1. Morning All.
2. Venice from above.
russian red fox
3. Russian Red Fox.
ion in the rain
4. I told you we shouldn’t go to Scotland for our holidays.
orcha 8 ton
5. Whale Olympics.
ireland castle
6. Irish Castle, but not in the air.
Black beach
7. Black beach in Iceland,
8. How did I get here?
j yum
9. If anyone asks, you haven’t seen me, OK?
praying mantins and bird
10. Put ’em up. Burd!
11. In a Bulgarian garden.
12. Let’s have a snooze.
Blue vol in Ethiopia
13. Volcano in Ethiopia.
14. I expect you were waiting for us cats, weren’t you.
🤣 Funniest Cute 😻Cats And 🐶 Dogs - Try Not To Laugh - Funny Pet ...
15. See, I did clean my teeth.
16. So, what shall we talk about?
17. Tokyo.
dodendron tree
18. Rhododendron Tree.
19. You think we’ll be ready for the Grand National?
20. Right, that’s it. You’ve had your money’s worth. We’re off to play. You should do the same.

Grateful thanks to John, Kay and Brendan


This is just a reminder that the UK isn’t the only country being run by the inmates of a madhouse. Read on and you’ll understand why…


Liz Truss: 'You have to put yourself forward... No one else will ...

It seems that the UK government gave £225 million of our money to a company with capital of £100, owned by a friend of Liz Truss, to pay for medical-grade masks which unfortunately are hopelessly inadequate for the task and cannot be used.

All of this was done with no tendering process. Just handed to the company as easily as if Ms Truss had been off buying some of her famous British cheese. 

Happily, it appears Jo Maugham is on the case.

But can you imagine the unionists if this had been the Scottish Government and not the English one?


…Or if this had been the other way around…

It’s fair to say that I have been unable to find verification of these numbers. Someone with peerless Googling skills (hint hint) might get on it?


What the hell is a chief people officer?


Time after time he’s shown to be a liability. But nothing ever happens to him. Anyone have any idea why?


If you only have one day as First Minister (titters) and your first priority is to get tough on ‘Gypsy Travellers’, what does that make you?

If you find it hard to answer that, you may wish to reflect on some of his other decisions previously mentioned on this blog:


So, he doesn’t like “Gypsy Travellers” nor does he like gay rights, or indeed any other human rights and he doesn’t believe in equality.

He also doesn’t like the EU, and despite the Scottish people voting relatively strongly to remain in the EU, he doesn’t want their parliament to have any say in negotiations on them being the only nation in the UK being dragged out of Europe against their will.

He also doesn’t want the Scottish parliament to have any more powers. That is interesting as what it really means is that he wants the London parliament, which is a predominantly Engish parliament, to decide stuff for Scotland, rather than the Scottish parliament, which is an exclusively Scottish affair.

He’s against taxing banks which make massive profits and which only 10 years ago cost us so incredibly dearly…every one of us. He seems, too, to be a climate change denier, which is, if you don’t mind me saying so, a pretty dumb thing to be.

So what is he for, you might well ask.

Well clearly, he wants the NHS reformed and I’m guessing that means sold off to whoever will pay most for it, regardless of what they do with it. And he is keen to reduce the services you get from your local council and hopes to do this by reducing their funding.

All-in-all, he sounds like a right nasty piece of work. 

Of course, he cannot actually take any part in running Scotland at the moment, because he isn’t an MSP. So, presumably, his deputy will be running things until such time as he makes the top of the list somewhere where he will certainly be elected. After all, that is what deputies do, isn’t it?

Wings Over Scotland | Drowning the baby
Leave him in my capable hands, Boris!

That would have made for some entertaining exchanges at First Minister’s Questions, but it seems, alas, that that entertainment is to be denied us.

Because, I can only imagine that Annie has her hands full with other things, although what exactly, I’m not sure, unless it’s her friend from their holiday, erm I mean fact-finding trip, in Israel.

Because it is rumoured that we are to be paid an inestimable honour. Yes, the Right Honourable, Noble and Gallant Aristocrat has stepped up to the plate to save Annie some time in her, …erm busy, …erm schedule. 

Ruth Davidson quits as Scottish Conservative leader - BBC News
Right Dross, I’m on it, we soon ride roughshod through that Scottish parliament and put the boot in.

Amazingly, Her Aristocraticness’s situation must have changed since that Blue Blood transfusion, and suddenly she has found herself capable of being an MSP, running FMQs, attending to her aristocratic duties in London, like a proper Lady, and looking after her son, which only a few short months ago was the only thing she could find time for.

Of course, with her elevation, it is possible she has managed to engage a nanny. Mr Rees Mogg had one going spare, I heard.









If you are over 50 and live in England, you’ll be relieved to know that they’ve dropped this scatterbrained idea. 



NHS Spitfire

What is it with symbolism and the Brits?

This summer, this spitfire will fly over hospitals in England to say thank you to the NHS.

How about they just fund the service and try not to sell it off to the highest bidder?

Because, to be honest, I imagine the NHS staff will be a bit too busy to go out looking for planes flying over to say thank you.

