coming out of the bakery. mind you the yard was great place to play and there was always buns.

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