Where do we stand in these troublesome days?

By Dave Stewart

A small virus of RNA has broken the bond between the haves and the have nots, if ever there was such a bond, the only bond to be seen was that the nots were in the position of being subservient to the haves. The normal life of a human is to reproduce and support their offspring. The complication is that in the society we have built requires tokens to achieve even this modest aim.

We now have the requirement of Food Banks, Breakfast Clubs, After School Clubs and Social Workers along with the old faithful s of Grandparents and Family members.

In the past our society , in the main, was built around a family where the male parent was the worker for tokens and the female parent was the home-maker and child support worker, the economic manager of the family. Some of this has changed in our world as our use of media infiltrates the very basics, the use of Soap Operas to model behaviour can be seen as a way of persuading us that our lives are much easier than the poor actors characters who have a crisis every week and sometimes twice a week.

The post second war introduction of the Health Service has maybe coloured our thinking about what society is but the changes brought about since the 1980’s have left us with a split society. We now see that the safety net is gradually being withdrawn, homelessness and rough sleeping seem to be on the rise, medicines are now introduced not by need and effectiveness but by cost to the public purse. A public purse that we were told was not infinite but like our household budget was limited by the number of tokens we could collect. The changes introduced by the pandemic has suddenly brought up the premise that, like during a War, the economic system gets put on a politically motivated criteria, in other words the Austerity Programmes of the last decade are political constructs and not economic at all.

If you lived through the 1980’s the weapon of economic control was the Interest Rate level along with TAXATION. We are now in an era where the bank interest rate is so low as to be ZERO but the interest we pay back on borrowed money can be mouth wateringly Huge. See the latest from the banks on overdrafts, 40% on short term loans and pay day loan companies who charge 4 figure interest rates. With no response from government.

A society where you can buy natural gas from the Post Office, electricity from the gas company, a phone service from the supermarket and food from a warehouse. Public services like water, transport, sewage and energy are owned by companies the export their profits to their shareholders in other Nations who could control the economic activity in the UK and probably do.

At this time of writing the media is full of images of protests in a huge number of areas, Black Lives, Slavery, Modern and Old, Wars and Pestilence, Hunger and Sickness.

All the time we see the leadership threaten the majority of the population with State Funded Violence, crack troops protected by chemical and physical protection alongside the authorised use of guns and coshes.

It seems that the elites of the population are more secure in their ivory towers and that their collection of tokens are being well looked after by their friends in government. The elites own the media and pay to have the population carefully manipulated into compliance.

The French and Russian aristocrats in the 18th and 19th centuries felt the same way and why not, lack of food riots were controlled by the military, shooting or transporting the unimportant people to pastures new.

In the 1950’s in the Southern States of America you could be sure of a seat at the front of the bus as long as you met the simple visual test. The past always seems to support complacency.

In our time, the referendums of 2014 and 2019 seem to support the idea that the complacent are never going to change their system, why should they, they are secure. The problem for the complacent is Sloth which leads eventually to irrelevance and eventually replacement.

A good leadership should be able to tell the difference between just another wave of protest and a sea change in the flow of the tide. This government are treating the varied protesters as bad people but shows their wilful ignorance and criminal lack of imagination, their ability to solve problems for all of their peoples for the betterment of all. Those of the population in work feel that security that the elites do but underlying facts do not support their comfort. The travel and tourism industries are in free-fall economically, that means airports and ports along with trains, buses and planes will see a reduction in use, maintenance of the facilities will reduce, support workers put into the dole, a huge depression in the making as our governments did not make any plans to offset the possibility of the futures forecasting could be wrong. Even the gove told us we couldn’t take the forecasters work as true as history tells us we can’t predict the future with any confidence but he and cummings think they can or manipulate the story. Eventually we and they will hit the buffers of reality.

The economic world is already on shaky ground and the money printing has , for some, shown them that the idea tat taxes pay for economic activity is false. The illusion of paper money is in danger of collapse as we lose confidence in the confidence trick of paper promises, already the gig economy is ramping up.

No one person can tell us what is going to happen. We know that in the past there has been good leadership and plans to improve the lives of all. What we see now is that our current leadership are more interested in collection of tokens for them and their friends and have no ability to see or hear the roar of the tide that will, we can be sure, eventually overtake their lack of concern for their fellow countrymen and women.

The consequences of the current political manipulations will be with us for some considerable time even with the discovery of a safe and effective vaccine.

Where are we going? No body can foretell the future but we can have a plan and live with it.

We in Scotland can see more clearly, that for all it’s human failings, there is only one political party to lead us to independence, the others are tied to  english management.


Paul Brand@PaulBrandITV· BREAKING: Exams regulator Ofqual has just announced that all A levels and GCSEs in England will now be graded according to teacher assessments (predicted grades). This is a screeching u-turn from the government – on Saturday the Education Secretary said “No u-turn. No change.”


Andrew Neil@afneil· He vowed “no U-turn, no change” only a few days ago. Now he’s executed the mother of all U-turns. Will Gavin Williamson still be education secretary by sunset?


Munguin’s betting Chris Grayling is sitting by the phone waiting for a call from Mr Cummings. He may even being ordering new ferries as we speak!


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11. Aldi in Kashgar, Xinjiang, Eastern Turkistan. Can you imagine the smell?
12. Обаждам се Toad of Toad Hall, просто за разходка. (Obazhdam se Toad of Toad Hall, prosto za razkhodka).
13. Yes, can I help you? I hope for your sake you’re not selling stuff. These horns aren’t just for show, you know!
14. If you had this view you’d just sand and stare at it too!
15. This is called “guttation”, when a plant expels its excess water. I suppose it’s a bit like humans sweating, but decidedly more attractive.
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18. Wiltshire village.
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20. Sumatran Orangutan Pongo abelii 9 month old baby playing in tree North Sumatra, Indonesia and hoping you have a happy Sunday.

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The Rt Hon William Hague - GOV.UK

OK, I wasn’t going to post anything for a few days, but I couldn’t resist this.

I think the unionists must be getting seriously spooked by the popularity of the Scottish government and the fact that there is now a majority for independence.

I read earlier today that the Noble Lord Hague has suggested that a senior cabinet member should be appointed to look after the union (although I thought Boris had appointed himself as Minister for the Union), and I’m wondering if his nobleness wants the job for himself. (I think he’d be perfect for the job. I’m sure he must have been to Scotland at least once and that’s probably all the qualification you need.)

Now this… A new Act of Union, which might present a little bit of a challenge, you know, given that the Scots would have to sign up to it and given the polls (thanks to PP for sending this link in the last post) this is looking less than likely.

Here’s Mr Daisley’s plan for putting us uppity Jocks back in our box under Empire II:


Munguin thinks it stinks. And it seems it’s not going down well on Twitter.

Holland House Books

This is hilarious. How can you have an Act of Union without explicitly acknowledging two separate entities? His answer to a partner wanting a divorce is to impose a second marriage on that partner, with fewer rights than before…

I’ll be out all day tomorrow, but feel free to chatter among yourselves.