Doctors and nursing staff of the Paris Hospitals (AP-HP) demonstrated to demand more resources in Paris in June

The French government just gave employees of L’Assurance Maladie a pay rise.

Novel idea, forking out money for something that isn’t all show, eh?




Labour’s Sarah Smith tweeted a couple of days ago that it was a nonsense that Philip May was knighted for being there for Mrs May. She also mentioned that Dennis was knighted too (although his was actually hereditary so that her idiot son would one day inherit).

Theresa May’s husband Philip is to get a knighthood. Just like Dennis Thatcher before him. I’m sure they were both supportive of their partners in No 10. But how many political wives have ever been given a Damehood? Why do men have to be rewarded for supporting their spouses?

There were a few glaring errors in her argument.

Firstly, if the way to reward people for doing their reasonably well-paid jobs is to hand them some out-dated title in a ridiculous 18th century, Jacob Rees Mogg, kind of way, whatever title is given to a man, is automatically also given to his wife. Note, Mrs May is now Lady May, whether she uses the title or, like Mrs Thatcher, not.

When Harold Wilson and Jim Callaghan, like good socialists that they were, went to the House of Lords, their spouses became “Ladies” whereas Dennis Thatcher would have remained Mr Thatcher. So she was obliged to give her husband his hereditary K so that he would have a title too. It matters to this kind of person.

Even in royalty, a woman who marries a prince becomes a princess and then on marriage, the prince also becomes a duke so she becomes a duchess. But a man who marries a princess remains whatever he was prior to the marriage. On occasions, the man will accept an honorary title from the queen… Tony Armstrong Jones (Earl) or Angus Olgivie (K)… but it is never a royal title and they don’t get to use HRH, unlike Kate Middleton or Megan Markle… and they are not afforded the courtesy of courtiers and others bowing to them.

But dear old Sarah the Socialist’s bigger faux pas was to forget that her own mother was given a peerage after the death of Sarah’s father, John Smith, who led Labour just prior to Blair and who died in post in 1994.

Ooops, red face, Sarah, although in fairness, she later acknowledged it …

sarah smith
The glaring flaw in this argument is obviously my Mother’s peerage. I will shut up now – if no one tells her I forgot about my own Mum!

It’s Time to Open the Box (Part 1)

Guest Post by Kangaroo

It’s fair to say that Scottish Independence is the prime political consideration for all Scots, including Penguins, regardless of whether you are in favour or not. However, this laser-like focus means that there is a tendency to live inside a box, where nothing on the outside is either known or cared about.
One only sees four walls a ceiling and floor, nothing else.
This post is about what is happening on the outside and there is a truck headed for the box which is currently sitting in the middle of the road.
So what you are about to watch is the truth on the outside… I know it to be true because it all started for me during the GFC, I knew it was a fraud but couldn’t work out why no-one went to jail.
The movie “The Big Short” alluded to it being an unfortunate consequence of the system, but this wasn’t true, it was a stitch-up, a brazen robbery taking place right in front of everybody’s eyes.
I kept asking myself the question, “Why oh why did no-one go to jail?”
My answer in 2009 was that there was so much collusion at the very top that no charges were being brought against anybody except some very small fry for fraudulently filling out some Mortgage Application paperwork.
So much collusion that it made it impossible to convince anyone else that I was right, and it is still so to this day.
Forward to the Independence Referendum and I was steeped in that and watched and read everything, and still do, I came across a video which was purportedly taken inside a marquee somewhere in the Middle East or Afghanistan where an American Ambassador was addressing an audience full of people wearing tribal robes and carrying machine guns.
He said words to the effect that, “I am sorry for your suffering and the many deaths and destruction this war has brought upon your people, but know this. It is not the American people that are waging this war, but the American Government. It has been taken over by a gang of criminals and they infest the very upper echelons of our society”. Vindication for me, yes, but still no-one would believe.
The fight to free America and the World began a long time ago and JFK paid the ultimate price, but he started a movement inside the US military known as Q. We take up the story shortly before the 2016 US Presidential Election… Enjoy the show.


1. There’s always one on the school bus who won’t face the front.
norway south dave
2. Norway.
3. Will it ever be sunny at Munguin Towers?
rocky mountain national park
4. Rocky Mountain National Park.
5. Who’s a pretty pussy?
6. I wonder where this could be.
7. I’ll just lick your paw clean.
8. Who is a handsome little animal? I am!
9. Wildflower meadow in Munguin’s neighbour’s gardens.
10. Who are you calling Big Ears?
11. How does this work again? Got it! Say Hay.
swansea tasmania
12. Tasmanian beach.
13. This is my “I’m not sure I like you” face.
Castle Campbell Dave A
14. Castle Campbell in the mists.
North norway dave
15. Arctic Norway.
16. I’ve taken this little one under my wing…
17. I see Eck knows some seriously important dogs.
18. Any guesses?
19. Now don’t go getting the hump.
Orangutan Diary | KPBS
20. That’s enough soppiness for one day. Munguin says Tris has to get the lawns cut and the flower beds weeded.

Thanks to Dave and Dave